Top 24 Games Similar to Mr Pac Adventure Man

PAC-MAN Championship Edition 1.2.4
Are you a dot-chompin' champion?PAC-MANChampionship Edition takes competitive eating to a whole newlevel!This true sequel brings slick new graphics andchampionship-calibergameplay features with larger scrolling mazes,unique dot patternsand longer ghost chompin' combos! Go for a highscore in 5 or 10minute time limits, but beware! The higher yourscore, the fasterthe speed!Please note that not all Bluetooth controllers are guaranteed tobesupported. Depending on the manufacturer of controller,anadditional download from the manufacturer may be requiredforconnectivity. Key remapping is not supported fromtheapplication.PAC-MAN Championship Edition™ Demo & ©1980-2017 BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc.
Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco 2.0.7
Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco is one of the mostpopularvideo games in American arcade history! Who can forget thecountlesshours and quarters spent outrunning ghosts and chompingdots?Re-live the retro action on your device with the queen ofthearcades! Move Ms. PAC-MAN with three different controlmodes!Navigate through the mazes by swiping in the preferreddirection ortouching the onscreen Directional Pad. Chomp on dotswith the swipeof a finger in Swipe Mode. Munch fruits and otheritems for bigpoints! Chomp all of the dots to advance to the nextstage. Go forhigh scores and high levels! Gain an extra life at10,000points!Gobble blinking Power Pellets to weaken ghosts temporarily andeatthem up before they change back. Avoid Blinky, the leader oftheghosts, and his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky and Sue, or you willlosea life. Lose all your lives and it’s game over!© 1980, 1982, 2008-2017 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Get ready for more ghost chain gobblingandfrantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX!It’s Your World. EAT IT! Get ready for more ghost chain gobblingandfrantic action in PAC-MAN® CE-DX! The award-winning chompingvideogame makes a shattering debut on mobile with even morecontent thanever before!PAC-MAN® Championship Edition DX is the official mobile versionofthe most beloved arcade game of all time. IGN gave the video gameaperfect 10/10 and an Editor's Choice award, calling it "amasterclass in game design.”Get ready for some ghost chain gobbling. Travel through anintensemaze collecting dots and destroying pesky ghosts, which canbeeaten by collecting power pellets. Each of the 132 mazesprovidesexciting new challenges, as you blaze across them, yourspeedincreases as you earn more points, but watch out; you willlosemomentum fast if a ghost catches you.Prepare yourself for sensory overload of the highest orderandfrantic action in the new PAC-MAN® Championship EditionDX!Features:• Easy to play, a challenge to master!• 10 zones with unique layouts• 132 amazing levels!• 3 Different Game Modes: Score Attack, Time Trial,GhostCombo• Follow your self-progress and unlock all the stages• Short per-game play time enables PAC-MAN to beenjoyedanywhere• Survive infamous dark levels to become a PAC-MAN ChampionFor more information on BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAmericaInc:Checkout ourwebsite: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: to our Youtubechannel:©1980, 1982, 2008-2017 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
PACMONOID is arcade gamewithmiscellaneouslevels and easy control. Just move your fingerright,left, up ordown in any place of the screen and pac-man willgo tothisdirection.Main features:- Growing complexity and dimension of mazes;- Ghosts IQ level vary from 'stupid' to 'smart';- Eat cherries to gain more lives;- Eat red pills for Super-Power mode, allowing to eat Ghosts;- Use teleporters to transfer pac monoid man to otherpartsofmaze;- Simple and nice sounds
Q*bert: Rebooted 1.1
One of the most critically acclaimedandcommercially successful arcade games of the 1980s is back initsClassic pixel perfect 2D form, and a re-imagined Rebootversionwith state of the art 3D game-play and graphics thatremainfaithful to the original concept. Both versions are excitingtwitchgames requiring keen puzzle solving skills and logic.* 2 Fun Play Modes, Classic Arcade and Q*bert Rebooted!* Coily and the rest of the crew are back with 3 New Enemies:-Homer, Uppercut and Treasure Chest* 30+ New Levels in 3D Rebooted Mode* Earn Crazy Q*bert Variants like Q*zilla, Q*bot, Q*knightandmoreFirst introduced in 1982 by Gottlieb, Q*bertwascritically-acclaimed and went on to become the one of themostsuccessful arcade game of all time. It inspired home versions,avariety of Q*bert merchandise, numerous copycat games and evenananimated TV series.Q*bert Classic stays true to the original in all its jagged 2Dpixelart glory, now optimized for touch screen control. As thetitlecharacter, players jump around an isometric cube pyramid andconverteach blockís color while avoiding familiar adversariesCoily, Ugg,Slick, Sam, Wrong Way and Red Ball. Levels becomeprogressivelyharder with more enemies blocking your path and thetiles requiringmultiple jumps to change to the requiredcolor.Q*bert Rebooted takes the arcade classic and catapults it intothe21st century with 3D game play yet remains faithful totheoriginal. Featuring hexagonal blocks instead of squares,Q*bertRebooted introduces new enemies, playable characters,power-ups,traps, gem collecting and characters, and new ways toplay.Developed by Sideline Amusements and Gonzo GamesTM & © 2015 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. AllRightsReserved
rock kong 15.0
Game in the style of the classic80s,reminiscent of the classic donkey, kong jumps the stones andclimbsthe stairs to escape the mine, watch out for the stones thatthrowsyou donkey.
