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اقوال الاباء القديسينSayings of the Fathers of Saints

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    اقوال الاباء القديسين
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    January 20, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Airtel Tariff application is to get the latest tariff which areavailable in the store. You can get the talk time value, validity,processing fee and category of the recharge value.
Daily Strength Devotional Anselm APK
The Daily Strength AppGives users easier digital access to thequarterly printed copy of the Daily Strength Devotional.DailyStrength devotional was born in 2011 with the intention ofempowering Christians all over the world by giving them the dailyrequisite for the race to eternal life. Her evangelization mediumhas grown from vocal to a quarterly devotional publication that hasmatured over the years with an ever growing readership that spansover 10 countries.Her mission to spread the Goodnews across theglobe daily, has made her venture into the electronic media viaonline publications, mobile applications, email newsletters, SMSalerts, social networking medium and Forums. Although new to thissphere, its impact in the lives of Christians cannot beoveremphasized.As a daily devotional, Daily Strength provides asure source of Eternal food, for you and your family, an eternalfood that cannot be eaten unless one comes to Jesus every day inWord and Prayer. Daily Strength contains inspirational messages,true life touching stories and experiences of people from allspheres of life, Bible expositions, Breakthrough prayer points,daily mass readings, with Songs and humble declarations. All theseare put together under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit throughhumble men and women of God with varying experiences andbackgrounds.Daily Strength Devotional is approved for publicationby the Catholic Bishop of Warri Diocese; Most Rev. Dr. John OkeAfareha . The contents are supervised by Spiritual consultants,among whom are; Very. Rev. Mon. Dr. Joachim Aghware, Very Rev. Fr.Dr. Anthony Mario Ozele , Very Rev. Fr. Dr. John-Mark Ikeke, Rev.Fr. Dr. Desmond Mbidoaka, Rev. Fr. Barr. Edumund Emakpor, Rev. Fr.Philip Ejopharuphen, Rev. Fr. Nicholas Djebah , Rev. Fr. BenedictUkutegbe, Rev. Fr. James Urien, Rev. Fr. Eugene Usifor, Rev. Fr.Alfred Agbonlaghor.Our MissionOur mission is purely evangelization(soul winning). This explains why we mount Evangelical Outreachprogrammes in diocese other than our home diocese. It is ourconsidered opinion that we cannot shy away from this commission. Itis hence our mission, with the help of the Holy Spirit to drawChristians to the Truth of the Treasure hidden in the Word of God,and prevent others from poisoning the very gullible ones to fallout.
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Get Help WorldwideA community of people providing each otherfinancial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity andbenevolence...YOU CAN:- Access to helper communityWe give you atechnical basic program, which helps millions of participantsworldwide to find those who NEED help, and those who are ready toPROVIDE help for FREEno lenders & no debtorsThere are nolenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participantasks for help - another one helps.30-50% Bonus IncrementWhen youprovide help to a member, another will provide help to you with 30%Increase if help was provided in Local Currency and 50% increase ifin Bitcoin in 30 days maximum. If you are willing to do so join usnowFully Automated SystemAll funds transferred to otherparticipants are help given at your own good to anotherparticipant, absolutely gratisThere is NO Central Account where allthe System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from).All the money is only on the banking accounts of the participantsthemselves, on a lot of thousand and million private accounts ofparticipants. Participants transfer to each other directly, withoutintermediaries, we only regulates the process - nothing more.
com.appybuilder.jkjkk910.kdsen 1.0 APK
تطبيق موسوعة القديسين والشهداء يحتوي علي عدد كبير من قصص وسير حياةالقديسين والشهداء وعلي شرح للاستشهاد في المسيحية وعيد النيروزيضافللتطبيق يوميا سيرة شهيد او قديس اليوم في صفحة قديساليومEncyclopedia of the application of the saints and martyrscontains a large number of stories and biographies of saints andmartyrs, and to explain the martyrdom of the Christian feastNowruzIn addition to the application of a daily biography of amartyr or a saint today page saint day
Solve Your Rubik's Cube 10.1 APK
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موسوعة اقوال وكتابات ومقالات وسيرة حياة البابا شنودةالثالثEncyclopedia of sayings and writings, articles, biography ofPope Shenouda III
MMM Nigeria 1.6 APK
MMM Nigeria Android App 2016;The MMM Nigeria Mobile App for easyandroid accessibility of the MMM Nigeria online platform Rememberyou don't need to log in every time & No Annoying CAPTCHA everytime! You Can:Get Notification from your PO.Provide Help (PH).GetHelp (GH).Check your Mavro.View all previous orders.Use Calculatorof Happiness, offline. With a 12 months projection, all paymentmode & all bonuses calculated duly. Use Currency Converter,offline. This converts between Bitcoin, Dollar, Naira, Pounds, Rand& Yaun.Buy & Sell Bitcoin using Naira or USD viaintegration with Nairaex.com.Manage Blockchain Bitcoin Wallets,recieve and send Bitcoins without closing the App.AddParticipants.Confirm Get Help.Confirm Receive Help.Access more thanone Account.If you do not intend to use the mobile version, thefull desktop version is accessible within the App withoutlimitations.NB: The referral email input is blank (unlike otherapps out there), you can input any referral email you prefer.Wehave been putting in lots of work to bring even much morefunctionalities, keep using! Remember you dont need to log in everytime & No Annoying CAPTCHA every time!
