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Matches Puzzle Games 0.98
Matches puzzle - a classic board gamewith1000+ puzzles: shapes, numbers, roman and bonus levels!Solve matches puzzles by removing, adding and moving matches.Useall matches to find the right solution! Every matches puzzlelevelis different (shapes, sizes, modes ...). They are carefullymadeand manually checked, so they are correct.First episode/season is relatively easy, but remember, there are10episodes/seasons - so get ready to work that brain ofyours!This classic game with matches will bring you to yourchildhooddays.Features:◆ 1000+ brain busting matches puzzle games (10 seasons,eachfeatures 3 bonus rounds to keep you sharp! )◆ Compete with your friends with Google Play Games Services andwinthe crown◆ Multiple ways to solve each puzzle, can you find thecorrectones?◆ Levels have all different shapes, sizes, equations(romannumerals) and colors and designs!◆ HD colorful beautiful graphics, so you will not be bored!◆ Works good on older devices with slower processors andlowerresolutions!◆ Small size, no adware, no unnecessarypermissions!Multilanguage:English, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech, (UkrainianandFrench come soon)Google Play Games Services↗ save your progress to cloud for future need on newer devices(ifyou finish and want to restart you can reset in settings)↗ unlock achievements↗ compare you result on leaderboardsIf you have problems with levels, be sure to check out solutionsorgive us feedback on our email or on support pages.If you like this game, please rate it and leave a comment. I amanindie game developer and your support means a lot to me! Thankyoufor your help! If you don't like something in the game,pleaseemail me at [email protected] and tell me why. Iwant tohear your feedback and comments so I can continue to makethismatches puzzle game better.Good luck!Support is avaliable trough our social pagesG+: - Pleasealsolike our matches puzzles gameMatches Puzzle Game, Matchstick Puzzles, Move the Matches
Math Matches: Matchsticks 9.0
Practise your brain!Welcome to the most popular puzzle games of all time! Puzzleswithmatches! The most complex and tricky task, you will find onlyinour game. You need to carefully read the assignments and executethemcorrectly. There are problems with the figures, with theshiftingof matches and construction, with the solution ofequations, andmuch more! The levels are divided by difficulty, youstart with theeasiest and most difficult finish. All levels have asolution, somenot even one. Download and enjoy an exciting newpuzzle in a modernbright design!Features:- The game is accessible to all;- An addictive puzzle game;- The most complex and tricky task;- Problems with the figures, with the shifting of matchesandconstruction, with the solution of equations, and muchmore;- Levels are divided into difficulty;- Contemporary colorful design;- Easy operation;- A free game.How to play:You need to carefully read the assignments and executethemcorrectly.Write us in the comments, as well as in our groups, we arealwaysglad to see you !;)VK - - -
River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games 1.1.2
In this fun and challenging game, you willfinda complete collection of all known river crossing logicproblems,plus some completely new riddles that you will not findanywhereelse. If you want brain teasers to improve your IQ whileyou havefun, you’ve come to the right place.Chances are that you’ve heard about the ancient rivercrossingriddles, but do you know them all? You may have heard aboutthefarmer who must take a wolf, a goat, and some cabbage acrossariver, or a version featuring a fox, a goose, and a bag ofbeans.Maybe you know the problem of the three missionaries andthreecannibals, or the “jealous husbands” variation.Those are the classic river crossing puzzles. They are popularandwell known, and they are all included in this game, along withmanymore new levels involving chess pieces, a farmer with cowsandspecial levels designed only for geniuses.River crossing problems date back to at least the ninth century,maybe before the chess was invented, with the earliest knownexamplesoccurring in the Latin manuscript Propositiones adAcuendos Juvenes(“Problems to Sharpen the Young”).River crossing puzzles and their many variants represent waysofdressing up relatively straightforward mathematical problems.Theyinvite attempts at a solution that range from trial and errortoextensive mathematical analysis.These puzzles are frequently used in job interviews. They arealsotaught to children in schools along with chess to boost theirIQsand improve their critical thinking, mathematicalproblem-solving,and strategy development.Your goal in every level is to move all of the characters acrosstheriver while observing certain rules and restrictions. Once youhavecompleted a level, you will receive one star for levelcompletion.You can obtain an additional star if you finish thelevel in theminimum number of moves, and another if you finish thelevel in aset time that varies from level to level.Try your best, work as quickly as you can, and keep your numberofmoves low to earn more stars. Your total number of stars willhelpyou access more advanced levels.If you like playing chess and solving logic puzzles, then youareall set for new challenges. But unlike chess, you can playthisgame alone and have a lot of fun.Download the game now and unlock your brain’s abilities!
Einstein's Riddle Logic Puzzle 3.5.4
Rottz Games
Einstein Challenge is a logic problemspuzzleto challenge your brain. It is known as different names, suchasLogic Problems, Logic Games, Dell Puzzle, Zebra Puzzle orSherlockHolmes Puzzle.• Hundreds of Riddles: 2500 logic riddles, all free! Nopacksto buy.• Increasing Difficulty: Several grid sizes, from 4x4 to12x9- the bigger the harder.• Filters for Experts: Filters to help you find hintsrelatedto the elements you want.• Mobile Riddle: Fully adapted to mobile interface: noclumsytriangular grid as the paper version.This logic game presents some logic problems that gives youseveralclues describing a scenario involving a number of people.Eachperson has a certain job, owns a different pet, likes some kindofsport, among other attributes. Your role in this logic game istodo a massive intelligence work: by using pure logic thinkingandelimination, to uniquely deduce the whole riddle based on onlyafew initial clues.How to Play video: on the logic puzzle follow these lines:"The English wears the Sherlock Cap. The American likes Wine.Theone that owns a Fox doesn't drink Beer..."If you like pure logic problems and other logic games, dontmissthis one!Contact us: [email protected]://
Blocks Match Puzzle 1.1
Have you ever played any gameslikeblockspuzzle? You'll love this Block Match Puzzle game classicfreeplaygame which aims to fit all blocks into highlightedarea.Thissimple game will mean that you will have to constantlystrainyourbrain and mind to solve logic puzzles and riddles.BlockMatchPuzzle is a block logic brain puzzle candy game, itiscompletelyfree and brings new puzzle adventures! Block MatchPuzzleis a veryaddictive splash connect lines, row, and dots.Block Match Puzzle is a relaxing block game where logicanalyzerfrompuzzle shapes as a graphic organizer. This game is alogicalpuzzlegame where you just have to place blocks where youcompleteyourshape with riddle games for women.HOW TO PLAY# Put blocks on a board consisting tiles.# Create a continuous horizontal and vertical linestoclearthem.# Do not risk too much: The space on board is limited.# The game ends when no more space on the board is enoughtoplacethe next block.# Drag the blocks to move them.# Try to fit them all in the row or column. Then the blockwillbeclear and you get the point.# Blocks can't be rotated.FEATURES# Block Match Puzzle totem - With medium size board. Createrowsandcolumns full of the block on the screen. Place blocksofdifferentshapes and fill in rows with blocks. At the bottom ofthescreen,you have the shapes that will appear next turn.# Block Match Puzzle - is classical mode and veryinterestingwiththe very nice graphic design. It’ll take you backtothechildhood.# The block puzzle matching is very fun for all agesandskilllevels. Block Match Puzzle free will challenge your skillsasyoutry to rack up as many points as possible in fourorfiveminutes.# Inspired by top mathematics & logic games. Entertainyourknackfor science with this kind of puzzle games.Here you have fun free puzzle blocks. You must haveplayedflowingfree in hex shapes and classic free games to satisfyin lesstimeas token games. This game have is a puzzle in a patternbasedislike shift logic tile. This game is based on the ancientsagaofegypts as in all classic block puzzle. This block gameisrelaxingpuzzle.Solve this block puzzle games faster than anybody else andreachthefirst place on your leaderboard. Find out how easily thiscoolgamemakes you more focused. Now real problems becomenewchallenges thatcan be solved more easily and without stress.Thisis the bestconcentration game that will have the mostpositiveinfluence onyour brain.Download and give us a review.
