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Doodle Digits
uWaver Ltd
Doodle Digits (aka uDigits) is a differentgamefor lovers of numeric puzzle games, like Sudoku. It is novelandvery easy to play. The idea is simple: in as few moves aspossible,match and cross pairs of digits that are the same orequal to 10when added.Sounds simple? However, the match can occur only if twodigitsare in certain locations on the field. But where exactly,dependson the selected skill level.Pro:two digits are next to each other horizontally (they followoneanother, either on the same row or wrapping to the next row),orverticallyAdvanced:two digits that are the first uncrossed and the lastuncrosseddigits on the field. Plus the rule from Pro.Beginner:the two matching digits are located diagonally, but onlyonconsecutive rows. Plus the rules from Advanced and Pro.You will be surprised how a game this simple can besoaddictive.
Doodle - Easy Scheduling 4.11.1
Use Doodle to find the best time for anyevent.Suggest a number of times and invite participants to selecttheirpreferences. It’s free and a breeze to set up — people don’tevenneed the app or an account to participate!Doodle is ideal for planning your next party with friends,outdooradventures, a business meeting, reunions, BBQs, book clubs,playdates, rehearsals, you name it.Stop the email ping-pong or WhatsApp waterfalls and experiencethepower of social scheduling for free. It’s so simple to use,you’llwonder how you ever lived without it.WHY USE DOODLE• SAVE TIME: Instead of writing numerous messages you just setupone poll. Easy.• FREE: There are no subscription fees to use Doodle and nopaymentis required.• IT’S WHERE YOU ARE: Invite using WhatsApp, FacebookMessenger,Hangouts, eMail, SMS …• DOODLE WEB: Your invitees can even participate without the Apponour easy-to-use mobile and desktop websites.• EVENT CHATS: Need to clarify details? Have a chat, right thenandthere and discuss upcoming events with invitees.• AND MUCH MORE: Calendar integration to easily detectconflicts,push notifications for all important updates, easysignupWHAT THEY SAY ABOUT DOODLE“Best Apps of 2015” - Google Play Store“If you’re trying to find a convenient time to meet severalpeopletry a simple scheduling app like Doodle.” — The WallStreetJournal“Nobody has to sign up for anything–they just click yes, no,ormaybe, and sign up for notifications, if they want.” —FastCompanyCOMMENTS OR QUESTIONS? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.We're always excited to hear from you! If you havefeedback,questions, or concerns, please contact usat:
Donald Draws Executive Doodle 1.5.1
321 Fetch
You don't have this app? Sad.You don't need this app? Wrong. You're wrong.This app is gonna be uge. It's gonna be big. It'll be thebiggestapp. It'll be the best app. It is the best app. This app isgonnamake the United States of Amemeica great again. It's gonnabeeverything. Trump approved.Upload a photo, draw a picture and add text to your favoritelivingmeme. Post it to Twitter or Facebook or whatever and you'llbe uge,you'll be the greatest, you'll be the best meme makeroutthere.The alternative fact here is that this app has the most downloadsofall time. Soon. So you're going to need to get it now, rightaway,to start making your meme collection big enough to impressyourfriends and strangers. No need to keep that tanningsalonmembership, you'll be basking in the glory of your peers. Nolongerwill you need to comb over your hair, your luscious lockswill flowjust like the likes your memes will get.So get started and MAKE MEMES GREAT AGAIN.
Doodle Bug Cricket 1.1
Welcome to the Google Doodle CricketGame!Powered By Google's Advance AI Algorithms. This is a gamebuilt foryou the cricket fan! Every cricket lover can now have themostlightweight mobile cricket game at the palm of their hands! Youcanplay the maximum number of cricket shots without havingoverlimits. Be prepared for awesome fun!
Doodle Face 1.1
Have you sick of the same pattern ofprofilepicture on Facebook or Twitter? Don’t you think it’s muchbetter ifyou can draw yourself a cartoon one?Doodle Face turns you into an expressive comic characterwithcustomizable eyes, noses, mouth, hairstyles and lots ofcrazystuffs. Create your own avatar and share it on Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, Tumblr & etc. You can also play mini gamesusingyour own avatar or communicate with friends in Doodle Facegamecenter.Game Features:- 800+ customizable facial components- Drop-dead simple to create a profile picture- Mini games and discussion groups of hot game titles
Cricket 2.0
Welcome to the Google Doodle CricketGame!Powered By Google's Advance AI Algorithms. This is a gamebuilt foryou the cricket fan! Every cricket lover can now have themostlightweight mobile cricket game at the palm of their hands! Youcanplay the maximum number of cricket shots without havingoverlimits. Be prepared for awesome fun!Features:- Tap to Play- Most lightweight Game with awesome Graphics- Dynamic camera angles- Challenging AI opponent- Realistic Physics- Dynamic Ambiance- Share Score on Social NetworksYou can now play on Big Screen just open the link in yourChromeBrowser Source Code of this game available on
Tap the Frog: Doodle 1.9
Tap the Frog in DOZENS of MINI-GAMES inoneawesome app! Join 10,000,000 million Tap the Frog playersacrossthe globe! So much fun for everyone!#1 GAME IN MANY COUNTRIES.Tap the Frog Doodle features hours of gameplay, diversemini-gamesfilled with light-hearted humor and achievements to keepyou comingback for more. Easy to pick-up yet challenging to master,Tap theFrog Doodle will have your fingers begging for more alonetime withthe cutest frog on your device.32 ACTION PACKED MINI-GAMES, badges, and more!Customize your frog and share your creativity with your friendsonFacebook and Twitter!So what are you waiting for? Get tapping. Get Tap theFrogDoodle!THE CRITICS LOVE TAP THE FROG DOODLE:★ APP OF THE DAY: A huge range of variety in a collection ofminigames…you'll find yourself going back to play them again andagainbecause you're desperate for a proper score.–★ Tap the Frog is a fun-filled casual game with plentyofentertainment for all. –★ Tap the Frog is one of the most entertaining games I’veeverplayed. – MakeUseOf.comAlready a fan?LIKE US: US: US: US:
