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This app is for anyone who's depressed, tryingto overcome depression and anxiety and losing hope
it will change your perspective and help you overcomedepression.

✓ Everything seems pointless.
✓ You find joy in nothing.
✓ You started questioning existence, meaning of life and what thepoint of it all.
✓ Maybe you stopped doing the things that used to make youhappy.
✓ You face anxiety every morning and you hate waking up.
✓ Maybe you stopped working cause you believe that even if you getlots more money,
✓ it's still won't make you happy.
✓ Maybe you basically need to force yourself to leave yourhouse.
✓ If you are introvert with social anxiety that can make it evenharder.
✓ You are maybe thinking about death a lot.
✓ and it's scares you how you are thinking lower and lower and itfeels like there is no getting out of it
✓ that it's just not some phase that will pass.
✓ You are either sad or empty all the time

If that's you then Know that you are note alone in that, There ishope for depression.
and this App is your way to relief.

This is a guide that can help with :

✓ Bipolar disorder
✓ Agoraphobia
✓ Social anxiety
✓ Panic attacks
✓ Fear of death
✓ Sadness loneliness
✓ Suicide and suicidal thoughts
✓ Mood disorders
✓ Phobia
✓ Anxiety attacks
✓ Stress
✓ Fear of aging
✓ Anxiety management
✓ Depression therapy
✓ Meditation
✓ fear of heights vr
✓ Postpartum depression
✓ Bullying

This app is one of the best anxiety relief apps
It can show you : how to overcome fear and steps overcome socialanxiety

Some other projects we are are working on :
✓ Anti depression games
✓ Anxiety and depression relief games

