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Record any phone call you want and choosewhich calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recordedand which are ignored. Listen to the recording, add notes and shareit.
Please note that call recording does not work on certain handsetsand can result in inferior quality recordings.
If you encounter any recording issues or wish to improve voicequality, try recording from a different audio source, or useauto-on speaker mode.

Automatic Call Recorder is an app that lets you automaticallyrecord the contents of calls on your phone and listen to them againany time.
Record incoming/outgoing calls easily and listen to them again atany time.

Listen again to what your contacts have said
Go over important phone calls
Relive forgotten memories
Cover up your mistakes
Avoid having to take notes on day-to-day information
Listen again to all that's important to you at any time!

Call recorder Automatic is a free call recorder application. Itis one of the best call recorders in the Play Store and offers tonsof features .
Have you ever had an important phone call and needed to take amemo?
Call Recorder Automatic offers unique set of features which willallow you to record any call automatically. You can listen to therecorded call at any time in MP3 High Audio Quality or sync it withlinked Dropbox account automatically.

Welcome to Automatic Call Recorder the #1 Call Recorder app onGoogle Play.
Have you ever had an important phone call and needed to take amemo? Or you had to memorize a phone number or street address? Youwere in a traffic jam while receiving an important order from aclient? Maybe you had to write down a shopping list and forgotsomething? Or simply wanted to hold on to some sweet memories andtender words from your soul mate?

Automatic Call Recorder 2016 it's free now , its like aAutomatic Call Recorder 2015 Pro
Record any incoming and outgoing phone call you want and choosewhich calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recordedand which are ignored. Listen to the recording.

You can listen to the recorded call at your convenience in MP3High Audio Quality
You can also sync your phone calls with your Dropbox accountautomatically
It's difficult to predict if your next call will be important,making it difficult to record these important calls

From now on, automatically record your phone calls.
Do you still press the record button when you want to record acall?
Now, you can do smart recording automatically.

What to do when you cannot remember what the other person saidduring a call?
Now, you can do smart recording automatically.

Does someone not keep their promises made on the phone? Now, youcan do smart recording automatically.

Use it when you cannot remember what was said on a call; whenyou want to know exactly what was said; or when you want to hearthe voice of a loved one.

Auto call recorder allows you to record phone calls while onphone,
This automatic Call Recorder is a great Telephone Recording app forandroid,
Record any phone call you want, Choose which users orincoming\outgoing phone calls to record
and choose which calls you want to save or share.

Auto Call Recorder gives you the easiest way to record all yourphone conversations and manage them.

If you are facing any recording issues or wish to improve voicequality, try recording from a different audio source, or usespeaker mode.

Recorded calls are automatically stored in recordings folder toan external SD card.

The number of saved calls is limited only by memory of yourdevice. If you think that a conversation is important, you canshare it by emailing or any other social platforms like what’s appand more. If not, old recordings will automatically be deleted whennew calls fill up the inbox.

Recordings are automatically sorted as well. Please note thatautomatic call recording does not work on certain devices and canresult in inferior quality recordings.