Fruit Mania - Match Puzzle
Fruit Mania - Match Puzzle is amatch-3puzzle game with different play modes!Swap and group 3 or more same fruits to collect them. Usepowerfulprops to help you pass levels easier!Fruits Mania Feature:- More than 200 hundreds levels to crush- Fresh and juicy fruits to splash- Powerful boosters are prepared for you- Perfect match and amazing combinations- Eliminate more fruits to make a magical fruits- Exciting experience and fluent animations- Play with friends and enjoy yourselfSplash the fruits in Fruit Mania! Download in Google play storeandstart your wonderful journey now!
Bejewel Queen 1.2
bejewel queenamazing match-3 puzzle game and addictive game for everyoneBejewel Queen is a free match 3 puzzle game from makersofmatchingking studio, now with jewels!If you are a big fan of jewel puzzle game else this gamewithgiveyou new feeling. This is a bejewel game cascade the feverofgemsjewels. With the simple game play, your mission is poppingthesamejewels, and then you will become a winner ofthisbejewelgame.This is a classic and fun match-3 game, but it hasmoreinterestingmodes which are different from the similar bejewelgameson themarket.Match three or more jewels to gain points. Collectalltreasuresbefore you run out of moves! Unlock these excitingandchallenginglevels.How to play bejewel queen:1: match 3 or more identical bejewels.2: match the bejewel until the bottom board,the Jewelsstarwillappear.3: make the bejewel star down to last line to pass the level.4: reach a specific goal to solve the puzzle5: match as fast as you can to level upFeatures of bejewel queen+ over 900 levels and challenges for endless!+ free updates with new levels!+ beautiful graphics and lovely animations!Now let's play and have fun with this version of jewels-BejewelQueen
Witch Magical Diamond 1.1
witch magical diamonda very addictively diamond ultimate arcade match-3 puzzlewitch magic diamond, a fun and addicting match 3 puzzle game.Embark on this adventure, explorer this fantastic miracle worldandbecome a magical lenend!Test your skills in this match-3 game full of sorceressFor those who like witchery or wizardry style people, make suretoplay this highly addictive match 3 game withamazinggraphics!how to play- swap and match 3 sorceress puzzles in a line to removethem.- lighting effects can eliminate in one row or column.- combine enchanted items in spectacular combos to clear levelsinbig matches.- connecting items to destroy weirds.highlights in witch puzzle:* free daily spin bonus in times limits.* combine items to create massive magical explosions andclearlevels!* puzzles and game modes as you explore the land with ournewupdates!* strategic match, Less moves, Higher score, Easy 3-stars!* amazing magical boosters to power up forSpooktacularlevels.* super easy and fun to play, but challenge to master!* unveiled enhanced items such as magic fire, crystal ball,andmagic book when match 3 or more.Solving the puzzles presented by the powerful Wizard.Start your adventure with this magic style puzzle game tounleashpure magic power!Help the magician to weather the storm who is learning tocastspells advance through magical world.
♛ Chess Grandmaster Free 4.0
Play the game with your friends, oragainstbots!A puzzle game with special shapes on a 64-cellular board fortwocontenders. The game is based on the strategy, logic andspecialknowledge. The most popular board game is now on yourphone!Download and play chess games against your friends or againstbots.Three levels of difficulty, from easy to difficult, easysettingsand beautiful interface. The rules of chess are identical to the present, itisnecessary in turn to make a move with the figure and wait foryouropponent's turn. The player who has checkmated opponent.Variationsmoves to the figures highlighted, as there is soundimportantpoints. If you love to play chess, then this game you definitelylikeit, download our app and see for yourself!Features:♜ puzzle game.♜ most popular board game.♜ Party against friends or bots.♜ Three levels of difficulty.♜ Simple settings and nice interface.♜ rules of the game are identical to the present.♜ Variations moves to the figures highlighted.♜ Soundtrack important points.♜ game for all ages.♜ Chess 2D.♜ interesting game.♜ free game.How to play:We need to make progress alternately with the figure and waitforyour opponent's turn. The player who has checkmatedopponent.Write comments leave marks!VK - -
Preschool Adventures-1 2.0.2
Education puzzles for children as wellasadults.A wonderful application for 3-4 years kids or adults whoareinterested to know basics of different foreign languages. Thisgameproves to be the best kids game to help your child grow,learn,have fun, and even give parents some time off. With fourfun,colorful and educational sections, Preschool Adventures-1 has36puzzles specifically designed to contribute to, exerciseanddevelop your child's cognitive skills andgeneralinformation.With this game your kid learns:✔ Numbers: 1-10 (with sounds)✔ Shapes: square, circle and triangle (with sounds)✔ Sounds and names of animals.✔ Colors (with sounds).✔ Names of vegetables and fruits.✔ Similarities of: transport, animal, fruits, clothes,insects,fish, dolls, kitchenware, work tools.✔ Sizes: big, medium and small (with sounds)✔ Bilateral awareness✔ Shadow of objects✔ Transport: different vehicles.✔ Electric appliances✔ Sea creatures.The puzzles are coming with sounds of animals,birds,musical-instruments, cars, tools, dolls and otherobjects.♥ Like our other applications, this game has NO ads at all!♥ The puzzles are prepared by a child's mentaldevelopmentspecialist.♥ The application was tested on tens of 3-4 children prioritsrelease.♥ The game is available at Apple and Amazon stores as well!The puzzles contain pictures of numbers, flowers,cartoons,transportation, fruits, vegetables, dolls, fishes,cloths,electrical equipment, kids' faces, sport, shapes, animals,insects,cars, colors and tools.The puzzles also contain sounds: sounds of musicalinstruments,sounds of animals and birds, numbers by sound and othersoundseffects.We, at Forqan Smart Tech have always sought to provide the bestforyour children through applications designed, and directed eachagegroup separately, our belief in the feature each evolutionarystagepasses by your son, but in order to lend life skills andthementality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, andtocommunicate with his peers and the environmentsurroundingit.Let's your kid enjoy and learn with our wonderful gamePreschooladventures!Based on the feedback we get from our users, even adults canenjoyplaying this game!