com.appybuilder.jkjkk910.yohana 1.0 APK
"خير للإنسان أن يكون أقل في الفضيلة ويخدم الاخرين ، من ان يعيش عليقمم الجبال ويري أخوته البشر يهلكون"من أقوال القديس يوحنا ذهبيالفمتطبيق القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم يحتوي علي 9 محتويات اساسية وهي :1- قصة حياة القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم : تحتوي علي سيرة القديس بشكلمفصل ماخؤذة من كتاب ابونا تادرس يعقوب ملطي.2- أقوال القديس يوحناذهبي الفم : تحتوي علي اكثر من 100 قول من أجمل اقواله وبه خاصيةالمشاركة والنشر للاصدقاء عبر الشبكات الاجتماعية المختلفة.3- عظاتالقديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم : تحتوي علي ثلاث مجموعات من العظات كل مجموعةبها 3 عظات او كتب للقراءة اوف لاين بدون احتياج للاتصال بالانترنت.4-مكتبة القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم : تحتوي علي 100 كتاب للقديس يوحنا ذهبيالفم تشمل اشهر كتاباتة وعظاته وبعض الكتب عن سيرة حياته وجميع الكتبللتحميل المباشر.5- رسائل القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم : نبذة عن الرسائلالتي كتبها القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم واشهرها الرسائل الي أولمبياس.6-ميديا القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم : تحتوي علي الحلقات التسع عن القديسيوحنا ذهبي الفم والتي قدمها ابونا تادرس يعقوب ملطي في برنامج :"كلمات ذهبية" علي قناة أغابي وجميعها عن سيرة وحياة القديس يوحناذهبي الفم وتاملات في حياته ، وهي صفحة متجددة يضاف اليها وتحدثدائما.7- قول اليوم : وهي صفحة خاصة تحدث بشكل يومي ، مرتبطةبالانترنت علي موقع خاص بالتطبيق ، يوميا يضاف اليها قول جديد مناقوال القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم كرسالة لكل مستخدم للتطبيق ، وعند اضافةالقول اليومي والتحديث له سوف يصلك إشعار (تنبيه) علي هاتفك بتحديثقول اليوم للدخول علي صفحة "قول اليوم" لقراءة الرسالة اليومية للقديسيوحنا ذهبي الفم.8- من نحن : نبذة عن التطبيق واعداده والخدمةوالتطبيق من اعداد ادارة وادمنز صفحة "واعظ المسكونة الاول - يوحناذهبي الفم" علي الفيس بوك.9- مشاركة : زر مشاركة يمكنك من مشاركةالتطبيق ككل لاصدقائك عبر الشبكات الاجتماعية المختلفة مثل الفيس بوكاو توتير او الواتس اب ..... الخ.شارك التطبيق لجميع أصدقائك ، صلوالاجلنابركة وصلوات وشفاعات القديس يوحنا ذهبي الفم ، تكون مع جميعنا..... امين"The best for a person to be less in virtue and serveothers, to live on the mountain peaks and see human beings brothersare perishing"From the words of St. John ChrysostomApplication ofSt. John Chrysostom contains 9 basic contents, namely:1. The storyof the life of St. John the golden mouth: containing the biographyof St. Majazh in detail from the book Father Tadros Jacob Malaty.2.The words of St. John Chrysostom: contains more than 100 of themost beautiful words of his words and has participation andpublishing property for friends across different social networks.3.The Sermons of St. John Chrysostom: containing three sets ofsermons each group by 3 sermons or books to read Off Line withoutneed to connect to the Internet.4. Library of St. John Chrysostom:containing 100 books St. John Chrysostom months include writingsand sermons and books for his biography and all the books directdownload.5. St. John Chrysostom Messages: Messages About by St.John Chrysostom and the most famous letters to Oolympias.6. Mediaof St. John Chrysostom: containing rings nine of St. JohnChrysostom and presented by Father Tadros Yacoub Malaty in theprogram: "golden" Ali agape channel words, all of the biography andthe life of St. John Chrysostom and meditations in his life, arenewed page is added to it always occur.7- said today: a specialpage occurs on a daily basis, linked to the Internet on a specialsite application, a day is added to it new words from the words ofSt. John Chrysostom as a message for each user application, andwhen adding daily to say and update it will receive a notice(alert) to your update said today to enter the page, "said today"to read the daily message of St. John Chrysostom.8. About Us: Aboutthe application preparation, service and application of thepreparation and management of Admenz "preacher inhabited the first- John Chrysostom" Facebook page.9. Post: Post a button you canshare the application as a whole to your friends across differentsocial networks such as Facebook or tensing or Alwats August .....etc.Application to all your friends involved, pray for usBlessing,prayers and Chweat of St. John Chrysostom, be with us all .....Amin