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キーボードイメージ (ふっかちゃん ver.)は、Wnn Keyboard Lab / iWnn IME用のキーボードイメージです。「ふっかちゃん」はウサギのようでシカのような「ふっか」という生きもの。深谷ねぎのしなやかで豪快な角が特徴です。胸には市の花チューリップのボタン。好物は深谷和牛、煮ぼうとう、とっても甘いトウモロコシ味来。©深谷市HPはこちら(http://www.fukkachan.com/)インストールすると、WnnKeyboardLabのキーボードイメージ設定メニューに本キーボードイメージが追加されます。キーボードイメージを切り替えるには、[設定]→[言語と入力]→[WnnKeyboard Lab]→[表示]→[キーボードイメージ]から選択します。※本アプリを利用するには、Wnn KeyboardLabが必要になります。Keyboard image (hydrofluoric Kachan ver.) Is a keyboardimage of Wnn Keyboard Lab / iWnn for IME.Creatures that "fluorideKachan" is like deer like a rabbit "fluoride or". Supple andexciting corners of the Fukaya green onion is characterized. Buttonof the city of flowers tulips in the chest. Favorite food is Fukayabeef, boiled beginning, very sweet corn taste come.© FukayaHP ishere (http://www.fukkachan.com/)Once installed, this keyboard imageto the keyboard image settings menu of Wnn Keyboard Lab will beadded.To switch the keyboard image, and then select from [Settings]→ [Language & input] → [Wnn Keyboard Lab] → [Display] →[keyboard image].※ To use this app, Wnn Keyboard Lab need It willbe.

App Information キーボードイメージ (ふっかちゃん ver.)

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    キーボードイメージ (ふっかちゃん ver.)
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    March 31, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Karasuma Nishikikoji, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8152 JAPAN
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Wnn Keyboard Lab APK
\ This keyboard is simple and becomes usable in your preference. /Wnn Keyboard Lab is pre-release version of iWnn IME (Japanesekeyboard) which is standard installed a lot of Android devices inJapan. Wnn Keyboard Lab has stable basic IME functions and plug-inmodules for customization. 【 Features of Wnn Keyboard Lab 】 *Useful functions - Mushroom(Input Extension plug-in) for useful andfun input Mushroom: External application to help with textinput(ex. Various Emotion input) - You can easily send URLs andsentences to other applications by launcher ;-) - User dictionarybackup - Learning reset for each word by long-pressing theconversion candidate area - Image input You can input the images inthe downloads folder from symbol list! Images which you registeredreading by a user dictionary can be displayed on word/relationprediction candidates. Note: Image input is enabled on+メッセージ(NTTdocomo/au/SoftBank), Hangouts, and Google+. - Richercandidates by cloud conversion! By installing "Wnn Japanese ExtPack," you can use richer conversion on the cloud server! -Multi-language input by using chargeable "Wnn Lang Pack"English(UK), Chinese(Simplified/Traditional), Hangul, Czech,German, Spanish, French, French(Canada), Italian, Dutch, Norwegian,Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Swedish *Customizable design and layout for easy to use - Keyboard image Youcan use colorful theme and local mascot☆ (https://play.google.com/store/search?q=omronsoft%20keyboardimage&c=apps) - Key on/off You can hide some keys for simplify keyboard: undokey, number key, etc. - Keyboard type(10-key, QWERTY, 50-key) canbe set for each input mode(Japanese, English, Number.) - Floatingkeyboard You can change a position and transparency of thekeyboard! - Changeable keyboard size - Shortcuts for settingShortcuts of setting items could be placed on the menu bar ofkeyboard. Note: Please long-press "<<" to hide the menu bar.* Others - This free version includes tiny dictionary. Pleaseinstall additional "Wnn Japanese Ext Pack" for better Japanesecandidates. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.omronsoft.wnnext.cloudwnn.ja) - Please feel free to contact us at the following address if youhave any requests or questions. [email protected] -Wnn Keyboard Lab website ( http://www.wnnlab.com/ ) 【 Purpose ofaccess permissions 】 [Full network access] - Only for displayingads - No input data is sent outside of app unless using externalmodules. [Storage access] - For importing text dictionaries on thestorage - For importing and inputting images on the storage
iWnn IME for Nexus APK
iWnn IME for Nexus is the update module forpreinstalled Japanese/Emoji IME on Nexus devices.This module works only on Nexus 4, 5, 7, and 10.* Nexus is a trademark of Google Inc.
Old keyboard image 2.0 APK
Old keyboard image is a keyboard image for "Wnn Keyboard Lab".Thispackage provides keybord image for Android 4.x theme.The image willbe added to the keyboard image list of Wnn Keyboard Labautomatically after installing.To use this image, go to [Settings]-> [Language & input] -> [Wnn Keyboard Lab] ->[Display] -> [Keyboard image] and select it.* Wnn Keyboard Labis required for using this keyboard.
