1.0 / March 31, 2017
(3.7/5) (35)


Super Run World One Action a free platformgamefull of adventures and action. Jungle, desert, caves, sky,water aresome of the scenarios you have to face to pass 80 levelsin 4different worlds. Run and jump, shoot fireballs to defeatyourenemies and avoid the obstacles. Show everybody that you can bethesuper hero of the game.

On the galaxy of the Platformers there is a old classic country inasmall planet called Mini Earth, an advanced planet emulator.Thisland is plenty of different landscapes, blue sky full of starsandone sun. It was a peaceful world until the hordes ofinsectsarrived to conquer a new planet. These evil creatureshavekidnapped the family and friends of Jose, the most famoustravelguide of all his kingdom. Help him to fight on the way torescuehis people and give back freedom to his world.

The Game
★ Classic platform game that combines jumping and runninggameplay.
★ The game inherited from the classic games, and also designedmanynew game elements.

Come and enjoy the challenging levels, relive yourchildhoodmemories!
————★ How to play ★————
🎮 Cross the obstacles: Tap jump button, long-press tojumphigher.
🎮 Collect coins: Collect as more coins as you can to beat yourownrecord and be the best among your friends.
🎮 Smash enemies: Tap to jump and stamp down on monsters, smashthemall! Also shoot fire balls.
🎮 Run: Keep pressed the run/shoot button to run faster.
———★ Game Features ★———
🍄 4 worlds:Meadow、Forests、Deserts、Caves;and 2 Castlesperworld.
🍄 80 levels
🍄 Many enemies: Hedgehog, Dragonfly, Gosht, Beetle,Bee,etc.
🍄 Jump on the top of enemies to beat them down.
🍄 Break the bricks to collect power-up items.
🍄 Get the powerful items to be stronger, undefeatable and be abletothrow the fire balls.

Your ratings and comments help us improve Super Run WorldOneAction. We are here to listen to your ideas.

App Information Super Run World One Action

  • App Name
    Super Run World One Action
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 31, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
  • Google Play Link

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Laser Pointer Simulator V-4.0 APK
This free game is perfect for those who want alaser pointer simulator in their mobiles. The app allows you using3 different laser pointers, each pointer fires 3 different halocolors: green, red and blue. If you are afraid of your childrenusing a laser pointer then don't worry anymore, this laser pointersimulator is completely harmless to their eyes.This is just a game, which is composed by a laser pointersimulator and a minigame. The player needs collecting gems playingthe minigame to unlock laser pointers.This laser pointer simulator is similar to any laser pointer inreal life. Just press the button and the halo flows, release thefinger and the halo stops. Easy, no doubt! As said before, thereare three laser pointers. One of them is ready to be used as youstart up the app the first time. The other two must be unlocked, tolearn how to unlock a laser pointer simulator, just click on it andthe instructions will pop up. To unlock any laser the player needsgems. Gems can be obtained by passing levels in the laser shootergame or by sharing in social networks.Above it was mentioned that each laser pointer has 3 differenthalo colors. Besides, each halo has a different wavelength. You cannote it in the brightness and colors. Each laser and halo color isalso associated with a laser sound. Play with friends using thedifferent laser and colors and feel like you are in Star Wars. Theplayer can control the use of vibration while the laser isshooting.This free app has been tested on both smartphones and tabletsand the results have been more than satisfactory. Just press thebutton and let the laser light flows.This laser pointer simulator is a laser pointer full of options.We doubt there is a better laser pointer free in the Google PlayStore. We have designed every single pixel of this laser pointersimulator gratis to fit in any Android device, independently of itsscreen size.Characteristics by halo color and laser pointer:Red laser pointer: Green laser halo with extra light. Red laserlight. Extra bright blue laser halo.Green laser pointer: Green laser light with a bright aura. Redlight laser with a special center laser brightness. Blue laser withlight aureole.Blue laser pointer: Green laser halo with a center brightnesslight. Tiny red laser halo with whitish center. Blue laser lightcenter extra brilliant.This pointer can be used as a laser for cats. Although the soundeffects can scare your pets rather than the bright laser lights. Sowe could consider this pointer as a laser for pets.Some of these laser pointers has laser beams as powerful as alaser gun. Every pointer in this app has been completely designedby our design team from scratch. The same with every laser beam. Weplan to include something we call laser flash, so the flash lightcan be turned on/off according to the laser pointer simulator.Laser cat is another of the new features we have in our planbucket, including new laser beams and sounds that can make your petfeel in another dimension. Another utility of this free app is touse as a laser game to play laser wars. You can leave your kidswith this laser for phones without being worried about the harmthat a physical laser pointer could create in their eyes.Enjoy this laser free, with its awesome halos with brightnesssimilar to a laser led and laser neon.Tags: Laser, pointer, simulator, laser pointer.
