Top 24 Games Similar to Rock Life - The Guitar Legend

Rock Hero 1.1
Rock Hero is the ultimate music-rhythmstylegame that will test your skills to play the guitar and followtherhythm of the music. This game including 9 songs which you canplaythem in 3 different difficulties.Also you can choose songs from your mobile device for evenmorefun!Hit the notes at the right time to get the highest score!Features:• 3 different music styles.• 9 incredible songs.• 3 difficult levels• Global scores!• Cool graphics and effects!• Better controls and gameplay!
Rock vs Guitar Legends 2017 HD 1.36
Play free imitation guitar. Trainyourprecision reflexes help of this unique and fun game. Aftertappingthe drives and precision timing and rhythm get score. Youhave tocatch the stars rushing to beat. Enjoy beautiful graphicsandvisual effects. This application was created for fans ofrock,electric and acoustic musical instruments. Become a trueguitarheroes.Game features:- 27 creative commons music songs.- Online Multiplayer- Online leaderboards.- Advanced 3D graphics with smooth reflections.- Lights with glow effects, and beautifully coloredparticleeffects.For more details about authors of songs visit our web site.Your use of Rock vs Guitar Legends 2017 HD is free of chargeinexchange for safely using some of your device's resources (WiFiandvery limited cellular data), and only when you are not usingyourdevice. You may turn this on/off from the settings menu.Basically, this service is turned off and we do not force theuserto turn it on.
Real Guitar 4.24
Kolb Apps
The way to become a guitar hero is veryeasy!Get to know the Real Guitar: the best and most completeAndroidguitar app on Google Play. From the same developer of RealDrum,Real Percussion, Funk Brasil and Tabla.Super simple to use! Real Guitar is an application thatsimulatesacoustic and electric guitar very realistically on thescreen ofyour phone/tablet.A fun, lightweight and easy to use application. Ideal for anyonewhowants to study or play the guitar without making too much noiseortaking up too much space. You can play chords and solos on several levels, choosing over1,500different chords. It is also possible to play alonglivemusic.Made for guitarists, professional musicians, amateurs orbeginners.Easy to use! Play anytime and test your skill with thisapp thatsimulates a super real guitar!The app comes with 16 super cool loops to play along withvariousrhythms (Rock, Funk and percussive rhythms). Also it hasthreemodes of play: Easy Chords, Normal Chords and Solo. And toincreasethe experience the application has realistic sounds ofAcousticGuitar, Clean Electric Guitar and Guitar with Overdrive.Soundsrecorded with studio audio quality! Check out the details of Real Guitar:- Audio without delays- Studio audio quality- Customizable chord sequence- 3 types of acoustic and electric guitar- 3 play modes- 16 super fun loops to play along- High fidelity guitar sounds- Recording mode- Export your records to MP3- Works on all screen resolutions - Telephones and Tablets(HDImages)- Free Application- Easy to use- Make a HIT and become a guitar hero!- Touch & play!Live the true experience ofmusicsimulators        We at Kolb Apps are musicalizing the world! It's super easy toplayReal Guitar: follow and play along with 16 fun and simple tousesuper loops. Just follow the tips.Let's take the steps:- First touch the guitar icon and choose the model of guitarthatyou like: guitar, clean electric guitar or guitarwithoverdrive.- Then choose how to play: easy chords, normal chords or solo.Youcan also choose the chords according to what you need, addingorexcluding notes.- Then touch the blue icon (play), then choose the Loop tabandchoose a rhythm.- When you start, make your hit. Be a Guitar Hero! Good luck!Exclusive audio system without delaysWith differentiated gameplay our super kits allow you toplaymultiple notes at the same time without any audio lag. Youcanrecord a music and then play play along with your yourrecording.It also allows you to improvise over other songs fromyour library.Come on! Touch & play!Test your talentCome on and play with the most complete free Android guitar apponGoogle Play! Suitable for children of all ages. With RealGuitaryou can feel the taste of being a guitar hero! Or a acousticguitarmaster! Join on the largest guitar community for mobiledevices.Show your talent for friends and family. Have millions offansaround the world!The app is free, but you can remove all ads by purchasingalicense!Try the best, most complete, and easy to use guitar app onGooglePlay! Rise your technique with the best excellence inmusicapplications.
