1.5.2 / April 15, 2015
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Перед Вами полезное приложение справочник не только для тех, ктоувлекается разведением цветов, комнатных растений и кактусов вквартире и в огороде. Но и для тех, кто хочет прочитать статьи сполезными советами о выращивании овощей, фруктов и ягод в саду, надаче или в коттедже. Кроме информации о выращивании цветов, Вынайдете советы по борьбе с вредителями.
Вся информация взята с украинского сайта http://floristua.com.ua

App Information Флорист - Все о цветах

  • App Name
    Флорист - Все о цветах
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  • Updated
    April 15, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Andrey Rebrik
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
  • Category
    Books & Reference
  • Developer
    Visit website Email andrey.rebrik@gmail.com
    Российская Федерация, г. Челябинск, ул. Ш. Металлургов 33
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Sudoku: Train your brain 1.4.3 APK
Andrey Rebrik
Despite the abundance of different exciting games of all kinds, thegood old sudoku will never lose its fans and will always be inspecial demand. If you like puzzles or complex educational games,then this application will excellently fit in your smartphone andwill not allow your brain to go sour from laziness and boredom. TheJapanese game Sudoku is not only about the colorful name andcomfortable interface, faithful to the panel of the famous game.This application has a great number of advantages, whichdistinguish it from the ordinary game of Sudoku: - The availabilityof the menu of game statistics, with which you can keep track ofall your achievements at various levels of difficulty; - The gamehas 4 levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Very hard) to helpyou get started in the first rules of the game, if you are new inthis business, and after make your brain a real workout and developyour logical thinking; - User-friendly interface allows twoseparate keyboards at the same time to enter values ​​in the celland put your notes, which will help solve the challenging puzzlesof the game; - The system prompts and error checking to help youget out of the highly complicated situation, which prepares you tothis Japanese game, and give you the correct value in the selectedcell, but be careful, the number of the game is limited; - Supportfor offline mode allows you to play Sudoku online, if you have anactive connection to the Internet, and without it; - The level ofcomplexity "Very hard" contains a total of 17 cells in the puzzle;- For those who like complex «sudoku puzzle» then sold more than 50thousand different tasks. This game is implemented fairlyuser-friendly interface, colors are pleasing to the eye perception.However, the simplicity of this app is only in its interface, thenstart the real and most difficult task of the game, so that is agood brain training is provided to you. In addition to theuser-friendly interface and well-implemented ideas, application ofSudoku: Train your brain is tangible improvements, such as theavailability of the statistics function and the presence of twoseparate keyboards, which greatly simplify the gameplay is socomplicated puzzle. Game Sudoku: Train your brain - this is asimple interface, intuitive gameplay and nothing more. braintraining is always needed, but not all games are developing logicand memory may be of interest to the user for a long time. All thefault of not properly organized interface, or really boring idea of​​the game. But in the case of games Sudoku: Train your braindifferent, in addition to properly implement the gameplay, thebrought improvements and other improvements, this applicationreally will like. In Sudoku you can play at any convenient time foryou. Download logic games of different genres, you can anywhere,but Sudoku is really exciting, proven and entertaining game foryour smartphone. Love the difficult games, or else you are a realfan of Japanese sudoku, then this app is just what you need.
