Top 24 Apps Similar to Private Messages for BBM™

AutoText Ababil 4.3
English:Auto Text for Android BBM (Blackberry Messenger), Whatsapp(WA),Line, WeChat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, mig33 and other.New features.- Auto Text Expression- Auto Religious Texts- Laugh Auto Text- Ababil Text- Inverter Text (Reversed Text)- Auto Text Ramadhan dan Lebaran Special EditionHow to use:- Long Click item text to copy text to the clipboard , paste ittoanywhere- Click Text to share on many social media such as BBM,Whatsapp(WA), Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, mig33, KakaoTalkandothers.└ºνє♡ u..Bahasa Indonesia:Android Auto Teks untuk BBM (Blackberry Messanger), Whatsapp(WA),Line, Wechat, Facebook Messanger, Mig33 dan lainnyadenganfitur-fitur yang baru.- Auto Teks Ekspresi- Auto Teks Religi- Auto Teks Ketawa- Teks Ababil- Teks Inverter (Teks Terbalik)- Auto Text Ramadhan dan Lebaran 1435 H... *…*…*..lovelovelove….*..*.lovelovelovelove…*…………….*….*.*..lovelovelovelovelo…*………*..lovel….**..lovelovelovelovelove…*….*…lovelovelo.**.. lovelovelovelovelove…*….*…lovelovelo.*.*..lovelovelovelovelove…*..*…lovelovelo…*..*…lovelovelovelovelove..*…lovelovelo…*…*….lovelovelolovelovelovelovelovelo…*…..*….lovelovelovelovelovelovelov…*……..*….lovelovelovelovelovelo…*………..*….lovelovelovelove…*……………*…lovelovelo….*………………*..lovelo…*…………………*…..*………………….*..*Cara penggunaan (How to Use):- Long Click text (klik dan tahan) untuk meng-copy tekskeclipboard- Click Text untuk menampilkan menu share ke berbagai socialmediaseperti: BBM, Whatsapp (WA), Line, Wechat, FacebookMessanger,Mig33, KakaoTalk dan lainnya.
اضافات بلاك بيري 2.8
هل تبحث عن اصدقاء للتواصل معهم عبر تطبيقالبلاكبيري ؟هل تريد نشر البن (PIN) الخاص بك للأكبر عدد من الاشخاص ؟هل تعبت من نشر حسابك في اللستات ؟تطبيق اضافات البلاك بيري سوف يساعدك على نشر حسابك واضافة الكثيروالكثير من الاصدقاء كذلك التعارف على أصدقاء جدد لان تحتاج الىلستاتلنشر حسابك بعد الأن .ما يميز تطبيقنا هو التفاعل السريع مع تطبيق البلاك بيري كل ماتحتاجههو الضغط على PIN فقط .Are you lookingforfriends to communicate with them through the application oftheBlackBerry?Do you want to publish coffee (PIN) for yourself for thegreatestnumber of people?Are you tired of publishing your Allstadt?BlackBerry application additions will help you to spreadyouraccount and add a lot and a lot of friends as well as datingnewfriends because you need to Stat to spread youraccountanymore.What distinguishes our application is the rapid interaction withtheapplication of the BlackBerry all you need is pressure onallPIN.
تعارف بلاك بيري اضافات دوت كوم 1.0
برنامج متخصص في تعارف مستخدمي البلاكبيريماسنجر bbm حيث يمكنك من نشر واضافة البن كود .طريقة اضافة البن كود الخاص بك في التطبيق :- قم بفتح التطبيق .- اضغط على زر اضافه بن كود جديد ( في اعلى التطبيق ).- اكتب الاسم و البن كود الخاص بك و التعليق .- اضغط على زر اضافه بن كود جديد .Program specialistindating users of BlackBerry Messenger bbm where you can publishandcoffee Add code.How to add coffee your code in the application: - Open the application. - Press the button to add a new code bin (at the top oftheapplication). - Type the name, coffee your code and comment. - Press the button to add a new code bin.
