1.0 / February 8, 2015
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Проведи время с удовольствием, покатай шары в 3D. Большоеколичество постоянно обновляемых уровней различной сложности. Этаигра не заставит Вас скучать и позволит с удовольствием провестивремя.Spend time with pleasure, ride balls in 3D. A large number ofconstantly updated levels of varying difficulty. This game does notmake you bored and will allow to enjoy the time.

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    February 8, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    г. Курган, ул. Гоголя 50
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Hellraiser 3D Multiplayer 1.2 APK
Fight with evil in excellent zombie shooter with multiplayerHellraiser 3D. You will find lot of new missions and jobs, buy andupgrade your weapons. Gather your team of friends around the worldand compete in real time, all you have to do is only desire and theInternet. Use the bonuses in the game, and earn money for killingzombies, and then spend them in the shop. Follow the development ofthe game in social networks and get bonuses for activeparticipation in the development of the game. Fight zombies in aninteresting missions, among which you will clean hospitals andsecret bunkers Soviet times, to provide cover for medical personneland survivors of unsuccessful fighting commandos. Save the daughterof an army General and get the reward. Explodes militarywarehouses, and help civil to evacuate from the affected station.Otstrelival infected mutants from a helicopter and save thetownspeople from living in their city of horror. Visit the oldcastle and help our military to perform tasks. Various graphicssettings will allow you to play on different devices both inperformance and size. The game is translated into several differentlanguages, which will help you to feel more confident. Choose yournative language, and not feel problems with the translation(thenumber of languages will be added with future updates of the game).Great multiplayer, which includes currently eight different gaminglocations absolutely sharp as management and performance, it willallow you to challenge your friends in real-time against eachother. Gain money and buy the most powerful weapons in order tobecome a storm multiplayer. This and more awaits you in our newgame, which absorbed the best from all the previous games. Staywith us and watch the news, the number of gaming locations,constantly will grow, and with it will be corrected various errorsthat you will help us to find. Thank you for being with us!
Zombie assault 3D: mutants 1.0 APK
2053 . At the military base of the armedforces was an emergency . During the secret experiment on geneticmonsters failed power supply , and zombies have escaped to the basearea . According to the latest data received from the base by radiosituation is out of control , and all the staff are trying toeliminate the database , and thus stop the monsters was brutallymurdered them. At the time of the last connection remained alive afew people. And command of the armed forces sent to scout squadrapid response , but on the approach to the base of the plane crashhappened , and survived only one soldier . Contacting his command ,he was ordered to conduct reconnaissance on the base , andeliminate mutantov.Glavnoe that will make our hero , is to restorethe life-support systems , to rescue survivors and get to the lowerfloors of the secret lab , to cut into your path failed zombies.For the punishment of the mutant zombies a player has an impressivearsenal of weapons such as pistols , machine guns, grenades androcket launchers, as well as much more. At stake is the question ofsurvival of all mankind.If you like to play a variety of 3D shooters and zombie shooterwill not leave you indifferent.
Judgment Day: Zombie Attack 3d 4.7 APK
Except for regular testing of nuclear weapons, things went wrong.Released missile armed forces fell not reaching the goal. Itspeculiarity is that it bore no simple charge, this was a newgeneration of biological weapons. Unfortunately it happened on theterritory of the city. With people who live around the affectedarea began to occur incredible things... Everything that hashappened to them and will learn the hero of the game. Judgment day:attack of the zombie is a 3d shooter in which there are twomodes:1. Action - the player will have to go through the horrorsthat fill the tunnels unfinished bunker, the labyrinth of oldunderground catacombs and many other exciting moments. He will haveto face different paintings is and eating people infected mutants,zombies, and other moments of the game, which together with a goodsound system will allow to plunge into the world of excitingadventures and feel the atmosphere of the Apocalypse. Our 3d zombieshooter, or as it is called - shooting of the undead will not leaveindifferent those who like to play these games.2. Arcade. Shootingzombies occurs in arcade mode. Main hero of the game proposed tovent all of his anger at monsters and zombies who will surround himor his friends, and try to eat alive. Don't let them win!A steadilyincreasing number of gaming locations. Feedback can post ideas forfuture locations for our 3d shooting games, the best plan will berealized. We are constantly trying to improve both the gameplay andgraphics, and the atmosphere of the Apocalypse.