App Information ِAutomatic Call Record

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    ِAutomatic Call Record
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    July 12, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Most Amazing Apps
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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Create Flag Profile Photos with Flags of theworld overlaid over your Photos. Adjust the photos over flagoverlays and create perfect for creating awesome profile photosthat you can use on any social network.Flag Profile Photos is easy to use:1. Select a photo that you want to use to create profile pictureflag.2. Select a Flag that you want to use as part of flag face app tooverlay over your face.3. Adjust the photo inside flag overlay with two fingergestures.4. Adjust Transparency of Photo over the flag to get a perfect lookfor Flag overlay.5. Save and share the profile flag photo created. You can share theFlag photo overlay directly on social networks.Create best looking Flag Profile Photos from any photo and anycountry flag. Create patriotic profile photos with a flag of anycountry.This app allows you to put any country flag overlay on yourdesired picture. You could use that picture as profile picture inany social media site such as facebook, twitter, instagram, or g+.this app has 216 flags from around the world. For example:-- American flag- French flag- German flag- Australian flag- Canadian flag- belgium flag...etc#prayforParis#prayforAmerica#prayforBelgium#prayforBrusselsEveryone loves their own country and the national flag is apride to every citizen of the country. Make your Profile Pic withYour Country Flag.Change Your Profile Picture To Your Country Flagdownload to change your profile picture to whatever country youselectAvailable countries:Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, USA, Germany, France, Berber, syria andSweden .... Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Russia, Turkey, Greece,Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Mali, Afghanistan, Belgium, Spain, ofItaly, China, Korea, Croatia, London, United Kingdom, Burma,Jordan, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Brussels, Qatar and 157countriesCreate stunning flags for your beautiful photos easily with ourPhoto flags app. In this Photo flag app you will get lots of flags,option to add color to your shapes and inbuilt photo editor to makeyour image even more appealing.share facebook and instagram and dowload pictureFlag Profile Photo is interesting app. In this app you will see100+ flag of countries photo. Choose anyflag, set your photo in flag and edit photo.Just load the application, or enjoy a status flag of yourcountry on your photo and photos of your friends and loved ones andthe glory of your country.create stunning images easily through the flags represented inthe application. In this application, you will have lots of flagsand banners,
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أروع مسجات الفلانتين إختر منها ما يروق لكللتهاني وستجد بالتأكيد عبارات مناسبة سواء كان رسائل عيد الحبللمتزوجين أو للمخطوبين أو للعشاق المحبين ...الميزات:★ موسوعة كبيرة من الرسائل عربية وأخرى إنجليزية مع إمكانية الإرسالوالتحديث والتعديل عليها.★ مشاركتها عبر الواتساب.★ إرسال اي رسالة عبر SMS .★ إمكانية نسخ الرسالة و لصقها أو مشاركتها بأي تطبيقللمحادثات.★ يمكن حفظ الرسائل والمسجات في المفضلة.★ شكل رائع وجميل و إستجابة سريعة .برنامج مسجات عيد الحب 2016 هو برنامج تم انشاؤه بهدف مساعدتك علىالحصول على اكبر عدد ممكن من الرسائل لترسلها / ترسليها الى صديقك اوصديقتك او حتى زوجك او زوجتك في يوم الفالانتاين (عيد الحب)و تاريخ عيد الحب هو 14-02-2016يحتوي التطبيق على العديد من الاشياء المميزة مثل :لا تنسى التصويت بخمسة نجوم ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ و أن تشاركنا رأيك من خلالالتعليقات لتساهم في تطوير التطبيق وإنتشاره ولنتمكن من الإستمراراكبر مجموعة من الرسائل الرومانسية واروع مجموعة متميزةمن مسجات الحب متجددة مسجات عيد الحب ، مسجات حب للمسافر ،رسائل حب حزينة ، رسائل حب طويلة رومانسية جدا ،اجدد رسائل حب وغرام رومانسية مصرية جامدة ، رسائل شوق ،رسائل حب جريئة جديدة ، مسجات وداع او فراق ع الموبايل ،كلمات شوق حزينة واجمل رسائل حب طويلة حزينةعلى فراق الحبيب معبرة ليها تأثير ومفعول عظيم ، رسائل حب قويةطويلةكأنها ورقة برجل حمامة زاجل ، رسائل الحب المعبرة عن المشاعر العاطفيةالجياشةوالاحاسيس الرومانسية المرهفة ،ماتنساش الساعة 12 يوم الفلانتين، تبعت اول رسائل حب بمناسبة عيد الحب،كما يحتوى البرنامج على المئات من الرسائل مختارة بعناية لتناسب جميعالأعمار والأذواق ،تستطيع أيضا من خلال البرنامج أرسال هذة الرسائل الى من تحبمسجات عيد الحب للفيس بوك ، مسجات عيد الحب للتويتر ،رسايل عيد الحب للبلاك بيري ، رسايل عيد الحب للواتس اب، اذا اعجبكم البرنامج لا تنسوا التقييم لدعمناhappy valentine dayThe coolest MsjatFilantin select the ones that appeal to you for the congratulationsand you will surely find an appropriate phrases Whether it was lovefestival for married or engaged for lovers or loving messages...Features:★ large Arab Encyclopedia of English and other messages with thepossibility of transmission and update and modify them.