2go Interactive
2go is a mobile social network where youcanchat and share with friends and meet new people!- Create your own profile and upload profile pictures- Meet new people in chat rooms- Share files, photos and voice notes- Play games in rooms
AutoText Pro 3.1.1
English:Chat Message that can convert pure text to alay text.Support WhatsApp (WA), Blackberry Messanger (BBM), Line,KakaoTalk,FB, SMS and Mig33.Kami hadir kembali, merilis autotext yang dapat dijalankanmulaidari versi Android Gingerbread (GB) 2.3, ICS dan Kitkat.Dengan tambahan fitur-fitur menarik diantaranya:- Autotext Alay khusus buat warga Indonesia- Autotext Islami- Text Style: Ubah Teks biasa ke bentuk super alayversi terbaru ini masih memerlukan pengembangan lebih lanjut,Mohonmasukannya.
Animated Sticker for messenger 1.4.0
More than 1000 animated stickers, Over20categories, and Totally Free, this is what this APPwilloffer.This APP is a free animated library for emoticon, smileyandstickers, you can use them when messaging with your friendsusingany social app (e.g. WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Bluetooth,gMail,Messages (MMS), Facebook, G+, Skype, Viber, IM+, Hi5,BBM,Telegram, etc.).), it will add excitement and surprise foryourmessage.★ FEATURES• It is Free!• 1000+ emoticon, smiley and stickers under 20 categories!e.g. Pretty Girl, Kawai Rabbit, Naughty Cat, Emotional Dog,LittleYellow Duck, Watermelon Sister, Greedy Piggy etc. You willfind theone which you like.• They are animated!• Easy to use• Provide 2 ways to send the animated emoticon, either GIF orvideo.For some apps do not support the animated pic, send as videowillmake the same result.★ HOW TO USE• Step 1: Click the emoticon you want to send, then it willmovingon the top of the screen.• Step 2: Click on the arrow on the right, and choose to sendthesticker as ‘Animated gif’ or ‘Video’.• Step 3: Select the chat application and share thisanimatedsticker with your friend. Simple as it is!★ USEFUL TIPS• You can save the frequently used emoticon / stickers / smileysto‘Favorite’ by long clicking it. If you do not like it any more,youcan also remove from the ‘Favorite’ by long clicking it inthisbucket.• Click on Menu button to rate for this app and share this appwithyour friend.Can not wait to see how surprised your friends will be whileseeyour message, right?DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND HAVE A TRY! Hope you like it as othersdo!Thanks a lot!
Tema Panda by SGP 4.0
SGP Themes
Tema Lucu Baru MingguanIni manis untuk kamu,> Super Lucu disesuaikan dengan ikon set> Efek Blur> Tersedia untuk semua perangkat> Font Gratis> Auto Rotate> dan banyak lagi .. :)Stunning New WeeklyThemesIt's sweet to you,> Super Cute customizable with icons set> Blur Effects> Available for all devices> Free Font> Auto Rotate> And many more .. :)
InMessage - Chat, meet, dating
Tap Genius Ltd.
InMessage allows you to date directlywithnearby users or anyone you like on Instagram / Facebook,PrivateMessage!Now with InMessage you can enjoy a totally private conversationwithany Instagram / Facebook user whose photos attract youthemost.Features:✓ Chat with friends or any Instagram / Facebookuserprivately.✓ Browse profiles of anyone you are interested in or andstartchatting immediately.✓ Discover new people with excellent taste and make friendswiththem.✓ Able to know the users who viewed your profiles and chatwiththem.✓ You can manage the list of users that have tagged you as“Like”and chat with them.✓ Personalize chat bubbles with lovely themes to make yourchattingstand out.✓ Express your feelings with gunny sticker while chattingwithothers.✓ Sign in with your Instagram / Facebook Account,NOregistration✓ View nearby InMessage users and begin chatting.✓ Block List: Prohibit selected users from contacting you.Download the app, and start talking with anyone you likerightnow!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer:InMessage Match uses the Instagram API but is not affiliated withorendorsed in any way by Instagram™ or their affiliates.AllInstagram™ logos and Instagram™ trademarks displayed onthisapplication are property of Instagram.
Full Display Profile w/o Crop 8.1.5
Full Display Profile without Crop isalightweight application that can help you set of displayphotowithout cropping photo.Select an image from the gallery and do selection of thedesiredarea.So, an important moment in your photo will not be missed.You can also send your photos to your friends with justoneclick.Set as Display Profile or share on many social media such asBBM(BlackBerry Messenger), WhatsApp (WA), Wallpaper, Facebook,Gmail,Instagram just in one click.*TIPS:Choose "stretch image" to improve image quality.