Spiral: Optical Illusions 2 APK
Optical illusions spiral is a fun game whichcan produce optical illusions. The illusions shall make you see theobjects around you deformed in different shapes, depending on theillusion. Your friends and family shall also be amused once theytry the app. For making the optical illusions spirals game morefun, the game Spiral Shooter Game is included to allow you obtainnew illusion effects. Pass levels on the Spiral Shooter Game inorder to achieve the final goal of getting all the illusioneffects.*** Disclaimer: Don’t use this app if you are sensible tostroboscopic images. Don’t allow another people using the app ifyou are not sure about their stroboscopic images sensitiveness.***How to useSelect one illusion (initially only the uppermost one is available)then get ready and keep your mobile device (phone or tablet) about25 cm in front of your eyes, then follow the instructions stated onthe game, they will guide you on the process and shall provide tipson how to improve the visual effect. Once the spiral visual effectstarts its movement a counter shall show on the center of thescreen the time remaining you should keep looking at the screen ofyour mobile device. 30 seconds is an amount of time which we havetested and works fine on the majority of devices we have usedduring the test time. During those 30 seconds you can focus ondifferent ways on the screen, any way you focus your eyes on itshall be fine to achieve the goal expected after the counterreaches zero. Once the time is over, then look at some objectaround you in a middle distance, then you should be able of seeingthe optical illusion effects. In case you haven’t achieved seeingthe effects, you can answer how was the result of your try in thegame, and extra tips shall be given in such a case.The Spiral Shooter GameThis fun game is an awesome casual game which is included to matchthe theme of the game and give the chance of unlocking new opticaleffects spirals. The goal is throwing the set of initial balls tothe central circle, but be careful since if 2 balls touch then youlose. The central circle rotates both clockwise andcounterclockwise, can change the direction at any time and thespeed shall vary. You have to find your own strategy in order ofgetting rid of all the balls given at the beginning of each level.Each level shall not contain a random move but shall keep the sameset of moves each time the user plays the same level. Some featuresof the game:100 levels. When some new visual effects spirals are added, somemore level might be added too.Single tap controls. Tap anywhere on the screen but on the centralcircle. As you tap on the screen a ball will be shot.Casual game style. Close the game at any level you are playing. Thelast level unlocked shall be kept that way forever.Simple minimalist graphics. Simple to don’t distract you from yourreal goal.Also remember that the goal of passing levels on the game, besidesgetting fun playing it, is unlocking new visual illusions. Click onany locked visual illusion in order to get to know how many levelsyou need to pass in order to obtain a new optical illusionavailable.We hope you enjoy the app. Keep in mind our disclaimer aboutstroboscopic images sensitiveness.We appreciate any feedback that help us improve the app. Your ideasare welcome. Ratings, reviews and emails are welcome too.
