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Connect 4 Game 1.0.1
Apps Genie
Download Connect 4, or Four in a Row -theclassic travel strategy game.Beat your opponent to be the first person to get 4 ofyourcounters in a row, either horizontally, verticallyordiagonally.Concentrate too hard on your pieces at your peril, alwaysbeaware what the other color are doing...This game is Easy to play, difficult to master!1 or 2 players, beat the phone or your friends!Download the best looking Connect 4 game out there –downloadtoday!This game is also available for tablets!
Connect 4 1.0.4
Fox In A Box
Connect 4, or Four in a RowBeat your opponent by being the first person to connect 4 ofyourcolors in a line.Loved by generations, Connect 4 is the ultimate travelstrategygame.Easy to play, but connect 4 is almost impossible to master!1 or 2 players, beat your friends or for the ultimate test,beatthe computer and connect 4 right in their face!The best looking Connect 4 game out there – download today!
Connect Four 1.0.0
Connect Four (also known as Four in a Row)isaclassic two player strategy board game. It only takes aminutetolearn but a lifetime to master. Play against thecomputeroragainst your friends.Features:- Single Player with 3 AI difficulties (easy, medium, hard)- Multiplayer- Attractive graphics- Easy to use user interface (UI)- Great visual and sound effects- Instructions on how to playAim:Connect 4 discs of your color either vertically,horizontallyordiagonally before your opponent.
aFourWins [Connect 4 type] 1.4
a*four*wins is a game similar to Connect4sometimes also known as Four in a Row.On a 7x6 game board two players are competing to connectfourpieces in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonallytowin. Pieces are inserted at the top of the board and falldownwarduntil they hit the floor or another piece. The a*four*winsgamerules are roughly based on the Connect 4 rules.a*four*wins game features:* 1 or 2 players* Two different computer AI players with 3 differentdifficultylevels each* Yellow AI player uses neural network for boardestimationheuristic* Highscore table* Nice graphics* Similar to the popular Connect 4 game.The application asks for internet access rights. This is onlyusedfor providing up-to-date links to Appstore programs. If youdon'twant this you can block internet access by using e.g. aprivacyguard application. The main game application will then stillworkfine.