Double On for Tablet 4.1.1
This App give you tutorial step by step howtosetup dual on for your Tablet.With various theme, you can choose your favorite style.- Material Design- Transparent Themes- Simple and SmartYou need at least 20MB Internet Data to use it.
StickerPicker Keyboard
★ The best stickers and GIFs on theInternet,free for use on all messaging apps ★Works with SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat,GoogleHangouts and many more!StickerPicker is a keyboard with a 100% free library ofexclusivestickers and animated GIF! No ads and no registrationrequired -just have fun!Browse dozens of stickers that you won't find anywhere else(they'recreated exclusively for StickerPicker by our talentedartists),download them all for free, and let StickerPicker do therest!StickerPicker keeps track of your favourite stickers and GIFforquick access and lets you send them with all your favouriteapps.The built-in keyboard keeps your favorite content atyourfingertips!HOW TO SEND A STICKER OR GIF IN CHAT APPS● Enable the StickerPicker keyboard and set it as yourdefaultkeyboard● In your chat app, access the content directly from yourkeyboardby pressing the button next to the space bar● Tap on a sticker or GIF, it will be shared with yourchatapp!● Alternatively, launch the StickerPicker app, pick a sticker orGIFand choose an app to send it withGo wild!(Compatible with SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, GoogleHangouts,LINE, WeChat, Skype, imo, kik, Viber, GO SMS, KakaoTalk,textPlus,BBM, Cubie, Chomp SMS and many more)
Palringo Group Messenger 7.7.4
Palringo is a unique second world where youcanchat, play and build a 'virtual you'. Grow your profile levelandgain reputation simply by hanging out, chatting andplayingaddictive in-chat games. Make friends from all over theworld inmore than 350,000 user created groups or even start yourveryown!FEATURES:- Immerse yourself in the 'second world' of Palringo- Make new friends and build your own communities- Choose from thousands of lively group chats or chat 1 to 1- Earn achievements and Reputation to grow your level- Play addictive games while you chat- Easily share pictures and send audio recordings- No adsThe app is localised to French, German, Russian, SpanishandPortuguese Brazilian although there is no formal support fortheselanguages.Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: @PalringoEmail us on [email protected] for any questions, problemsorfeedback.
تعارف بلاك بيري تاون
عشاق ومستخدمي تطبيق BBM الشهير من شركهبلاكبيري نقدم لكم اليوم تطبيق موقع تعارف بلاك بيري تاون المعروفلدىالكثير من المستخدمين على مدار اربع سنوات سابقه من العطاءلعشاقالبلاك بيريالتطبيق يحتوي على لسته بها اكثر من مليون ونصف رقم بن وبزياردهملحوظهحيث انه بامكان مستخدمي التطبيق مشاهده العدد فى كل مره يقومالمستخدمبالدخول للتطبيقما يقدمه التطبيق :-1- امكانية تصفح اللسته من خلال هاتفك مباشرا فى كل دخول جديدمنالتحديث اللحظي للسته .2- امكانية نشر رقم البن الخاص بك كل 12 ساعه وذلك لكثر زوارالموقعواتاحه الفرصه لجميع زوار الموقع3- امكانية نشر رقم البن بفئة التميز .4- امكانية اضافه رقم البن مباشرة الي اللسته الخاصه بهاتفك دونالحاجهالى النسخ واللصق5- التطبيق يدعم جميع هواتف الاندرويد وايضا هواتف بلاك بيري 10نامل ان ينال التطبيق على رضاكمLovers and users oftheapplication of the famous company Blackberry BBM offer youtodaythe application of long relationship BlackBerry Town siteknown toa lot of users over the four years of its predecessortender loversBlackBerryThe application contains a six by more than a million and a halfandNo. bin Bzaardh noticeable where he could watch the number ofusersof the application each time the user to enter theapplicationWhat submit application: -1. possibility Allsth browse through your phone directly onanall-new entry intraday update for the six.2. the possibility of publishing your number coffee every 12hoursand that for many visitors to the site and the opportunity forallvisitors to the site3. The possibility of publishing number CoffeeExcellencecategory.4. possibility of adding a number of coffee directly to Allsthyourphone without the need to copy and paste5. The application supports all Android phones as well asBlackBerry10We hope to obtain the application to your satisfaction