2048 2048-1 APK
2048 classic puzzle game free. A 2 plus 2game.Become a super expert, the best of your friends, of yourcity, yourcountry or the whole world. Solve the puzzle mergingnumbers, undo amove if you feel you made a wrong swipe, start anew game at anymoment if you think you lose the track of yourstrategy. 2048 was avery popular game in 2014, it created a bigbang boom in the appsstores. This 2017’s version is based in theoriginal classic game.The original color, board and rules havebeen kept.The game rules2048 classic puzzle game has a very basic rule system. In short,theuser has to swipe the finger left, right, up or down to slideallthe tiles of the 4x4 board on the direction the finger swipes.Thegame has not levels, it is just a board and the goal isachievingthe tile 2048. How to get this? Easy: when two tilesslides if theybecome adjacent they will merge in a new tile whichnumber is thesum of the numbers of both original tiles. Forexample: 2 tiles ofnumber 2 shall create a new tile 4: 2 + 2 = 4,4 + 4 = 8, 8 + 8 =16, …, 1024 + 1024 = 2048. As you see, learninghow to play issimple, but finding a good smart strategy who leadsyou to the finalgoal might not be that easy.The main featuresFollowing the classic game puzzle 2048 these are the mostattractivecharacteristics of this free game:Set of color that allows the player playing long sessionsUndo move button implemented. Gives the chance of returning topaststates of the game move by moveBest score and current score rankings. The best score storesthebest of the scores of all the games played. Perfect to compareyourscore with your friends or family members who also playthisgameClean user interfaceAd friendly implementationSimple one swipe game playSmooth slide and merge effects* The advertisement friendly implementation is made to allowtheplayer playing infinite games without showing any interstitialads.Only a banner at the bottom of the screen shall be shown incasethat there is fill rate for your current geolocation andmobiledevice. Only a interstitial ad might be shown per session incasethe player pushes the back button to finish the session, insuch acase a interstitial ad might be shown. If the user closestheinterstitial ad and presses again the back button aexit-the-gamemodal window shall pop up. If you want to avoid ads atall, pressthe home button of your Android device to finish thesession.We hope you enjoy this classic game and become a master on it.Youropinion is importante to us, it helps us improve our games andtoknow what the users think of our product. Your ratings andcommentsare welcome.* This game has been develop making use of MIT licenses. Wecreditand thank to the generous developers that provide this MITlicensecode:https://github.com/uberspot/2048-android/blob/master/LICENSEhttps://github.com/gabrielecirulli/2048/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
Total Fire Screen Prank 1 APK
Total Fire Screen Prank is a fun prank appwith6 prank simulators: fire screen, electric shock, twistertouch,elastic joke, impossible launcher and crazy tsunami hd. Itis abunch of entertainment apps along with a great game: Loop andShootpuzzle game.The prank appsAll the prank apps are based on single touch pranks. Wherevertheuser touches the screen, some special effect shall happen. Useyourfinger to test all the prank apps before making yourfriendsbelieve your smart phone or tablet went crazy. You can makethemthink your Android device got a virus or a software fail ordigitalbug.2 joke screens are unlocked from the beginning: Total FireScreenand Powerful Electric Screen. Besides there are 4 moreprankscreens to be unlocked. Every locked prank screen costs 500virtualcoins, which can be obtained playing the Loop and Shootgame. Eachlevel you pass, 10 virtual coins you get. If you getstuck in alevel, no worries, we shall provide the chance of passinga levelwatching a rewarded video. There are other ways to getvirtualcash, they will be explained in the correspondingparagraph.Free prank screensTotal Fire Screen: Use your finger to burn every icon on thescreentill you get a broken screen prank.Powerful Electric Screen: Your tactile power shall be increasedwithseveral megawatts of power on the simulation of a electricshockwhen touching the screen. Destroy every single element youfind onthe screen of your mobile device until you crack yourscreen.Locked prank screensTwister Touch: There is tornado on your fingers. Just check itoutby yourself touching the screen and seeing everythingflyingaway.Elastic Plastic Joke: Never it is easy to touch an icon inthisprank app, but this time you will not know either they arerunningaway of your taps or they are regretting and want to getback toyour falling into a loop of craziness.Impossible launcher: The game is not over yet. The icons inthispart will always keep distance of your evil finger. It seems tobethey are scared of any alien that is not part of the internalwordof your device. Unlock and check it out.HD Tsunami: The wave of the last screen prank is a secret thatonlythe ones that have really curious will know. You want to knowit?Follow the rules of the game to unlock all.The mini gameLoop and Shoot is a super fun game which will target testingyourpatience and ability. The rules are easy: tap on the screentolaunch a ball to the center of the central circle. The playerwillpass a level after launching all the initial balls. Soundseasy,right? But have into account that no ball can touch any ball,iftouches, then game over. Some features of the game:Fun and addictive1200 levelsSingle touch gameplayIncreasing difficulty levelA final boss every 10 levelsMany different modalities of game during the 1200 levelsGetting Virtual CoinsThere are several ways to get rewards:Watching rewarded videos: watch a rewarded video advertisementandget a rewarded of 10Pass a new level in the mini game: get the same amount thatforwatching rewarded videos for every level you pass in theminigameShare on your favourite social network: 200Download an app: a great reward for you: 500We hope you enjoy this free game!