Challenging Match Puzzle 7.0
Try to solve all tasks with matches!Cool puzzle for you! Popular tasks with matches, where you havetomove, add or remove a match. On the phone to play a muchmoreconvenient than in real life! Simply download the app and guessthejob! Our designers did a good job on the design of the game,tomake it easier to play! Bright and beautiful interface.Convenientcontrol, you can play with one finger! More than 200challenginglevels. The levels of varying complexity, from the mostsimple tothe most complex, the game will appeal to all ages!Excellentdevelop thinking and logic, try it yourself!Features:- Cool puzzle;- Popular tasks with matches;- Beautiful interface;- Convenient operation;- Over 200 exciting levels;- Different complexity levels;- Develop thinking and logic;- A free game;- Puzzle game for all ages.How to play:We need to shift, add or remove a match. Carefully read andfollowall job conditions.We welcome your comments and suggestions, write to us !;)VK -
Math Matches: Matchsticks 9.0
Comet Studios
Solve all the problems in the newpuzzlegame!Pay attention to this beautiful design new puzzles fromourdevelopers! In this game, every detail is thought out tothesmallest detail. Matches react to your actions, if true!Solveequations, solve the problem, move the matches, play anywhereandat any time. Only in this game you can find intricate puzzles,havea good think over their decision. More than 100 fresh levels. Each individual tasklevel.Translation in Russian and English. Beautiful graphics,threedifficulty modes. Fast switching to the next level andautosavegames. Puzzle for all the family, there is no age limit. Itdoesnot require an internet connection. It takes a little phonememorysize. This is an interesting puzzle with matches!Features:- Beautiful design;- More than 100 fresh levels;- Translation into Russian and English;- Beautiful graphics;- Three difficulty modes;- Autosave game;- There is no age limit;- An interesting puzzle with matches;- Does not require an internet connection;- A free game.How to play:Read the first level of the job and do it.Do not forget to put us evaluate and write a review for us knowwhatyou think!
Matches Puzzles 2 1.0.5
The Matches Puzzles 2 are acomplexintellectual game for your brain!Come and pump your intellect. Solve all the puzzles of matchesandbecome smart!Games puzzle with matches are waiting for you with 100+ funlevelsand thousands of hot matches.Matches must be moved a couple of times and solve thearithmeticequation.If the arithmetic equation of the matches is correct, know, youarecloser to winning.To win, you must prove that you are able to solvemathematicalproblems easily and simply.But be careful, even a plus can be replaced by a minus.- Wonderful tips- Complex solutions- Fun video tipsThis game, Puzzle with matches is also called, puzzle matches
Matches: One touch 8.0
Try to solve all the tasks!The famous puzzle with matches in a new attractive design! Newjob,new levels and new beautiful design! The most realisticandcolorful puzzle game for your phone! You will need more thanonehour to solve all the levels! You will encounter a variety of tasks and levels, youwillneed to move the match from one place to another, remove afewmatches, solve equations and build shapes using matches.Carefullyread the job and follow them! Three difficulty levels, thelevelsstart very simple and very complex end jobs. Comfortableandpleasant control matches, beautiful interface. A game fortrueconnoisseurs of puzzles with matches!Features:✓ puzzle with matches;✓ new jobs;✓ New levels;✓ Beautiful design;✓ realistic and colorful puzzle;✓ Three difficulty levels;✓ easy operation;✓ Over 100 exciting levels;✓ free game.How to play:Read the job, do it as it is written in the statement. To removeamatch is enough to touch her.Looking forward to seeing you in our group!VK -
Jewels pirate treasure 1.0.0
Magic Match
Jewels pirate treasure, free match3puzzlegame.Match and pop treasure jewels in dazzling combinationsinfungameplay!This sparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sateyourwanderlustand craving for jewels treasure.You must find real treasures using old maps in this jewels Kingdom.TIPS:- Multiple game props: Bomb, Colorful Ball, AddMovements,Fever,etc.Experience all these fun props in the puzzlebyyourself!!- Colorful Ball can help you to eliminate all the samecolor,Jewelsin box can help you to eliminate a line, Bomb can cleanupall thejewels around it.- Spin: We have prepared some surprises for you every day.Youcanspend 39 coins to get a chance of lottery. You willreceivecoinsor game props at random. Try your luck!!More than 200 deluxe match 3 levelsIt¡¯s not so easy to resolve match-3 puzzles, but itissoamazing.At each level, you have a specific list of goals that needtobecompleted.If you have any difficulties passing a level you canusehelpfulprops.Become the real treasure hunter who probably willhavetofight with pirates and other enemies.Sea world and jungle world could be really dangerous! Youmusthavethe sharpest mind.Master the difficulties making super combinations withgemsjewelstreasure!Embark on this Pirate adventure trip,switchingandmatching your way to the glory throughaddictivematchgameplay.
Matchsticks Puzzle: Free Game 11.0
Play the newest puzzle with matches!Hmm, what is it? Matches !? It turns out that the matches cannotonly to kindle fires and gas stoves. It turns out that withthematches you can play is not bad! Various tasks with matchesarewaiting for you! You will need to build the figure of matches,aswell as to solve the equation with their help! It isincrediblyinteresting! This game has a lot of years before there were mobilephones.People used to solve puzzles with matches using thesematches,looking for jobs in books, newspapers and magazines, andthen linedup the levels themselves, and then decide. In this gameyou canonly play at home and enjoy all the tips that have been inthe samejournals. Now the game is released on the phone and you donot haveto lay out the levels! You will only need to solveinterestingproblems and equations. Once you decide to correct theproblem, thegame will be translated by you to the next level! A wonderful game with matches, unusual, colorful designandthe beautiful sounds of the game. You can play anytimeandanywhere. The game is free and accessible to all, the puzzledoesnot require a lot of space on your phone as well as there arenoage restrictions. Marshall figures of matches, as well as tosolvethe equation a lot of fun!Features:• various tasks with the matches;• need to build shapes and solve equations using matches;• a great game;• unusual, colorful design;• beautiful sounds of the game;• fun game for your brain;• Free puzzle;• Hundreds of levels;• does not require a lot of space on your phone;• You can play anywhere.How to play:You will need to build the figure of matches, as well as tosolvethe equation with their help.
