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Игра ежик.
В игре можно выполнять действия с ежиком.
Game Hedgehog.
In the game, you can perform an action with a crew cut.

App Information Ежик

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Durak 0.0.1 APK
The game is played with two people, usingadeck of 36 cards.The deck is shuffled, and each player receives six cards.The bottom card of the remaining deck is laid open on thetable.This determines the trump suit. The remainder of the deck isthenplaced on top of the revealed card at a 90 degree angle, sothat itremains visible, forming a draw pile called the prikup("talon").The revealed card remains part of the talon and is drawnas thelast card. Cards discarded due to successful defenses areplaced ina discard pile next to the talon.Features of the app:- Network online game for two players.
Memory 1.05 APK
Memory Game.It is necessary to find all the pairs of cards.Cards open one for a short period of time.In case of a match pairs of cards counted points.It is necessary to score maximum points in 30 seconds of playingtime.To begin the game again to start the "Start" button.
Mubert SV 2.0.5 APK
Stream music from XLR8R (Accelerating Musicand Culture - www.xlr8r.com)Musicians use AI - analogue Mubert
Крестики Нолики 0.0.2 APK
Игра в Крестики Нолики.Доступны режимы игры:- с компьютером;- онлайн (по сети).Tic Tac Toe Game.Available game modes:- with a computer;- Line (network).
Dating 0.0.3 APK
Application for dating and communication withuser.You can search for profiles, add your photo to your profile, photosharing and viewing new messages.Notifications for incoming messages.The ability to up the profile and guests views your profile.ATTENTIONThe application is forbidden to publish photos of genitals!
ChatBot 0.0.81 APK
This is a chat bot (virtual companion)andpeople chat. Bot Knowledge Base updated with ability ofbotlearning.Bot forms the response on the principle of finding the answerstothe most relevant issues related to yours.Warning 18+: Bot can foul language!To enter the application you have to confirm the age of 18+.Chat bot support for different languages,commands: search for images, music and facts (commands: "show...","search music ...", "what is ..."),speech recognition (voice input) and sounding voiceincomingmessages,chatbot mode selection (modes: polite without foul language,rudeand love).The application requires Internet connection (API Yandex,Google,Bing, Wolfram Alpha).Added people chat and theme chat with support forphotosharing.Updated design.Sending a message by pressing "Enter" ( "Go") on thevirtualkeyboard, or by pressing the "+" button that near to theinputfield of the message.Added dating app with users profiles.You can search by profiles, upload fotos to profile, exchangefotosand view new messagesNotification about inner messages.Added chatbot mode of "recurrent neural network".The recurrent neural network is based on therelationshipassociative memory of words in sentences of learningknowledge basethat allows you to obtain new answers to thequestions.Update chatbot modes:- man (age limit 18+);- woman (age limit 18+);- Viu;- Kate;- Virt (age limit 18+);- Sexy (age limit 18+).18+ modes present sex chat bot.Added male voice for modes:Man 18+,Recurrent Neural Network 18+,Viu.* * * ATTENTION * * *Chatbot teached by other people. Therefore, it is some oftheanswers may contain offensive or violent language. We triedtoclean bot knowledge base of this kind of rude, but downloadingthisapplication, you agree that we are not responsible for what botsayyou.
epubViewer 1.0 APK
Читатель для формата EPUB с возможностьювстроенного online перевода с английского на русский.Файлы книг epub должны находится в папке загрузок Download в памятиустройства.Чтобы перевести слово нужно выделить его и нажать на помеченноеслово. Появится подсказка с переводом.Reader to EPUB formatwith optional integrated online translation from English intoRussian.Epub book files must be located in a folder downloads Download inmemory.To translate a word select it and click on the marked word. Youwill be prompted with the translation.
EnglishWords 1.0.14 APK
Program «EnglishWords» allows you toteachEnglish words and the words of other languages.Support language: ru, en, pl, uk, de, fr, es, it, tr.The program has a basic set of words to learn.The main feature of the program is the ability to create theirownset of words to learn.INFORMATION ON THE SCREEN* Percent. Refers to the percentage of learned words inthedictionary.HOW IT WORKS.The process begins with learning the words that the programisgaining selected dictionaries 5 random words and begins toshowthem in random order.Once learned words from the dictionary is retrieved the next5random words.If you answer is not correct on the word, the word will beshownmore often.When all the words learned are shown only those words which aremostoften not been given the correct answer.DICTIONARYA basic set of words contains about 1,000 most frequentlyusedEnglish words.The application requires Internet connection (Yandex API).