Super Run World One Action 1.0 APK
Super Run World One Action a free platformgamefull of adventures and action. Jungle, desert, caves, sky,water aresome of the scenarios you have to face to pass 80 levelsin 4different worlds. Run and jump, shoot fireballs to defeatyourenemies and avoid the obstacles. Show everybody that you can bethesuper hero of the game.BackgroundOn the galaxy of the Platformers there is a old classic country inasmall planet called Mini Earth, an advanced planet emulator.Thisland is plenty of different landscapes, blue sky full of starsandone sun. It was a peaceful world until the hordes ofinsectsarrived to conquer a new planet. These evil creatureshavekidnapped the family and friends of Jose, the most famoustravelguide of all his kingdom. Help him to fight on the way torescuehis people and give back freedom to his world.The Game★ Classic platform game that combines jumping and runninggameplay.★ The game inherited from the classic games, and also designedmanynew game elements.Come and enjoy the challenging levels, relive yourchildhoodmemories!————★ How to play ★————🎮 Cross the obstacles: Tap jump button, long-press tojumphigher.🎮 Collect coins: Collect as more coins as you can to beat yourownrecord and be the best among your friends.🎮 Smash enemies: Tap to jump and stamp down on monsters, smashthemall! Also shoot fire balls.🎮 Run: Keep pressed the run/shoot button to run faster.———★ Game Features ★———🍄 4 worlds:Meadow、Forests、Deserts、Caves;and 2 Castlesperworld.🍄 80 levels🍄 Many enemies: Hedgehog, Dragonfly, Gosht, Beetle,Bee,etc.🍄 Jump on the top of enemies to beat them down.🍄 Break the bricks to collect power-up items.🍄 Get the powerful items to be stronger, undefeatable and be abletothrow the fire balls.Your ratings and comments help us improve Super Run WorldOneAction. We are here to listen to your ideas.
Bubble Shooter Animals 2017 bs1.0 APK
Classic bubble shooter is an addictivegamecomposed by 2 free games: Classic Mode and Arcade Game. This isavariation of such a game, which we name “Free the animals”. Wekeepthe basics of the bubble shooter game, but now the bubblescontainsanimals trapped into them. It's a ancient puzzle andMatch-Threegame. Pop, match and blast bubbles to save the animalslocked up inthe bubbles. Classic Bubble Shooter is a free game.Train yourbrain and get in on the puzzle game action as you shootbubblesonline, offline - anytime! No matter women, child,elderly,housewives, handsome man, pretty girls love BubbleShooter.This brand new exciting bubble shooting puzzle game is ready tobeplayed on its amazing magic environment. The goal is to saveallthe trapped animals that were kidnapped and enclosed intospecialbubbles. Think your strategy, pop and burst the colorizedbubblesto let them find the freedom again. Train your brain freeingourlittle and cute friends while you play this awesome gameshootingbubbles on this top bubble shooting game. These free braintraininggames allows you to solve fun puzzles while you get lots offun forfree on more than 500 challenging puzzles. Become a masterand showyour friends and family your burst bubbles skills on thispuzzlegames.2 Game Modes:Classic Game Mode is a simple and fun mode to play BubbleShootergamesMatch 3 bubbles of the same color to burst. Enjoy shootingbubblesin the classic game mode and get fun playing fun free games.Justtap on the screen wherever you want the bubble to be launchedto.Use the walls to make the bubbles bound and get your final goalina easy way.Arcade Game Mode with longer and more complicated levelsPlay Bubble Shooter’s Arcade game mode to discover an addictinggameand more challenging levels. This mode reveals a more classicarcadegames style, advance in a more limited number of levels butmorehard-to-pass and fun game levels that you will love.Retro game with new features:★ A lot of Challenging Puzzles! More than 500!★ Play any time at any place!★ The game is an off-line game, so No Network Required!★ To Kill the Boring Time!★ Super easy to pick up and play! Applicable to Any Ages!★ Match 3 meets bubble burst!★ Beautiful graphics and cool animations, and sound effects!★ Free to download and play!★ Smooth and great operation of the game!★ 8 animal bubbles: turtle, cat, panda, owl, penguin, mouse,bear,pig★ Applies to Most Android Devices and Google Play Users!★ Applicable to Any Ages!★ Colorblind! Every ball has a color and an animal, so noproblemwith colorblind.Develop Your Brain and Exercise Your Fingers:★ Bring relax and happy to you.★ Help you kill your boring time.★ Help you train your brain and finger.Bubble Shooter is a very funny and happy game. Play it withyourfamily and friends! Download this free game and enjoy playingmorethan 500 challenging levels. Get relaxation andhappiness!