Pastry Puzzle Match 3
Welcome to the match-3 Patisserie!Visit our little bakery and add some sugar to your day withplentyof delicious cakes and pastries. Swap items in this funmatch-3game, uncover awesome boosts and rewards and completethemissions.Travel through hundreds of sugary levels, match the cakesandwin!How to play:* Swap and match 3 or more sweet cakes of the same to crushandremove from the board.* Collect tasty pastries and complete levels.* Explore hundreds of delicious levels filled with bakery goodsandcakes.* Unlock awesome boosters and create massive explosions!* Save your boosts until you need them!* Try to complete all the missions before your run outofmoves.Pastry Puzzle Match 3 Features:* Hundreds of exciting levels to enjoy!* Play now and discover sweet challenges and puzzles.* Colorful and lively graphics and settings.* Super addicting game mode.* Free to play!Enjoy this awesome cake-matching game and discover a neverendingmatch-3 fun!
Amazing matchstick 7.0
Amazing matchstick is matches puzzle gameveryfamous. It make our brain improve and it also game help usfunnyand break your stress.With greater 1,000 Level game will challenge for resolve alloflevel.matchstick puzzle is a board puzzle game. That you have tocorrectthe equation with moving matchstick to the right place.Equationsmay have more than one solution.You can play with your children. This game helps toimprovemathematics skills. Your kids will love this game. Playpuzzle withmatches. You never see the matches enjoyable like thisgame.Tell us your opinion.Email: [email protected]
Pirate Diamonds 1.2
pirate diamondsPirate Diamonds, free match 3 puzzle game.Are you hungry as pirates and be brilliant as kings? You mightgetinto an addictive tropical blast while surviving in this match3puzzle adventure. Only the brightest fortune hunter stars willbenoticed as kings. Are you hungry enough to reach thepiratetreasure? Achieve millions and win all jewel games onyourway!Match and pop treasure in dazzling combinations infungameplay!This sparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sate yourwanderlustand craving for diamond treasure.You must find real treasures using old maps in thisjewelsKingdom.TIPS:- Multiple game props: bomb, colorful ball, addmovements,fever,etc. Experience all these fun props in the puzzlebyyourself!!- Colorful Ball can help you to eliminate all the same color,Jewelsin box can help you to eliminate a line, Bomb can clean upall thejewels around it.- We have prepared some surprises for you every day. You canspend39 coins to get a chance of lottery. You will receive coins orgameprops at random. Try your luck!!More than 950 deluxe match 3 levelsIt¡¯s not so easy to resolve match-3 puzzles, but it issoamazing.At each level, you have a specific list of goals that need tobecompleted.If you have any difficulties passing a level you can usehelpfulprops.Become the real treasure hunter who probably will have to fightwithpirates and other enemies.Sea world and jungle world could be really dangerous! You musthavethe sharpest mind.Master the difficulties making super combinations withPirateDiamonds!Embark on this Pirate adventure trip, switching and matchingyourway to the glory through addictive match gameplay.
Matchstick Matching Puzzle 1.1.3
Do you love puzzle game and you areaddictedtothem? Try now the new MatchSticks puzzle game.It is a game in which you will try to solve simpleadditionandsubtraction equations by moving the right matchstick totherightplace. Every equation have only one possible solution.Tosolve ityou need either to move one matchstick or two.This app have a lot of benefits such asincreasingintelligenceand memory .The app includes more 90 levels of challenges. And comesalsowithan option to show the puzzle solution when youhavedifficulties tosolve it.FEATURES:1-More than 90 levels included.2-Help function included.3-Updated regularly.4-Easy to play.
Wood Block Blitz Puzzle 1.0.1
LHP Studio
Wood Block Blitz Puzzle is a simple puzzlegamewith no colour matching and time limits. Fill the row orcolumn tobreak the blocks. It is an additive block puzzle game.The moreblocks you break the more points you will get.You willsurely lovethis block puzzle mania game .Place the blocks in 10x10 row and column.This is a classicyetinnovative game!How to play Wooden Block Puzzle 1010 Plus:- Drag the blocks to move them.- Try to fit them all in the row or column. Then the block willbecleared and you get the score.- Blocks can't be rotated.- Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapesbelowthe grid and you have no item.3 Mode To Play :+ Classic Puzzle Block 9x9 size board.+ Master Pro Dash & Rush 1010 size board.+ Deluxe Puzzle Crush 11x11 size board.It is a perfect time passing game and best refreshment game foryourbrain.The block puzzle 1010 is very fun for all ages and skilllevels.Wood Block Blitz Puzzle will challenge your skills as youtry torack up as many points as possible in four or fiveminutes.Inspired by top mathematics & logic games like ultimatejeweldeluxe, slide puzzle, roll the ball, tangram puzzles ordominoesblock puzzle games, entertain your knack for science withthis kindof puzzle games!We hope you like our free "Wooden Block Puzzle"! And we'realwayshappy about feedback (also critical) on our board logicbraintraining game. Just send an email to our support address. Ifyouever love tic tac toe, 4 in a row, dots & connect lineorsimilar ones, you will love this game.Wooden Block Blitz Puzzle is a must try game! Brightgraphics,exciting modes, and its free! This game is a sure treatfor anypuzzle lover.Add it to your Android device right now and get a truly fun gameforyour app collection!
Collapsticks 1.3.0
The most addictive matchstick game ever!* 6 different game scenes with 120 game levels altogether!Collapsticks takes matchstick games to a whole new level withthehelp of gravity. It looks deceivingly simple, but once youstartplaying, you'll soon find it hard to put down. Easy to learnbutchallenging enough to keep your brain busy for hours!Here's how you play:Make matchsticks collapse and fall off the screen. Get pointsforfallen matches. Sounds easy!Drag a match to the matchbox and see how the structurecollapses.Try to figure out how you can make as many matches fallall the waydown as possible. Look out for pencils, bugs, bulletsand otherobstacles."Collapsticks is a neat and tidy puzzler that could easilyhavespiraled in to chaos (like so many other physicsmanipulatingpuzzlers), but instead it offers a range of thoughtprovokingchallenges."
Crystal Crush Mania Match 3
Swap and crush the crystal diamonds andsolveall the fun match-3 puzzles. Enjoy an epic puzzlematchingadventure at the magical kingdom and collect all thegems.Play the most addictive diamond match today. Make combinations ofatleast 3 gems to blast and win points. Play through hundredsofsparkly levels and collect different rewards. Don’t forget toboostyour experience with awesome power-ups!For massive explosions make the following matches:- Match 4 jewels to get a striped item of this color and createaline blast.- Match 5 gems in an L or T form to get an amazing gemstonethatwill explode all items around it.- Match 5 crystals in a row to get a special colorful item thatcanburst all gems with the same color.- Connect 2 special jewels to create even greater explosions.Follow these Instructions:- Move and match 3 jewels in a line to remove them.- Beat all the challenges and win difficult levels.- Complete the missions set at the beginning of eachnewlevel.- Collect all the sparkling crystals before you run outofmoves.- Win enough points to earn at least one star.Free to play anytime and anywhere you want, no internetconnectionis required. Hours of entertainment are guaranteed!
Juice Jam 2 1.0.4
Vmob, Inc.
