Top 8 Games Similar to aMazing Andy

Candy Heroes Story 4.89.03
After fruit saga, comes candy heroes story,itis much more richer than fruit saga.Candy heroes story is an amusing three eliminate game, therearedifferent models, each model has different rule, switch ormatchthree or more candies, all kinds of props can give you somuchcrush fun. you can freely enjoy the feeling of fightingmonster, orcollecting the candies, and so on.Enter the candies world,smash the candies, collect thesweets,gently move the candies, relax yourself.In this fantastic adventure,Maybe you can become a candysmasherheroes,control these candies crush,splash,blast,ormove.It will be a sweet saga, a heroes saga!Features,**All levels are Free,**Yummy Candies,**Shoot Monsters,**Battle system,**When you stuck, props can help you,**Easy but funny to play, a challenge to those who can openmuchmore levels,**Suitable for all ages,**Cool particle,**Sound,**Special efficiency,**Share it with others.If you have idea about it, you can feedback to us, weareappreciated to it!!!Thanks all for support!!!
Reversi Free 1.403
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★Reversi Free is the best free Reversi game on Android! Flip yourwayto success in this classic game, where a position with themostcounters can turn into an overwhelming loss! .. or a fewremainingcounters can still win the day! Try your hand at thisuniquepopular game. As ever, designed with the polish of a standardAIFactory product.Featuring:- User friendly interface- 10 difficulty levels, plus hints- 2 player hot-seat- 4 Reversi Piece Sets and Boards- User stats (wins/losses/draws/scores)- Designed for both Tablet and PhoneThis free version is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads mayuseinternet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data chargesmayapply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allowthegame to save game data to external storage, and is sometimesusedto cache ads.
Cookie Legend 2 4.1.6
sun shine
Cookie legend is one of the best cookiegamesof 2016. Cookie legend is a pop funny chef candy cookinggame.Match to crush cookies and splash to solve hundreds ofcookinglevels in this compelling puzzle adventure! It is the topfreecookie matching game ever for kids in the world and muchmoreaddictive than the ordinary jelly cookie or candy starmatchinggames. Go on a destroying spree to make gem combos and goup thelevel. Can you be a candy hero?The classical match three cookie game provides you with theextremefun and ultimate challenging levels. You can play thiscookie gamewith your friends to be the heroes and get the highestscores.Crush more than three to make bombs and other excitingcombos. Thetempting sweet candy makes your eyes jam for a momentand indulgesyou in the game.- Just match three or more same identical cookies toscorepoints- Unique cookie legend game- Eliminate the more cookie quickly can get extra scores- Different fruit jelly and jam boxes- Beat tough levels with the help of boosters- Easy to learn, hard to master- Free to play, no life neededCookie lengend is the top free cookie story game of 2016.Downloadit for free! NOW! 3,2,1…****7dc1fab6d3cd *****
2048 Amazing 1.1.0
♠♠♠ With 2048 Amazing ♠♠♠This game has been optimized for long battery life time‣ Play everytime don’t worried battery drain‣ Share score with your friend very easy‣ Setting sound: many kind of sound, you will amazingaboutthis‣ Option Bar auto show/hide very interesting.Let play and enjoy!
Mahjong Master 1.9.3
GB Games
==============How To Play==============Mahjong Master is a free mahjong game based on a classicChinesegame.(also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong,Kyodai,Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai mahjongg)The aim of the game is to remove all the playing tiles inthefastest time, while trying to achieve the highest score. Eachtilehas a picture on it, there are 43 different pictures intotal.Tiles must be selected and matched with other tiles of thesamepicture. Whenever you match two tiles, they both disappear,andwhen all tiles have disappeared the game is over.==============Features==============- 1700 Game Levels.- 12 backgrounds.- 10 tile art.- Shuffle- Hint- Undo- Auto save- Block shadow- Auto zoom in
Ultimate Jewel 1.37
Ultimate Jewel is a match-3 game withexotictheme. This brain teasing game will give you tons of funwithspecial designed levels. Show your best strategical moves togethigher score ranking and stars award to process to the nextstage.Challenge every aspect of your brain to be the first one toclearall thousand levels!• Simple rules to play - match 3 or more same colourjewelsvertically or horizontally to clear all the tiles to get thegoldenkey and bring it to the bottom• Puzzle mode is for people who like to show off their skillsandchallenge their technique• Zen mode is for leisure without any pressure• You will experience a tuple when 4 jewels are aligned forapowerful bomb; a even more powerful bomb can be formed bycombinetwo bombs in any colour. If 5 or more jewels are crushed,you willget a fire ball which will help you to clear one colourjewels onthe game board• 1000 fun and challenging levels in 10 stages• Backup/Restore for transferring game data to new device,accessthis function under settings on main menu. Storageaccesspermission will be required for some Android device.• The Backup function will also run once automatically everyweek,so that you may restore your scores in case of datamissing.• Stars will be awarded at the end of each level, the colouredbarprogress depends on how you clear all tiles and obtain the keywithleast moves, regardless of the score. So, choose yourmovescarefully.Please note you may sometimes want to get more stars frompreviousstages.To access previous stages, swipe the large tombstone left/rightonthe stage selection screen.