Doodle Alchemy 1.2.3
Doodle Alchemy is a game with amazinggraphicsand effects. Off-beat music and sounds create anunforgettableatmosphere!At the start, you have only 4 elements: air, water, earth, andfire.Combine these elements and create new ones. A fascinatingjourneyinto the world of knowledge awaits!Enjoy your discoveries!KEY FEATURES:- One-click intuitive gaming- Amazing design and effects- Off-beat music and sound effects- Language choice. Play and learn new words!- Large number of elements
Doodle Name Art Maker 1.0
Doodle Name Art Maker is an app doodlemakertomake your own name. This doodle Applications Offline andfree.Inthe application you are required to be more creativeinmakingdoodles, if you are not creative results will be uglyaswellInversely.Examples are like pictures that are applied, or you couldbecombinedwith the creation of your imagination. Some ideas thatyoucan use indrawing doodle-themed names are:- Drawing doodle name or word by using a differentfontshapes.- Drawing doodle name or word by utilizing differences insizeshapeeg a combination of large and small or from smalltolarge.- Write the name of the variety name or abbreviation. Forexample,Wor Y Hadi Hadi WY. Or you can use their own name or thename ofafamous artist.- Writing his name with the addition of appropriatepatternobjectwhat you think.- Write the name of the object as for examplebetweenbubbles,flowers, or food. So that name will be surroundedbyobjects.Name Doodle Art Makerisanapp Doodle maker to a make your own name. ThisdoodleApplicationsOffline and free. In the application you arerequiredto be morecreative in making doodles, if you are notcreativeresults will beugly as well inversely.Examples are like pictures that are applied, or you couldbecombinedwith the creation of your imagination. Some ideas thatyoucan use indrawing doodle-themed names are:- Drawing doodle name or word by using a differentfontshapes.- Drawing doodle name or word by utilizing differences insizeshapeeg a combination of large and small or from smalltolarge.- Write the name of the variety name or abbreviation. Forexample,Wor Y Hadi Hadi WY. Or you can use Reviews their own nameor thenameof a famous artist.- Writing his name with the addition of Appropriatepatternobjectwhat you think.- Write the name of the object as for examplebetweenbubbles,flowers, or food. So that name will be surroundedbyobjects.
Doodle Alchemy Animals 1.1.1
Doodle Alchemy Animals is the continuationofthe popular game Doodle Alchemy. The game provides you withafascinating way to understand the world of animals. Put yourselfinthe role of a great geneticist! Create both known and newspeciesby combining elements together!Doodle Alchemy Animals is a game with beautiful graphicsandeffects. The original music and sound effects createanunforgettable atmosphere!May you have many successful discoveries in the game!GAMEPLAY FEATURES:- Intuitive one-click gameplay.- Beautiful design and effects.- Original music and sound effects.- Choice of language. Play the game and learn new words.- Large number of elements.
Magic Doodle 1.2.0
Come to paint amazing drawing just likeamagic! The BEST doodle game to entertain kids or relax adultsforhealing mood.★★★★★ Great! I get angry a lot and this app calms medown:)★★★★★ This is amazing my baby cousin thinks she's an artist★★★★★ Relaxing and fun! I find it easy and fun to create thedesignsas I'm listening to music or just waiting forappointments.★★★★★ Endless fun! Rainbow lines have entrapped my life! My soulhasbeen colored by neon lights! This app is absolutelycaptivating.:-D★★★★★ AWESOME! This game is fun for people of all ages, worksgreaton this phone, and is great for me because I want to be abletomake pretty pictures and I have no art skill at all.★★★★★ Cool creativity app! Not only does my 3 year oldgrandsoncompletely enjoy this app, I can spend hours messing aroundandmaking pretty pictures.★★★★★ It's a very amusing and fun game, speaking as a teenager.Myolder sister (22) also loves it, and so do younger kids.Everybodydoes,no matter what age are they. Recommended!* 14 beautiful brushes, such as glow, neon, watercolor,rainbow,etc.* 9 kinds of kaleidoscope drawing modes* Amazing "Video" mode to replay your painting like a movie.* Intuitive color picker. Also support random color forendlessbright colors.* Share your kaleidoscope painting via facebook, instagram,twitter,email, etc.The game is pretty fun, simple, and addicting for all ages.Thepossibilities for magic is endless. You can make cool designsthatlooks like kaleidoscopes with just a few swipe of yourfingers.Each picture you make is unique.Not matter your age, you will find the game is a great fun waytoget relaxed.
Ditto Doodle -Doodle Draw Game 2017.10.02
See the Doodle….Draw the Doodle…. Becomeadoodle master!! Draw the image that just disappearedwithoutlifting your finger! Play in Classic mode for casualgameplay byprogressing through 1000 exciting levels, collectingstars,achievements, boosts and talents along the way. If you arelookingfor a challenge.. play Arcade Mode!!, where you only haveoneattempt to clear as many levels as you can… orelse…GameOver!!Boosts:- Use Image Trace if you need… just a little help!- Use Level Skip if you just cant doodle it on your own.f55712557e
Kaleidoscope Doodle Pad 1.1
Kaleidoscope Doodle Pad is a fun andmagicdrawing game for all ages!With it, you and your kids can create an incrediblebeautifulkaleidoscope painting with just a few strokes!Key Features:● 8 special kaleidoscope drawing modes to let yourimaginationsfly.● Magic Glow/Neon brush and crayon brush● Import photos directly from your camera or photo libraryasbackground● Save your drawing to Photo LibraryPlease feel free to share your Art on Facebook.