Juice Jam 2 is a new excitingmatch3puzzle colorful game. Collect sugar candies anddeliciouspastry,mix rainbow cakes in this fantastic adventure butmorecolorfuleffects than ever. Be careful because of its addictionandsparkle!Score and keep in mind that you have only a few minutesbeforethetime is up so try your best and play faster to Hit thebestscoreor to beat your high one Juice Jam 2017.FEATURES JUICE JAM 2◆ Hundreds of juice levels.◆ Jam fruit to concoct sweet treats.◆ Defeat bosses and fulfill orders.◆ Free and filled with adventure.◆ Brain puzzle game in simple rule, easy to play,hardtomaster.◆ Various mission puzzles levels waiting for youradventuring.◆ Match 4 can win the 1 line effect.◆ Match 5 can win the color changing effect.◆ Match 5 more can get more usefully special effects.HOW TO PLAY JUICE JAM 2★ Connect the cute fruit in group of 3 or more.★ Longer chain, higher score.★ Create blasters and combine them to winthechallenginglevels.Connect social and play with friend, help them, send themmoreliveor send request to them. With every friend you invited,youwillreceive an certain coin, play with friend, more fun,andmoreexciting.Thank you for downloading our Juice Jam 2 game andscoringalot of stars in our game. And we suggest we develop inthenextversion.
Rio: Match 3 Party 1.12.0
It’s Carnival time in Rio, and Blu isplanningthe most amazing party in all of Brazil! He invited all ofhisfriends, including Jewel, Pedro and Nico. Everybody isexpectingthe fun to start at any minute, but Blu isn’t readyyet!Help Blu get everything he needs to throw an awesome partybysolving puzzles, collecting medals, and unlocking new locationsandparty favors. Play beautiful levels of Match 3 gameplay setacrossstunning Brazilian landscapes. Have fun with all of yourfavoritecharacters from the hit movies or play against yourfriends!***PUZZLE PARADISE***Match, crush and swipe your way through hundreds of levelssetwithin glorious locations, like the Amazon Jungle, Rio CityandCopacabana Beach, with new ones being added all the time!***MEET YOUR NEW FEATHERY FRIENDS***Collect all of your favorite characters from the Riouniverseincluding Jewel, Nigel, Nico and others!***PLAN THE BEST PARTY IN THE WORLD***Progress by earning tickets and unlocking new levels! Upgradeyourmap with balloons, banners, confetti and a DJ Stage!***POWER UP***Unlock super abilities by collecting gold and unleashing thepowerof the birds! Each character has their own uniquespecialabilities, so which one will you choose?***PARTY WITH FRIENDS***Login with Facebook to send and receive gifts to your friends!Seetheir progression on the map and compete in tournaments towinprizes!Rio: Match 3 Party is completely free to play, but hasoptionalin-app purchases to make your gaming experience even moreexciting.Time to get this party started!PrivacyPolicy: of Use: TM & © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.AllRights Reserved.
Cube Blast
Play the new and exciting puzzle game andblastthe cubes!Match 2 or more cubes of the same color to clear levels andsolvethe challenging puzzles.If you like color puzzle games, this addicting match 2 board gameisyour perfect choice!Cube Blast is a fun and addicting puzzle game available now forFREEon Google Play and is simply the #1 game you must have onyourAndroid device.Test your skills with hours of blocks crushing fun!Color Blasting FunTap to play! Match 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same colortocreate a cube crash.Complete the missions set at the beginning of each level andcollectdifferent items to win.You have a limited amount of moves to clear a level so youbetterthink it through and plan your path wisely.Reach the Target and Complete the ChallengesBlast all the cubes, clear the board and get awesome boostersandrewards!Tap and blast the blocks, reach the target and achievehighscores.Play now and enjoy this amazing puzzle adventure.Playing free puzzle games is the best way to pass time!Brain Training GamesDownload now for free, solve all the puzzles and collect items.CubeBlast is easy to learn and extremely fun to play anytimeandanywhere!Each level presents a new intriguing challenge and puzzle thatyouhave to solve, so get ready to experience hours and hoursofendless fun. Complete the level goals, hit and crush cubesandwin!Game Features and Boosters• Colorful graphics and designs.• Amazing gameplay, tap the blocks to blast.• Hundreds of exciting levels.• Blast all the cubes by using special boosters as hammer,truck,spray can and many more.• Fun boosters and bonuses!Make special combinations to unlock power-ups:Match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.Match 7 or 8 cubes to get a bomb.Match 9 cubes to earn a color wheel.These awesome boosters will help you crush the cubes andcompletelevels.Cube Blast is a fun hit puzzle game with hundreds of free levelsandunique boosters and graphics. Join the colorful puzzleadventure andcrush all the cubes!Download now and experience this addicting online game straightonyour Android device today, enjoy all the awesome puzzles andmakesure to keep an eye out for cool updates and new levels!Have a blast blasting all the cubes!
Jewels temple Treasure 1.0.2
Magic Match
Jewels temple Treasure, Newandimprovedmatch 3 puzzle game launched on AndroidMarket.Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinationsin this jewels journey!This sparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sateyourwanderlustand craving for jewels treasure. You must questrealtreasuresusing old maps in this jewels Kingdom. To be jewelryking.How to play:1: In each level, list of goals that need to be completed.2: Match 3 more identical jewels quickly andswapcolorfuljewels.3: Learn to use special effects jewels. the sharpestbrainpuzzlegame.4: If you have any difficulties passing a level you canusehelpfulprops.5: Try your best to make super combinations with super match!6: Less moves, More Stars, Higher scores! Crush all jewels!7: Try to get all stars in each level, become jewels legend.Features:- Completely FREE.- Exquisite gameplay, Best experience,graphicsandpuzzles.- Brain puzzle game in simple rule, easy to play,hardtomaster.- Various mission puzzles levels waitingforyouradventuring.- Match 4 jewel gems can win the 1 line effect.- Match 5 jewel gems can win the color changingeffect.- Match 5 more jewels can get moreusefullyspecialprops-jewels effects.Embark on this Jewels temple Treasureadventure,matching_threeand switching your way to the kingdomthroughaddictive matchgameplay.Download Jewels temple Treasure, rate this game andsendyourfeedback, help us to improve this jewels game!