Solitaire: Classic & Klondike 1.0.7 APK
Andrey Rebrik
Solitaire: Classical & Klondike is a collection of the mostpopular card games including such classical variations of solitaireas Spider Solitaire and Klondike Solitaire, which are the mostpopular types of solitaires. Features and advantages of the gameSolitaires by themselves are quite entertaining and addictinggames, but this time developers have tried to combine them withuser-friendly navigation, a high-quality interface, and flexiblesettings. Thus we can name the following advantages of the game: -The presence of the most popular game modes; - User-friendlyinterface; - Flexible tinctures; - Easy management; - Flexible. Theessence of the game solitaire Playing solitaire is a softwareimplementation of the internationally popular and well-known boardgame. This solitaire has a single-player game mode, that isdesigned for one player. Solitaire card game for free, the essenceof which is that all the cards, originally laid out in a chaoticorder in four piles, must eventually be placed in ascending order,ie, from Ace to the lowest card, and each of the stacks mustcontain cards only certain suit. Less time will be spent on thegame, the more points the player will receive. In a more complexversion of it, which has the name Klondike, you will be playingsolitaire at a time, which greatly complicates the task. If you'rea fan of card games like solitaire and then this game is for you.In addition, play with the free Solitaire: Classic & Klondikegame you can chat on your mobile device at any time. All the mostpopular solitaires collection of free offers in the programvariants. Solitaire on time, glasses, one card, three cards - allthis is not just waiting for you in this game.
Флорист - Все о цветах 1.5.2 APK
Andrey Rebrik
Перед Вами полезное приложение справочник не только для тех, ктоувлекается разведением цветов, комнатных растений и кактусов вквартире и в огороде. Но и для тех, кто хочет прочитать статьи сполезными советами о выращивании овощей, фруктов и ягод в саду, надаче или в коттедже. Кроме информации о выращивании цветов, Вынайдете советы по борьбе с вредителями.Вся информация взята с украинского сайта http://floristua.com.uaBefore youuseful application reference not only for those who are interestedin breeding flowers, indoor plants and cacti in the apartment andin the garden. But for those who want to read articles with tipsabout growing vegetables, fruits and berries in the garden, in thecountry or in the cottage. In addition to information on thecultivation of flowers, you will find tips on pest control.All information is taken from the Ukrainian site http://floristua.com.ua
Люблю дачу: Полезные советы 1.5.2 APK
Andrey Rebrik
В этом полезном приложении справочнике вынайдете статьи, новости и советы о выращивании растений и цветовдома, на даче и в огороде. Также садоводы откроют для себя многокулинарных рецептов из овощей, фруктов, ягод и грибов. А любителикомнатных растений возьмут на заметку советы по разведению кактусовв своей квартире или коттедже.Вся информация взята с сайта http://lubludachu.ruThis useful applicationdirectory, you will find articles, news and tips about growingplants and flowers at home, in the country and in the garden. Alsogardeners will discover a lot of recipes from vegetables, fruits,berries and mushrooms. And fans of indoor plants will take oninteresting tips on cultivation of cacti in their apartment orcottage.All information is taken from the site http://lubludachu.ru
Рецепты с фото от Шате 1.5.2 APK
Andrey Rebrik
Самые лучшие блюда мира к вашим услугам. Вэтом приложении Вы найдете кулинарные рецепты из мяса, птицы, рыбы,овощей и фруктов на любой вкус. Каждый шаг рецепта или полезногосовета сопровождается фотографиями высокого разрешения. Вдобавок ксалатам, супам, тортам, соусам, выпечке и тостам Вам могутпонравиться вегетарианские и диетические блюда для тех, кто сидитна диете и хочет похудеть и сбросить вес.Вся информация взята с сайта http://shate.ruThe best dishes of theworld at your service. In this app you will find recipes from meat,poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables for all tastes. Each step ofthe recipe or useful advice accompanied by high-resolution photos.In addition to salads, soups, cakes, sauces, baking and toastingyou might like vegetarian and healthy options for those who are ona diet and want to lose weight and lose weight.All information is taken from the site http://shate.ru
Spider Solitaire: Classic 1.0.4 APK
Andrey Rebrik
Spider Solitaire: Classic is a collection of the most popular cardgames including such classical variations of solitaire as FreeCelland Klondike Solitaire, which are the most popular types ofsolitaires. Features and advantages of the game Solitaires bythemselves are quite entertaining and addicting games, but thistime developers have tried to combine them with user-friendlynavigation, a high-quality interface, and flexible settings. Thuswe can name the following advantages of the game: - The presence ofthe most popular game modes; - User-friendly interface; - Flexibletinctures; - Easy management; - Flexible. The essence of the gameSpider Solitaire The game of spider solitaire is a softwareimplementation of the world-famous and widely known board game.This solitaire has a single-player game mode, that is, is designedfor one player. Free card game Spider Solitaire: Classic is afairly popular game, whose goal is to collect all the cards in thehouse. In this variant, the cards, initially spread out into 10columns, all the cards can be moved according to certain rules. Ifyou are a fan of card games and like to play solitaires, this gameis for you. In addition, you can play for free with SpiderSolitaire: Classic right on your mobile device at any time of theday. All the most popular solitaire collection free of chargeoffers you in their software version. A kindergarten, a spider, atapeworm - all this and not only, is waiting for you in this game.
