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Hidden Object Santa Clown 1.0.8
A dangerous clown is posing as Santaandcommitting heinous crimes! Help the police officer catch thefakeSanta and foil his evil plans!Follow the fake Santa Clown from house to house and searchforevidence of his crimes to put him behind bars! Find hiddenobjectsin 20 scenes and prevent fake Santa from committingmorecrimes!Save Christmas from danger and jail the fake Santa Clown!Game Features:-20 challenging levels!-Play High Scores or relaxed Hidden Object!-Find Objects 3 different ways: Image, Outline and Text!-Hints available if you get stuck!-Zoom feature for those smaller objects if necessary!Powered by Dolby® on supported devices
Hit the Clown 1.0.5
Tab on the left side of the screen tomoveleftand tab on the right side of the screen to move right.Hit the Clown is an endless runner. From second to secondthecardrives faster and faster. Do you think your reactionsarefastenough to dodge the other cars? Free the streetsfromtheClowns!Compete against the entire world, in the fight for firstplaceinthe world rankings!In our shop you can buy cars with ingame coins, thatyoucollectduring the game.If you like Hit the Clown, please rate this app!Have fun!
Fake Call Clown 2.0
Prank your friends and family with fakecallclown.With fake call clown you can have fun with family andfriends.Key features:- Prank fake call with unknown number.- Fake phone call with voice.- Change name of caller.- Change the caller picture.- Fake call with real voice.- Schedule a fake call.- Fake phone call from whoever you want to...- Make call with your own ringtone.- Pretend your boss calling.- Easy to use.- It is free.More features:- Tricked your friends that a celeb is calling your phone.- Learn your kids how use phone with fake call.- Prank call yourself.- Fake call that actually has a fake person talking.- Fake caller id number.
Hidden Object - Santa Clown 1.0.5
A dangerous clown is posing asSantaandcommitting heinous crimes! Help the police officer catchthefakeSanta and foil his evil plans!Follow the fake Santa Clown from house to house andsearchforevidence of his crimes to put him behind bars! Findhiddenobjectsin 20 scenes and prevent fake Santa fromcommittingmorecrimes!Save Christmas from danger and jail the fake Santa Clown!Game Features:-20 challenging levels!-Play High Scores or relaxed Hidden Object!-Find Objects 3 different ways: Image, Outline and Text!-Hints available if you get stuck!-Zoom feature for those smaller objects if necessary!Powered by Dolby® on supported devicesThis app is certified Actually Free(c) which means yougetthefull game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases.Signupnow for our newsletter or learnmoreat!FACEBOOK US: US: US:
Crazy Clown Heart Surgery 1.5
Do you love crazy clowns? Have you alwaysbeena fan of their fluffy hair, red noses and performance they do?Butwait, seems like clown is not feeling well today. He ishavingchest pain and shortness of breath. Oh no! the symptoms arenotthat good. Some one please call ER emergency 911, as clown hadaheart attack while performing for kids in circus. Here comesanemergency rescue ambulance . The Ambulance emergency doctorhasnoted down the symptoms and diseases that he already has, onhisway to the hospital.The rescue ambulance has reached the hospital in time otherwisethepatient would have gone in a frozen state. He might needapacemaker fixed inside him. This crazy clown is suffering fromaheart disease that can affect his arms, finger and leg movementsifthe heart does not pump blood properly. Crazy clown veinsandarteries might have been blocked. Get to know their historyfirstbefore treating them and sending them to the operation theaterforsurgery. Keep checking his brain, eye, ear, nose, tongue,kidney,liver, lungs, stomach and all parts of the body. Prevent himintogetting to a frozen state. To avoid any other damage, prepareforthe open heart surgery now. You are going to be theCardiologistdoctor surgeon to perform the operation. Call the Braindoctor,kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all othersurgeons onduty to keep a check on the patient’s organs while youcarry outthe surgery simulation. But this is no easy operation tobeperformed, you will need a lot of tools to open the chest upandit’s not even easy using them. Mark the area where you want tocutand use sharp cutting tool to open the chest and abs up. Hereyouneed very clever wrist work so that you don’t hurt yourpatient.Carefully cut through the ribs and reach for the frozenheart. Youhave to wear the gloves and sanitize your hands andwrists. Cut thechest & abs and be very careful not to damagelungs, kidneys orstomach as these organs are aside of heart. Giveanesthesia with aninjection before the operation. Once you are donewith theoperation, apply plaster and give him medicine syrup sothat he canheal quickly.Crazy Clown Heart Surgery features:* Realistic open chest Surgery Simulation.* Fun treatments & real er emergency surgeries.* Save patient's lives from realistic chest pain problems,performoperations, make tests and let your patient a chancetosurvive.* Amazing graphics and crazy surgery game play.* Perform the routine health check; which may includebodytemperature, ecg, blood pressure, heartbeats and pulserate* Use medical tools like scalpel, injection, tweezers,cream,antiseptic lotion, band-aid in hospital.* Crazy nurses and doctors team to assist you in yourcardiacsurgery hospital.Test your skills to become best rescue heart Surgeon .The poorclownhave painful expressions and a fear in their pretty littleeyes. Bethe super star surgeon; Treat them with all the medicaltools andmedicines at the doctor’s office. Don’t forget to cleanaway theblood to avoid infection during surgery. You are going toplay therole of a heart surgeon to help your patient gain goodhealth andrecover.
