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** アプリの使い方 **1.ユーザ設定ユーザ設定画面で、移動属性を設定できます。デフォルトで車椅子の方向け、高齢者の方向け、ベビーカー向け、健常者向けのルートが選択できます。さらに、避けたいルートや注意喚起の有無を、細かくカスタマイズすることも可能です。2.目的地設定目的地を検索し「ナビ開始」を押すと、現在地からその地点までのバリアフリーナビが起動します。また地図を長押しすることで、その地点を現在地や目的地に設定することもできます。3.バリアフリーナビ池袋駅構内と、池袋駅周辺エリアにおけるバリアフリールートをご案内します。Bluetooth Low Energy対応機種では、駅構内の現在地を認識し、自動的にルート案内を行います。4.トイレ情報表示周囲のバリアフリー・トイレの情報を表示することもできます。** ご利用にあたって **-本アプリは、以下の「ココシル利用規約」に準拠するものとし、利用者はその内容を承諾するものとします。 -http://kokosil.net/terms.ja.html-本アプリは、提供する情報の正確性、有用性、確実性その他の保証をするものではありません。また本アプリのご利用等により何らかの損害が発生したとしても、当社は一切責任を負いません。-本アプリは、インターネットへの常時接続を前提としており、頻繁にパケット通信を行ないます。パケット定額プランに加入の上でのご利用を、おすすめします。**動作条件など **- 本アプリは、Android 4.0以上を推奨します。- 本アプリは、Apache License Version2.0 (http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0)に基づく、以下のソフトウェアを利用しています。 - ZXing - Volley** 「ココシル」について :http://kokosil.net **- ココシルは、街を元気にする、街歩き情報サービスの汎用プラットフォームです。-銀座、狛江、那須塩原、会津若松をはじめ、全国各地に展開予定です。-音声ツアーガイド、スタンプラリー、写真コンテストなど、その街・その場所と連携したイベントを展開しています。

App Information ココシル池袋バリアフリーナビ

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    January 13, 2016
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    Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation
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Kokosil 5.4.5 APK
☆☆ kokosil makes an outing enjoyable when you walk around thetowns. ☆☆☆☆ It is available in many areas, facilities and events,initially available in Ginza, Tokyo. ☆☆** How kokosil can help you.**1. The latest town information on your device- The latestinformation on the towns is pushed to your mobile device.- News,events, updates from stores and word of mouth. Let’s visit storesthat catch your attention.- Start time of movies and other freshinformation unique to the towns collected by kokosil is provided.2.Finding places- Information on the towns and stores is provided.-Information can be searched by keywords, categories andbarrier-free conditions.- Word of mouth information is available.Please post the information on your favorite spots.3. Enjoying awalk in the towns- Bookmark places that may interest you. kokosilautomatically lets you know when you approach the place.- [Comingsoon!] Tour guide function shows you around the recommended spotsin the towns.- [kokosil Ginza only!] If you approach the kokosiltags in stores, you can obtain the information on the stores.-[kokosil Ginza only!] If you approach the ucode tags on the lampposts along Chuo-dori ave. and Harumi-dori ave., you can obtain theinformation on the nearby area.** Service in multiple languages **-This service is available in multiple languages according to theneeds of service areas.- kokosil Ginza is available in Chinese(Chinese and simplified Chinese characters), English and Korean aswell as Japanese** To use the service **- kokosil account isrequired to use some features of this application.- This service isprovided according to “kokosil License Agreement” in the next URL,and the users shall agree to the terms and conditions. -http://ginza.kokosil.net/ja/terms- This application offers noguarantee of the accuracy, utility and certainty of the informationto be provided.Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation shallbear no responsibility for any kind of damages occurring as aresult of, or in relation to the use of the application.- As thisapplication is based on always-on connection and performs packetcommunication frequently, it is recommended to subscribe to packetflat-rate services with payment ceiling before using thisapplication.** Operating environment, etc. **-Android 4.0 and aboveare recommended for this application.- Operation has been checkedon the following devices: - F-12C - Galaxy S II / S II LTE - GalaxyNexus - Arrows X - Xperia Z- This application uses QR code scannerin the following URL. -http://market.android.com/details?id=com.google.zxing.client.android- The following software packages are used for this applicationunder Apache License Version 2.0(http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0). - ActionBarSherlock -SlidingMenu - Volley - httpmime-4.0.3.jar - apache-mime4j-0.6.jar**About “kokosil” **- kokosil is a general-purpose informationplatform to help visitors on foot and on wheel chairs in a town. -kokosil Ginza: http://ginza.kokosil.net - kokosil Komae:http://komae.kokosil.net- Events such as photography contest, stamprally (a fun event where you walk around an area to collect all thestamps to win a prize) and others for the place are being planned.-For details, please see the website: http://kokosil.net ** AboutTokyo Ubiquitous Technology Project **- Tokyo Ubiquitous TechnologyProject has been conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government torealize a ubiquitous computing society in which necessaryinformation can be obtained by anyone, anytime and anywhere easilyand immediately.- For details, please see the website:http://www.tokyo-ubinavi.jp