Music Hero 2.1
Words Mobile
Music Hero is the most rockin' and the only music rhythm gamethatyou can play with your own music! Get ready to feel the rhythmasyou tap tap your cell phone screen now!Are you ready to rock and revenge? Tap your way through thesongswith this easy to learn rhythm game. You can play with thepreloadsongs or your local music files by your favorite artists.Music Heroincludes a brand new visual experience with beautifullightingeffects and animations.How to Play:- Tap the discs when passing the bar at the bottom to scorepointsfor accuracy and timingGame Features:- Support local MP3 music files- Simple, Standard and Expert difficulty levels- Visually striking user interfaceNotes:1. The embedded guitar music The required permissions is needed to help set your own musicasringtone.
Guitar Legend 1.0.4
Download the best guitarherostylegame,testyour skills playing the guitar and followtherhythmofthemusic.Enjoy hours of fun in the career mode playing inatouraroundtheworld, buy new guitars and customizeyourcharacter.You can also play a classic mode in 4difficultiestomasterthegame.Do you love your stored songs, no problem, you canplaythemandenjoyhours of fun.Buy and use power ups to pass difficult songs.Features:• 15 different built-in tracks, withcustomconfigurationforabetter game experience.• 4 difficulties to choose.• A career mode.• Global scores!• Achievements.• Stunning graphics and effects!• Song analysis.
Band Game: Piano, Guitar, Drum 1.48
Band Game is features an array ofinstrumentsto create songs with! It features 3 different band setups whichwere all recorded professionally giving a realistic musicsound.You can play the drums with different beats and then add yourownpiano or guitar melody on top, before throwing in bassguitartoo.Band Game Features:> Rock Band mode:-- Real Electric Guitar-- Grand Piano-- Volume Bass Guitar-- Full Drum Kit> Electronic Band mode:-- Synthesizer Keyboard lead-- Synthesizer Keyboard rhythm-- Bass Pad Machine-- Drum machine> Acoustic Band mode:-- Lead Nylon Acoustic Guitar-- Rhythm Nylon Acoustic Guitar-- Bass Guitar-- Soft Stick Drum Kit> Quad row layouts with easy to use interface> Real recorded sounds creating great sounding music.> Reset and Mute function> Beautiful graphics throughout> Fast Launch and load timeTap an instrument sound box to start playing it, while selectinganddeselecting others to create your own music - your ownsongs!Be the Band!Be the Music Master!This app features a 3rd party system that supports thedevelopmentand maintenance of the app. See the links forfullinformation.
BEAT MP3 2.0 - Rhythm Game 2.5.4
Including MP3 file, moreover whole ofextensionof music file can be supported.You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game with your OWN musiclibraryin your smartphone.Hit the notes at the correct time to get the highest scorethenshare your score with your friends,And challenging to world record.Feature of BEAT MP3.- This game includes exclusive music analysis system, makesperfectbeat timing looks like which song writers made it.- It also has random beat system which makes different kind ofgameeven with the same song.- You can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precisionsonganalysis.- It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect, especially fevermodewill make you immersed in this game.- Adding ranking system with global competitor.- Adding search function of the song on your phone.Various options.- Linearly adjustment for difficulty- 9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)- Long note on/off function- Slide note on/off function- Beat sound on/off function- Support fourdifferentlanguage(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)Provides guitar, drum, and music games.BEATMP3
Beat Heroes 1.4
Music & Hero
The best guitar rhythm style game,testyourskills playing the guitar and follow the rhythm ofthemusic.Also you can choose songs from your mobile device forevenmorefun!Hit the notes at the right time to get the highest score!If you like this game, don't forget to give us five starhighpraise,and to recommend to your good friends.You can use headphone to get better gameplay.All the play is FREE,go and try it now!!!Features:• 3 difficult levels.• Cool graphics and effects!• Better controls and gameplay!• Song analysis.