Whiteboard - Draw Paint Doodle
Whiteboard – Draw Paint Doodle is the tooltolet you carry the real time whiteboard in your pocket. Gottickledwith some idea, pull your device, launch the Whiteboard –DrawPaint Doodle app and shape your idea right there. The appcomeswith three modes 1. Whiteboard 2. Kids board and 3. Doodledesk.Each mode is customized to let you make maximum use of thedevicescreen to draw on it.Whiteboard Draw Paint Doodle Allows you to do simple as wellascomplex drawings. The app presents you 3 modes Whiteboard;Itallows you to draw and discussion for any idea with aprofessionalinterface, Doodle Desk and Kids Board can be used as afun drawingtool for both kids and elders. The app Whiteboard DrawPaint Doodleis also very simple to use - simply start the app andthen draw onthe screen by dragging your finger. Includes advancefeatureincluding the ability to change colors, line widthandtransparency. Also includes tools for drawing basic shapeslikecircle rectangle etc. Drawings can be saved to device or sharewithyour friends to show your ideas, use your gallery picture anduseit as a clipart with zoom-in zoom-out facility.The app also contains option to publish your creative withthecommunity with photobooth, now you can share, like and commentonthe images shared on photobooth.App Features:Discus or design your idea at on the go. Includes basic drawing tools. Draw with finger. Customizable interface. Gives you maximum place to draw. Save Drawings as Images in your gallery. Multiple Tools/Colors. Control size and transparency of brush stroke.Insert text, Predefined shapes, Beautiful Clip arts, CalloutsMultiple paper backgrounds to draw or use SolidfillbackgroundSave image to gallery and open saved image to reuseSocial share feature allow you to Share your imagesatFacebook,Whatsapp, email and many more.Kids boarddoodle deskPhotoboothUnlimited Undo and Redo.Set default background from papers, pictures or your drawingsMulti-orientation support with option to select manual orfromdevice orientationChoose images from your camera or galleryLike, comments and share the photos on photobooth
Numbers Game - Numberama 2.8.65
A casual/addictive/puzzle gameforeverybody.Numbers Game is a fun and addictive mobile version of theoldNumbers Game (some people call it Numberama, Take Ten, SeedsorNumbers - the Numbers Game) you played with paper and pen, nowforAndroid phones and tablets. It is a cool game for kids andadults,in which you have to cross out all numbers on thescreen.Numbers Game uses no critical permissions, needs nearly nostoragespace, and is totally free and ad-free (no in-apppurchase).-HOW TO PLAY-In this logic game you have to find two numbers which are thesameor together ten (10). Then the two numbers will be crossed out.Forexample 7 and 3, 1 and 9 or 6 and 6.The two numbers have to be side by side or about each other.Bydoing this you can skip crossed out numbers.If no more numbers fit together you have to press the "Check"buttonand all the not crossed out numbers are written behind theremainingones. You have to look carefully, that you do not missany matchingnumbers.The goal is to cross out all numbers. Try it out now!This numbers game has following featuresandadvantages:- 5 modes- instruction- statistics- automatic save/load- back button to undo the last turn- help button (if you can't find two numbers whichfittogether)- restart button- clear button to remove empty lines- possibility to change colors (highlight combinations, switchtodark for playing in bed,...)- simple UI- share your result on Facebook, Whatsapp,...- compatible for most Android devices- totally free (no in-app purchase)- no ads- frequent game improvements based on your feedbackThe Numbers Game Numberama (Take Ten, Seeds, Numbers - theNumbersGame) also makes kids to count and improve some basic mathornumeracy skills. For adults it is a funny and addictive numbergameto train the brain. A good alternative for sudoku, numberpuzzlesor crossword puzzles.Beta-testingIf you want to become a beta tester, so that you can installtheupdates even before I released them to public, enter thiscommunity( in the category for beta tests, or just write meanemail.FeedbackI am listening to any advice and I will try to improve this appwithyour help.If you want to play numbers game in your language help me withthetranslation. Russian translation is really appreciated.Don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] to everyone who already helped with giving some feedbacktomake this the best number game of all number games.Note: You might need some patience for solving the game!Now explore deep challenge for you mind and enjoy this numbergame,Numberama, Take Ten, Seeds, the really different number puzzlegameor whatever you call it and try to cross out all numbers inthebest time killer ever!Lars
doodledoodle _ easy wallpaper 2.3.0
* Play Store NO.1 decorating the world'sfirstdedicated smartphone is a fantastic app that was renovatedpongukJuly!Love is always generously ponguk haejusi our acknowledgment oftheuser's favorite thanks to deulkke,How do you nimdeul user is easy, can I have your fun strugglingtocommunicate created.* Easy & FunWithout exception the existing ponguk has been well-documentedthisin theSimplified and easy UI / UX as APP is classy! Decoratingiseasier!Category to the left or right to change the category of UXneatlyback!Able to see at a glance the theme organize made it available tomoreand more easy and fun.(The main decorating feature: Wallpaper, Kakao Talk, cacaostories,top battery, top day wikba, dodol launcher, widgets,personalizedring tones)* Doodle style decorating lightly phones without thelauncher!The launcher can decorate phone without it?Try the Doodle style ~Very nice and tastefully decorate heavy launcher withoutbail.Pretty light, we'll help you create a phone ~* Moving the flow cone icon!Susceptibility becomes rich in rainy rain unload mywallpaper!I want to conquer the universe naepon aliens invaded the day!My boyfriend is too good to me to fall within the backgroundscreenboyfriend!In the flow cone icon of pretty pretty wallpaper effect! There istobe able to create my own workflow con-jackpot!* Toktoktok our own space!Decorate Doodle Doodle app is not it?Yes! No. When you are bored enjoy Doodle Doodle is amobileplayground.School hours in the bus, in the subway work hours, sleep inallquiltFun day-to-day story of the day, and is divided intosympatheticdistress, such as making friends laughThen, the story of our own precious space.Prove that 20 million people downloaded the new name of thisappDoodle Doodle ponguk!App is not simply just for adornment and beauty nimdeul userscancommunicateThen I will try to be Doodle Doodle.Easy & Fun Doodle Doodle!
Doodle : Kid | Joy 1.0.1
Doodle:Kid | Joy, provide a creativedoodleworld for each kid !And the most important is kids canplayback thedoodle process as a cartoon!Kids could enjoy the joy ofdoodle.Andkids could redraw previous works at anytime!Whether kid’s whimsy or adult’s conceit,Each works that you create are unique and wonderful!Get more childlike innocence ,Get more joy !Don’t miss the best interesting doodle game ! DOWN LOAD NOW !Rainbow brush,neon brush,dreamy highlighter,which one is thekidsfavorite ?The simplest doodle way,free your imagination now!★“Cartoon” mode : playback the doodle process as a cartoon.★ 20+ Magical paintbrush:rainbow ,neon ,pearl ,flowers brushandmore.★ Radom color variation ,there’re full of pleasant surprise.★ Doodle on photo from Camera or Gallery!★ My Gallery : to show your drawing as an artist!
