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Русская народная сказка, с красочными рисунками. Онипонравятсялюбознательным малышам, а так же их родителям.Планируются другиекниги с подобными рисунками. Russian folk tale,with colorfuldrawings. They like inquisitive kids, as well as theirparents.Planned other books with similar designs.

App Information Лиса и волк

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    Лиса и волк
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    June 17, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Сладких снов малыш 1.0 APK
Детские песенки собранные в этой подборке сопровождаются красочнымииллюстрациями которые наверняка понравятся вам и вашиммалышам.Нежные мелодии и знакомые колыбельные были тщательноподобраны учитывая пожелания многих родителей и малышей.Вотнекоторые песни:-БЕЛЫЕ КОРАБЛИКИ- БРАМС КОЛЫБЕЛЬНАЯ-ЖДЕТ ТЕБЯКРОВАТКА-СПИ МОЯ РАДОСТЬ- КОЛЫБЕЛЬНАЯ КОШКАChildren's songscollected in this collection are accompanied by colorfulillustrations that are sure to like you and your malysham.Nezhnyefamiliar melodies and lullabies have been carefully chosen takinginto account the wishes of many parents and kids.Here are some ofthe songs:-White boat- BRAHMS LULLABY-ZHDET YOU COT-SPI MY JOY-LULLABY CAT
Баю Бай малышка 1.0 APK
Сборник колыбельных для девочек. Тут вы найдете самыенежныекомпозиции для вашей милой доченьки. Красивое оформление иудобныйинтерфейс понравится заботливым родителям. Вот некоторыепесниБелые кораблики Воробушек Колыханка Если мама пожалеет Acollectionof lullabies for girls. Here you will find the mostgentlecomposition for your cute little daughter. Beautiful designandeasy to use interface like caring parents. Here are somesongswhite boats sparrow Kolyhanka If mom regret
Афоризмы - мудрость людская 1.0 APK
В программе собранны афоризмы практически к каждому случаюжизни.Ведь самая лучшая мудрость та, что делает нас лучше. Вотнекоторыекатегории : Труд Эгоизм Богатство Вкоре появится большеафоризмов ипритч. The program collected aphorisms almost everyoccasion oflife. After all, the best wisdom is the one that makesus better.Here are some of the categories: Work selfishness WealthDROP willbe more aphorisms and parables.
Jane Eyre 1.0 APK
A story about a young woman called Jane Eyre who was an orphanandgoes to teach a girl named Adele Varens in a far-away house.Themaster of the house is Mr. Rochester. Jane and Mr. Rochesterfallin love, but Jane is horrified when she finds out Mr. Rochesterisalready married to a crazy woman. She leaves the house,believingthat marrying him would now be the same as adultery andthat shewould be his mistress, not his wife. When she goes away,shebecomes sick and almost dies. Three people, Diana, Mary, andSt.John Rivers, find her and let her live with them. There,shebecomes a teacher and finds out that they are her cousins. Sheisvery happy until St. John wants her to marry him and beamissionary with him. She knows that he does not really love herandthinks she is simply useful, so she says no. However, hecontinuesto ask her, and she is finally almost persuaded that it isher dutyto marry him when she hears Mr. Rochester crying, "Jane!Jane!" Shefeels that something has happened to him, and quicklygoes back tosee him. His crazy wife had set his house on fire anddied in it.Mr. Rochester, because of the fire, had become blind andwounded.Jane, now that his wife is dead, is happy to marry him, andtheyget married and have a son. This app is designed with : Easy touseinterface and Quick navigation futures.
Pride and prejudice 1.0 APK
The most famous novel by Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice"isrightfully considered one of the masterpieces of worldliterature.... The love story of Mr. Darcy and Miss ElizabethBennet, whomanaged to correct the error of pride and prejudice, haswon thehearts of readers for two hundred years. The app has thosefutures:- Easy to use interface - Quick navigation futures
Jane Eyre 1.0 APK
Orpheline, Jane Eyre est recueillie à contrecœur par une tantequila traite durement et dont les enfants rudoient leurcousine.Placée ensuite en pension, elle y reste jusqu'à l'âge dedix-huitans. Elle devient alors gouvernante pour le noble M.Rochester,dont elle tombe bientôt amoureuse, mais les obstaclesserontnombreux. Orphan, Jane Eyre is reluctantly collected by anaunt whotreats her harshly and whose children scold their cousin.Thenplaced in board, she stayed there until she was eighteen. Shethenbecomes governess to the noble Mr. Rochester, of which shefallssoon in love, but the obstacles will be numerous.
Alice in wonderland 1.0 APK
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a novel written byEnglishauthor Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym LewisCarroll.It tells of a girl named Alice falling through a rabbithole into afantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphiccreatures.
Классические рингтоны 1.0 APK
Сборник классических мелодий для телефона. В программесобранаклассика телефонных мелодий.Программа удобна виспользование, ивполне может сойти за проигрыватель классическоймузыки. внастройках есть опция для установки мелодии. Вотнекоторыекомпозиции : Нокия К Элизе Вивальди-Зима Приятноговампрослушивания! Collection of classic tunes for your phone.Theprogram collected melodiy.Programma classic phone is easy touse,and it could pass for a player of classical music. in thesettingsthere is an option to set the tone. Here are some ofthecomposition: Nokia For Elise Vivaldi Winter Enjoy yourlistening!