Мир интересных фактов (МИФ) 1.5.2 APK
Andrey Rebrik
Интересуетесь загадками природы, чудесамисвета и фактами неизвестными науке? Тогда это приложение для Вас.Здесь собраны статьи с интересными фотографиями о секретах, тайнахи загадках нашего мира. От любопытных историй о жизни животных вприроде до загадочных аномалий в космосе.Вся информация взята с сайта http://mif-facts.com.uaInterested in mysteriesof nature wonders of the world and facts unknown to science? Thenthis is the app for you. Here are collected articles withinteresting pictures of the secrets, secrets and mysteries of ourworld. From curious stories about the lives of animals in nature tothe mysterious anomalies in space.All information is taken from the site http://mif-facts.com.ua
За дипломом 1.0.1 APK
Andrey Rebrik
Приложение «За дипломом» поможет Вамподготовить качественную студенческую работу с соблюдением всехтребований и пожеланий Ваших преподавателей и научныхруководителей.Во все работы, заказанные через приложение, в минимальные срокивносятся все необходимые дополнения и доработки в соответствии слюбыми конструктивными замечаниями.Наши специалисты, несомненно, смогут помочь Вам в решении множествапроблем от подбора списка необходимой литературы и выбора темы, доподготовки и проведения практических исследований в полномобъёме.В Приложении За дипломом у Вас появляется возможность заказатьлюбую работу.Оцените преимущества Приложения За дипломом:• Минимальные сроки выполнения работ• Доступные цены• Сопровождение диплома до защиты• ЗАКАЗ ЛЮБОЙ РАБОТЫ КАК НА РУССКОМ, ТАК И НА АНГЛИЙСКОМЯЗЫКАХАвторство всех работ составляет от 60% и более при проверке всистеме антиплагиат http://www.antiplagiat.ru тариф "База", спредоставлением соответствующего отчета.Переложите на наши плечи написание рефератов, диплома, написаниекурсовых работ - мы все сделаем быстро, качественно и в срок. Заказдиплома, контрольных, курсовой - прекрасный вариант длясовременного студента. Заказ курсовой или диплома - это способ бытьвыше всех обстоятельств!Appendix "for a diploma"will help you to prepare high-quality student work in compliancewith all the requirements and desires of your teachers and academicleaders.In all the work ordered through the application shall be made inthe shortest possible time all the necessary additions andimprovements in accordance with any constructive comments.Our experts will surely be able to help you solve a lot of problemsfrom the selection of a list of relevant literature and the choiceof topics to prepare and conduct practical research in full.Appendix For the diploma you have the opportunity to order anywork.Discover the benefits of Application For Diploma:• Minimum turnaround time• Affordable prices• Support to the protection of the diploma• ORDER ANY WORK HOW TO RUSSIAN OR in EnglishAuthorship of the work is 60% or more when checking systemantiplagiat http://www.antiplagiat.ru rate "Base", with theprovision of the relevant report.Put on our shoulders writing abstracts, diploma, writing termpapers - we do it quickly, efficiently and on time. Check diploma,control, course - the perfect choice for the modern student. Checkcourse or a diploma - a way to be above all the circumstances!