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狙いを定めて...ナイスショット!ステージは100個。全ステージをクリアするとさらに難易度の高いモードがアンロックされます。完全無料。失敗しても広告なしで即リトライ!Toaim ... nice shot!100 the stage.High mode of further difficulty Ifyou clear all stages will be unlocked.Totally free.Failed evenwithout advertising immediately retry!

App Information ゴルスカ 〜Golf in the Sky〜

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    ゴルスカ 〜Golf in the Sky〜
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    February 23, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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ヒュプノノーツ1 1.0.4 APK
子供時代の約束を覚えていますか?あの頃に戻れたら、どうしますか?ジャンルはRPGです。おつかいミッションとか、面倒くさい要素は一切排除して、スマートフォンに最適なゲームデザインを追求した結果、一次元ローグを採用しました。操作方法はとても簡単です。コンピュータゲームをあまりプレイしない方でも、見ればわかります。ボタンは大きめで、ネイルを装着した女性の方でも操作できます。反射神経はいりません。左手用と右手用で操作しやすいボタン配置を選べます。運に左右される現実を、リスクとリターンの見極めて、乗り越えていきましょう。ヘビーゲーマーも満足する手応えのある仕上がりになりました。あなたも夢の世界に旅立ってください。Doyou remember the promise of childhood?When you go back to thattime, what would you do?Genre is RPG.Toka Otsukai mission,troublesome elements to the exclusion of all, as a result of thepursuit of optimal game design to smartphone, it has adopted aone-dimensional rogue.The procedure is very simple.Even if you donot want too much play the computer game, you can see it if youlook.Button is a large, well I can be operated at the woman wearingthe nail.Reflexes do not need.I choose the easy to operate buttonsarranged in for the left hand and one for the right hand.Thedependent reality in luck, you can assess the risk and return,let's overcome.Heavy gamers now also finish with satisfyingresponse.Please have you also traveled to dream of the world.
ヒュプノノーツ2 1.5.25 APK
不具合報告等はEメール [email protected] かツイッター @ishinouraまでお願いします。舞台は前作から4年後の世界。将来に夢も希望もない文系大学院生の主人公には遠距離恋愛を続ける恋人がいた。しかしある日が突然音信不通に。代わりに届いたのは夢に潜れる「MSX」という謎の枕型機械。MSXを使って、恋人との記憶をたどるうちに、やがて夢の中に落とした過去に向き合っていく。リアルなシナリオ、シンプルなゲームシステム、優しい色合いのイラスト、ノスタルジックで癖のある音楽、どこか見覚えのあるアイテム。前作とは音楽を除いてスタッフが交代しており、前作とは違ったテイストのゲームになっています。前作をプレイいただいた方はもちろん、普段ゲームをしない方、既存のゲームで味わえないストーリーを求める方、すべての子ども時代を乗り越えてきた大人と今乗り越えている最中の皆様に贈る、石乃裏骨董店渾身の最新作です。フォント借用:ぎゃーてーるみねっせんす作者:マルセ様HP:よく飛ばない鳥http://marusexijaxs.web.fc2.com/
LostCam Story - An Epic Match 3 Puzzle Quest 1.3 APK
Explore a huge world full of depth and interesting characters inLostcam! You are the main character in a prophecy destined to savethe world from war. Only by beating challenging match 3 puzzles canyou succeed! -------------------------------------LOSTCAM – THESTORY------------------------------------- “On the way home fromschool I found a puppy. Abandoned. I’m not an adult. I can’t help.I gave him half a donut to eat – I was saving it to eat later. Outof habit, I took a picture of him and uploaded the photo onlineunder a private setting.Suddenly. The world broke.I woke up in astrange place, with a girl standing in front of me. She introducedherself as the representative of the ‘machines’. She told me I hadbeen plunged into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war andpossessed the legendary “Lostcam” and had been chosen by itsmaster”Unlock the power of the Lostcam by solving match 3 puzzles.Lostcam can project past scenes on the other side of the lens.Using the lostcam, you are about to embark on an epic quest torestore the history that was lost by the war.--------------------------------------------------------RESTOREHISTORY TO THEWORLD--------------------------------------------------------Afterthe war, everything was destroyed. The world is without history orculture. With the power of the Lostcam, you can restore the worldto how it was before, in a time of peace. Travel around the worldon your quest and play challenging match 3 puzzles to unlock photosto add to your photo board. This board can bring any image to lifeand it’s your only hope of restoring the world! You will run intoevil machines who want to destroy you and the Lostcam. Defeat themby beating challenging match 3 puzzles!-----------------------------------------SOLVE MATCH 3PUZZLES-----------------------------------------The true power ofthe Lostcam is locked within the match 3 puzzle games. Solve themand unleash the power of the Lostcam on your quest save the world!•Match 3 of the same type to clear the tiles from the board• Match 4to create special tiles to clear entire lines• Discover othermatching combinations for HUGE score combos• Reach the target scoreto clear the level and unlock thephoto=======================LOSTCAM –HIGHLIGHTS=======================• Rich story full of characterdepth• HD graphics and immersive environments• Character drivenstory for an epic match 3 quest• Choose your responses wheninteracting with other characters• Defeat evil robots who want todestroy you and the Lostcam• Restore the world by solvingchallenging match 3puzzles=====================================================================DOWNLOADTHE MOST IMMERSIVE MATCH 3 PUZZLE GAME FOR FREETODAY!=====================================================================
メモリマイン 1.0.1 APK
ルールは簡単ですが、難易度は簡単に見えて意外に難しかったり、難しそうに見えて1ピースはまれば残りは次々とわかったり。やりだすとなかなか止められない中毒性があります。わからない時はヒント機能でお助け。ステージは現在90個ですが、アップデートでどんどん追加予定。新機能やギミックもご期待下さい!Theruleis easy, the difficulty is surprisingly difficult or appeartosimplicity, the rest To fall into one piece looksdifficultunlikely or found one after another.When out to do it isaddictivewhich can not be easily stopped.When you do not know yourhelp inhint feature. Stage is now 90, but more and more plans toadd anupdate. New features and gimmicks also please stay tuned!
ゴルスカ 〜Golf in the Sky〜 1.2.0 APK
狙いを定めて...ナイスショット!ステージは100個。全ステージをクリアするとさらに難易度の高いモードがアンロックされます。完全無料。失敗しても広告なしで即リトライ!Toaim ... nice shot!100 the stage.High mode of further difficulty Ifyou clear all stages will be unlocked.Totally free.Failed evenwithout advertising immediately retry!