Toy Collapse: Christmas Puzzle Blast 1.3.4
♥ Welcome to collapse world and helpLauracollect her lost toys ♥Simple rules: find and tap on at least two cubes of the samecolorto clear the level, or more cubes will create a powerclearly.Challenge is smart resolving these blocks with your bestskillbecause your moves are limited and you can stuck at levelanytime.It also match 3 games kind in anyway.Celebrate with Toy Collapse in Christmas event:- Adventure to new land which have snow, Christmas Trees,andreindeer- Receive many amazing gifts and play with SantaCollapse the cubes game will create amazing adventure.Usingboosters if you meet some hard level, we have some boosters tohelpyou- TNT bomb: explode around cubes- Jelly Pop: explode same color cubes to make big toddler toysandrescue your birds.- Spinner Move: add 5 moves will get chance completed remaintargeton pop games.- Gummy Shovel: splash one cube to create pop blast.- Collapse Blast: crush verticle and horizon pop bricks andrushcookie.- Cube Blast: crunch blocks same colorThis collapse toy story games is the best time killer, timewastergame for adult and kids.The main feature in Toy Collapse:- Brilliant, colorful screen, wonderful sound effect,challengingand funny gameplay with many collapses- 400 ducky levels and will update each 2 weeks.- Collapse levels to get cube gifts and candies.- Stunning graphic and beautiful effects.- Crush 4 bricks to create rocket and 5 cubes to createTNTbomb- Many free toys attached with your childhood memory: toy box,pettoys, Rubik, balloon, stitch, ...- You can find useful toys for kids and toddler toys, dinosaurtoys,also wooden toys- Minigames: Spinner game, spin wheel- Amazing block puzzle game will improve your resolveability.- Some target like pet rescue which make you crazy.Excellent and addicting match 3 breaker blast game! Don'twaitingfor collapse puzzle to download logic puzzles games whichare thebest choice for all people to enjoy training brainpuzzles.
Block Hexa 1.1.1
Welcome to Block Hexa, one of thebestblock hexagon puzzle. It is an exciting blocks puzzle games. Ifyouwant to find a free and addictive game, you found it.Block Hexa puzzle is very easy to play and pleasurable game forallages. All you have to do is just tap and move blocks to fill upthesquare and collect block pieces to level up!How to play this Block Hexa Puzzle:- Drag the blocks to move them.- Try to fit them all in the frame- Blocks can't be rotated.- Use HINT to help you solve the puzzles- No time limits. You can stay as long as you want.Some highlight features on Block Hexa Puzzle - Hexagon:- Another type of classic block game- Smooth effect for block puzzle game- Play easily and quickly.- Hints to help you pass levels- Daily gift for user- Over 350+ puzzle levels are unique and full of fun andamazingchallenges!- Easy to learn hard to be master- NO TIME LIMIT- Enjoy game for any time, anywhere and a short time.- No need wifi or internet connection. It’s an offline game- Nice music and sound effect- Suitalbe with all Android deviceHope you will fun with this hexa block puzzle. And don't forgetgiveus comments. It will help us improve game better. Thank you:)
Prison Escape Puzzle 3.7
You find yourself locked in an old cityprison.Solve puzzles and find items that will aid you in yourescape!Challenge yourself in this fun and addictive puzzle game.Features• Tricky and challenging puzzles!• Gorgeous graphics !• It's FREE!• No signup's required, just download and install!Enjoy this fun adventure escape game!
Push the Box Puzzle 10.0
It's time to work as a loader!Meet unusual puzzle! Loader Simulator and Sokoban, two inone!  Your task is to move the boxes to the point. Not suchaneasy task as you think. Boxes can only push forward or to theside,you can not pull back, so try not to put a box in the corner,fromthere it will not pull out. There are over 200 levels, several differentsettings,including the control. You will please our very attractivedesign,to play our puzzle is a pleasure. The game is suitable forall agesand for any location, regardless of the Internet. Eachlevel iswell thought out and worked out, in order for you was apleasure toplay. Download the game now and enjoy a pleasant storyand greatmusic!Features:- Extraordinary puzzle;- A simulator of the loader;- Based on the genre of Sokoban games;- Over 200 levels;- A variety of settings;- Attractive design;- Independent from the Internet;- great music;- Beautiful graphics;- Elaborate physics.How to play:Your task is to move the boxes to the point.You can always contact us by writing to us in the comments, aswellas in social networks.VK - -
Jigsaw Puzzle Master 1.2.7
GB Games
Big Update v1.2- Free Update Puzzles- Game level : 16 ~ 400 pieces- Your Photo make to puzzle- Customize ThemeEnjoy Jigsaw Puzzle MasterThank you.
Спички и головоломки 1.0
Blutbad Games
В этой классической игре вамнадорешатьголоволомки со спичкамиДвигайте, добавляйте или удаляйте спички до тех пор поканенайдетерешение.Подсказку можно получить по кнопке "Решение" в меню.Надеемся, вам понравится решать эта головоломка.Удачи!In this classicgameyouhave to solve puzzles with matchesMove, add or remove a match until you find a solution.Hint can be obtained on the "Solution" in the menu.We hope you enjoy solving this puzzle.Good luck!
Wooden 100 Block Puzzle 2.0.1
LHP Studio
Challenge yourself and play the best mindgamewith building blocks. Exercise your concentration – downloadWooden100 Block Puzzle - Best Brain Games for Kids and Adults withWoodPuzzle Building Blocks for free and become super smart rightnow!Boost your memory and have fun at the same time, it isonlypossible with this cool puzzle game, so hurry up and pick itforfree!Solve this block puzzle faster than anybody else and reach thefirstplace on your leaderboard. Find out how easily this cool gamemakeyou more focused. Now real problems become new challenges thatcanbe solved more easily and without stress. This is thebestconcentration game that will have the most positive influenceonyour brain. Download Wooden Block Puzzle - Best Brain GamesforKids and Adults with Wood Puzzle Building Blocks , if you arestuckduring the play and you need some extra hints, you canpurchasethem for real money. Enjoy the play!HOW TO PLAY• Drag the blocks to move them.• Try to fit them all in the row or column. Then the block willbeclear and you get the point. Game will be over if there are noroomfor any the shapes below the grid.• Blocks can't be rotated.• Don't worry! No time limits!FEATURES• BLOCK PUZZLE DELUXE CRUSHWith 1010 size board. Create rows and colums full of Block onthescreen. Place blocks of different shapes and fill in rowswithblocks. At the bottom of the screen you have the shapes thatwillappear next turn.• BLOCK PUZZLE CLASSICBrick Classic is classical mode and very interesting with verynicegraphics design. It’ll take you back to the childhood.The block puzzle 1010 is very fun for all ages and skilllevels.Wooden 100 Block Puzzle will challenge your skills as youtry torack up as many points as possible in four or fiveminutes.Inspired by top mathematics & logic games like dots andline,montezuma treasures, block hexa, tangram puzzles or dominoesblockpuzzle games, entertain your knack for science with this kindofpuzzle games!Wood 100 Block Puzzle is a true king logic brain training gamesforkids & adults. if you ever love hexa tower, jewel match 3gamesor similar ones, you will love this.
Purge 1.1
Purge is a simple yet addictive shortpuzzlegame.Connect matching colors with pipe to create a Line. Pair allcolors,and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Purge.No colorshould be left behind after creating the lines.Free play through hundreds of levels, or race against the clockinTime Trial mode. Purge gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed,tochallenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. How youplayis up to you. So, give Purge a try, and experience "mindlikepurging"!Purge features:★ Over 2,000 free puzzles★ Free Play and Time Trial modes★ Clean, colorful graphics★ Fun sound effectsPurge is developed by the creators of Stone Pillar!Enjoy Purging Numbers and Colors!