Candy Legend 1.1
Jewel Deluxe
Match and collect in Candy Legend,theamazinglydelicious puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfyyoursweettooth!A new flavor of Match 3 game from the makers of hit appsCandyLegendor Candy Mania! Match 3 or more candies to collectthem, andsweetenthe value of neighboring candies. Candy LegendStory takesyou on apuzzle game of hundreds of levels and obstaclesin wintercomming.It’s easy to play but challenging to master!★ ★ Main feature of Candy Legend game ★ ★♥ Over 250 candies levels in saga land♥ Winter coming and we add frozen level♥ Add 30 Blossom level to blast the game♥ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master♥ Acres of luscious levels to complete and marvellous magicbeanstocollect.♥ Play through hundreds of levels of strawberryswitching,candiescrunching chaos to help our Candy Heroes save theday!♥ Collect sugar mania and frenzy drops to advance alongthesugartrack for special surprises!♥ Hundreds of sweet levels in the Candy Kingdom - more addedevery2weeks!♥ Helpful magical boosters to help with challenging levels♥ Also have a time limit, but unlike crazy guesschartsingleelimination game.♥ Mouth-watering new graphics, Candy Legend never lookedsotasty★ ★ How to play Candy Legend ★ ★✔ Switch and crush 3 candy or more sweet candy✔ Crush 4 candy soda in a line to create lighting thunder✔ Crush 5 candy soda with T or L shape to create bomb✔ Crush 5 candy soda in a line to create color blossom✔ Combine 2 special cakes to make a big surprised yummyblast!✔ Collect candy contain gift time, double score✔Break the Chocolate Icing by collecting food next to it★ ★ BOOSTERS (POWER-UPS) ★ ★✔ Boom Explosion: popcorn collect sweet candies ina9-cellregion✔ Blasting Line: get & crush all candies on thecolumnorrow✔ Gift Time: add 5 seconds to the sugar puzzle✔ Chocolate Icing Pop: get & jam all sweet cakeshavesamecolor✔ Hungry Mania: use the spider to eat yummy food in saga land✔ Rush Time: double score you get in 10 seconds✔ In biscuit shop you can buy Boom Explosion, BlastingLine,HungrySpiderCandy Legend is a very addictive match 3 game! Crush thecandybyyour finger, and enjoy candy splash! Candy Legend isaveryaddictive splash and most interesting match-three casualgameinthe google play! This match-3 game is also a brandnewamazingcasual game, completely free!! Objectives differ inovermanylevels. Make matches of 3 or more cookies, create cookieblast!orslide combination 3 or more same cookies to make ajuicyslicing!Starts out simple, but things get more and moreinterestingandchallenging. Swiped cookies to make the cookie smash.This isalegend of cookie puzzle and casual game which is suitableforkids,toddlers, phone and tablet. Reach the goal before themovesrunout! Clear all cookies in same type, combo more thanthreesamecookies to win a power-up cookie to clear more. Readytoenjoycookie frenzy now! Switch and match your way throughhundredsoflevels in this delicious puzzle adventure. Isn't itthesweetestgame around? Take on this deliciously sweet cookiegamesalone orplay with friends to see who can get the highestscore!*** Candy Legend is Totally FREE, Download Now! ***
Amazing Mahjong 1.0
※ A must have for Mahjong Matching Lover※ Fun, Challenge, and Simple gameplay---------------------------FEATURES:---------------------------- A mahjong matching game- 4 packages with 200+layouts- Zen mode is powerful- Nice background music- Gorgeous animation effects- Zoom in or out- Charming retina HD graphics!- Fully universal support---------------------------HOW TO PLAY---------------------------- The Goal of the game is to remove all tiles out of the boardbypairs.- Tap to select tiles with the same picture and theywilldisappear.- Only free tiles that are not covered are allowed to remove.- Items(shuffle,hint,Zen) are helpful.- The quickly you clear the tiles, the higher score and morecoinsyou get.- You can use coins to unlock more packages.