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サッカーボールをドリブルし、敵のキックやタックルを交わして、制限時間内に上に進んだ距離を競います。ボールは画面をスワイプして操作します。ボールが敵の足に当たるとミスで、残り時間減っちゃうよ(-1秒)逆に敵の股を抜くと敵が消滅し、残り時間が増えるよ(+8秒)ランキングで世界の人と競おう!音楽:魔王塊Dribblinga soccer ball, it shakes the enemy of the kick and tackle, competethe distance traveled on within the time limit.Balls aremanipulated by swiping the screen.The ball is in the miss and hitthe foot of the enemy, it would decrease the remaining time (-1seconds)Enemy disappears and pull out the crotch of the enemy inreverse, by increasing the remaining time (+8 seconds)Let Kisoo theworld's people in the rankings!Music: Beelzebub mass

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もぐら迷路 6.0 APK
転がるリンゴ(プレイヤー)を上手に転がして、もぐら迷路のお宝をゲットしよう。バーをタップ+スワイプで動かして、リンゴをうまく転がしてね。もぐら、たけのこ、いがぐりに当たるとライフが減ります。お宝は、地下深くに行くほど、高価(高ポイント)なものになります。ハートマークのお宝は、ライフが増えるよ。いっぱいお宝をゲットして高得点を目指そう!音楽:魔王魂Therolled apples (player) very well to roll, let's get the treasure ofmole maze.Move the bar in the tap + swipe, it rolled well theapple.Mole, bamboo shoots, reduces the life If you hit theburr.Treasure, as it goes to the deep underground, will beexpensive (high point).Treasure of the heart mark, life isincreased.Aim a high score and then get the full treasure!Music:Beelzebub soul
ころころ迷路 1.5 APK
ボールを傾けてころころ転がして、迷路のゴールをめざそう!正方形の迷路で左上がスタートで右下がゴールです。ゲームをスタートすると迷路が作成され、完成しだいスタートします。毎回新しい迷路にチャレンジできます。(2度と同じコースはできません。)難易度も毎回変わるよ!途中で迷ったら、メニューボタンで、 ●全体マップ(スタート、ゴール、現在地、通過ポイント)が確認できます。 ●迷路の答えもみれます。(ただし、この後プレーを続けてゴールしても、ポイントはつきません。) ●別の迷路を作成してスタートすることができます。(そのままプレイを続ける場合は、Continueを選択してください。)ゴール後のプレイの結果は、ゴールタイム、難易度、正確性、何回マップを確認したかでポイント採点されるよ! 色々試して、高ポイントを目指そう!Androlled claims about Tilt the ball, it will aim at goal of themaze!Upper left is the goal lower right at the start in the squareof the maze.When you start the game maze is created and coming soonstart.Every time I can challenge the new maze. (2 degrees and cannot be the same course.)Degree of difficulty also change everytime!If you lost on the way, the menu button,● the entire map(start, goal, You are here, passing point) I can confirm.● Even Iwill only answer the maze. (However, even if the goal is tocontinue to play after this, do not attach point.)● Start bycreating a different mazeYou can be. (If you continue to play as itis, please select the Continue.)Result of play after the goal, goaltime, degree of difficulty, accuracy, it is a point scored or wasconfirmed many times map!Try a variety, I will aim the high points!
超ムズ迷路1000 2.13 APK
とても難しい迷路ゲームです。難しい分、ゴールにたどり着いた時の満足感は最高!スマホを傾けるか、片手でスワイプだけの簡単操作!操作モードは、スタート画面で設定してね!迷路のコースは1000(10レベルx100)あって,どのコースからでも始められるよ!難しくてどうしても答えが知りたいときは、お助け機能の、迷路の全体を確認できるマップボタンとゴールまでの道筋を表示するアンサーボタンが使用できるよ!ゴールした時にメダルをもらえるよ!メダルの色は、お助け機能を使わないときは、金メダルゲット!マップボタンを使用したら銀メダル!アンサーボタンしたら銅メダル!制限時間はないよ!金銀銅のメダル獲得数でランキングするよ!音楽:魔王塊Itis very difficult maze game.Difficult minute, the satisfaction whenyou reached the goal the best!Or tilting the smartphone, simpleoperation of just swipe with one hand!Mode of operation, set at thestart screen!Maze of course is a 1000 (10 level x100), you canstart from any course!When a difficult and I want to know is reallythe answer is,Help function, the path to the map button and a goalthat you can see the entire mazeAnswer button to display can beused!Get a medal when the goal!The color of the medals,When you donot use your help feature, gold medal Get!Silver medal if you usethe map button!Bronze medal Once you answer button!The time limitis not!Ranking in the medal number of gold and silver copper!Music:Devil mass
音解析ツール 3.0 APK