GroupMe - the free, simple way tostayconnected with those who matter most.Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. Greek Life.Bands.Faith Groups. Events. Vacations.“Lifechanger.... utterly indispensable”-Gizmodo- START CHATTINGAdd anyone to a group via their phone number or email address.Ifthey are new to GroupMe, they can start chatting overSMSimmediately.- CONTROL NOTIFICATIONSYou’re in charge! Choose when and what type of notificationsyoureceive. Mute specific chats, or the entire app – you canevenleave or end group chats.- SAY MORE THAN WORDSGo ahead – fall in love with our exclusive emoji.- THE WHOLE INTERNET IN YOUR GROUPMeme images, search and send GIFs, and see content shared fromURLsdisplayed in the chat.- SHARE NOW, RELIVE LATERThe gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photosandvideos shared in your group now, or later.- LEAVE TEXTING BEHINDWith direct messages, you can use all the features you loveforgroup chat, but one-on-one. It’s like texting, but better.- CHAT WHEREVER YOU AREIncluding from your computer at groupme.comWhether separated by a hallway or a hemisphere, GroupMe allowsyouto stay in touch with the connections that count. Get yourgrouptogether.We want to hear your feedback!Email: [email protected]: @GroupMeFacebook: @GroupMeLove,Team GroupMeNOTE: SMS chat currently available in US only. Standardtextmessaging rates may apply.Privacy Policy: member of the Skype family
Find Status 1.0
Explore the largest collection of statusandmessages for your loved ones, friends and all your occasions.Justpick any of them and start sharing on social networks withFindStatus!!More than 50+ categories to go with. Get notification whennewstatus and messages are added. Special categories automaticallygetdisplayed at top before any special occasion eve (NewYear,Christmas, Diwali, Valentine etc.), so you can share newmessagesand status!!!FIND STATUS FEATURES:* Push Notification when new status or messages get added.* Special Categories added on special occasions.* Copy, Share status on various apps like facebook,twitter,whatsapp, bbm, wechat,line using find status.* Post status and messages on facebook.* Search status and messages using keywords.* Submit status and messages to our database.
SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share 4.1.3
VERSION 4 PROMOTIONS:★ Sale 25% off SuperBeam PRO★ Free 14 days PRO trial (find it in the navigationdrawermenu!)SuperBeam 4.0 is the easiest and fastest way tosharelarge files between your devices using WiFi direct.Devicescan be paired using QR codes (with the included QRcodescanner) , NFC or manual sharing key (PRO).No more clicks and manual approvals for connections.SuperBeammakes file sharing as convenient and fast as itshould havebeen, because it is 2015 already!Features:• Blazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi direct.• Pair devices using NFC or QR code scanning.• Sharing with devices that do not have SuperBeam throughwebinterface.• Share single or multiple files of any type (photos, videos,zipfiles, APK's, contacts... You name it!).• Keep history of all transfer operations.• Modern Material Design user interface, withsimplifiedsend/receive screens (which can be merged under userinterfacesettings).• Light, dark and AMOLED color themes.All received files are stored under "/sdcard/SuperBeam"directoryby default, this can be changed in settings (PRO). Don'tworry aboutduplicate files, SuperBeam will automatically addunique numbers toduplicate file names.SuperBeam Switches to hotspot mode automatically for devicesthatdon't support WiFi direct. Also, it can use existing WiFinetworkconnection between devices in case WiFi direct fails.Get more, upgrade to PROUpgrade to SuperBeam PRO and get much more awesome features:• No more ads.• Super easy sharing with your computer using SuperBeam app forPC(compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac)• Change default save location to any available storage.• Send entire folders and preserve their structure.• Receive using manual sharing keys.• Send to more than one device at the same time.• Share unlimited number of files on web interface, with theabilityto download complete structured zip.• Unlimited history records.• And much more!PRO Version Link others are saying★ "A great file transfer tool for power users" -AndroidCentral★ "Full-featured and well-written app" - CNET Asia★ "This app is simple to use, convenient, and most importantlyitworks!" - XDA Developers★ "A simple concept: share files of any size via NFC verification"★ "A Dream!" -★ "Tap and share files for real!" -★ "Makes sharing files between devices quicker and easier"★ "The transfer happens lightning fast" -★ One of "10 new Android apps worth checking" -AndroidAndMe.comSupport:Twitter: @SuperBeamAppEmail: [email protected] support thread: permissions:• To manage WiFi Direct connection:ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE,CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE, ACCESS_WIFI_STATE&CHANGE_WIFI_STATE.• To receive using QR scanner or Near Field Communication:CAMERA& NFC.This app uses zxing library for QR code encoding anddecoding(