Zombie Apocalypse: Dead 3D 1.0 APK
Zombie Apocalypse: Corpses 3D - Multi-level first-person shooter(Fps). Excellent shooter will immerse you in an apocalyptic worldof zombies. Virus that turns human walking dead mutates, spreadsthroughout the city and continues to embrace the world. Zombieseverywhere.Sam woke up. His body aches, and the mind does notunderstand anything that is happening around. He middle of thestreet,everywhere gnashing iron and unbearable stench. Everythinglooks like a sci-fi movie about the end of the world. All buildingsare destroyed, burned cars and people ... but something with themis not why they eat what remains of it, the flesh?? That'sincredible. This zombies and they were everywhere. Sam instantlyunderstood - have to shoot all thesecreatures to survive and savetheir loved ones. This walking dead body, and they have one goal -to eat everything and live to sweep the entire world. Fascinating 1person shooter will not leave indifferent fans shoot the zombies.Inthis shooter, Sam must save her sister, which is surrounded on allsides, to risk their livesto win the war against evil. But it stillneeds to get, but it is not so easy. Hope of salvation remains lesssafe places little, and if there is not a long time, you feel thezombies and try to find and eat.This city-zombies if at asufficient distance from them, then all is well, but it is worthclose to them and they immediately go on the attack, hoping to graba hunk of flesh.For total immersion, use a huge arsenal of powerfulweapons for every taste. Accompany us the whole game sounds andmusic that convey the horror of the world zombies. Download Action(Fps) free live metrvetsov kill, move as quickly as possible fromthe first seconds of the game and always be alert, otherwise thiswar victorious evil that engulfed the whole world.You can changethe course of one game. Our shooter will show who is stronger - youor the zombies who want to devour you. And they are not asleep.
Шарикокаталка 1.0 APK
Проведи время с удовольствием, покатай шары в 3D. Большоеколичество постоянно обновляемых уровней различной сложности. Этаигра не заставит Вас скучать и позволит с удовольствием провестивремя.Spend time with pleasure, ride balls in 3D. A large number ofconstantly updated levels of varying difficulty. This game does notmake you bored and will allow to enjoy the time.
Secrets of the sea depths 1.0.2 APK
Like fast , crazy game? You have a good response and you like funand colorful game ? Then the game "Secrets of the deep sea " wascreated especially for you.Collect as much gold and Narva variousobstacles : mines, lasers, and a variety of underwater enemytorpedoes.Goal of the game boils down to , to try to swim ,controlling a submarine as far as possible , thus it is necessaryto try to collect as many gold chests . The collected gold canspend in the store to purchase various bonuses that will helpimprove your achievements . Among them are various magnifiers speedshredders and obstacles , and more life and more.The game connectedgame services Google Play, which will allow you to compete withyour friends and just with strangers from around the world . Swumas far as possible and see their achievements on the leaderboard .Certainly be interesting to see who is stronger ? Train and be thefirst !The game is suitable for both boys and girls of all ages .Many games for children 3 or 4 years are very hard to understandhow the game , and the process control . Our game also features aneasy - control simply click on any point of the display to controlthe depth of the submarine.
Космическая битва 3D 1.01 APK
Вам предстоит перенестись в будущее, мир втянут в межгалактическуювойну и только на Вас вся надежда. Сражайтесь на бескрайнихпросторах галактики с врагами своего государства, в помощь вам всямощь и сила самого современного оружия. Вам предстоит не легкаямиссия, но надеюсь вы справитесь...Отличный экшен в стилекосмической битвы с хорошей графикой не оставит васравнодушными.You have to go back to the future, the world isembroiled in an intergalactic war, and only on you all hope. Fightin the vast expanses of the galaxy with the enemies of the state,to help you all the power and the power of modern weapons. You willnot an easy mission, but I hope you can do it ...An excellentshooter in the style of space battle with nice graphics will notleave you indifferent.
Robots 3d: Galactic Troopers 1.0.1 APK
According to intelligence reports in the area of ​​the abandonedbase intergalactic earthlings "Centurion" detect enemy activity.From pre- earthly detachment sent troops to communicate not nobodycame . Intergalactic Command decided to send a landing party toexplore his best soldier , who visited the many intergalactic basesand distant planets , never failed a single job. Arriving at thebase of "Centurion" our hero managed to start a long stallednuclear reactors , and using automatic locator detects activityrobots gladiators. Command gives the order to destroy the robotgladiators and our hero rushes into battle.You will plunge into anunforgettable atmosphere of an intergalactic war , and feel theresponsibility for the fate of mankind , fight with robotsGladiators , in a hurry to help the player and his rescue robotsneed to hold out until the very end, do not forget to execute theorder of command until the arrival of rescue robots . 3d spaceatmosphere will not leave you indifferent.