ucode reader 2.0.5 APK
** About ucode reader ** - "ucode reader" is an application toaccess ucode.** Features ** 1. Accessing ucode NFC- WithNFC-enabled terminal, touch ucode tags directly. - The informationassociated with the ucode tag you touched will be displayed in thebrowser.2. Accessing ucode QR - The camera will be started bystarting "ucode reader" application. - Read QR code(two-dimensional bar code) printed in ucode tag using the camera. -The information associated with the read ucode tag will bedisplayed in the browser. 3. Accessing barcode- The camera will bestarted by starting "ucode reader" application. - Read a barcodeusing the camera. - The information about the product will bedisplayed. 4. History list - A history list of the items you haveviewed will be displayed by starting "ucode reader" application andclosing the camera. - Tapping the icon for the items in the listwill register the item with a star. ** What is ucode tag? ** -ucode tag stores ucode which is a unique number in the worldallocated by Ubiquitous ID Center. - Many formats of storing ucodeinto ucode tags have been certified including ucode NFC using NFCtag and ucode QR using QR code which is a two-dimensional bar code.- Ubiquitous ID Center ( http://www.uidcenter.org/ ) has beenproactively promoting ucode as an information infrastructure forthe age of the Internet of Things (IoT). ** When you use theapplication ** - This application does not guarantee the accuracy,availability, certainty, or other quality of the providedinformation. Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation shall notbe responsible for any damage that may occur due to the use of thisapplication, etc. - This application uses ZXing for reading QRcodes. The license of ZXing is based on Apache License Version 2.0.( http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 )
GSI Mobile Guide Service 1.0.2 APK
●Description"The Science Museum of Map and Survey Mobile GuideService" is an official application program to guide eachexhibition area in The Science Museum of Map and Survey, andexhibited items such as maps and survey instruments in aneasy-to-understand manner by the voice and movie on smartphones andtablet devices.The Science Museum of Map and Survey Mobile GuideService" is composed of two services: "Introduction of theexhibition area" that guides you in the exhibition areaautomatically and "Introduction of the exhibit" that explains theexhibit items reading IC tags with QR Code installed inside thebuilding. You can learn the details of the exhibition areas and theexhibits of "The Science Museum of Map and Survey."This applicationprogram identifies the location of the exhibition areas andexhibits by using location information code that GeospatialInformation Authority of Japan has developed.●How to useLet's walkon a Japanese map on the ground floor of the Science Museum of Mapand Survey.The guide of the five regions is displayed automaticallywhen you walk on the Japanese map on the ground floor afterstarting the App. Let's hear the introduction of the fiveregions.The exhibition areas in the museum are automaticallyguided.The surrounding exhibition area of 10 interesting spots inthe Science Museum is automatically explained when you reachthere.Let's see the detailed explanations of the exhibits in themuseum.You can read the detailed explanation of the exhibit whenyou scan IC tags or read QR Codes installed in many places of themuseum.Automatic guide to the interesting spots in Earth PlazaFiveexhibits outside the Science Museum are also guided automatically.Let's go out of the Science Museum, and walk in EarthPlaza.●Operating conditions・You can use this App and service ifyour device is iPhone4S (or later version) in which iOS7.0 or alater version is installed.・It is necessary to turn Bluetooth andGPS "ON" to recognize the exhibition area.