Top 2 Games Similar to Flappy Canary

Oh Boy 1.2
Do you enjoy skating through the streets,parksor in subways? Did you always dream of impressing your peerswithyour skateboarding skills? Now you can fulfil yourlong-thoughtaspiration by installing Oh Boy! You can now take theform of askateboarder in this virtual game as you jump over orduck underobstacles to save yourself. The game might seem plainand simple,but don't be fooled because it has the power to igniteyouradrenaline rush. As you advance through themes and try tosaveyourself from crashing into obstacles, you will findyourselfskating faster which will increase the intensity of thegame.You will need to save yourself from obstacles such asconstructioncones, banana peels, birds, balls and street waterpumps. Jump overthe construction cones, banana peels and waterpumps but don't letthe birds and balls baffle you, bend down forevery flying objectthat comes your way. Enjoy this fun andinteractive game which willtake you across different themes as youtry to save yourself fromobstacles. Forget the subway stations,temples and jungle and runwith Oh Boy! as he cruises through thestreets avoiding obstaclesthat get in his way.Rules:• Wondering how to jump over an obstacle? Simply click anywhereonthe right side of the screen.• Need to save yourself from incoming flying object? Clickanywhereon the left side of the screen.Key Features:• A simple and easy game to delight your senses.• Jump over hurdles such as cones, banana peels andwaterpumps• Bend under flying objects such as birds and balls• Background themes change as you advance deeper intothegame.
Kew Kew - Sky Glider Squirrel 1.4.2
Tapps Games
Meet KewKew, a cute squirrel who isnuts...fornuts! Luckily the world is filled with hills and it willhelpKewKewglide his way after these delicious treats he loves somuch!Take KewKew to the highest mountains and help him jumpoffthecliffs and fly to collect as much nuts as he can, butbecareful:it is not going to be that easy. Birds and bad weathertakeoverthe sky and KewKew needs to dodge and avoid all theflyingtrapsthat can make this nut chase hard!KewKew has an incredible easy gameplay. A challenginggamethatwill entertain adults and kids for endless hours!HIGHLIGHTS● Challenging missions and objectives to beat● Awesome power ups to perform special stunts● Powerful head start cannons● Funny enemies and obstaclesFEATURES● Endless gameplay● Cute illustrations● Fun sound effectsDownload now KewKew and fly along in this funnyadventurethroughthe sky to help this cute squirrel on hisawesomequest.Please note! This game is free to play, but it containsitemsthatcan be purchased for real money. Some features andextrasmentionedin the description may also have to be purchasedfor realmoney.