Laser Pointer Simulated 100 2 X Beams Red Blast 1 APK
Laser pointer simulated 100 2 X beamsredblast, a super fun app that contains a laser pointer simulator.Letyour kids play the laser pointer simulated without worryingaboutthe damage that a real laser pointer could cause in theireyes.Also enjoy the mini game included, which will allow theusergetting coins to get new features for the laser pointer.*** Disclaimer: This is just laser pointer simulated on thescreenof your mobile device, phone or tablet. Don’t think this areallaser pointer, nor think that a real laser light will come outofyour phone through the camera. ***The first time you use this laser pointer simulator app, there isalaser pointer that you can use from the very firstmoment.Instructions and recommendations about how to use the laserpointerare given in different parts of this free game. To make thelaserray flowing, just tap on the laser pointer. Clicking repeatedtimeson it shall provide you with plenty of coins, which will helpyouunlock the strobe light feature. Initially the stroboscopiclightfeature is locked, but getting coins is one part of what theplayerneeds in order to achieve unlocking this awesome feature.Thefaster you tap on the laser pointer, the more coins and bonusyouget. Tap as fast as you can, or keep your finger on top ofthelaser pointer during 20 seconds, that way, the player chargestheenergy of the laser pointer to the maximum until a redblasthappens, simulating the screen of your mobile device gettingbrokenand simulating electric shocks wherever you tap on the screenofyour phone or tablet. Click on the back button of your devicetocontinue playing this free game.There are some other ways to increase the number of coins, asforexample: passing levels on the mini game you can find as partofthis game, sharing on social networks, downloading more gamesorwatching videos. All these ways to augment the rewards are foundinseveral screens of the laser pointer simulated app.The mini game is essential in the laser pointer simulator game.Theplayer needs to pass at least 35 levels in order to get thesuperfeature of the strobe light. So, just playing the mini gameisenough to achieve unlocking it. Every level the user passes,10free coins of reward to increase the counter of coins. Theminigame is so fun. The goal is to put all the left squares ontheimaginary circumference where the squares that rotate aroundthebig central square are. Each time the user taps on the screen,asmall square is thrown against the central square. Everylevelfollows a pattern of movements, so if the player finds adifficultlevel, the best way to pass it is memorizing the patternof moves.,so the small squares can be thrown in a wise way. Somefeatures ofthe mini game:One tap game play. Just one tap is enough to throw a small squaretothe central square.Minimalistic design. Simple and fun can go along together.We hope you enjoy and get fun playing the laser pointersimulated100 2 X beams red blast. We would be happy to improve thelaserpointer simulator app with your help and according to whattheusers would like to have in the coming versions. Wewouldappreciate your feedback through ratings, comments oremails.