Threema GmbH
Threema is the world’s favoritesecuremessenger and keeps your data out of the hands ofhackers,corporations and governments. Threema can be usedcompletelyanonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voicecalls, andoffers every feature one would expect from astate-of-the-artinstant messenger. With Threema Web, you can alsouse Threema fromyour Desktop.PRIVACY AND ANONYMITYThreema is designed to generate as little data on serversaspossible – this is a core part of our concept. Groupmembershipsand contact lists are managed on your device only, andnever storedon our servers. Messages are immediately deleted afterthey havebeen delivered. Local files are stored encrypted on yourmobilephone or tablet. All this effectively prevents the collectionandmisuse of your personal information, including meta data.HIGHEST ENCRYPTION STRENGTHThreema end-to-end encrypts all your communication,includingmessages, voice calls, group chats, files and even statusmessages.Only the intended recipient, and nobody else, can readyourmessages. Threema uses the trusted open source NaClcryptographylibrary for encryption. The encryption keys aregenerated andsafely stored on user’s’ devices to prevent backdooraccess orcopies.COMPREHENSIVE FEATURESThreema is not only an encrypted and private messenger butalsoversatile and feature-rich.• write text and send voice messages• make voice calls• share videos, pictures and locations• send any type of file (pdf, animated gif, mp3, doc,zip,etc.)• use Threema Web to chat from your Desktop• create groups• conduct polls with the unique poll feature• choose between a dark and a light theme• quickly and silently reply with the uniqueagree/disagreefeature• verify the identity of a contact by scanning their personalQRcode• use Threema as anonymous instant messaging tool• synchronize your contacts (optional)FULL ANONYMITYEach Threema user receives a random Threema ID for identification.Aphone number or email address is not required to use Threema.Thisunique feature allows you to use Threema completelyanonymously – noneed to give up private information or to open anaccount.TRUSTED CONTACTSWe let users confirm trusted contacts with a QR code or akeyfingerprint to prevent man in the middle attacks.INDEPENDENT COMPANYWe are a 100% independent and self-financed company in the heartofSwitzerland with its own servers and in-house softwaredevelopment.Switzerland is a country with some of the most userfriendlyprivacy laws in the world.PERMISSIONSThreema is a private messenger, but it still requires thefollowingpermissions (only used if the corresponding functionalityisrequested).• Read your contacts / modify your contacts: used for addressbooksynchronization. When the synchronization is turned off,yourcontact data is not read or modified.• Microphone: required for Threema calls and voice messages• Precise location (GPS and network based): used for "sendlocation"feature.• Add or remove accounts, find accounts, create accounts:requiredfor contact synchronization and integration in Android'saccountmanagement.• Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: requiredforreading and storing media files (images, videos,documents).• Make and manage phone calls: required to reject incomingphonecalls while a Threema call is ongoingSUPPORT / CONTACTFor questions or problems please consult ourFAQs:
Team Lowassa 2.0
Team Lowassa
Welcome to the Team Lowassa Official App.Withthis application you can now read all news and social mediaupdatesabout a former Tanzania’s Prime Minister Honourable EdwardNgoyaiLowassa even if you are not subscribed on news and socialmediaplatforms.KEY FEATURES:• VOTING feature that will give you a chance to explain whyyou’llvote for Hon. Edward Lowassa.• Read real time news and social media updates discussingand/ormentioning Honourable Edward Ngoyai Lowassa as they happenusingany mobile network or available data from anywhere intheworld.• You can share all posts from application’s dashboard toyourfriends via Text Messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter,Email,Google+, Bluetooth, BBM and Dropbox.• Available in both Kiswahili and English languages.• Easily register your account and have access to it frommultipledevices.• Send feedback to Team Lowassa with an easy contact form withintheapplication.• Follow all Team Lowassa official social media channels fromwithinthe application.