・The iOS version cannotread the IC tag in a non-contact manner because NFC is notsupported. Use "Introduction of the exhibit" service by opticallyscanning the QR Code printed on the IC tag.・Only Japanese andEnglish are supported with this application program. Otherlanguages are not supported.●"kokosil”・This application program andthe service use the kokosil service of Ubiquitous ComputingTechnology Corporation.・kokosil is a general-purpose platform tooffer information such as “Strolling in town” and“Sightseeing.”・kokosil has been used in Ginza, Komae, Nasushiobara,Aizuwakamatsu, Yokohama Port Museum and HARA Model Railway Museum,and will be used across Japan.・Audio tour guidance, events such asstamp rallies, and photography contests that are tuned to theevents taking place in towns and places can be supported, too.・Seethe following website fordetails.http://kokosil.nethttp://ts.uctec.com/uctec/jp/kokosil/index.php
ココシルこまえバリアフリーナビ 3.0.2 APK
☆国土交通省が公開するオープンデータ「歩行空間ネットワークデータ」を利用した、バリアフリー道案内アプリです☆☆ココシルは「まち」を元気にする街歩き支援サービスです。銀座に続き狛江市でサービス展開を開始しました!☆**アプリの使い方 **1.ユーザ設定ユーザ設定画面で、移動属性を設定できます。デフォルトで車椅子の方向け、高齢者の方向け、ベビーカー向け、健常者向けのルートが選択できます。さらに、避けたいルートや注意喚起の有無を、細かくカスタマイズすることも可能です。2.目的地設定ココシルこまえに登録された目的地を検索し「ナビ開始」を押すと、現在地からその地点までのバリアフリーナビが起動します。また地図を長押しすることで、その地点を現在地や目的地に設定することもできます。3.バリアフリーナビ「こまバス」運行ルートに沿ったこまえ市の主要施設へのバリアフリールートをご案内します。(歩行空間ネットワークデータがない箇所では、GoogleMapsでご案内します。)4.周辺施設表示地図上には、狛江市の観光・史跡が表示されます。さらに右上のトイレマークを選択すると、周囲のバリアフリー・トイレの情報も表示されます。**ご利用にあたって **- 本アプリは、以下の「ココシル利用規約」に準拠するものとし、利用者はその内容を承諾するものとします。 -http://komae.kokosil.net/ja/terms-本アプリは、提供する情報の正確性、有用性、確実性その他の保証をするものではありません。また本アプリのご利用等により何らかの損害が発生したとしても、当社は一切責任を負いません。-本アプリは、インターネットへの常時接続を前提としており、頻繁にパケット通信を行ないます。パケット定額プランに加入の上でのご利用を、おすすめします。**動作条件など **- 本アプリは、Android 4.0以上を推奨します。- 本アプリは、Apache License Version2.0 (http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0)に基づく、以下のソフトウェアを利用しています。 - ZXing - Volley** 「ココシル」について :http.//komae.kokosil.net **- ココシルは、街を元気にする、街歩き情報サービスの汎用プラットフォームです。-ココシル銀座に続き狛江市でも「ココシルこまえ」サービス展開を開始しました!☆ the Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Transport has been using open data "walkingspatial network data" to be published, it is barrier-freedirections app ☆☆ Kokosil is walk around support services to makehealthy the "town". And began service deployment in continuationKomae in Ginza! ☆** Using the app **1. Setting userIn the usersettings screen, you can set the move attribute.By defaultwheelchair direction only, only the direction of the elderly, forstroller, you can route selection for a healthy person.In addition,the presence or absence of avoiding want root and attention, it isalso possible to further customize.2. destination settingWhenprompted, locate the registered destination to Kokosil Komae pressthe "navigation start", barrier-free navigation from the currentposition to the point will start.Also, be to press the map length,you can also set the point to the current location anddestination.3. Disabled Navi"Top bus" and will guide you throughthe barrier-free route to the main facility of Komae City along theservice route.(In places where walking spatial network data, I willguide you in Google Maps.)4. surrounding facilities displayOn themap, Komae City of tourism and historic sites will be displayed.Tofurther select the toilet mark in the upper right, is alsodisplayed barrier-free toilet of information around.** Terms of Useand **- This application, and shall conform to the following"Kokosil Terms of Use", the user shall you accept itscontents.  - Http://komae.kokosil.net/ja/terms- Thisapplication, the accuracy of the information provided, usefulness,does not give you any other guarantee certainty. Also as some sortof damage occurs by the use or the like of the present application,the Company does not assume any responsibility.- This app,presupposes a full-time connection to the Internet, I will performthe frequently packet communication. The use of any of oversubscription to packet flat-rate plan, I recommend.** Such asoperating conditions **- This app is recommended Android 4.0 orhigher.- This application is based on the Apache License Version2.0 (http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0), we use thefollowing software.  - ZXing  - Volley** For"Kokosil" is: http .// komae.kokosil.net **- Kokosil will beenergetic the town, is a general-purpose platform of walk aroundinformation service.- Kokosil also a continuation Komae to Ginzaand began "Kokosil Komae" service deployment!