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QuickShortcutMaker 2.4.0 APK
This app can create a shortcut to anapplication from the list of activities which are installed on yourphone.Even if so many applications are installed, you can choose anactivity smoothly.You can also use the QuickShortcutMaker for searching the appwhich you want to launch.If you want to use the app which you don't use frequently, maybeyou have no shortcuts for it. So, you may have to search the appfrom a list of many apps. Even if you know the name of the app,it's hard to find it.In this situation, the QuickShortcutMaker will help you finding theapp. Please try!This may be useful. But please use it at your ownrisk!You can make shortcuts to hidden setting screens which are usuallynot accessible.Even if you encountered any problems using this app or shortcutscreated by this app, I don't have any responsibility about that.Please be sure to use this app at your own risk.About Internet access permission:From the version 2.0.1, for a more rapid improvement of the app,you will be requested an additional permission to access network sothat the app can send a detailed error report to developer.The app uses network only to send error reports.And when it communicates, a confirmation message will be displayed,so please rest assured.for Launcher3 of CyanogenmodIf you cannot create shortcut, please try the followingsteps:1. Long-tap the home screen.2. Tap "WIDGETS".3. Long-tap "Activities" which has the QuickShortcutMaker'sicon.4. Drag it to somewhere on the screen.5. QuickShortcutMaker will be launched.6. Select an activity, edit it, and tap "Create".7. A shortcut will be created on the home screen.Follow the updatesGoogle+https://plus.google.com/u/0/114542232871046503427Twitterhttps://twitter.com/sika_appRecent updates:(v2.4.0)- Added Italian and Arabic translations.- Adapted to AndroidPhone7 theme.- Changed dialog UI.- Fixed a bug that the shortcut for Google Play cannot beopened.- Added function to ask you to rate this app. (Forgive me if youdon't like such a thing.)(v2.3.0)- Added translations to many languages. (Français, Español,Português, Polski, 한국어, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), Bahasa Indonesia)- Added support for some other themes. (Atom / Solo, etc.)- Added several other improvements.(v2.2.0)- It is now possible to operate multiple items from the activitylist by long-tapping the items. You can add them to favorites orshare.- Changed the text format in which to share the applicationinformation.- Added the types of themes that can be selected icon (ADW / Nova /Apex / LauncherPro / GO / Holo).- Added the number of icons in the list of themes.- Changed the UI of shortcut editing screen.- Added German translation.- Added a lot of improvements.(v2.1.0)- Added support for tablet devices.- Added function to share app information as text.- Improved UI of some screens.- Fixed some bugs.(v2.0.3)- Added function to open the App info screen from the shortcutediting screen. (Android 2.3 or later only)- Fixed a minor bug and UI.(v2.0.2)- Fixed a bug that the app crashes while searching at a certaincondition.(v2.0.1)- Added error report function to send detailed information when theapp crashes or when you see "Failed to load" message.- Reduced consumption of the memory so that the models which havelow-memory not to crash.- Search results can be sorted order by names.- Increased speed of search.- Fixed a bug on setting icon.- Fixed a bug that the icon becomes smaller when you use the app ontablets.(v2.0.0)- Added history and favorite features.- Applied Android 4.0(ICS) UI style.- Activity list is now grouped by app.- Fixed some bugs.Keywordsquick, shortcut, maker, create
Sangiorgi Srl
**Devices WITHOUT root permissions and withAndroid >= 5.0 (Lollipop), can connect with this app but theyCANNOT view the WEP-WPA-WPA2****Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android < 5.0(Lollipop), CANNOT connect with this app and they CANNOT view theWEP-WPA-WPA2**Do you want to know if your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPSprotocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-Dlink+1-Belkin(root)-FTE-xxx-TrendNet-Asus-AiroconRealtek-EasyBox Arcadyan-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App allows to do PINS BRUTEFORCE in a SMART WAY ( ONLY FOR ROOTEDDEVICES )Why SMART?Because, app will try 11000 PINs COMBINATIONS rather than10^8.In fact, AP tells to your device if the first 4 of 8 digits of WPSPIN, are correct and the last digit is a checksum of previous 7digits.NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.And, app allows to notify if WPS is in LOCK STATE ( ROOT AND NOROOT ).NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.WPS Lock state is a state when Access Point, for security reasons,does not allow no more PINs. THEN is USELESS to try othersPINs.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.Privacy Policy :https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8000344
WordPress APK
WordPress for Android puts the power ofpublishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consumecontent. Write, edit, and publish posts to your site, check stats,and get inspired with great posts in the Reader. What’s more? It’sopen source.WordPress for Android supports WordPress.com and self-hostedWordPress.org sites running WordPress 3.5 or higher.Visit the forums to get help with the app:http://android.forums.wordpress.org
Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment resultsofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for runningyourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship,startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of ourapp:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and usercannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later frombookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with othersfrominside the app via popular social sharing applications.
WPS Connect 1.3.6 APK
With this app you'll can connect to WiFinetworks which have WPS protocol enabled. This feature was onlyavailable in version 4.1.2 of Android.App developed with educational purposes. I am not responsible forany misuse.Released under license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0:https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/WPS: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_Protected_SetupWPS Connect is focused on verifying if your router is vulnerable toa default PIN. Many routers that companies install ownvulnerabilities in this aspect. With this application you can checkif your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly.Includes default PINs, as well as algorithms such Zhao Chesung(ComputePIN) or Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN).Tested on:- LG G2- Nexus 5- Samsung Galaxy S3IMPORTANT!!Prior to an assessment, understand that it serves theapplication.
ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEINo of the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value
Sing! by Smule 5.2.3 APK
We all have a voice. Find yours. Use audioeffects and video filters while singing your favorite karaokesongs. Solo privately, karaoke with friends, connect with singersaround the world, or duet with celebrity artists like Nick Jonasand Ed Sheeran. Choose from millions of songs, create music videosand share them with our 50M+ musically minded, supportivecommunity. It’s just like karaoke, only better. Sing freetoday!Featured on Entertainment Tonight, Forbes, and Google Play’s BestApps.FEATURES• Sing along to new and classic songs with music and lyrics.Karaoke anytime, anywhere• Sound like a pro! Add studio polish with our amazing audioeffects• Use pitch correction and reverb to get real-time feedback on yoursinging• Apply video filters to make your recording look moreprofessional! Choose from Selfie, Vintage, Black & White,Sepia, and Fight Club• Share what you make on our global platform to get discovered.Love, comment and share other videos• Upload your song to the Smule Sing! Songbook for other singers toperform• Connect with Facebook to find and karaoke with friends on SmuleSing! Chat with other singers• Duet with the Artist - Shawn Mendes, James Arthur, Jessie J,Jason Derulo, Kylie Minogue, Linkin Park, X Ambassadors, OMI, CarlyRae Jepsen, Charlie Puth, Silento and many more• Beat your personal score and become a karaoke proWith new songs added daily, you can find your favorite songs andkaraoke hits all in one place. Choose from a massive catalog ofPop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Country, Soundtracks, Latin,K-Pop and more! Popular on Sing!:POP HITS & BALLADS:* Shape of You - Ed Sheeran* Play That Song - Train* Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes* Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur* Closer - The Chainsmokers, ft. Halsey* 7 Years - Lukas Graham* Rockabye - Clean Bandit, ft. Anne-Marie* Love me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding* All of Me - John LegendNEW CLASSICS & KARAOKE ESSENTIALS:* Killing Me Softly - The Fugees* I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor* Un-break My Heart- Toni Braxton* Happy - Pharrell Williams* Eye of the Tiger - Survivor* Bohemian Rhapsody - QueenMUSICALS & SOUNDTRACKS:* Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast (Disney)* Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid (Disney)* Let It Go - Idina Menzel (from Frozen by Disney)* Cups (When I’m Gone) - Anna KendrickDon’t see your must-sing karaoke jam? Upload to the Smule Sing!Songbook:https://www.smule.com/support/upload#songbookCONNECTING THE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC™We believe that music is much more than just listening— it's aboutcreating, sharing, discovering, participating, and connecting withpeople. It is the original social network with the power to breakdown barriers, touch souls and bring people together from all overthe world.Lots of talents get discovered through our Sing! platform. Showyour support and meet incredible singers from all over the world.Skip the karaoke bar - karaoke free, sing anywhere, show off yourtalent, and get fans!LOOK GREAT, SOUND LIKE A PRONo matter what kind of singer you are, you can sound amazing everytime with Smule Sing!’s voice enhancement technology. Like being ina recording studio, use special voice effects and video filters tochange the pitch, add reverb, autotune, and smooth overimperfections with our Selfie filter. Love singing along to songson the radio? If you are musically inclined, have imagined singinga solo on stage, performing a duet with a pop star, or joining anacapella group, download Sing! for free today! Smule is asupportive, joyful community where music-making at all levels isencouraged and appreciated.FOLLOW US and keep up with new major artists and featured singerson Sing!http://www.smule.comhttp://www.facebook.com/smulehttp://www.youtube.com/smulehttp://www.twitter.com/smulehttp://plus.google.com/+smuleHave questions on a particular permission?http://www.smule.com/support/sing#androidThis app has been Superpowered
Administrator 1.3 APK
Simple app that lets you control your wirelessconnections ANDROID device.Features:- Turn onTurn data connection, WIFI and BLUETOOTH.- See the list of the connected BLUETOOTH devices withinreach.- Multi-language: Spanish and English.