Guitarreiro 2.9.6
Milasoft Games
Acerte as notas no tempo certo e mostrequevocê é um ótimo guitarrista.Em guitarreiro você toca as versões criadas pelo Metaleiromaisinsano do Youtube.Você pode personalizar o braço da guitarra e testar suashabilidadesjogando temas como Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, Gameof Thrones,entre outros clássicos de animes, games e séries.Músicas novas são inseridas periodicamente nas atualizaçõesdogame.Divirta-se agora com o novo jogo do Metaleiro: Guitarreiro!Hit the notes at therighttime and show that you're a great guitar player.In guitarreiro you play versions created by the mostinsaneMetalhead Youtube.You can customize the fretboard and test your playing skillstopicssuch as Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, Game of Thrones, amongotherclassics of anime, games and songs are inserted periodically in the game updates.Have fun now with the new game Metalhead: Guitarreiro!
Real Guitar - Guitar Simulator 4.2.0
Tiny Spider
Real Guitar - Guitar Simulator turnsyourandroid into a real instrument! The best guitar simulatorforandroid devices, get an almost real guitar for FREE! HDgraphicsand high quality audio samples.Guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and even charango are available toplayin this app★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★♬ Amazing chord database!♬ A LOT of instruments, including:♩ Acoustic Guitar♩ Classic Guitar♩ Eletric Clean Guitar♩ Electric Distortion Guitar♩ Acoustic Bass♩ Electric Bass♩ Electric Bass Distorted♩ Classic Ukulele♩ Hawaiian Ukulele♩ Plectrum Banjo♩ Classic Charango♬ Multiple game modes!♩ Chord Mode: Tap the selected chord, and play the strings!♩ MIX Mode: Every fret represents a specific chord of yourselectedsong, just play!♩ Solo: Tap the strings in the specific fret to play a note!♩ Real: Works as a real guitar, tap the frets in the fretboard,andplay the strings in the bottom!♬ Song maker / editor!♩ A lot of preset songs, including Wonderwall, Imagine, NothingElseMatters, Behind Blue Eyes, and more!♩ Create your favourite songs to play within the game!Supportsvariations, and customizations!♬ Completely free!♩ Enjoy ALL game features for FREE!♩ Optional purchase ad-free version!♬ Chord Editor♩ If the huge amount of chords is not enough, you can add YOUROWNCHORDS!♩ All chord variations you want!Download this game and have fun playing guitar!
Guitar Dash 4.0
Welcome to Guitar DashPlay free imitation guitar.Train your precision reflexes help of this unique andfungame.After tapping the drives and precision timing andrhythmgetscore.You have to catch the stars rushing to beat.Enjoy beautiful graphics and visual effects.This application was created for fans of rock, electricandacousticmusical instruments.Become a true guitar heroes.Game features:- 10 creative commons music songs.- Advanced 3D graphics with smooth reflections.- Lights with glow effects, and beautifullycoloredparticleeffects.
Guitar Legend 3.2
Siroco Venture
KISS YOUR AIR GUITAR GOODBYE!Guitar Legend gives you all the thrill and excitement of beingaguitar legend. Master it and became a real Guitar Legend.-------------------------------Guitar Legend is completely free to play-------------------------------Guitar Legend features:● Play incredible rock songs● Complete challenging levels● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
BEAT MP3 - Rhythm Game 1.5.7
★★★ Next generation auto music analysisrhythmgame BEAT MP3! ★★★Including MP3 file, moreover whole of extension of music file canbesupported.You can enjoyed this awesome rhythm game with your OWN musiclibraryin your mobile devicesHit the notes at the correct time to get the highest scorethenshare your score with your friendsFeature of BEAT MP3.- This game includes exclusive music analysis system, makesperfectbeat timing looks like which song writers made it.- It also has random beat system which makes different kind ofgameeven with the same song.- You can enjoy the game without loading after 1st precisionsonganalysis.- It’s cozy, fantastic graphic and effect, especially fevermodewill make you immersed in this game.- It adds more exciting system with random bonus event.- Auto accumulated system with 10 coins per 30 minutes.Various options.- 3 different lines ( 4,5,6 lines)- 9 steps speed ( 1x to 5x with 0.5 step)- 4 steps mode ( Easy,Normal,Hard,Crazy)- Beat sound on/off function- Random beat on/off function( everytime you’ll se differentnoteeven with same song)- Support fourdifferentlanguage(Korean,Japanese,English,Chinese)Provides guitar, drum, and music games.ver 1.1.61.Fever button bug fixedVer 1.1.51. Miss judgment fixed.Touch a blank area not miss2. It judges became more details.3. Changed the color of long note&slide note.Ver 1.1.0Updates1. Enlarge the touch area2. Add buttons FEVER3. bug correction which terminates the game while running.