Talking Clown 1.5
Bluebody Soft
Do you love clowns? Have you always been afanof their fluffy hair and red noses? One of them has bought anewhouse and is inviting you in to show you the latest tricks.Hisliving room is decorated in a fashionable way, and he wants toshowyou all the funny stuff he has in there. Tap on the cannonandamazing fireworks will come out of it. Behind the red hatabeautiful flower is hiding, and if you unwrap the present abowlingpin will start spinning on your screen. It will be hilariouswhenyou hear how this guy repeats everything you have said. On theTVbehind the cool talking clown numbers from one to ten will showup,and this can be very helpful for your kids to learn how tocount.This fellow is so awesome that he will let you poke his foot,orslap him until he starts seeing stars. Grab your smartphoneanddownload for free the top Talking Clown game and haveablast.Instructions:• Talk to your new friend, the clown, and he will repeat whatyouhave said• Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open thelockedrooms• Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars• Take your best pal to the gym or have a blast together intheplayground• Help the clown keep his hygiene and he will play someinstrumentfor youJust like any other regular guy, this talking clown also needs togoto the bathroom and get some sleep. Help him brush his teeth,orhave a shower, and if you want to put him to sleep, just blowthetrumpet and the lights will go off. He is keen on dancing,playingbanjo and the trumpet, and occasionally likes to fart, sothis isreally funny. When he is not acting in a show, and has afewminutes of free time, he likes spending it in front of the tent,onthe favorite playground. Jumping on the trampoline is whatheadores, and you can join him in these fun activities if you taponthe rocket and make it fly. The popular talking clown is notsointerested in exercising, but if you make him run the treadmillhewill not have another option. Have the best time with yourfriendslistening to your own voices in the interpretation ofthisludicrous guy.Rush to play the latest mini games and collect the coins. Thiswillallow you the access to other locked rooms, and you will alsohavea blast. The most popular Talking Clown app will provide youwithso many different ones that you will not notice how the timeflies.For starters, you can help your masked hero defend himselffrom theinsects that are attacking him in the top Bugs Killer game.We havecreated something interesting that will help you improveyourspeed. With the fantastic Tiles Run you will need to beat thetimeand make sure not to make any mistake. Check out how good youareat calculations with the newest Cowboy Math Survive. Makethecowboy jump and dunk, to avoid the vicious eagles and balls ofhay,and at the same time, do basic calculation. The best thing isthatyou will also get the chance to play the amazing Make RunnersSafegame which is so unique and extraordinary. You need to guideyourhero overcome all the dangers on the road, but depending onthelevel, there are two or three of them who need yourassistancesimultaneously. Are you into jumping games? If this isso, then thecoolest Clever Squirrel Jump app will provide you withso much fun.Help your hero go up on the next grid and run away fromthe evilowls and eagles that want to prevent her in accomplishingthemission. Don’t miss out on the greatest tricks of thetalkingclown!
Killer Clown Spirit 1.0
Do you dare to take a look? Dareyourfriends.Turn the volume up and listen to what he has to say.Take agoodlook into the darkness where you shall find the realKillerClownsSpirit trapped inside. To get the best experience runthe appin adark room where it is quiet but be careful not to temptfateandrelease the spirit.The origins of the killer clown craze is this app.Millionshavesecretly watched the spirit who has at times escapedtoinfluenceand corrupt innocent soles to act like theKillerClown.Share the experience with your friends. Great funforHalloween,school playground, pranking your friends etc. It'sspookyasHell.Disclaimer this app is not responsible for your actions orwhattheKiller Clown Spirit does. The app has a spirittrappingshieldenabled if the Killer Clowns Spirit escapes the appwill doitsbest to restore and trap the spirit.
Killer Clown Angry Spirit 1.0
The real origins of the killer clowncrazeisthis app. Millions have secretly watched the spiritwhohasinfluenced and corrupt innocent soles to act like theKillerClown.Do you dare to take a look? Dare your friends. Turn thevolumeupand listen to what he has to say.Share the experience with your friends. Great funforHalloween,school playground, pranking your friends etc. It'sspookyasHell.Disclaimer this app is not responsible for your actionsorwhatthe Killer Clown Spirit does or says.DOWNLOAD the less scary version app on Google Play store-(KillerClown Spirit)
Weird Park: Broken Tune
Weave your way through a haunted amusementparkin Weird Park: Broken Tune! City officials have shut down theparkafter a string of deaths have horrified everyone in the area.Youmust use your amazing investigative skills to track down cluesandsolve this eerie mystery! You are the only one with the abilitytogive closure, and get to the bottom of this twisted tale!Search for leads as you explore creepy carnivalenvironments,finding hidden objects that will be key to solvingthis gruesomestory. Open a portal to a realm beyond insanity, anddive deeperinto a wicked tale about a bizarre clown that once was aworker atthe park. With the gripping story, dark atmosphere, andchallengingpuzzles, Weird Park: Broken Tune is the one hiddenobject game youcan’t afford to miss!GAME FEATURES:◇ 37 creepy locations!◇ 12 suspenseful hidden object scenes!◇ Unlimited Hints and Tips!◇ Easy to follow tutorial to get you started!Warning: the game requeries additional resource download
Pursuer Clown
Ajude o palhaço alcançar o garoto.Puleosobstáculos da calçada e consiga pontos, desvie das pedrasqueogaroto lança e divirta-se muito com este novojogoparacelular.Help the clownreachtheboy. Skip to the sidewalk obstacles and get points,avoidthestones that the boy throws and play hard with thisnewmobilegame.