City Jigsaw Puzzles Free 2017 1.0.46
Alfasoft Ltd
Are you a true admirer of jigsaw puzzlesbuttired of constantly missing pieces? We have a way out! Citygamesfree is the best choice for you!What makes jigsaw puzzles special?- Rich collection of high definition images of cities willchallengeyour brain and help you enjoy jigsaw puzzles world;- 5 difficulty modes suit for all ages starting from easypuzzlesfor kids free to difficult jigsaw puzzles for experts;- Collect city puzzles games of different sizes: 2x3, 4x6,6x9,12х8, 15х10;- Save your progress to continue playing from where you’vestoppedbefore;- A number of jigsaw puzzles with levels are so addictivethatyou'll want to play more and more;- Pleasant background music contributes to therelaxingatmosphere;- Intuitive interface and touch controls of easy jigsaw puzzlesforadults are designed to be played even by toddlers andpreschoolchildren;- This beautiful jigsaw puzzles travel works perfectly well bothonsmartphones and tablets.A wide selection of high quality jigsaw puzzles for free willbringmany hours of fun to the whole family while playing.The game is so easy to play. Parts which are placed correctlywillstick together. Assemble pieces into groups, then move andconnectthe groups. With 5 difficulty levels both children andadults willenjoy these 100 piece jigsaw puzzles.Landscape jigsaw puzzles free are also designed for thedevelopmentof fine motor skills, logical thinking, concentration,attentionvisual and spatial thinking.Want more colorful jigsaw puzzles free games for adults? Checkoutmore free themes!
Block Puzzle Classic 2017 1.4
Paul Zhao
Block Puzzle is a popular puzzle game,It isanew experience and design number gameBlock Puzzle is a classic yet innovative game! It is very simpleandfascinating game, you need only drag blocks and fill out spaceonthe map.Now try this game, you will not be able to stop!How to play this block puzzle?1.Simply tap the star block and move it.2.Try to complete full lines.3.Star Blocks can't be rotated.4.No time limits.Why choose this block puzzle game?★ Easy to learn and play, and pleasurable game for all ages!★ It is all FREE!★ Support leaderboard.Now try to enjoy this different Block Puzzle 2017!
Jewel Match King
Switch and Match your journey throughPuzzleAdventure!HOW TO PLAY• Swap and Match 3 or more jewels of the same!• Complete the level!• Remove the jewels as much as you can!• Get a special jewel!• Match it to clear lots of jewel!• Achieve 3 stars to get more coins!• Get high score with boosters!FEATURES• 3 MATCH PUZZLE- There is NO LIMIT to “STAMINA” as many of the puzzlergameshave.• TONS OF UNIQUE LEVELS- Over 300+ puzzles are unique and full of fun andamazingchallenges!• EASY AND FUN PLAY- Easy to play interface, Just swap & match.• NO TIME LIMIT- Play at your own pace.• NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!- Games you can play offline.NOTES• Jewel Match King contains the ads like banner, interstitial,videoand house ads.• Jewel Match King is free to play, but you can purchaseIn-appitems like AD FREE and Coins• This app requires following permissions.- Modify or delete the contents of your SD card & Readthecontents of your SD card- Full network access Google Play billing service receive datafrominternet view network connections view Wi-Fi connections.- Prevent tablet from sleepingSUPPORT UNIVERSAL APP• Enjoy the game with various devices. (Phones and Tablets)E-MAIL• [email protected]• us on FACEBOOK• for playing!
Montezuma Puzzle 2 Free 1.0.2
The Oak Team
New version of thissuccessfulpuzzler!MontezumaPuzzle is a relaxing and logical tilingPuzzlegame inthe AncientAztec Empire scenery. Arrange the puzzleshapesin theright patterns.Sounds simple? Try out! Thanks to ourplayersandtheir support!Features:-100 unique patterns to arrange-easy and intuitive-one touch control system-delightful graphics and chill music-unlimited hints
Farm Halloween 2017 1.0.10
Farm Halloween 2017 - free match 3, it'sanewmatch 3 puzzle game , and you can keep playing for FREE.Farm Halloween 2017 - free match 3 is a farm style game,it'snoteasy, but very funny, if you like play match 3 game, Youcantryit.Farm Halloween 2017 Features:PLAY through hundreds of candy ice levels filled withcreamydreamytreats!- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar, free fallandsweettreats await!- Adventure through hundreds of delectable fantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini games take you on theadventureofa lifetime!- Collect sugar drops to advance along the sugar trackforspecialsuprises!- 100% Farm Halloween 2017 free game to play and enjoy withfallinlove★ ★ How to play Farm Halloween 2017 ★ ★✔ Switch and crush 3 candy or more sweet candy✔ Crush 4 candy frenzy in a line to create lighting thunder✔ Crush 5 candy frenzy with T or L shape to create bomb✔ Crush 5 candy frenzy in a line to create color blossom✔ Combine 2 special cakes to make a big surprised yummyblast!✔ Collect candy contain gift time, double scoreFarm Halloween 2017 is FREE to play with FREE updatesincludingnewlevels, obstacles, treats, and more every week!.
Jewels classic Prince 2.0.2
DySugar Ltd.
Jewels classic prince, free classic match3puzzle game launch on Android Market.Match and pop jewels in dazzling combinations in fun gameplaytocomplete the mission.How to play:1: At each level, you have a specific list of goals that need tobecompleted.2: Match 3 more identical jewels quickly and swapcolorfuljewels.3: You must have the sharpest mind. Learn to use specialeffectsjelly.4: If you have any difficulties passing a level you can usehelpfulprops.5: Try your best to make super combinations with super match!6: Less moves, More Stars, Higher scores! Crush all jewels!7: Pass the levels and try to get all stars in each level.Features:- Completely FREE and Exquisite gameplay.- Easy to play Hard to master.- Hundreds puzzle levels waiting for your adventuring.- Match 4 jewels can win the 1 line effect.- Match 5 jewels can win the color changing effect.- Mtach 5 more jewels can get more usefullyspecialprops-jewels effects.- Multiple game props: jewel's bomb, Colorful Gem, AddMovements,etc. Experience all these fun props in the puzzlebyyourself!!- Jewel's bomb can clean up all the jewels around it, Jewels inboxcan help you to eliminate a line, Colorful effects can clean upallthe same color jewels.- Spin: We have prepared some surprises for you every day. Tryyourluck!!This sparkling puzzle adventure will instantly sate yourwanderlandand craving for jewels quest.Colorful gems jewels crush effects and well designed puzzles foryouto play in anytime and anywhere!Sea world and jungle world could be really dangerous! Follow themapof jewels world then help the prince ride out the storm.-----------------------------------------Family Tips:Elderly people at home can Download this Jewels classic Princetoplay time if you want them to stay away from mahjong andothercasino gameAnd also you can play with your family and friends.Similar problems will go away.