Doodle Launcher
Changing the theme on your Android device has never beenmoreeasy! With this amazing Doodle Launcher theme, you willdiscover awhole new look of your smartphone or tablet. New icontheme, newwallpaper, new design! Download this awesome DoodleLauncher themefor your smartphone and start enjoying a wholenewexperience.Doodle Launcher theme was created by a talented team of artiststhatlove to create apps for customization. This theme of DoodleLauncherdownload is free. Download it and install it right now andstartcustomizing your smartphone or tablet the way you wantit.Try our free Launcher theme: Doodle Launcher!Trustus, you will simply like it! You will instantly get anewfantastic wallpaper and an amazing new menu!★What you can get ?★• Personalized icons - Doodle Launcher includes a setofcustom icons you can choose from!• Includes free icon masks for all of app icons!• Change the font and color to match the look of thisfreeLauncher theme!• Open the settings menu on your Android phone. Choosemorenew themes, new wallpapers or new live wallpapers!Tore-install a downloaded theme or wallpaper, tap'ActivateTheme'!★ How to install this sensational Launcher theme? ★✱ Download Doodle Launcher;✱ Open the Launcher theme and swipe to begin the activation;✱ Select 'Set Active Theme';♕ Why install a free theme for Android? With theDoodleLauncher you can:• Change the phone theme• Customize app icons and change all the app icons onyourphone!• With great visual effects, this theme for Android freeisavailable for download!★ Notice ★Since Doodle Launcher is a Launcher theme we have worked oncreatingcompatibility with quality Launchers. This is a greattheme for GOlauncher as it works with GO Launcher-Theme,Wallpaper. Itcan also be used if you have or Launcher 2017 New - Redraw or New Launcher 2017.If you do not have a compatible app installed on your device,youwill get instructions to download it!★ More Launcher themes for Android? ★★ Visit our developer page! We have hundreds of amazingLauncherthemes for Android!• If you love this Launcher theme, please rate and review!We'vecreated Doodle Launcher to give you a uniquepersonalizationoption for your phone! With new customizationfeatures, DoodleLauncher will become your favorite Android phone ortablettheme.•You can personalize your Android phone or tablet with ouramazinglauncher theme, Doodle Launcher TODAY!•
Doodle Text!™ Photo Effects
Doodle Text! Send a doodle photo withdoodletext! Just doodle draw on photo, add text effect & SMS!Workswell to collage instagram® pics or with doodle gram tocombinemultiple pictures into a photo collage then Post on yourFacebook®Wall or Google Plus!More photo effects features than the kids doodle toy drawing padappbut it also has the glow draw kids mode along with greetingcardsand stickers for photo editing. It's not just a photo editor,youcan doodle draw something on your pictures, even picstitchinstagram pictures together into a big photo collage ormontageinside doodle text or doodle gram. There's a lot of greattextfonts and graffiti text waiting for your creativity to shine,sosend a doodle text now, what are you waiting for! HappyDoodleTexting :)Doodle Text! Draw Photo Effects SMS lets you send photos withapersonal touch! Doodle draw on your photos with effects,colorfilters fx, text, stickers and share! It has so manydifferentfeatures to doodle, draw to modify and customize yourphotos witheffects to spice up your photos, background templates,stickers andmore and its so easy to use too! Works well withinstagram® pics,combine multiple pictures into a photo collage thenPost on yourFacebook® Wall! click send button, select Post toFacebook.★Doodle draw with glow on your photos and apply photo filtersandeffects, add stickers, create pic collages!★Share your doodle text photos on instagram or any social app,emailor SMS text!★Check out the greeting cards and stickers content packs forMother'sDay!Love stickers, birthday cards, Butterflies, flowers, andmore!Video DEMO ARE SOME FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS:★★★Lots of different photo editing effects! You can chooseanycolor, change the texture and draw anywhere on top of yourphotos,add templates/backgrounds and stickers to your photos, usemirrormode, import your own photos as stickers, rotate them aroundandyou can do it all in any shape or size! There are so manyfxcombinations!★★★There are also tons of stickers you can pick from and add themtoyour photos! Add a mustache to your cat or put a wig on yourhead,lots of ways to bring fun to your photos! You can flip thestickers,size and rotate them any way you want.★★★You can take a photo on the spot or upload one from yougallery!You can use your photo as the background or make it into asticker!There are different effects for your photos too! Turn itintoSepia, Black and White, Negative, Grainy and much more! Draw ontopof your photos wherever you want to apply a photo effect!★★★Combine multiple pictures to create a collage! Write messagesonyour photos in any language!★★★Check out this Video DEMO foralittle tutorial.★★★Then send your photos as a Multimedia Message System(MMS/SMStext) or through email or even upload them to yourInstagram® orFacebook® Wall! You can even send an MMS through yourwifi ifyou're not using your phone!Create your very own custom greeting cards for that specialsomeone.We also create custom holidays greetings cards in ourDoodleGram/Wish application which many of our users love, saying"Cheaperthan sending Hallmark greeting cards!" -user review!You can enable KidsMode in the Paint menu Color picker. InKidsModeyou can also disable audio and vibrate from Settingsbutton. ToSAVE your work, click "Send" button, then "Save to File"and type aname, it will save in /sdcard/doodletext if your sdcardisavailable or save it to you gallery.Legal disclaimer: * All trademarks and copyrights referenced arethesole property of their respective owners. Android™ is atrademark ofGoogle® Inc. * This app and its creators are in no wayrelated to,endorsed by, or affiliated with Instagram® Inc. orFacebook®Inc.
Magic Board - Doodle & Color 1.19
The best drawing and coloring gameforeveryone!Is an entertaining game that lets you coloring anddrawrealistically. Try your artistic talents!Decorate your artworks with over 100 beautiful stickers.Use your imagination to coloring and draw what comes tomind.Promotes the development of imagination, the arts, andincreasesthe ability of concentration and fine motor skillsofchildren.Save your creations in the album and edit them at any time!Share your doodles with your family and friends viaFacebook,Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, and more...The game is very fun, simple, and addicting for all ages.It works perfectly in all smartphones and tablets*** FEATURES ***★ All content is 100% FREE★ Supported languages: English and Spanish.★ Simple design and very intuitive.★ Different strokes of pencil and colors★ Colors with flash effect (dynamic random color for endlessbrightcolors)★ Over 100 adorable stickers to decorate your paintings.★ Eraser function.★ “Undo” function and “Clear All” function.★ Save drawings in the album to then share or edit them.*** DO YOU LIKE OUR APP? ***Help us and take a few seconds to rate it and write your opiniononGoogle Play.Your contribution will enable us to improve and develop newfreegames.