App Information ☁️ Depression and anxiety

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    ☁️ Depression and anxiety
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    April 1, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    1,000 - 5,000
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com.dailyguides.weightgainhalva 16.0 APK
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♛ Magic Crystal Ball - Fortune Teller ♛ 6.0 APK
The Magic Crystal ball in this app will answer all your questionsabout love, life and relationships.An amazing app that shows youthe keys to a successful relationship and help you get the answersto almost any question you have.❖❖❖ The Fortune teller Magic ballTrying to make some decisions? Maybe some confusing and insecureonesit is always exciting to take a look into the future.We knowyou have plenty of questions! Fortune Teller magic ball will helpyou go through the ups and downs in this lifetime !it can show youthe answers to the most important challenging questions on love,work and education education ...It's very simple ! Ask a precisequestion like :❖ Is this true or not ?❖ Am I going to get what Iwant ?❖ is (something your are about to do) a good decision to take?... You got the idea, You can literary ask any question aboutanything you want! 😊❖❖❖Love Testing GameAre you in love ? Are yousure of your compatibility with your partner?Or maybe, You thinksomeone out there could be a perfect match for you?Find out withthis fun and unique Love tester app! 😊It's very simple ! say yourname and your partner's .. shake the phone to find out about yourdestiny and compatibility, it's one of the best love testergames.Warning: Please remember that the answers, which are given byball, may not correspond to reality, and this app is created onlyfor fun.Fortune Teller magic ball is only a fun way to help you getsome problems solved and make it less stressful.
7 Days Plan: How To Gain Weight Fast Tips 16.0 APK
If you still struggling and wondering how to gain weight fast, thenthis app is for you, it contains a 7 days weight gain Plan thatwill make you gain weight fast and easy. Yes that's right with thisApp you will end up gaining weight up to 8 pounds in a week. ThisApp contains: ✓ 7 Days Diet Plan ✓ A one particular weight gainrecipes that will make you put on weight like crazy and get curves✓ Healthy recipes for weight gain ✓ List of high calorie foods ✓Lots of how to weight gain fast tips for women ✓ Weight gainerfoods ✓ tips on how to gain weight for girls ✓ How to get a biggerbuttocks Weight gain will also causes you to : ✓ get a curvy body ✓get a bigger breast ✓ get a bigger thighs and buttocks ✓ Notice aBreast size increase This app shows how to gain weight and buildmuscle a guide for skinny people. Some other guides we are workingon : ✓ Gain weight and get fat ✓ Weight gain tips in tamil ✓ Weightgain tips in hindi ✓ Weight gain tips in marathi ✓ Weight gain tipsin telugu ✓ Weight gain tips in kannada ✓ Eat to get bigger ✓Breast increase app
Daily Yoga Fitness Workout 2.0.1 APK
Daily Yoga Fitness Workout is themosteffective way to feel sexier and healthier than everbefore.Short workouts designed by yoga experts and athletes deliverrealresults without the pains that come along withhardcoreprograms.Are you looking for a Free Yoga app to practice yoga for fitnessandweight loss and a healthier body and mind at home this app isgreatfor you.Using Daily Yoga Fitness Workout can help yourelievestress, get flexible and calm your mind.Use Daily Yoga Fitness Workout to create a toned, flexibleandstrong body.Yoga can help you look and feel younger than your age.Improve your athletic performance.Doing the Daily Yoga Fitness Workout will make you feelstronger,healthier, improve energy and control weight. Working outbenefitsevery part of the body. Total body fitness workout. Fullcompleteyoga body training with log.Daily Yoga Fitness Workout App contains the best Yoga posesthatwill make you feel good with easy exercises that will improveyourfat burning workouts at home and gym.Begin to learn the basics in the comfort of your own home.Perfectfor all levels beginner to advanced.BENEFITS OF Daily Yoga Fitness Workout.✓ STRESS Relief✓ Inner Peace, Calm and Authentic Happiness✓ Increased Strength, Physical Conditioning and aBeautifulPosture✓ Weight Loss and Weight Management✓ Increased Overall Energy✓ Improved Sleep✓ Heightened Mental and Intuitive Awareness✓ Improved Hormonal Balance (especially important in cases ofbreastcancer, infertility and prenatal conditioning)✓ Brain Synchronization and Brain Fitness✓ Whole Body Detoxification✓ Better libido✓ fitness and healthFEATURES OF Daily Yoga Fitness Workout✓ New material design user interface.✓ Support all Screens✓ Free and Simple✓ Many poses or exercises.✓ Set Reminder✓ Total Fitness✓ Always get notifications of latest yoga updates.✓ Counter✓ One of the best Free yoga fitness apps for women✓ Yoga for beginners free appWe hope you will enjoy Daily Yoga Fitness Workout AppPlease If you like this app, please rate for us 5 star to supportusimprove it better. Thanks so much!Other Project we are working on :✓ yoga app in kannada✓ yoga app in marathi✓ yoga app in telugu✓ yoga app in tamil✓ yoga app in hindi✓ yoga for weight loss free for women in hindi✓ yoga for weight loss free for women in tamil
✒️Secret Diary Dream Catcher Diary Theme 4.0 APK
Dream Catcher Secret Diary was create to to be simple and userfriendly so that you can focus on writing your secrets and savingideas when ever need to.- A Diary that is always there for you whenyou need it to confess or to relive great moments of your life.★★★★FEATURES :- Unique Design- Track and write about your dailyactivities - Photo attachment- Audio records attachment- Assigndates to notes- see all your diary Notes at a glance- create,modify, delete Diary entries in a very simple and intuitive way-Easy to use- Add unlimited Notes- More Features coming soon !★★★★BENEFITS :✓ Mindfulness✓ Achieving Goals ✓ Self-Discipline✓ Healing: ★★★★ It can be used also as:✓ Diet Diary ✓ Travel journal✓ Notetaking app for school✓ Note taking app with voice recording : oneof the best note taking apps for android✓ Lucid Dreaming journal ✓Sleep diary : a tool used in diagnosis of sleep disorders✓ one ofthe best writing apps to make a book