Wnn外部変換モジュール S 1.0.3 APK
**********************************************************************本モジュールの公開を2016年8月31日をもって終了致します。ご愛用いただき、ありがとうございました。**********************************************************************Wnn Keyboard Lab用の外部変換モジュールです。本アプリを利用するには、Wnn Keyboard Labが必要です。Wnn Keyboard Labhttp://www.wnnlab.com/本モジュールを利用すると、Wnn Keyboard LabからSocialIMEに接続して、かな漢字変換を行うことができるようになります。ご利用にあたっては、Social IMEの利用規約の内容を事前にご確認ください。Social IMEhttp://www.social-ime.com/Social IME 利用規約http://www.social-ime.com/kiyaku.html■使い方・Wnn Keyboard Lab設定画面の「外部変換エンジン」でチェックを入れます。・文字入力時、候補リストの最後に表示される「外部変換」をタップすると、 Social IMEを使った変換候補が取得できます。■ 注意 ■・本モジュールを使用すると、変換処理のため入力文字列がSocial IMEに送られます。・Social IMEの変換機能のみ使用しています。(単語登録・学習機能には対応していません)■その他・Android 6.0以上の省電力モードで、通信エラーになる場合があります。 その場合、  設定アプリ→[電池]→[︙] (メニュー)→[電池の最適化]→[すべてのアプリ] でアプリを選択し、[最適化しない]にすることでエラーが解消します。**********************************************************************It will end the public of this module on August 31, 2016.We patronize, thank you.**********************************************************************Wnn Keyboard is external conversion module for the Lab.To use this app, you must have Wnn Keyboard Lab.Wnn Keyboard Lab  http://www.wnnlab.com/When you use this module, connected from Wnn Keyboard Lab toSocial IME, you will be able to carry out the kana-kanjiconversion.To get started, please check the contents of the Terms andConditions of Social IME in advance.Social IME  http://www.social-ime.com/Social IME Terms of Use  http://www.social-ime.com/kiyaku.html■ How to use· Wnn Keyboard you put a check in the "external conversion engine"of the Lab Setup screen.· Character input, when you tap the "external conversion" thatappears at the end of the candidate list,Conversion candidates using the Social IME You can get.■ Notes ■• If you use this module, the input string for the conversionprocess will be sent to the Social IME.· Social uses only IME of the conversion function. (It does notcorrespond to the word registration and learning function)■ Other· Android 6.0 or more of the power-saving mode, it may be incommunication error.In that case,Settings app → [battery] → [︙] (Menu) → [optimization of thebattery] → [All AppsIn Select the app, eliminating the error by the [not optimize.
Wnn外部変換モジュール G 1.0.4 APK
Wnn Keyboard Lab用の外部変換モジュールです。本アプリを利用するには、Wnn Keyboard Labが必要です。WnnKeyboard Lab http://www.wnnlab.com/本モジュールを利用すると、Wnn KeyboardLabからGoogle CGI API for JapaneseInputを使って、かな漢字変換を行うことができるようになります。Google CGI API for Japanese Inputhttp://www.google.co.jp/ime/cgiapi.html■使い方・Wnn KeyboardLab設定画面の「外部変換エンジン」でチェックを入れます。・文字入力時、候補リストの最後に表示される「外部変換」をタップすると、 GoogleCGI APIを使った変換候補が取得できます。■ 注意 ■・本モジュールを使用すると、変換処理のため入力文字列がGoogle CGIAPIに送られます。■その他・Android6.0以上の省電力モードで、通信エラーになる場合があります。 その場合、  設定アプリ→[電池]→[︙](メニュー)→[電池の最適化]→[すべてのアプリ] でアプリを選択し、[最適化しない]にすることでエラーが解消します。This isan external conversion module for Wnn Keyboard Lab.To use this app,you must have Wnn Keyboard Lab.Wnn KeyboardLab  http://www.wnnlab.com/When you use this module, youcan use the Google CGI API for Japanese Input from Wnn KeyboardLab, it will be able to carry out the kana-kanji conversion.GoogleCGI API for JapaneseInput  http://www.google.co.jp/ime/cgiapi.html■ How touse· Wnn Keyboard Lab setting I will put a check in the "externalconversion engine" of the screen.-Character input, when you tap the"external conversion" that appears at the end of the candidatelist,You can get the conversion candidates using the Google CGIAPI.■ Notes ■• When using this module, the input string for theconversion process will be sent to Google CGI API.■ Other• InAndroid 6.0 or more of the power-saving mode, it may become acommunication error. In that case,Settings app → [battery] → [︙](Menu) → [optimization of the battery] → [All AppsIn Select theapp, to eliminate errors by making it [does not optimize.
Hotpink keyboard image 2.0 APK
Hotpink is a keyboard image for "Wnn Keyboard Lab".The image willbe added to the keyboard image list of Wnn Keyboard Labautomatically after installing.To use this image, go to [Settings]-> [Language & input] -> [Wnn Keyboard Lab] ->[Display] -> [Keyboard image] and select it.* Wnn Keyboard Labis required for using this keyboard.
Lavender keyboard image 2.0 APK
Lavender is a keyboard image for "Wnn Keyboard Lab".The image willbe added to the keyboard image list of Wnn Keyboard Labautomatically after installing.To use this image, go to [Settings]-> [Language & input] -> [Wnn Keyboard Lab] ->[Display] -> [Keyboard image] and select it.* Wnn Keyboard Labis required for using this keyboard.
Dark keyboard image 2.1 APK
Dark is a keyboard image for "Wnn Keyboard Lab" and "iWnn IME forNexus".The image will be added to the keyboard image listautomatically after installing.To use this image, go to [WnnKeyboard Lab settings] or [iWnn IME setting] -> [Display] ->[Keyboard image] and select it.* Wnn Keyboard Lab or iWnn IME forNexus is required for using this keyboard.