Doodle Art Name Maker 1.5
Anzu Dev
Doodle Art Name is one of manydoodleart including animal doodle, doodle graffiti, doodleanimation,doodle pattern etc. For this time pemgembang help youcreate adoodle art name that is popular.Creating an actual name-themed Doodle Art image is one oftheeasiest examples of making doodle drawings. You can use theirownname, friends, girlfriend, or family to sign up.Doodle works usually describe the author's feelings, can beseenfrom the resulting scratches, sometimes unnoticed by ourminds.Doodle art can sometimes calm the creator's heart.Increasinglycreated with all my soul and feelings, the resultingwork is moreinteresting, unique and meaningful, and it makes thework not onlya doodle doodle, but it also has a depth of meaningandstyle.::Feature Doodle Art Name Maker::- Cool design- Friendly user interface- Take picture Background Doodle choose from gallery- Choose your favorite Doodle art and see the photo effects- Create your name above the doodle art and select the fontandcolor.- Resizing & rotating for realistic (or unrealistic) look- Easy sharing on Facebook email (or save to camera roll)- Add-a-caption feature for Facebook postingThank you for downloading Doodle Art Name Maker application.>>> If you Like this Doodle Art Name, you will lovethisapps! Download now!! <<<????? Please share & vote 5 star if you like! Thankyou?????
Doodle Magic Mirror Draw! Kids 3.8
Kids doodle, glow draw! Doodle magicmirrorfun!FEATURES:* FUN Mirror Modes!!* Draw with Rainbow!* BEST Bright Color Glow! Brighter than other apps andmorecolorful!* Paint on Photo from Camera or Gallery!* TRACE over your Photos with Neon Glow or other Brushstyles!* FUN Kaleidoscope mode!* Unlimited Undo/Redo!* SAVE or SHARE on Social Media and other Apps!* and MORE! Try it FREE!!
Doodle Matching: Memory Game 1.2.0
Feels like your memory is kinda rusty?Or feels like your brain is fast as a lightning?Want to challenge your friends and family?Try out Doodle Matching, a brand new memory game for kidsandgrown-ups!HOW TO PLAY DOODLE MATCHING:Initially you will see all cards turned face down. Tap on oneofthe card and remember the picture on it. With the next tap trytofind a pair with the same picture as previous one. If thepictureson the both memory cards are the same, they willdisappear,otherwise both cards will flip back over. The level isfinishedwhen there are no more cards on the board.GAME FEATURES:*** Multiple Boards and Game Modes ***Nine board sizes 2x3, 3x4, 4x4, 4x5, 5x6, 6x6, 6x7, 7x8, 8x8withadditional Random Board and All Boards Marathon modes. Suitableforboth kids and adults, this game is fun for the entirefamily!*** Single- and Multi-Player ***Beat your own best time and accuracy, or compete againstyourfriends in two player mode.*** Leaderboards and Achievements ***Track your best times and accuracy for all board sizes bothlocally(High Scores) and with Google Game Services support to shareandcompete with your friends.*** High Definition Graphics ***Unique vector based graphics makes this game optimized foralldisplay resolutions such as newest Retina Displays.DESIGNED FOR KIDS:Doodle Matching help develop memory skills of children.Playingthis game with your kids will help them improve theirrecognitionwhile having fun. Doodle Matching is a game for childrenof allages, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school children andteens.Both, boys and girls will love this game.All pictures that appear in the cards are based on ourpreviousfree kids game Aek vs Cool Math Monsters. So if you likeDoodleMatching you must try it.
Doodles GO Launcher
❤ Hello friends! We have a special gift foryoutoday, Doodles GO Launcher! A brand NEW launcher to customizeyoursmartphone completely and to make an unique and awesome deviceoutof it! Prepare yourself to be astonished by this wonderfullauncherwith cool icons and incredible purple shades! We hope youwill enjoyit! Have fun! :)Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher EX!❤ Brief Introduction:Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, Doodles GO Launcherprovidesdelicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawerinterface.Get it right now and have a completely new makeover ofyour Androidsmartphone.❤ Notice:Doodles GO Launcher is only available for phones with GO LauncherEXinstalled.Click here to install GO Launcher EX!❤ How to Apply the Theme:- Directly open the theme after successful installation.- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply ittoyour phone.
Alphabet stickers Doodle Text! 1.1
Get beautiful Christmas Alphabet stickers for you to usewhencreating your own Doodle Text!After you download the Alphabet stickers, go to your DoodleText!app on your device in order to access them. Click on thestickersbutton and then select "Alphabet" and there you go! Usethe lettersto accentuate names or messages :)You can also download this sticker packet and many morefromwithin the app. Hit the sticker button within the DoodleText!appand when you scroll through the sticker options you willsee"download" where you can select different sticker packets.***Please note that this is NOT an app itself, it is analphabetcontent pack for Doodle Text app. It will guide you toinstallDoodle Text if you don't have it already.This content pack will also work with the Doodle Wish! appalso:)
Doodle Movies 1.10.0
Dear Movie Fans! This new game is speciallyforyou! This game will check if you are good in cinema.We made more than 100 pictures. Each of it contains somepopularmovie, cartoon or TV show encrypted. Are you able to guessall ofit?Some riddles are easy, but some are quite difficult. So youmaybewill need to string up your brain. Anyway, if something doeshard,you may use additional hint: “Show one letter”, “Deletewrongletters”, or even “Skip the level”, if a riddle revealed to betoohard.If coins for buying hints are out, don't be too fast to deletetheapplication. You will get two free hints every day.