Arcade Game Room 11
yu xingyue
That was a classic age, you often went tothevideo game room and played the hot arcade game, you were socrazyabout the game heros. Do you want to play the childhood gameagain?Here is the android app! The best arcade game collection!Smallsize but funny. You can find a lot of classic arcade gamehere.Just enjoy it!
Pac-Mon 3.0
Enjoy everyone’s favorite classicarcadegamePAC-MON for FREE!Earn high scores as you eat fruit,banana and Pokeball . runawayfromthe Ghosts and ghoul : Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde .getthecrossyGhosts before the ghoul get you! PAC-MON is the retronamcogame youknow and love, but bigger and better than ever freegamesbefore !experience new endless Maze and be the spunky ofheroes .** ¨How To Play **1.Just tap the screen and the pac-mon will dash to target2. Collect coins as many as you can .3. Run to the end the endless maze of the Game to pass the256level.** Game FEATURE **- Play for all ages- High-quality graphics.- free games, mobile games and tablets !- There are many obstacles and target and road .- This game for everyone who loves pac-man .this has nothing to do with pixelmon or any othercaracterefrompokemon cartoon that may look simillar, it's waytoosatisfactiondifferent..
Pocmon FPV 1.1.1
Put yourself in the shoes of Pocmon andfindall the coins ! But take care of lurking maze's guardians,becauseto see what Pocmon sees doesn't make the challenge easier!Find a new joy to play Pacman in that new version of the game,findyour way in the maze and find the bonus-bowls to escapetheguardians !In the full version, you can play Pocmon with somechanges:- There are others maps.- You can play in a random map !Our site : & Questions :
Packnight 1.0
Malek Mammar
Ce projet est une version dérivéedujeuPac-Man. Le principe est simple, deux équipes s'affrontent:lesPacKnights et les Fantômes. Chaque type de personnage estuneIAcapable d'adapter son comportement à ladétectiond'unennemi.This projectisaderivative version of Pac-Man play. The principle issimple,twoteams compete: the PacKnights and Ghosts. Each charactertype isanAI able to adapt his behavior to the detection of anenemy.
Pixels Advance 1.0.0
Yunbin Xie
It's a interesting indie game mix ofmanyClassic Game.Classic pixel graphic with new design.Fast pace , Great creative and Exciting!You will NEVER find a Game-play like this~Let's challenge with your friends who like pixel games!!== What's NEW ==Boss mode : 5 pixel monster bosses waiting foryourchallenging!Avatar : 20 pixel avatars to let you choose!Facebook : Now you can share you Score in facebook!IAP : You can buy "double coins" and "removed ads" in theshopnow!== What's Upgrade ==Slow : Improve the "slow" to "shield"now!Bullet : The bullet will change every 10",so you can have achoiceto use your favourite pixel bullet.Items : All the items now will move in the game.Coins : 3 coins in the game,game play will be more speedyandexciting!== AND ==The next Version is coming next month!And it will be GREAT!!Please keep you eyes on it~Thank you!
CocoIsland 6.0
Our hero is very hungry... too much timespentrelaxing in a labyrinthine abandon island without have got abiteto eat. It is time to begin to eat all of the fruits of theisland.But... be careful. Island phantoms are not going to make iteasyfor you!CocoIsland is an awesome isometric 3D version of aclassicgame.And... IT´S ONLY A GAME:• NO PRIVATE DATA ACCESS!• NO INTERNET NEEDED TO PLAY!• NO REAL PURCHASES DURING THE GAME!Characteristics:• Optimized for both MOBILES and TABLETS.• Stunning high resolution graphics & animation.• Up to 90 Multiple skills levels.• File size highly optimized.
Laberintoid 3D 1.0
Pac-man is back with more power thaneverwith3D graphics.In this game, you can interact withtouchcommands,just by sliding your finger on the screen on thedirectionyou wantpac man to move to.
Munch Munch Munch 1.0
"Munch Munch Munch" is an endlessgame.Playercontrols "Munch" to collect random coins abundance.Playercan toget point and go to next level, but like pac-man game,theplayermust avoid enemies that can deduct the point. Severalsymbolsareused during the game is playing which representmiscellaneoustaskslike power up and others. When player achieved1000 points,thespeed is up and every 500 points add, the enemiesalso addinnumbers. When game is over, then the player needs tostartoveragain with zero point.
