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Spiro - The Cosmic Titan 1.04
Spiro is a heavenly character thatgetsspawnedfrom a major catastrophic space explosion. Thiscosmicevent hasgifted Spiro to posses gravity. All otherheavenlycreatures whoshared birth with Spiro during this cosmiceventfailed to possesgravity. Hence by nature these creaturesgetpulled towards theforce of gravity i.e towards Spiro. IsSpirogoing to befriend hisbrother creatures and sacrifice his life?Or, Is he going to killevery creature that tries to collide onhim? Is gravity a boon orbane for Spiro. Its for you to resolve!Overtime Spiro has alsolearned to create bullets fromfellowcreatures. Wise and fearlessSpiro is yours for play. Enjoy !Gameplay:Game provides a floating joystick that can be used tobuildvelocityfor Spiro. Remember, Spiro has to move in zerogravitysocontrolling spiro can be tricky, WATCH OUT! By holdingyoursecondfinger on the screen you can deploy bullets fromSpiro'shead.During the game just like the enemy creatures there arethreeallycreatures that can provide bullets, health and shieldforSpiro,MAKE USE OF IT! You can upgrade the ally creaturesfromExtras-> Upgrades using score points or cash. Each newlevelexposesyou to a different enemy with unique attack strategy.Gamealsoprovides 20 unique Achievements that makesthegameplayrefreshing.Features:- 20 Challenging and unique achievements.- 7 Unique and progressive game levels.- 2 Online leaderboards to challenge and share yourprogresswithfriends.- 12 Unique upgrades using in-App purchases or scorepointsearnedduring the game.- A never seen before game user interface. Flexibleacrossdifferentsized screensAbout Developer:I am 21 years old doing B.E in Computer Science whoisfondlypassionate on Game Development. Support me and myworkthrough BTDWSolutions. Feel free to give your feedback. Play,Shareand Havefun !