Doodle Coloring Game 1.5.0
There’re many cute Monsters to you forfree!!!With the very colorful palettes, there’re hundreds of colors foryouto use.Variety of exquisite paintbrushes: crayon, pen, marker,brush,pencil and more.And Colorjoy can develop your imagination and Innovation.The Exquisite user interface designs for you to have anadventurewith cute Monsters.Let’s open the door of the magical Monsters’ World with us!- Many cute Monsters pictures.- A realistic coloring experience just like working withactualpencils and paper.- Provides the best coloring experience on phone and tablet.- Colorful Palette.Come to share your best work to your friends!Fllow Colorjoy by:Facebook you have any problem in using process, please contactusat:[email protected]
Art Doodle Name 1.1
Picture Doode Art is a picture thatcarelesslywritten but has a very cool shape, while for thispicture, althoughfairly simple in the making but has a very uniqueview when inmaking high-level art creations. Therefore a lot ofexperts use theart of painting drawing doodle Art image is to besold at a veryhigh price. Then with another example of the doodleimage is whenwe primary school so often daydream so venting ourdaydreams thataccompanied by imagination and then our hand mencoratstreakingbenches, tables, walls, blackboards, blank paper and alsomanyothers, it is this We do not imagine that what we often doabout itis the art of doodle drawing.Well, for that on this occasion I will share with you someexamplesof doodle art images that are easy to imitate forbeginners. Byakrena it please directly download only images that wehaveprovided.What I often see about this doodle is cartoon, name, letter,comic,and so on. While with this simple doodle image you can makeaprofile profile of social media applications like Facebook,Line,BBM, Tumblr, Pinterest and others. So with this it willcertainlybe cool your sosmed look. Then how to create a cool doodleartimage? Well, to answer this question is certainly veryeasy,because you have to prepare pencils, coloring, paper anderaser,for that way you have to do is imagine or imagine what thethemeshould you make. It could be berthema about doodle art simplename,doodle art letters or can also others. For that make a verysimpledoodle image maybe especially for those of you who are new tothisdrawing or beginner, of course have to choose a picture doodleartvery easy to imitate.
Doodle Basketball 1.0.8
Doodle Basketball is an easy yet excitinggamewith the lifelike physics.The action takes place on a sheet of paper which adds ingenuityandunforgettable atmosphere to the game.Your aim is to gain the maximum points playing with thelimitednumber of balls. Shoot the ball through the basketwithout it touching the rim and gain additional balls. The moreyouscore, the more various bonuses you get.Compete with the players from all over the world! Become No1 intheworld standings!KEY GAME FEATURES:- User-friendly- Off-beat design and sounds- Game-save option- Control mode selection- World standings*******You can start the movement by touching the screen at anyspot.For a swish you get an additional ball.For 3 swishes you get a big basket for 3 shots.For 5 successful shots in a row you receive all spots for3shots.For distance shooting you receive more points.The next after the successful shot brings you more points.The less spots there are, the more points you get foreachshot.
Doodle Style Typany Keyboard 2.7
Rate us ★★★★★ to show yoursupport.♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)The Doodle Style theme for Typany keyboard will make your everytapfun and fast. 🎨Tons of themes. Most lightweight, totally FREE and no ads!★ Notice ★The Doodle Style keyboard theme is specially designed forTypanyKeyboard users.Massive stylish themes and emojis 😂 in Typany keyboard.Updateweekly. Most Lightweight, totally FREE and no ads.Click heretodownload Typany Keyboard for FREE!Typany Keyboard strives to make your typing fast and fun.★ How to apply the theme ★1. Download and install the Doodle Style theme2. Install and activate Typany keyboardThe theme will be applied automatically.★Want more themes? ★- Tap Typany icon>Theme on the toolbar, you’ll findexclusivethemes!★ About Typany Keyboard ★Typany Keyboard delivers best next word prediction, kills typosandmakes every tap fast and fun.51 Languages supported. More are coming soon. 💌💤Typany Keyboard Features► SMALLOnly 9M, minimizing space occupation.► SPEEDYMixed Language Input without switching.► SMART-The next-generation word prediction and correction engine byTypanyLearning.-Learn up to date slangs, phrases and nicknames.-Brackets auto completion► STYLISH-Embrace a growing number of exclusive themes, emoji .ʚ🙈ɞ,textface(●─●)and stickers.-Design your own photo keyboard★ Contact Us ★Theme request is now available for Typany fans. Justcontactus via ↓↓↓Facebook: [email protected]+: heretodownload Typany Keyboard for FREE!
Doodle | Magic Joy 1.0
It's the most magical doodle game.Playback the doodle process as a cartoon.There’re many beautiful brush tools,10+doodle patterns.The simplest doodle way, free your imagination now!★“Cartoon” mode : playback the doodle process as a cartoon.★ Many Magical paintbrushes:rainbow ,neon ,pearl and more.★ Radom color variation ,there’re full of pleasant surprise.★ 10+differents doodle patterns, just create the style whichyoulike.★ My Gallery : to show your drawing as an artist!Doodle Magic is a very interesting doodle game which is very easytocontrol! It provide a creative doodle world for everyone! Youjustneed to drawing which you like ,that you can create a verywonderfulMandala flowers,and the magical kaleidoscope patterns!And the mostimportant is you can playback the doodle process as acartoon! Youcan enjoy the joy of doodle.Easy to operate, easy to graffiti!Each works that you create are unique and wonderful!Get more childlike innocence ,Get more joy !Don’t miss the best interesting doodle game ! DOWN LOAD NOW !
Zapya Doodle 2.1
Find yourself bored at school or at work?Needa moment to yourself in solitude to reflect, or perhaps evendoodlea few thoughts down? Or have you had a terrible day and feelliketaking liberties with a photo of your boss and making him/herlooklike the devil incarnate? Well, look no further! Zapya is heretoprovide you with an in-built Zapya app called Zoodle. Theappallows users to draw, sketch, and even edit and play aroundwithexisting photos all in the palm of your hands!
Doodle Moon 1.5
Doodle Moon is one of the best mole whacking game you haveeverplayed.Your mission ? Land on the moon, destroy all the aliens withyourbest finger, try to save the spaceman, use a pink nurse tohelp youin your duty and reach the highest score.Tags: Whack casual free
Best Doodle Name Art 4.0
Doodle art is a picture made in abstractformwithout a specific destination. Doodle shape can vary, rangingfromname doodle, doodle letters, monster doodle, doodle flowersandmuch more.The easiest example of doodle graffiti art is contained in thebookare a student or students. Usually they draw or a stroke intheirbooks when they are bored or fed in the classroom.Additionally, doodle art can also be made by a person whoisanswering the phone in a considerable period of time.Thoughoriginally created by accident, but now doodle art has becomeavery popular art.