♛ Fortune Teller Magic Crystal Ball ♛ 4.0.12 APK
It's always exciting to take a look into future! This app canprovide you with that fun.it's a fortune telling app that willanswer your questionsFortune telling magic ball is like aclairvoyant as helpful as horoscope and tarot reading as fun aspalm reading.★★★★ Have some choices to make?Trying to makedecisions? Maybe some confusing and insecure onesWe know you haveplenty of questions! Fortune Teller magic ball will help you gothrough the ups and downs in this lifetime !it can show you theanswers to the most important challenging questions on love, workand education education ...But Please Remember... that it's onlyyou who can create Your own destiny! and design your life And onlyYOU can control it!Fortune Teller magic ball is only a fun way tohelp you take decisions and make it less stressful.★★★★ The best“Free Fortune telling" App1) Ask a precise and specific question,you have in mind.2) Shake the Magic Crystal Ball.3) Wait a fewseconds and you will have your immediate answer★★★★ Why should Iuse the “Fortune teller magic ball” App? 1- Fortune Teller magicball reveals the answers to some life challenging questions you mayhave.✓ . Love – Get to know all the answers to your Relationshipsdoubts: breakup, dating, Love ....✓ . Health – Health is the mostimportant . Will my health improve? Am I getting sick?✓ . Problemsat work, money or studies?2- It’s FREE!3- Easy to use, Secure andFast!4- You can use it everyday and as many times as you want.There are no limits!5- You can share it Via social media with yourfriends ... they will thank you ;)6- Just as good as tarot cardreading horoscope and clairvoyance.★★★★ Can Be Used as :✓ Magicball game✓ Love Compatibility✓ Life Path and Past Life✓ Tell myfuture AppNote : This is not a real magic ball that tells you thetruth and what will happen in your future it's just a game.★★★★Disclaimer: Please remember that the answers, which are given byball, may not correspond to reality, and this app is created onlyfor Entertainment purposes.Fortune Teller magic ball is only a funway to help you take some decisions and make it lessstressful.Music by audionautix.com
✒️Diary App With GPS- Video -Voice Recording 8.0 APK
[ personal diary with photo ] Was created to be simple and userfriendly just so that you can focus on writing your day to day lifestory when ever you want.- A journal that is always there for youwhen you want to confess or to relive great moments of your life.[Free diary app with lock ] FEATURES :- Track and write about yourdaily activities - Add Pictures or videos to your notes- Add Voicesrecords - Add Location with a map view- Assign dates to notes- seeall your diary entries at a glance- create, modify, delete entriesin a very simple and intuitive way- Personalize background color(Pink, Aqua, Purple, Blue ...)- Easy to use- Make unlimitedentries[ My personal secret diary with a password lock and withquestions about my personal life ] BENEFITS :✓ Mindfulness :There’s a strong connection between happiness and mindfulness.Journaling brings you into that state of mindfulness.✓ AchievingGoals :Journaling often includes your dreams and ambitions, andthat can help achieve goals.✓ Self-Discipline : Setting time asideto write, whether morning or evening, is an act of discipline, yourdaily practice of writing will domino onto other healthy habits.✓Healing : Expressive Diaring is a route to healing — emotionally,physically, and psychologically.the emotional release fromjournaling lowers anxiety, stress, and induces better sleep✓ one ofthe best writing apps to make abook----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[personal diary with photo and lock : notebook for daily writingwith password ] It can be used as:✓ Diet Diary : A detailed Journalof the food and drink consumed over a given period of time.toidentify eating patterns, track calories, and decide on changesthat can be made.✓ Note taking app for school✓ Lucid Dream journal: a journal to record your dreams for later analysis or otherpractices like lucid dreaming.✓ Sleep diary : a tool used indiagnosis of sleep disorders✓ Travel journal✓ Note taking app withvoice recording : one of the best note taking apps forandroid----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Otherupcoming projects :✓ Diary free app with lock for girls witheverything✓ Diary free app with lock for boys✓ Diary games forgirls free with locks on it✓ Secret diary with a fingerprint lockfor girls✓ Diary free app with lock that only work with my voice✓Secret diary with a fingerprint lock for boysEnjoy writing so thatyou can later relive your lifetime moments.
Free diary app with lock 1.0 APK
[ Queen Diary App with lock ] Was developedtobe simple and user friendly just so that you can focus onwritingyour day to day life story when ever you want.- A journal that is always there for you when you want to confessorto relive great moments of your life.[ Free diary app with lock ]FEATURES :- Stylish, Easy to use interface- Track and write about your daily activities- Attach photos from your albums To your notes- Add Audio records- Assign dates to notes- see all your diary Notes at a glance- create, modify, delete entries in a very simple andintuitiveway- Easy to use- Add unlimited Notes- More Features coming soon ![ My personal secret diary with a password lock and withquestionsabout my personal life ]BENEFITS :✓ Mindfulness✓ Achieving Goals✓ Self-Discipline✓ Healing----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ Diary with lock : Notebook for daily writing with password]It can be used as:✓ Diet Diary✓ Note taking app for school✓ Lucid Dream journal✓ Sleep diary : a tool used in diagnosis of sleep disorders✓ Travel journal✓ Note taking app with voice recording : one of the best notetakingapps for android✓ one of the best writing apps to make a bookEnjoy writing so that you can later relive yourlifetimemoments.