Music Heroes: New Rhythm game 2.6
Adv Tech LTD
A fun guitar style game will test yourskillsto play the guitar and follow the rhythm of the music.Do you love your stored songs, no problem, you can play themandenjoy hours of fun.Get ready to feel the rhythm as you tap tap your cell phonescreennow!Features:• 3 difficult levels• Cool graphics and effects!• Better controls and gameplay!
Be a Rock Hero - 9 Lagrimas 1.1
zarapps games
Play guitar until be a rock hero with thebestmusical game for AndroidA fun guitar hero style game will test your skills to playtheguitar and follow the rhythm of the music.Be a Rock Hero - 9 Lagrimas includes six incredible songsfromTempus Fugit the last album of 9 Lagrimas.9 Lagrimas is a spanish rock band.You will need all your reflexes and skills to masterthisgame.Play guitar as a rockstar, unlock all songs and be aRockHero!!Hit the notes at the right time to get the highest score!Features:• 6 incredible songs.• Cool graphics and effects!• Better controls and gameplay!Play guitar with Be a Rock Hero - 9 Lagrimas
Cytus 10.0.10
❖❖Welcome to the Musical World ofCytus❖❖LET’S EXPERIENCE MUSIC ’N ART, BEAT ’N REBOUND!Check the screenshots and you will see the most AWESOME mobilemusicgame ever!Just PLAY and ENJOY!❖FEATURES❖- 200 songs and 400 variations, including many from famouscomposersaround the world- Beautiful hand-drawn art style (as illustrated inthescreenshots)- Easy, intuitive Active Scan Line system and 3 types ofnotes- Different display modes allow player-friendly previewingofnotes- Strong beat and rhythms provide satisfying feedback fortaps- More than 9 difficulty levels for more fun and challenges- Various music genres: POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM 'NBASSand many more- Connect to Facebook and show off your Cytus skills❖HOW TO PLAY❖- Follow along the Active Scan Line- Tap each note as the line passes through- Time your taps as the line is at the center of the note forahigher score!❖STORY❖In the distant future, the only sentient beings in the worldarerobots.They are the last remnant of the human spirit.However, mankind is not dead.Technology exists that is capable of transferring memories totheserobots.But with limited space, new memories will gradually overwritetheold.To prevent the emotions in human memories from fading away,therobots resorted to converting the emotions to music, andstoringthem in a place called Cytus.The robots use these songs to experience human emotion anddreamthat souls exists in each of them...Cytus──────────────────────Cytus Official Site: Official Site: http://www.rayark.comFollow Cytus Cytus
Real Drum - The Best Drum Pads Simulator 7.13
Kolb Apps
Become a new ROCK STAR! Know the REAL DRUM:Thebest and most complete Google Play free app. Super simple touse,the app simulates a real battery on your phone/tablet screen.Toplay it, simply tap your fingers on the drum parts and the soundofthe instrument plays simultaneously. A fun, easy to useandlightweight application. Ideal for anyone who wants to studyorplay drums without making so much noise or taking up a lotofspace.Now with news: you can customize the Pads of the applicationwithyour images and MP3 sounds and leave the app with the look thatyouwant and access new instruments. Made for drummers,percussionists,professional musicians, amateurs or beginners. Easyto use, play itat any time and test your skill!You do not have to know how to play drums, the Real Drum comeswith60 lessons of rhythms with a tutorial for you to learn toplay.Also comes with 33 super cool loops to play together like:Rock,Metal Heave, Funk, Blues, Dubstep House, Gospel among others.Andit even lets you keep track of music live.Check out the details of APP REAL DRUM:- Customize your battery: upload your own pictures andMP3sounds- Multitouch- 13 super drum pads- 45 realistic drum sounds- Studio audio quality- 60 examples super fun of rhythms with tutorial- 33 styles super loops to play together- Recording mode- Full and high fidelity acoustic drum kit- Export your recordings to MP3- Works on all screen resolutions - Phones and Tablets(HDImages)- Free APP- Easy to use- Simple handling: possible to change the Pads- Make a HIT and become a new ROCK STAR!The application is free, but you can remove all advertisementsbypurchasing a license!Try the best, most complete battery and simplest to use appfromGoogle Play!