Glympse - Share GPS location
Glympse is a fast, free and simple way toshareyour real-time location using GPS tracking, with any of yourfamily,friends or co-workers!Send a Glympse to let friends and family know you are on yourway.Request a Glympse from a colleague who is always running late.Setup a Glympse group for your family reunion.Those you share with can view your Glympse from anyweb-enableddevice, no sign-up required!Download Glympse today!App Features:+ Easy: no sign-up required+ Safe: your Glympse automatically expires+ Live: share location in real time with dynamic map+ Open: share with anyone – no app required to view+ Passive: runs in the background+ Global: works anywhere you have GPS and a data connectionUse Glympse to:+ coordinate a social night out with friends+ let your spouse know your ETA when you’ll be home from work+ let your family know you are safe while running or cycling+ find friends at a concert festival+ provide a courtesy notice with ETA to a client when stuckintraffic+ share a charity run route with followers on FacebookorTwitter+ direct emergency or roadside personnel to you quickly~~~ AWARDS & PRESS ~~~+ 2014 Webby Award Winner+ "[Glympse] is one of those apps that’s ingenious initssimplicity, insanely handy to have around, and just a littlebitfun to boot." – CNET Reviews+ "Glympse: The Coolest Thing Your Smartphone Can Do" –FastCompany+ Named one of "15 Best Mobile Apps of 2011" – Mashable• We LOVE TO HEAR FROM CUSTOMERS. If you have an issueorsuggestion, please send us a note using the "Send usFeedback"feature in the app under Settings.
Omlet Chat 2.2.7600
Omlet, Inc
Omlet is the most fun, collaborative andFREEway to stay connected on a chat app. You can pickyourcommunication style -- make a gif to show your reaction toyourfriend’s messages or make a sticker of yourself and photobombyourfriends’ pictures.You can also start a chat at a party, wedding, concert, andhaveeverybody in the room join and create a photo album together.Allthe pictures are shared only between the people in the room,andnobody else needs to know about them, if that’s what youwant.With Omlet you are the customer, not the product. You ownyourdata, not us.Omlet runs on the world’s most advanced privacyprotectiontechnology developed in the Stanford Computer ScienceDepartment.Omlet promises never to monetize your data. You can linkyour chataccount to your Box, Dropbox, or Baidu account today, withmorechoices in the future. The company stores users’ data for onlytwoweeks to handle disconnected devices.** ALL NEW FOR ANDROID WEAR **Omlet supports Android Wear so you can keep in touch betterwithyour closest friends. Notifications will automatically extendtoyour Android smart watch. You can see text, pictures, andcheck-insin a quick glance as well as reply with love, voicereplies, orquick texts. If you run the Omlet wearable app on fromthe"Start..." section, you can see the latest content or send aquickmessage to your recent conversations.Why Use Omlet:- FUN & CREATIVE: Create custom stickers, GIFs, editphotos,and more.- ON-THE-FLY SHARING: Start a chat on the spot to createphotosalbums with anyone nearby-- even people not in youraddressbook.- SECURE & PRIVATE: Omlet doesn’t store your data -- youdo!In the cloud provider of your choice.- NO CREEPY ADS: No one likes ads that seem like someone’sbeenreading your messages. We don’t do it and never will.
Hide My Text - Invisible 2.8.02
Now the only hidden text messaging app thatisalso Android KitKat/Lollipop/Marshmallow compatible!Using Super Duper Messaging ManagerNew BETA Feature: Super Duper does not have to be the "DefaultSMSApp"Hide messages with this app! Other apps provide securemessaging"inboxes" or other, similar security features. HMT is the*only*app that provides an app and features dedicated to preventingotherpeople from even knowing where to look for yourhiddenmessages.*Hide text messages/SMS messages for 5 contacts*Hide call logs for 5 contacts*Block unwanted text messages/SMS and Block calls*The icon is completely invisible – no one will see it*Change Status bar icon and descriptions*Requires a password to get into the app for privacy*Choose your own text message thread colors*See failed attempts to get into app in the “Log File”*Change contacts/password/home screen shortcut anytime*For “Unlimited” contacts see our “Full Version”Keep your text messages and your call logs private! Blocktextmessages and calls from anyone! The *coolest* text messagingappout there! HMT *Invisible*!! Hide your private messages withthisapp!Hide text messages for 5 contacts safely with apasswordprotected “Decoy App”. Once you download this app it willplace an“Invisible” icon in your app drawer. Hide text messagesforselected contacts. These text messages will not be put in“regular”text message apps. Text messages in the app are completelyseparateand secure. When text messages are received, you get anotificationin the status bar that says, “Subscription notice,”which makes itlook like it has a “subscription error.” Only youwill know it’s anotification for a text message.When a contact is