100 Doors Challenge 1.0.16
Protey Apps
Do you like puzzles and hidden objects?Playinggames from 100 Doors and 100 Floors series? Then this pointandclick game is exactly what you need! Use all your skills tocompleteall levels and get all achievements.Features:- exciting puzzles;- point and click genre;- cool mechanics: the movement in time and space, combiningobjects,search for hidden objects, puzzles and more;- amazing levels with really nice animations;- the game is absolutely FREE;- nine beautiful and detailed locations;The main goal in 100 Doors Challenge is to escape the room.Usingall the possibilities of the device you need to open each of100doors and move the elevator to the next floor. Search forhiddenobjects, sovle puzzles and use an items to do this!Play new point and click 100 doors game for FREE NOW!There are problems with passing some of 100 doors or haveasuggestions? Contact us in social networks:VKontakte: are making games with the soul!
Dominoes Merged 1.3
dominoes mergedMatch domino blocks and enjoy brain training exercisesa simple, new addicting puzzle gameDominoes Merged Puzzle is free now. It's the most famous puzzleandbrain game.As a classic puzzle game, Dominoes Puzzle is popular for alongtime. No matter elderly, women,children,housewives or prettygirlsall love Dominoes Puzzle. Dominoes Puzzle is a very funny andhappygame. Enjoy it with your family.How to play Dominoes Puzzle1.Place three blocks(or more) with the same number next toeachother to merge them, horizontally, vertically, or both.2.You can rotate blocks before placing them too!3.Merge more blocks, get more point.Main features:- Brain teaser.- Endless game while you are smart enough and lucky.- Fancy, simple and beautiful design.- Sweet music and audio.- Share your score- Endless challenge.- Easy to play, hard to master.- Tablets supported.- But higher scores could be achieved with experience only.- free, ad supported.- relaxing puzzle game.- Anyone can play.- Straightforward rules.- Very addictive.- Free and universal.If your family have elderly, you want them to keep awayfrommahjong, card and other casino game or they want find somethingtokill time.If your wife, childs or girl friend always bother you.If your husband or boy friends always live you alone.Inspired by 10, block puzzle classic, it is a simple, funandsuitable to everybody.
Gummy Blast: Tap-Match Puzzle
Get ready for a neat new matchpuzzleadventure!Gummy Blast is a unique tapping and matching puzzle game. Matchthesame two or more gummy, make powerful combinations throughhundredsof levels in this delicious adventure. The sweetest puzzlejustbecome more challenging and addictive. Forget those sodatedmatching games like smashing cookie, crushing candy, orblastingtoy, discover and enjoy this unique adventure!Gummy Blast features:• Over100 sweet levels• 3 wonderful game modes including: Spread the Jam & Releasethehidden Bunnies & Collect the Pandas• Numerous tasty Lollipop boosters help you to pass thelevels• Easy and fun to play, but challenging to master• You can compete with your friends and sync the game’s databetweendevices after connecting Facebook
Pipe Puzzle 1.1.1
The Oak Team
New addictive puzzle. Use your imaginationandarrange the puzzle pipes and elbows to create a perfectpipingconnection between two points.Find out how much fun could be delivered by the...pipes !Features:- 200 levels- Intuitive gameplay- Hint system- HD graphics
Baby puzzles 4.4
Try out this fun educational learningbabiesjigsaw game with your little ones. Babies andtoddlerswill enjoy playing our baby game for a long time. Helpthe babylearn the animals, numbers, alphabet, fruits,transportation,professions, emotions, colors and musicalinstruments.- Keep babies entertained with interactive sound effects- The game is adapted to be handled easily.- It's specifically designed as an educational tool interfaceforbabies and up.・Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphics activatetheright brain. Improve the brain´s observation skills,cognitiveability, concentration, memory, creativity andimagination.・Improve the response speed and the coordination of thebrainand the body. Exercise visual ability to observe thedynamicobjects.・Simple and convenient, easy to operate. Suitableforchildren, the elderly, and their families and friends toplaytogether.・Improve level of education
Brain Puzzle 3.6
Treat yourself to a free, fun andunbelievablyaddictive brain workout! Our Puzzle Bundle is designedto put yourlogic, memory and wit to the test through a series offree minichallenges. The mind teasers we have for you willstrengthen yourmind and keep it always sharp.Even kids love it! This brain puzzles help improvingchildren’smind, memory and logic skills, without even trying! Withits cutegraphics, the game can win you as a loyal fan, as it doesto itsall-million mobile user from all over the world!Try this brain teaser challenge and share with friends:askfriends for help about a user solution, brag about your greatmindpower or just share to the ones you know will enjoy it.You don't need advanced apparatus or contraptions to playthetest - just your mobile phone and your brain.Here is how to play it:You start with a few unlocked puzzles.The faster you solve them, the more Zold you’ll get.The more Zold you get, the more unlocked puzzles youwillhave.Simple yet challenging, right?If you desire to improve your brain performance and makeaperfect score or just for fun, you are able to replay a puzzle,forfree, as many time as you want!This game first release launched at #1 in UK!!! Greatbrainiacsthere! How about your country? Not to worry, the game istranslatedin German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese andRussian.So, wherever you are from, go for it and prove your countryas thebest brainiacs ever!What others say for us?“Should you Download Brain Puzzle FREE? Brain Puzzle FREE isagenuinely excellent game that is fun to play and very wellcrafted.If you enjoy puzzle games of all kinds, be sure to checkthis out.It’s rewarding, addictive and above all, fun.”(★4.5/5)— AndroidTapp“Brain Puzzle is a simple app that focuses on deliveringhighlychallenging puzzles. According to the developers, users withhighlevels of dexterity, wit, and logical thinking are the oneswhowill be more successful in overcoming these mind challenges.Thepuzzles are unique and pretty much original, so don’t expecttoomuch puzzle rehashes from other similar apps. Some puzzleswillrequire you to find hidden stuff, solve riddles bydeterminingpatterns, connect the dots, and even match images.”(★4/5)— AppsPirate“Bran Puzzle Free is a fun puzzle game for Android thatincludesseveral different types of games. These games grow indifficultyand present many games that test your logic skills, yourmemory andobservation. Overall, this game is one of those games youarealways thankful to have installed, because it's the perfecttimewaster without being a nonsense game.” (★4.5/5)— AppsZoomAre you smart enough?Do you have the skills?Do you dare?Put your brain on the fun fire!We at Bytewaves would like to express our gratitude to all ofourfans and supporters! If you like our game, please, rate it intheApp Store! Thank you!We would like to stay loyal to our customers, so we want towarnyou that the game may not run with its full capacity onolderdevices with less memory and old fashioned hardware. If youhaveany problems with the game, don't hesitate to write usat:[email protected] Please, include your device typeandfirmware version.