Doodle Farm™ 3.2.3
Over 185’000’000 players tried to createanddestroy their own world in the last few months!Follow us to get early access to exclusive content, pricedropsand!/joybitsmobile*******TOP20 Android Games of the Year 2011“Amazing polish, much much better than Alchemy game” -Galvin“The game provides a unique satisfying sense ofdiscoverywhenever you find a new match”, 8/10“Wonderfully unique concept. Deeply satisfying every timeyoudiscover a new element.” –! #1 Game in 50+ countries on iPhone.! Second prize as Puzzle game of the year 2010, JayIsGames.! Winner of Samsung Mobile Challenge award.*******Doodle Farm brings cute animals to your Android that you canuseto breed and create new animals on your Farm.Do you know how to create a dog or a tiger? Which two animalsputtogether can create a third one as a result?Does Cat + Dog = Tiger? Or does Duck + Herring = Penguin? And canapenguin fly? You will find these answers and more as you mixandmatch creatures to build an entire animal kingdom, startingwithjust four creatures.The beautiful animals and colorful graphics will blow yoursocksoff and let you enjoy this fantastic world of creatures. Putyourcowboy hat on, because this kind of farming isn't for the faintofheart! Now you are in the role of animal creator and you haveachance to create new animals in your own way. Every time youcreatea new animal you can learn more about that animal by goingstraightto its Wikipedia page from the game and return when youknoweverything about it! It’s more than just farming. It’sDoodleFarm.- Create 135+ different animals!- Tons of funny quotes, sayings and jokes!- Simple one-click gameplay makes playing fun and easy!- Extra Expert Mode for more super-fun play!- A kid-friendly and educational gameplay!- Learn more about every animal you create!*******Please remember that your 5-star reviews help keep theupdatescoming.
Doodle Kingdom 2.3.30
It's time to get MEDIEVAL!From the creators of the award winning puzzle games DoodleGod& Doodle Devil, comes a new fantasy brain-teaser where youcancreate your own Kingdom with Castles, Knights, WarlocksandDragons! Great for gamers of ALL ages.Daring adventure awaits you in this fantasy world where youcanbreed and raise four different types of Dragons, return thefamilycastle to prosperity or defile flowering lands asaNecromancer.New Game Mode: Arm your Knight to fight through the hordesofmonsters and mighty bosses in a new runner-style combat game!The famous Doodle series puzzle game play has beencompletedre-imagined in this ALL ages fantasy adventure.Create a New Kingdom Today!FEATURES- All ages puzzle game play for the entire family- Intuitive one-click gameplay encourages thoughtful,creativeplay.- Breed and raise four different types of Dragons- Quest as a fearless Knight, Powerful Warlock orfantasyDragon- Play the new “runner” combat mode
Panda Doodle 5.0.0
Link paws to doodles using the matchingcolors.Draw over another color to mix them and create a new color.Try touse the least amount of ink to get 3 stars!Panda Doodle is a very challenging and enriching mind puzzle.Youwill go through a whole learning process in order to discoverthepuzzle tricks and solve the levels.Features:* 125 levels, interesting and challenging, carefullydesigned.* 5 worlds with awesome different mechanics: Panda, Rabbit, CatandWolf puzzle masters books.* Tutorial levels to learn how to play* A beautiful handcrafted look and feel.* Kids Mode, in which you can draw freely.* Time Attack Mode, are you fast enough?Panda Book:Panda will teach you the basic about drawing andpaintingdoodles.Rabbit Book:Rabbit will puzzle you with teleport portals, which can help youalot finding alternative ways.Cat Book:Cat will show you the confusing and challenging drawingmirrors.Wolf Book:Wolf will introduce you to movement riddles, in which timing isalsoimportant.Doodle Link is a newer version of the game previously releasedas"Pandoodle" and "Doodle Link".
Kids Doodle - Color & Draw 1.7.0
Kids Doodle, the BEST android drawing appforkids!Kids Doodle is particularly designed for kids with supereasy-to-usepainting on photo or canvas. It has endless brightcolors and 24beautiful brushes, such as glow, neon, rainbow,crayon and sketchy,etc.App supports an unique "movie" mode, which can play backkid'sartwork like a small film. Children love it so much!The built-in gallery stores both kids drawing picture anddrawingprocedure. Kids can continue their drawing whenever theywant, or"movie" their previous masterpiece anytime they wouldlove.APP FEATURES:* paint on canvas or photo* 18 brushes, such as glow, rainbow, crayon, spray, ribbon,variousbrush.* bright colors* built-in art gallery stores both doodle anddoodleanimation.* "movie" mode to play back the drawing like a little film.* undo, redo* Shake phone to clear painting. Turn on/off it via menu.* share doodle via Facebook, twitter, gmail, picasa, etc.----
doodle-do 1.0.57
doodle-do enables a more connectedworldwithout the burden of the high charges imposed bytelecomoperators.doodle-do is an application where you can minimizemobileindustry's most excessive charges - the mobile roamingandinternational call marketsوفر في فاتورة مكالماتك الدولية و مكالمات التجوال و تحدث الىالاهلوالاصدقاء بتكلفة المكالمة المحلية !doodle-do will ensure that you: -1. Remain contactable on your home mobile number; anywhereandanytime2. Minimize Roaming charges3. Minimize International call rates to your home country4. Have no need for pre-registration or get anyoperator'sapproval5. Retain privacy and security of use of your mobile.There are many other great features in the application thatenablesyou to communicate through chatting, calling, messaging,videoing,imaging etc…We hope you like the clarity of the voice as we put in a lotofeffort to get the latest codec technology available.If you like it, we encourage you to tell your family, friendsandcolleagues. Tell the world!Thank you for downloading doodle-do.
Hyper-doodle 2.6
Panyc Media
Hyper-doodle is a drawing appthatreplicatesand reflects every finger movement you make. Insecondsyou cancreate beautiful complex patterns. Great forcreatingmandalas,tessellations,symmetry and other funky art. It hasa anumber ofinnovative pens that can produce stunning effects.Onceyou havecreated your masterpiece you can save it to file. Sonexttime youhave a few spare moments enjoy watching Hyper-doodlecreatemagicfrom your fingertips.* Now you can load photos and images from your galleryandaddHyper-doodle effects.* Reload saved doodles so you can improve them.* Layer doodles on top of one another tobuildamazingpatterns.