★ shared across Alwatsab.★ send any message via SMS.★ ability to copy and paste the message or share any applicationfor the talks.★ can save messages and trowels favorite.★ wonderful shape and beautiful and quick response.Msjat Holiday Love 2016 program is the program that was created inorder to help you get the largest possible number of messages tosend / Terslleha to your friend or your girlfriend or your wife oryour husband until the day of Alvalantyn (love feast)Love and holiday date is 02.14.2016Application on many distinctive things like contain:Do not forget to vote five-star ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ and to share youropinion through comments to contribute to the development andspread of the application and we can continueThe largest group of the finest romantic messages anddistinguished groupMsjat of love renewed Msjat love feast, love messages for thetraveler,Love Letters sad, long love letters very romantic,I renew my love letters and romantic Egyptian rigid grams, longingletters,Love Letters bold new, Msjat farewell or parting mobile p,Longing sad and beautiful words of love letters long sadThe parting beloved expressive guardian of great impact and effect,strong long love lettersLike a paper dove Zajel man, love letters expressing effusiveemotional feelingsThe delicate romantic feelings,Matnsac Filantin day at 12, followed by first love letters to markthe feast of love,The program also contains hundreds of messages carefully selectedto suit all ages and tastes,You may also through the program to send these messages to the oneyou loveMsjat love feast for Facebook, Twitter Msjat love for thefestival,Rasayel Feast of Love Blackberry, Rasayel Feast of Love WattsAugust, If you like the program does not forget the evaluation of oursupporthappy valentine day
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True or False is fun game to testyourwitsChallenge yourself in single player or play with your friendinmultiplayerDecide whether the statements are true or false. But thinkfast,it's against the clock! Astounding facts on a whole rangeoftopics. Try out your general knowledge and test your wits!Butwatch out, tricky false statements are mixed in withtruefacts.1000'S OF INTERESTING FACTS – BUT ARE THEY TRUE OR FALSE?Put your knowledge to the test! Be it geography, science,film,music, sport or any of the many other topics.GUESS YOUR WAY THROUGH ALL THE LEVELS!Countless levels in single-player mode mean the fun never ends –andyou'll definitely learn something new along the way!EXCITING KNOWLEDGE DUELS IN SPLIT-SCREEN MODE!Challenge your friends! Two players can battle against each otheronthe same device.NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY, NO COMPLICATED RULES!Just go for it and have fun! :-)★ TRUE | FALSE ★You want to know a lot of facts that you did not know before? Doyoubelieve in the statement or doubt? True or false? Test yourselfonwhat you can do, begin an intellectual duel!TRUE or FALSE game is surprisingly simple and veryaddictive.This is a game where you have to guess whether thestatement istrue or not. No need to read boring instructions in thegame justtwo buttons, 20 seconds and a few lives. In the game therewere alot of different facts, mysteries and paradoxes from aroundtheworld. Throughout the game you will be presented with a varietyoflevels that need to go step by step. The game is also suitableforchildren, teaching in the form of the game allows you to developanabstract and logical thinking - this is a very effective waytodevelop logical thinking in the form of a puzzle game.If you like scrabble or even crosswords and word games,you'llenjoy this fantastic brain teaser.True or False is a brain teasing trivia quiz game. In thisgame,you need to decide whether the statements are true or false.Thereare many different categories of questions and severalinterestingand challenging game modes for 1-4 players. You canalways choosethe right quiz mode for you! Test your brain rightnow!The True or False quiz game features a few differentgamemodes.True or False can also be very helpful for the education ofyourchildren.True or False is without a doubt one of the best intellectualandfun trivia games on the market.