Drum Solo: Rock! 2.4.1
Have fun and enjoy the amazing experienceofplaying rock and drumming with this multitouch acoustic drumkitsimulator. Play this game with your fingers (as it theyweresticks) in your mobile phone or tablet. This drum set game isfree,it has fast response, and includes different sound banksetsrecorded with studio quality.Record your songs and show them to your friends later. Playmusicloud with headset for a superior experience. Drum Solo: Rock!isdesigned for everyone: children, percussionists,musicians,drummers...The main features are:- High number of exclusive demo rhythm presets to learn toplaydrums- Immersion haptic feedback (tactile effects) for abetterexperience- Choose between 5 complete audio packs: Classic Rock, ModernRock,Heavy Metal, Jazz and Synthesizer- Multitouch drums. You can touch up to 200fingerssimultaneously.- Reverb effect simulates a live performance.- Record your own session and later, you can play on it, like arealdrum set machine. Double your experience!. You can record,play andrepeat your compositions. You can record un unlimitednumber ofnotes in your loops.- Realistic HQ sampled stereo sounds, including double kickbass,two toms, floor, snare, hi-hat (two positions with the pedal),2crash, splash, ride and cowbell- HD drums images.- Double bass drum available.- Animations for each instrument- Repeat button in order to play continuously yourimprovisations(playback mode).- Low latency for the beats (note: depending of youravailablememory and processor)- 13 touch sensitive touch pads.- Very fast loading time- Use it in conjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps(bass,piano, guitar...) to form your own band.Join us on Facebook:
Black Guitar Hero 1.2
DRILL STUDIO by the launch of a freshandelegant guitar rhythm masters like delicate hand travel.Xiaoqian is an very famous singer From China.Xiaoqian album fresh and elegant, with a rhythm master playingFajiaJi his playing and singing, we will let you have a veryfreshfeeling!Subsequent songs constantly updated
Real Guitar Music 1.4
Yac Dev Mobil
The best Real Guitar Music for AndroidPlay guitar on your device like on a real guitar!Real Guitar Music is similar to the real guitar and it is one ofthemost realistic guitar simulator apps featuring an awesomesoundquality. All the notes have been recorded from the liveelectricguitar. You can learn how to play the guitar with thisapp.High Quality sounds of guitar including: nylon guitar, steelguitar,distorted guitar...Various guitar sound.Real Guitar Music is a virtual guitar app that allows you tocomposemusic, play your own Music in a simple way.It features a new innovative way to start guitar instrument onyourphone., the best and easiest to use guitar chords appforAndroid.In this Guitar Simulator Music, you can learn how to play theguitarwithout teacher for free! Master each lesson in a funandinteractive way, Start playing Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin Musicandother music styles on this Real Guitar. While you play thelessonsyou will intuitively understand how to read music.Real Guitar Music is one of the most realistic guitar simulatorappsfeaturing a user-friendly interface and an awesome soundquality.With the help of Real Guitar you can easily strum, pluck,and strikethe strings to play the chord of any complexity andfigure out yourfavourite tunes, riffs and songs or make up yourown. You can learnand master new chords and jingles with RealGuitar, as well.Touch and make wonders.Music notes are almost like flying.After you play this Real Guitar Music you will feel relax withthesound of music.Fun is waiting for you.Have Fun!!!