The little Android Pokman needs your helptofight evil monsters and collect dots!You'll need to tilt your phone in order to make him move inanamazing randomly generated maze, dodging monsters andeatingstuff.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's basically the phone version of the PC "Not Pacman" game andIhope you'll enjoy it!By the way it's indie developped so there will probably be bugsandcrashes, please report them!
RS Pacdroid 0.5.0
Get that at-the-arcade feeling alloveragain,with the Android version of the classic that startedaglobalwidecraze. Maneuver through the maze and chomp on dots,withfourhungry ghosts in hot pursuit. Eat the energizers andturnthetables; now those ghostly predators are the prey,butonlytemporarily.
Donut Man 3D Alpha 1.0.6
Donut Man 3D is a mix of Pac Man clone,FirstPerson, thinking and logic game.Solve your level with consideration.Collect all the donuts and stars.To use the teleporter, the appropriate star (color) isrequired.This is an early alpha version, so the level is fortestingonly!
Pac Maze 1.14
Perun Labs
Small hero is lost in a big maze. Help him find the way out.Collectall coins needed for exit to be opened. Avoid monsterswanderingaround. Use various powerups to your advantage.Almost 150 levels are waiting for you for free, each packedwithadventures making this arcade game for the whole family in apacman genre.Features:- different upgrades: "speed boost", "god mode", "ghost mode"- different opponents: "lazy worm", "ghost", "cloning worm","angryworm","dragon worm", "blind worm". Pac them all :)- Almost 150 levels with various difficulty with labyrinthsofdifferent types- secret "rooms" to find in most levels- hidden passages to be discovered- intuitive swipe controls that helps easily move aroundeachmaze- nice graphics in retro style- all levels (mazes) are accessible for free
Galaga Wars
A galaxy on the brink of destruction.Infinitewaves of alien enemies. One heroic ship.You know what to do. Fire up the engines, power up thelaserchambers as the iconic space-faringshooter returns for its 35th Anniversary in a shower oflaserblasts, breathless barrel-rolls and smoking missiles.The survival of the universe is once more at stake. They haveanalien mothership of immense proportions, endless waves ofshipsbristling with high-tech weaponry and of course the sheerpower ofthe boss Galaga...You have your finger – a device capable of channelling yearsofarcade skill, honed sci-fi ability and steely determination intoasingle, ultimate weapon...Features:● The authentic retro, sci-fi experience returns for Galaga's35thAnniversary.● Weave through endless waves of original enemies, includingtheBee, Butterfly, Scorpion and many more.● Evade the treacherous tractor beam of Mother Galaga inbattleagainst the huge alien boss!● Play as Galaga fighter, as well as other legendaryNamcostarshipsincluding Xevious, Galaxian, Star Blade andmanymore.● Double your firepower by rescuing captured friends' shipsandmerging into twin mode.● Enhance your space-faring abilities by upgrading and levelingupyour craft.● Blast through alien waves with 4 unique abilities pershipincluding laser, explosive shot, space mines, ghost shieldandmore.Have any problems or suggestions?You can reach usat
Bricks World - Breakout
SNG Games
Bricks World - Breakout is a fun, easy toplay,addictive brain teaser breakout style 2D game. More thanjustentertainment, it’s designed to improve your concentrationandmental ability to do successful strategies to move up tonextlevel.Bricks World - Breakout is a compelling board game for allagesincluding kids and teenagers in which the player must smash/hitawall of blocks or bricks by deflecting a bouncing ball withapaddle.The paddle moves horizontally (left or right) and is controlledbyaccelerometer or touching. When all the bricks or blocks havebeendestroyed, player advances to a new level. Super heroes arewaitingfor you!Brick breaking has never been such amazing. The return ofbrickslegends! If you like old school games do not miss it!e-mail: [email protected]:* 50 Levels including heroes pixel art designs.* Charming background music and sound effects will please youduringthe game play.* Left-Right buttons or play touching to the screen.* Collect the stars and accomplish the levels.