XPERIA - Doodle 1.0.0
Binod Ray
This is Xperia Theme. Do not downloadifyoudon't have Xperia deviceSupported OS version is Android Lollipop and above.CIRCLE ME FOR LATEST UPDATES AND MORE【Contact Us】For any help or query please feel free [email protected]
Doodle Picture 4.0.6
Do you want a simple collage app?You can doodle or decorate pictures with simple step usingthisapplication.This invites anyone to happy picture life. You must check![ SIMPLE APPLICATION FEATURES ]・Pen・Stamp・Text・Roller Stamp・Elaser・Filter (Beauty, Sepia, Mono)・Share・Photo bookYou can decorate the pictures with a rich variety of pensandstamps.Have fun doodling on your smartphone.Doodle Picture provides SHARE feature to post decorated picturestoweblog or SNS like Facebook or Twitter.They also can be sent to freinds by Gmail. (*'-'*)After you drew a lot nice doodles, would you like to make aphotobook with them? (o*゚ー゚)o[ SIMPLE DESIGN ]Doodle Picture has simple user interfaces.Edit the picture fills the whole screen easily.[ FULL OF FREE CONTENTS ]It has over 120 stamps, and more than 240 types of pensYou can deco photos with pretty and natural stamps.Also has graffiti patterns, sprays, neons, and various pen.The "Stamp Market" stamp collecting, we have many distributionfeeor free-stamp the original designer has created.Please check it out for download.[ SITUATIONS ]・Sweet memories for lovers・Travelling・Make cute childern more cute・Make lovery pets more lovery・PartiesWe know you will enjoy Doodle Picture.*********************************************************Please contact us as follows to give you opinions(addfunction,increase variety of stamps, etc..).Facebook: account of Doodle Picture)Mail:[email protected]
Word Doodle 1.3.0
Do you like connect words games? Want totrythe most popular connect words game? Our word doodle have thebestquality interface, most innovative gameplay and most precisewords.Word Doodle not only is connect the words, but also athinkingtraining tool.How to play?◆ Use fingers simply to connect the letters in proper order.Afterbuilding a word you’ll get coins and if you fill in all theblanksyou’ll unblock a new level.◆ Word doodle has a lot of hidden levels, you’ll get hints!◆ Find out all possible word combination◆ Letters can be used repeatedly.◆ Filled up all squares with the right word◆ Use “Hint” when got stuckGame Feature:◉ More than 1000 levels◉ Extra bonus yet to exploit◉ Smooth game experience◉ Play Word Doodle anywhere and anytimeWhat makes word doodle so special?▞ Completely free▞ Easy and interesting gameplay▞ Multiple language support▞ No time limits▞ Hidden extra words▞ No need for Wi-Fi▞ Difficulties? Hints button will help you beatlevelsquickly.A fascinating word discovering game, designed to train yourbrainand learn new words. We respect users’ experience andfeedback, sofeel free to give some suggestions how we can improvethe game. Useyour imagination and logic thinking to complete eachlevel.
Flowers Butterfly Doodle Text! 1.2
Flowers and pretty butterfly stickersforyourDoodle Text! app. It also works for Doodle Wish! app whenyouwantto send a personalized greeting!You can access the Butterfly and Flower Stickers fromthestickerbutton within your DoodleText! or DoodleWish! app andevenget moresticker packets when you click on "download" fromyourstickeroptions.***Please note that this is NOT an app itself, it isacontentpacket for our DoodleText! and DoodleWish! app. If youdonotalready have our apps you will be guided to installtheDoodleText!app first.
Love Stickers! for Doodle Text 1.2
This Love Stickers pack is a contentpackforour Doodle Text! App, Enjoy!You can use these stickers inside the DoodleText app tocreatethatcustom one of a kind Love Card for that special someone!If you don't have DoodleText App installed the pack willguideyouto install DoodleText first.After installing, from inside DoodleText just clickonthestickers Icon/Button, the 3rd icon from the top, and thenslidetheslot-wheel to choose this Valentines1 pack.(This will work for DoodleGram/DoodleWish also.)
Draw Card Greeting Doodle Wish 7.8
★Send a Doodle Wish™ greeting card today!Havefun designing your own, personalized greeting cardswithDoodleWish! Send a birthday, anniversary or holiday doodlewishcard to your friends and loved ones! New Birthday Cardsgreetingstemplate pictures and stamps stickers added. Easy paintand drawfor all ages, from kids to adults.★★There are card templates provided or you can import yourownpictures to use as the template background or as a sticker too!Youcan orient the pictures any way you want — flip them, turnthem,resize them and even make a collage! There are somanypossibilities! You can now import your Instagram® photos aswell,just click the 3 dots under your photo from inside Instagram®andchoose "share" and then select "Doodle Wish" from the list ofappsand choose to import as a sticker or background when asked. Orjustimport photos from you gallery!★★★Add as many pictures as you like, then personalize themevenmore by drawing on them or writing your own message! There aretonsof different colors, fonts, stickers and drawing/paintingeffectsyou can use. Download our free content packs from thestickerbutton within the app for different themed stickers to addto yourdrawing or collage!Once you have finished your creation you can then shareyourGreeting Card through MMS/SMS, email/gmail (even wover wifiifyou're not using a phone) or even post it on Instagram®orFacebook®!And it's all FREE!Here is a little Video DEMO:*This is not a collection of hundreds of cheap freepicturesharvested from the web, you are meant to take your ownpicture, orload image from your Gallery, doodle on it and send itas a wish.(our contact email is below under Developer Info, weappreciatefeedback emails)Enjoy!Legal disclaimer:* All trademarks and copyrights referenced are the sole propertyoftheir respective owners. Android™ is a trademark ofGoogle®Inc.* This app and its creators are in no way related to, endorsedby,or affiliated with Facebook® or Instagram® Inc.
Doodle Scratch kids color draw
★Doodle Scratch! Kids color draw is anawesomecoloring app for little kids to have fun. They "scratch"thecolorful screen to discover a picture hiding underneath!★★★There are cool sound effects so turn up the volume for yourkids!The pictures rotate and will be updated every couple weeks,sothere is always a new surprise! They can also scratch thepicturesto add color to the black and white photos. Its a great wayto keepthe small kids entertained!A $.99 version with NO ads will be available again if we hearenoughrequests for it. (Let us know at kids and adults should try our Doodle Text! or DoodleToy!apps for even more features and fun!