ココシル池袋バリアフリーナビ 1.0.5 APK
** アプリの使い方 **1.ユーザ設定ユーザ設定画面で、移動属性を設定できます。デフォルトで車椅子の方向け、高齢者の方向け、ベビーカー向け、健常者向けのルートが選択できます。さらに、避けたいルートや注意喚起の有無を、細かくカスタマイズすることも可能です。2.目的地設定目的地を検索し「ナビ開始」を押すと、現在地からその地点までのバリアフリーナビが起動します。また地図を長押しすることで、その地点を現在地や目的地に設定することもできます。3.バリアフリーナビ池袋駅構内と、池袋駅周辺エリアにおけるバリアフリールートをご案内します。Bluetooth Low Energy対応機種では、駅構内の現在地を認識し、自動的にルート案内を行います。4.トイレ情報表示周囲のバリアフリー・トイレの情報を表示することもできます。** ご利用にあたって **-本アプリは、以下の「ココシル利用規約」に準拠するものとし、利用者はその内容を承諾するものとします。 -http://kokosil.net/terms.ja.html-本アプリは、提供する情報の正確性、有用性、確実性その他の保証をするものではありません。また本アプリのご利用等により何らかの損害が発生したとしても、当社は一切責任を負いません。-本アプリは、インターネットへの常時接続を前提としており、頻繁にパケット通信を行ないます。パケット定額プランに加入の上でのご利用を、おすすめします。**動作条件など **- 本アプリは、Android 4.0以上を推奨します。- 本アプリは、Apache License Version2.0 (http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0)に基づく、以下のソフトウェアを利用しています。 - ZXing - Volley** 「ココシル」について :http://kokosil.net **- ココシルは、街を元気にする、街歩き情報サービスの汎用プラットフォームです。-銀座、狛江、那須塩原、会津若松をはじめ、全国各地に展開予定です。-音声ツアーガイド、スタンプラリー、写真コンテストなど、その街・その場所と連携したイベントを展開しています。
kokosil Travelers' Guide Tokyo 2.0.1 APK
kokosil Travelers' Guide Tokyo is a guide application in which 100people active in various fields throughout the world tell you aboutrecommended tourist spots in Tokyo."Tokyo guide interview" - Onehundred people well-informed about Tokyo and living in New York,London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei,and Seoul will guide you around their favorite tourist spots. -Please enjoy Tokyo seen from the viewpoint of a Tokyo savvytourist."Popular tourist spots" - Here is the information onmust-see Tokyo tourist attractions that includes Asakusa, Odaiba,Roppongi, Ginza, Tsukiji, Harajuku, and Akihabara. - If this isyour first time in Tokyo, please be sure to visit there."Search" -You can search tourist spots in Tokyo from the area/category. -Great spots for sightseeing, eating, and shopping are introducedhere; such as, Ginza, Roppongi, Aoyama, Asakusa, Ueno, Odaiba,Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya and many more. - You can also searchtourist spots located near your current location by using thelocation information on your terminal device."Favorites" - Registerinterviews and tourist spots, and you can easily access the datalater."In order to use the application" - This application shallcomply with the Terms of Use of the portal site “kokosil ®” and theuser shall be deemed to have consented to the terms and conditionsof the same. The copyrights of the software, contents and materialsbelong to the Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation or theirproviders. Please refer to the Terms of Use for details. - Thisapplication does not guarantee the accuracy, availability,certainty, etc. of the provided information. Moreover, we shall notbe responsible for any damages or losses incurred or suffered byyou arising out of or in connection with your use of thisapplication, etc. - Constant Internet connection is a prerequisitefor the use of this application for frequent packet communication.You are recommended to sign up for a flat-rate packet communicationservice before using the application."Operating conditions, etc." -This application is designed to run on smartphones with Android 2.2or higher. - This application supports Japanese, English, Chinese(Traditional/Simplified), and Korean languages. "About kokosil" **http://kokosil.net ** - "kokosil" is a neighborhood informationportal site interfaced with the real world.- We provide variousservices linked with specific cities and locations, including tourguide services, photo contests, stamp rallies and many others.
ココシルVR郡山城 1.0.4 APK