Pac-Ball Lite 4.2.3
Pac-Ball fuses labyrinth witharcadeclassics.Tilt Pac-Ball away from the Android bots and collectasmany dotsas you can! Use the red dots found in the maze to turnthetablesagainst them.★ Theme Music by Jared Anthony★ 3 Game Difficulties+ Easy+ Medium+ Hard★ 3 Game Modes+ Classic - collect all dots in the stage.+ Survival - avoid enemies for 45 secs.+ Gate - light up all gates in the stage.★ 30 Stages+ 4 Unlocked+ 26 Unlockable by Spending Earned In Game Points★ 2 Controls Tilt/Touch★ Local/Global High Scores★ Trophies★ Power Ups★ Bonus Fruits★ Variety of Environments* Ice* Brick* Racetrack* Halloween* Pyramids* Red Stone* Portals★ Over 20 Items You Can BuyBeach Ball* Soccer Ball* Baseball* Basketball* 5, 10, 20 Power Ups* 3, 7, 10 Extra Lives - One Use Per Game* Apple Enemies* Snowmen Enemies* Pumpkin Enemies* Sweets Enemies* 1, 3, 5, 10 Keys - Unlock New Stages* 100, 300, 500, 1000 Android CreditSend us an e-mail with the type of device you have if youhaveanyissues.
Atari's Greatest Hits ReMaster 2.1.0
Atari, Inc.
Download this App to receive MissileCommandfor FREE!Relive the Golden Age of Gaming with a collection of themostpopular retro Atari games from the 70s and 80s. AGH hasbeenremastered to work on more modern Android devices! Thisextensivecatalog pays homage to original Atari classics, withcontrolsdesigned to mimic what fans remember from 30 years ago! Forthosewho love the classic gaming experience, this handheldbreakthroughguarantees hours of fun.NOTE: Users of the prior Atari's Greatest Hits App canrestoretheir purchases by following the in-game prompts orcontactingAtari Customer Support by going to this website andsubmitting ahelp ticket“All week the gaming world has been talking aboutAtari’sGreatest Hits release for Android, finally bringing thepopular iOSgame pack to Android users.“ – Appolicious“If you enjoy playing retro arcade games from the comfortof,well… anywhere, then you are in luck! Atari Greatest Hits, theiOSsmash hit, has already received over 3.5 million downloads intheApp Store and is now available for download on Androiddevices,both tablets and smartphones.” – Talk Android“Atari's Greatest Hits is absolutely one of the very best buysinthe App Store.” – TouchArcade"Overall, the scope of Atari's Greatest Hits is amazing.It’scertainly the best emulator on the App Store for contentandpresentation.” – AppGamer"Atari's Greatest Hits features a mesmerizing amount ofnostalgiain one app.” – CNet____________________________________FEATURES:• Get Missile Command for FREE!• Access to 100 classic Atari 2600 and arcade gamesincludingASTEROIDS and CENTIPEDE• In-app purchases will unlock across all devices associatedwiththe player’s account• Original cabinet and box artBuy additional games in 2 unique ways:1. 25 separate packs available for download at $0.992. Buy all 100 games for a discounted price of $9.99 (basicallytheprice of a movie ticket)Play anywhere, anytime!_______________________________________Come check out the latest updates, or talk to us directly!Like us on Facebook:
Pumpkin Man 1.2
Classic PAC MAN game,refreshedwithstylishthree-dimensional graphic and highdef textures! HelpfarmerJonh tocollect all the pumpkins, avoiding the evil (butcute)watchdogs.- 3D graphics with stylish minimalistic modelsandexcellenttextures and funny animations.- Bright atmosphere.- Gameplay of old-school pacman.- Smooth swipe control.
Sonic 4™ Episode I 1.5.0
Featuring enhanced gameplay elements,includingthe classic Sonic Spin Dash, and the versatile HomingAttack, Sonic4 picks up right where Sonic and Knuckles™ leftoff.__________________________________________________2 EXCLUSIVE LEVELS!!!Two exclusive levels built specifically for smartphones usingtheaccelerometer.NEW MOVESAll of Sonic's classic moves are available, including thenewerHoming Attack which will add a new level of controlandexcitement.CLASSIC SONIC STAGESRace through 4 unique zones containing 4 acts each as well as7special stages.SPECIAL STAGES RETURNA staple of the Genesis-era games, the special stagesreturnallowing fans to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds and unlockSuperSonic.REVAMPED CLASSIC BOSS BATTLESDr. Eggman returns with new and improved mechas and will goberserkwhen he accumulates damage.¬¬GamePro - “…this looks and feels like a genuine Sonicgame,deserving of the "4" attached to its title.”IGN – “After an afternoon in its presence it's become seared inourconscience just like the classic levels of the early Sonics –andsurely that's reason enough to have faith in Sonic theHedgehog4.”** CHECK OUT THESE OTHER GREAT GAMES **• Sonic CD™• ChuChu Rocket!™Be the first to know! Get inside SEGA info on great deals,plusthe latest game updates, tips & more…FOLLOW US: US: US: SONIC 4™ EPISODE I on your big screen TV with for more information.- - - - -Privacy Policy: of Use:, the SEGA logo, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SONIC 4 EPISODE Iareeither registered trade marks or trade marks of SEGA HoldingsCo.,Ltd. or its affiliates. All rights reserved.