♥TRUE or FALSE♥? Find out by playing! Lots of cool and funfactsabout various topics and general knowledge questions are heretotickle your mind and offer you never ending fun – all availableina top free app - TRUE OR FALSE GAME! Test your witswithinteresting facts and enjoy this awesome quiz test!✱➤Answer with 'true or false' to numerous questions fromsevencategories: urban culture, movie questions, animal facts,sportsinfo, geography data, popular series and random factsaboutanything;➤Think fast – your time is running out (but you can buy some ifyouhave enough coins);➤Test your knowledge by playing this free trivia game and learnsomeinteresting things along the way!You're looking for a quick and easy general knowledge quizwithquestions and answers to while away a long day toentertainyourself and learn something new? You think you know a lotaboutpop culture, sports, geography, animals? Your fields ofinterestinclude movies and series? If yes, this free trivia quizissomething you must download! ♥TRUE OR FALSE GAME♥ is thebestcollection of fun quiz questions for kids, teenagers or adults–absolute fun guaranteed for everyone!Playing this single player game is pretty simple: all you havetodo is answer "true or false" questions as soon as possiblebecausethe clock is ticking (you have eight seconds for eachquestion).Pass all questions from two categories to unlock thethird one; whenyou finish it, you can move to the nextcategory.
Saint-Valentin SMS 1.0 APK
Saint Valentin est une journée pour exprimervos sentiments et de renouveler le lien d'amour que vous partagezavec votre Valentine.Avec "Saint-Valentin SMS" vous serez en mesure d'exprimer votreamour d'une manière originale. Saint-Valentin SMS rendra votreamie, ami, femme, mari ne oublierez jamais combien vous vousinquiétez!Exprimer votre amour devient très facile maintenant des jours,comme vous pouvez simplement envoyer un sms d'amour belles à votrevalentine de la collection de sms de jour de notre pré-composéebelle valentine. Choisissez ne importe quel de notre dernièrecollection de Valentine Messages texte. Ces Valentin SMS sont lamanière la plus expressive et facile d'exprimer votre sentimentplus chaleureuses.- Vous pouvez envoyer des messages via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp,E-mail, ... avec les applications déjà installées sur votretéléphone.- Enregistrer comme favoriValentine's Day is a dayto express your feelings and renew the bond of love you share withyour Valentine.With "Valentine SMS" you will be able to express your love in anoriginal way. Valentine SMS will make your girlfriend, boyfriend,wife, husband never forget how much you care!Express your love becomes very easy now days, as you can simplysend a beautiful love sms to your valentine's day sms collection ofour pre-made valentine beautiful. Choose any of our latestcollection of Valentine Text messages. These SMS Valentin are themost expressive and easy way to express your warmest feeling.- You can send messages via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail, ...with applications already installed on your phone.- Save as favorite
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Change Your Profile Picture To Your CountryFlagdownload to change your profile picture to whatever country youselectAvailable countries:Germany, France, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Spain,Italy, Croatia, United Kingdom and more countriesCreate stunning flags for your beautiful photos easily with ourPhoto flags app. In this Photo flag app you will get lots of flags,option to add color to your shapes and inbuilt photo editor to makeyour image even more appealing.share facebook and instagram and dowload pictureNew application helps to put your photo on your countryflagGet It Now and change your profile picture to whatever country youselect.-select The photo gallery of mobile or click Camera.-Choose The flag of your country among those given in theapp.-The App automatically mixes your picture with the flag with yourchosen picture.-You Can save in your phone and access the images recorded from theapplication itself.-You Can share the edited photo directly from the app.-You Can publication on Social Media and upload the pictureJust load the application, or enjoy a status flag of yourcountry on your photo and photos of your friends and loved ones andthe glory of your country.Led liked application do not forget leave encouraging evaluationthank you .