周りの音を計測して、フーリエ変換を行い基本周波数を計測し、比較するアプリです。アプリを起動すると、全面に計測データウィンドウとその下に操作ボタンが表示されます。 操作ボタンの説明(左側より) ●A音⇔B音切替ボタン:計測対象の音を切り替えます。A音、B音として、2つの音が計測できます。 ●Start⇔Stopボタン:周囲の音の計測を開始、停止を行います。計測開始すると、即時に計測データウィンドウに計測結果(音データ)を表示します。 ●Clearボタン:計測された計測結果(音データ)を消去します。 ●○録音停止⇔●録音中切替ボタン:音を録音できます。(最大20秒間) ●⇒再生ボタン:録音したデータを再生して、即時に計測データウインドウに再生された音の計測結果(音データ)を表示します。 ●計測データウインドウ切替ボタン(X⇔Y):計測データウインドウのタイプを切り替えます。 計測方法説明 計測中は、一定の計測周期(機種に依存)で音を取り込み、計測周期ごとフーリエ変換による基本周波数とその強度を計測し、 各基本周波数に度数として積算し、データとして保持します。  (窓関数で計測周期の前後の音を絞っています。) (基本周波数の階層数は、1024(機種に依存する場合あり)となります。)   計測データウインドウ説明  Xウィンドウ  計測データ(各振動数の度数データ)を大きい順に最大24個表示します。    Hz:基本周波数   音階:基本周波数のドレミファソラシドの音階表示。例:ド0 440hz、ド1 880hz等   度数:各計測周期のフーリエ変換による強度の積算 HzでA音とB音ともに出現している場合には、データの最後に○を表記します。  解析結果    A音とB音の一致度をパーセント表示します。   式:A音B音ともに検出されたHzの数/A音かB音どちらかで検出されたHzの数   解析数   フーリエ変換でデータを積算した回数   検出数    検出された基本周波数の数   音波   実際に計測された音の波形(窓関数で左右を絞った状態で表示)   基本周波数    実際に計算されたフーリエ変換の波形   累積度数を○で表記  Yウインドウ   A音B音の音の特徴をビジュアル化するために計測データを円グラフで表記しています。       By measuring the sound around, it measures the fundamentalfrequency performs a Fourier transform, and application to becompared. When you start the app, you will see the operation buttonon its underside with the measurement data window on the wholesurface. Description of the operation button (from left) ● A sound⇔B sound switching button: I will switch the sound of themeasurement object. A sound, as B sound, the two sounds can bemeasured. ● Start⇔Stop button: start the measurement of ambientsound, make the stop. When the measurement start and display themeasurement result immediately to measurement data window (sounddata). ● The Clear button: Clears the measured measurement results(sound data). ● ○ stop recording ⇔ ● During recording switchbutton: I can record sound. (Up to 20 seconds) ● ⇒ Play button:Play the recorded data, and displays immediately the measurementdata of the sound playing in the window measurement result (sounddata). ● Measurement data window switch button (X⇔Y): I will switchthe type of measurement data window. Measurement Method DescriptionMeasurement in captures the sound at a certain measurement period(depending on the model), measures the fundamental frequency andits strength by the measurement period for each Fourier transform,Accumulate as frequency to each fundamental frequency, and thenretained as data. (It is focused before and after the sound of themeasurement cycle in the window function.) (Hierarchy number of thefundamental frequency, will be the 1024 (which might depend on themodel).) Measurement data window description X-window It willdisplay 24 maximum in descending order of the measurement data(each frequency of the frequency data). Hz: fundamental frequencyScale: scale display of Doremi file Sorashido of the fundamentalfrequency. For example: de 0 440hz, de 1 880hz, etc. Frequency: theintegration of strength by the Fourier transform of eachmeasurement cycle       If you areappearing in both A sound and B sound in Hz, it will be referred tothe end ○ of data. Analysis result Percent to display the degree ofmatching of A sound and B sound. Formula: A number of sound Hzdetected by either the detected Hz numbers / A tone or B tone Bsounds both Number of analysis Number obtained by integrating thedata with a Fourier transform Detection number The number ofdetected fundamental frequency Sound wave Actually measured soundof the waveform (displayed in a state that focus on left and rightin the window function) Fundamental frequency Waveform of actuallycalculated Fourier transform The notation cumulative frequency in ○Y window It is referred to the measurement data in a pie chart inorder to visualize the characteristics of the sound of A sound Bsound.