Perfect Piano
Perfect Piano is an intelligent pianosimulatordesigned for Android phones and tablets. With in-builtgenuine pianotimbre, this app can teach you how to play the pianoand amuse youat the same time![ Intelligent Keyboard ]• 88-key piano keyboard• Single-row mode; Double-row mode; Dual players; Chords mode• Multitouch screen support• Force touch• Keyboard width adjustment• Multiple in-built sound effects: Grand piano, Bright Piano,MusicBox, Pipe Organ, Rhodes, Synthesiser• MIDI and ACC audio recording• Metronome• Direct sharing of recording file or set as ringtone• OpenSL ES low latency audio support (beta)[ Learn to Play ]• Learn thousands of popular music scores• Three guidance patterns: falling note, waterfall, musicsheet(stave)• Three play modes: auto play, semi-auto play, note pause• Left & right hand setup• A->B loop• Speed adjustment• Difficulty adjustment[ Multiplayer Connection & Competition ]• Play the piano with other players from all over the world• Make friends• Real-time online chat• Weekly new song challenge ranking• Create guilds[ Support USB MIDI Keyboard ]• Supports standard General MIDI protocol and allows theconnectionof MIDI keyboard (such as YAMAHA P105, Roland F-120,Xkey, etc.)through USB interface• Perfectly control the piano, play, record and compete viaexternalMIDI keyboard• Note: this function is only available for Android version 3.1orhigher and supports USB Host with the connection of USBOTGlines.[ Support Timbre Plug-ins ]• Timbre plug-ins are free to download and install, such asbass,electric guitar, wooden guitar, flute, saxophone,electronickeyboard, violin, chord, xylophone and harp.[ Piano Widget ]• A small piano widget for your home screen. You can play musicanytime without opening the App.If you have any questions regarding the use of app, pleasecontactus:• Feedback: re[email protected]• Business: [email protected]• Facebook:'s rock and roll!
Deemo 3.2.0
From team Cytus, a world acclaimed musicrhythmgame.Rayark brings you Deemo, a hybrid of music rhythm game and thestoryof urban fantasy, with hand-drawn art, story-telling galleryandreal instrumental feedback of piano key sound.Deemo is a mystic character lives in solitude, a castle, allbyitself. A little girl falls from the sky, not knowing who sheis,where she comes from. To help the little girl back to herworld,Deemo comes to realize a tree keeps growing tall on top ofthepiano whenever it plays. What would Deemo do when itgetscomfortable with the companionship it never had before? What ifthelittle girl couldn't deal with the truth when her seeminglylostmemories regained?!"Never left without saying goodbye".Features:-60+ Free songs in story mode- More than 220 songs in various music genres, many of whichfromfamous composers-Simple and intuitive gameplay-Twitter and Facebook score sharing function*The Free version has limited story progress, unlock theFullversion to enjoy the full experience of Deemo.
BEAT MP3 for YouTube 1.3.3
It is really easy to use.Search for YouTube videos you want to play using thesearchbutton.You can enjoy a rhythm game with that video.Features of BEATMP3 for YouTubeA music game with which you can now enjoy your favorite moviesandmusic as you please!BEATMP3 the representative of music games that has been playedbymore than 10 million with which you can now play musicgametogether with the videos of YouTube!!!Let's play rhythm games with videos of YouTube and music storedinyour mobile phone by simple operation!■ Let's play all the videos in YouTube!!!   Videos on YouTube will become the game!!!   Infinite movies that you can play andinfinitefun!■ Let's play songs that are in your smart phone!    You can play songs which are stored inyoursmart phone.    Notes are all the same. It's notfunnynow.    Let's enjoy the same song differentlywithautomatic generation of notes!■ Let's save favorite notes after playing!    You can save the notes which you likeamongthose automatically generated.BEATMP3, BEAT3, BIT3, BIT MP3, beat mp3, beatmp3, beat3, bit3,bitmp3, beat, BEATrhythm game, piano, guitar, drum
Real Bass 4.17
Kolb Apps
REAL BASS is a free application for theAndroidsystem that simulates acoustic and electric bass onyourphone/tablet screen. A fun, lightweight and easy to use app.Idealfor those who enjoy or want to learn to play.With Real Bass you can get a taste of being a master of thebassguitar! The application has realistic sounds of acoustic,fingered,picked, slapped, distorted and synthesized bass guitar.Soundsrecorded with studio-quality audio!Easy to use! It has a recording mode that allows you to tracklivemusic. For example, you can record a track and then give theplayand play a solo on your recording. The application comes with16loops to play along. Also allows you to improvise on top ofothersongs from your library.Features of Real Bass:* Multitouch* 6 types of bass guitar* 16 loops to play along* Realistic guitar sounds* Studio audio quality* Instruments such as electric bass guitars and acousticbassguitar* Recording mode* Export your records to mp3* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones andTablets(HD)* FreeThe application is free. But you can remove all advertisementsbypurchasing a license! Try the best bass app of the GooglePlay!Made for bassists, professional musicians, amateurs orbeginners!Have a good time!