removed, hidden text messages do not gointoyour “regular” text messaging box. Does not transferexistingmessages – the two areas are completely separate! Does notsupportMMS. Does not automatically delete messages likeCyberdust.The hide call log feature allows you to hide allincoming,outgoing and missed calls. You must place the outgoingcall frominside the app and you have the choice of saving your calllogsinside the app!!!The Block text messaging feature will allow you to blockincomingtext messages. You have the option to save the blockedtext messagesso you can read them after you “unblock” the contact.Or discardtext messages as they come in. You can still send textmessages toblocked contacts. The “Call Block” feature is forcontacts that area pain. You have the option to save call logs forthese blockedcalls.It does not remove or change your “regular” text message iconinthe app drawer. This is a decoy application that allows you tohidetext or block calls and text messages with passwordprotection.This is similar to CATE - Call and Text Eraser, or ShadySMS. Thisdoes not automatically delete messages like Cyberdust.It is a totally blank icon. It’s like magic (we wanted to showarabbit popping out of a hat, but when we made it invisible…well,you get the idea…)Aggregated device data, including location, is measured forthepurposes of market research by Placed, Inc.Placed, Inc. - Terms ofUse:, Inc. - PrivacyPolicy:*Hide SMS messages / block SMS messages for 5 contacts*Hide incoming/outgoing phone call logs for 5 contacts*Select from your contact list or put in other contacts*Three icon options to put on your home screen*Change Status bar notifications and descriptions*Block unwanted text messages from a contact*Block Calls from a contact*Ability to set notification options*Looks like an app that requires a subscription and needsapassword*Home screen is blank – it is “invisible” – readtheinstructions!*Logs failed attempts to get into the app, just in case youwerewondering*Displays in your “Applications” list as “iOS Update Monitor”
GO Notifier 2.8
GO Notifier is an independent plugin ofGOLauncher EX. It can help you to be notified the number ofunreadmessages for more than 20 application like calls, SMS,Gmail,Facebook , K9mail, etc . When you get any missed calls ormessages,it would show the total number of them on the icon.INFO:Facebook has updated the SDK on October 19. With this newSDK,facebook will not inform us after messages have been read.Sothenotification won't be reduced immediately.Developers are workingonthis.Features:- Support for missed calls, unread SMS, Facebook, Twitter,Gmail,Whatsapp, Viber, Kakao Talk, Viber, Google Talk, NativeMailbox,Skype, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, WeChat.- Support icons on dock bar, home screen and app drawer.- Independent plugin- Be compatible with GO Launcher HDImportant:1. This is a totally free application and we need the permissionstoread the applications, but we will not collect themessages.2. Latest version of GO Launcher EX is required. (Search"GOLauncher EX" to download)3. To apply the notification: MENU> Plugins> Notification
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 4.19.4
Wickr Inc
Privacy made easy with Wickr Me.With Wickr Me, you can instantly connect with your friends ingroupsor 1:1, share end-to-end encrypted messages, files, photosandvideos with full control over who has access to your contentand howlong it remains accessible.Privacy & Security:• Every message is encrypted with a new key using advancedvettedend-to-end encryption. Wickr never has access to yourmessages oryour contact list.• No phone number or email address is required to register onWickrMe. Your address book remains private and is not stored onourservers.• Wickr does not store any metadata associated withyourcommunications.• Wickr’s code, policies, and security practices have beenverifiedby the most respected security research teams in theindustry.Learn more: Code:• Wickr Messaging protocol enables strong end-to-end encryptionandperfect forward and backward secrecy for user content. Thesourcecode is published onGitHub( and Expiration Timer – Set the expiration time on allyourmessaging content.Groups – Communicate in private groups of up to 10 users.Shredder – Overwrites all deleted content on your device.No Ads.Team – The Wickr team is made up of security and privacyexpertsdedicated to providing a secure, private communicationplatform toeveryone.
OneFeed Social 2.0.2
Pro version now available! Upgrade forNo-Adsand loads more features!***OneFeed is the ultimate social networking app! It combines Allofyour social networks and lets you easily switch between them.Ithas a beautiful new interface and is faster than the officialapps.You can login to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Googlesearch,Google+, YouTube, Linkedin, Hotmail and gmail. Therevolutionarydrop down bar makes it easy to switch between them andallows youto use several at the same time. Happy networking!Tags: Facebook Twitter Instagram one feed social networkfastmessenger best 1feed bbm blackberry messenger