Belt tension meter 1.9 APK
It is a sonic belt tension meter.Calculate the tension (unit: N) ofthe belt (timing belt etc) tightened between the pulleys from thefrequency when the belt is played.Measurement method1, initialsettingI will set the belt.1) Press the setting button.Enter thestate of the belt you want to measure.1, the number of teeth of theleft and right pulleys and the number of teeth of the belt.2, pitchof belt mm.3, Unit Length Weight g / (m · mm) ≒ Belt Width: 1 mm xBelt Length: Weight of 1 m g.4, width of belt width mm.Note) Whenthe unit of weight per unit weight of belt is kg / m (weight perkg)3, W (kg / m) x 1000 in unit length mass4, Please enter 1 in thewidth of the belt!2, measurement1) Move the smartphone's caller tothe center of the belt you want to measure and press the startbutton.(The display under measurement will be done.)2) Play thecenter part of the belt and generate a sound like a string.(Whenplaying the belt, its frequency converges to a certain frequencycorresponding to the tension of the belt.)3) If vibration of acertain frequency of the belt is detected, the tension (unit N) ofthe belt calculated by setting the frequency of the sound when itis detected, its frequency and the belt set with 1 is displayed onthe monitor. (If you do not measure well, try removing thesurrounding noise or adjusting the sensitivity (+ -button))Increasing the sensitivity cuts out small sound vibrations,and conversely lowering the sensitivity also detects small soundvibrations, but it makes detection of noise noise easier.Themaximum detection frequency is 400 Hz.CautionThis tool uses therecording function of smart phone, and obtains the obtainedwaveformA certain frequency is detected with a simple method.Forthis reason, please use measurement results and accuracy as a guideonly.RemarksCalculation formula of belt tension conversion fromfrequency is carried out by the followingcalculation.RemarksCalculation formula of belt tension conversionfrom frequency is carried out by the following calculation.Hz:Measurement frequency / secT 1: pulley 1 number of teethT 2: Numberof pulleys 2 teethB: Number of belt teethP: Belt pitch mmM: Beltunit mass g / m.mm (1 mm width x 1 m belt weight g)W: Belt widthwidth mmNote) When unit of mass per unit weight of belt is set tokg / m (weight per kg)M = W (kg / m) x 1000, w = 1 (mm) Pleaseenter!Z: Pulley shaft lengthS: length of linear portion of beltR1:Pulley 1 radiusR 2: Pulley 2 radiusPi: Pi = 3.14 ,,,R 1 = t 1 × p /piR 2 = t 2 × p / piZ = (b + (b ^ 2- 8 x (r 1 - r 2) ^ 2) ^ 0.5) /8S = (Z ^ 2- (r 1 - r 2) 2/4) 0.5Belt tension N = 4 × m × w × S ^ 2× Hz 2 × 10 ^ - 9
落書き物理パズル 5.0 APK
画面に描いた絵が、物理法則に従い動きます。さまざまな問題が出されるので、解決できるよう頭をひねって、絵を描こう!全問正解できるかな?音源:魔王魂Paintingson the screen, will move in accordance with the laws ofphysics.Since the various problems is issued,Resolution can be astwisted his head, try to draw a picture!Can you do all thequestions correct answer?Sound source: Beelzebub soul
Frequency measurement tool 1.15 APK
It is a tool to measure the frequency of sound source of constantfrequency such as belt tension measurement. Operation explanationWhen you press the start button, measurement starts. The waveformof the measured sound is displayed in gray (updated every time) atregular intervals (125 ms). Upon detecting vibrations at regularintervals by internal processing, The frequency (Hz) is displayed.(For reference, scale (Doremi is also displayed)). In addition, thewaveform when vibration is detected is displayed in red (fixed),and processing of vibration frequency The maximum value used isdisplayed as a point. (You can visually check if the measured soundis correct.) Press the start button again to start the nextmeasurement. The detected frequency is added to the cumulativemeasurement value. The cumulative measurement value holds thelatest 10 cases and also displays the average value. Adjust themeasurement sensitivity with the sensitivity adjustment button. Asthe sensitivity decreases, the change in the small sound is sensed.(However, it makes it easier to pick up noise.) Button ExplanationStart button: Start measurement. Stop button: Cancels themeasurement. Clear button: Clears the cumulative measured value. +- Button: Adjust measurement sensitivity. The detectable frequencyis less than 400 Hz. Note: This tool uses the recording function ofAndroid, Since it depends on the model, it does not guarantee theaccuracy of the measured frequency.
おなじちがう 1.2 APK
左右のカードの見比べて、色か番号が同じ場合は○、違う場合は×ボタンを押そう。合計30回の時間を競います。間違うとゲームオーバーです。ランキングで世界中の人と競おう!脳の反射神経を鍛える、脳トレアプリだよ。音楽:魔王魂Bycomparing the left and right of the card, if the color or number isthe same ○, if different tries to push the × button.We compete fora total of 30 times of the time.It is wrong when the game isover.Let Kisoo with people from all over the world in therankings!Train the reflexes of the brain, but the brain TrainingApps.Music: devil soul