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パナソニック キッチン リフォムスシリーズは、庫内への虫の侵入を低減します。虫の侵入を低減する仕組みを、AR動画と動画でわかりやすく説明いたします。また、実験のようすも公開しています。

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com.panasonic.avc.cng.imageapp 1.10.14 APK
“Panasonic Image App” is an application that makes it possible touse your smartphone to remotely control the shooting and playbackfunctions of a Wi-Fi-compatible digital camera/digital videocamera, and to perform upload operations to SNS (Social NetworkingService) sites. The following major functions are available withthis application. ・You can watch the same image as on the Live Viewscreen of your digital camera/digital video camera on yoursmartphone, and control shooting and other camera operations aswith a wireless remote controller. (*1) ・You can play back anddelete still pictures and videos recorded using your digitalcamera/digital video camera on your smartphone. (*2) (*3) You canalso copy them to your smartphone, and upload them to SNS sites.(*3) ・If your smartphone is equipped with NFC functions, you canperform the initial Wi-Fi settings and establish a connectionsimply by touching your digital camera/digital video camera withyour smartphone. (*4) Additional functions for digital cameras・This app allows you to implement continuous connection with adigital camera that has Bluetooth function and make Wi-Ficonnections and perform remote operation just with your smartphone. It also allows you to apply location information to recordedimages and easily perform automatic transfer of images.(*5) ・Ifyour smartphone is equipped with NFC functions, you can transferrecorded still pictures stored in your digital camera to yoursmartphone simply by touching your digital camera with yoursmartphone. (*4) ・You can make settings to automatically transferstill pictures recorded with your digital camera to yoursmartphone. ・You can add location information acquired with yoursmartphone to pictures recorded using your digital camera.Additional functions for digital video cameras ・By installing adigital video camera, you can monitor your home while you are outby checking the image on your smartphone, and speak to those athome and take pictures. (*3) (*6) (*7) (*1) With DMC-SZ8 / SZ9 /SZ10 / TZ55 / TZ56 / TZ57 / TZ58 / ZS35 / ZS45, it is not possibleto remotely record videos from a smartphone. (*2) With DMC-FT5 /GF6 / LF1 / SZ8 / SZ9 / SZ10 / TS5 / TZ37 / TZ40 / TZ41 / TZ55 /TZ56 / TZ57 / TZ58 / ZS27 / ZS30 / ZS35 / ZS45, it is only possibleto play back still pictures. (*3) Not supported on HC-X1000. (*4)This function can only be used with devices that support NFC. (*5)This function can only be used with devices that support Bluetooth4.0 or above (Bluetooth low energy technology). (*6) Not supportedon HX-A100 / A500 / WA30. (*7) Not supported on HX-A1H/A1M.[Compatible Operating Systems]   Android 4.4 - 9 [Notes] ・Bluetoothfunction can only be used with smart phones (Android 5.0 and above)equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and above (Bluetooth low energytechnology). ・The NFC functions can only be used with a smartphonethat is also equipped with NFC functions. ・Be aware that when usingthe location information recording function, continued use of theGPS function can lead to a dramatic decrease in battery capacity.・In order to use the SNS upload functions or the Cloud Sync.Service, you must first obtain a service user ID for Panasonic’sLUMIX CLUB (free of charge). ・For information on using this app orcompatible models, visit the following support page.https://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/soft/image_app/ ・Pleaseunderstand that we will not be able to contact you directly even ifyou use the “Email Developer” link. ・The function to transferimages to an AV device can no longer be used. (Version 1.10.7 andlater)
Panasonic TV Remote 2 2.73 APK
TV Remote 2 lets you comfortably operate Panasonic flat-panel VIERATV.TV Remote 2 app lets you comfortably operate Panasonicflat-panel TV, 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 VIERA with mobiledevices running Android OS ("Android Device(s)").The TV Remote 2app lets you control VIERA over wireless network (Wi-Fi) moreintuitively than the ordinary remote controller. The TV Remote 2App also lets you transfer pictures, videos, music or websites fromyour mobile display to VIERA TV, and vice versa.In order to use theTV Remote 2 app, all you need is to simply install the app to yourAndroid Device. There is no complicated setting required toestablish connection with VIERA. Give it a try.For information onusing this app or compatible models, visit the following supportpage.If you can not find a solution by visiting the support page,you can contact us from the supportpage.http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/tv/vremote2/android/Pleaseunderstand that we will not be able to contact you directly even ifyou use the “Email Developer” link.
com.panasonic.avc.diga.maxjuke 1.9.2 APK
Never thought of being a cool DJ hosting your own party? PanasonicMAX Juke App will take you to the next level of party withPanasonic compatible mini system. Bring your friends over andexperience new party excitement. [Main features] 1. Music Player -Play songs on your smart devices via bluetooth. 2. Jukebox Request- Request and play songs from the internal or USB memory on minisystem. - Share same request playlist with your friends at the sametime. 3. Karaoke Effect - Adjust your Karaoke Effect setting. 4. DJEffect - Adjust your DJ Effect setting. 5. DJ Sampling Maker -Record and register your favorite DJ sample sounds on product. *Sample sounds can be operated on product. * 12 sample sounds arepre-installed. 6. Remote Control - Handy remote control functionfor compatible mini system. 7. DJ Illumination - Adjust productillumination from color palette. 8. YouTube - Enjoy Youtube soundon mini system. 9. Battery Level - Show current battery level ofmain unit. 10. Bluetooth connection with NFC (Near FieldCommunication ). [Attention] *1 In order to stream a music on thedevice by Bluetooth, the device first needs to be paired. *2NFC(Near Field Communication) is only available on certain Androiddevices. *3 Some features may not be supported depending on themodel you purchased. For information on using this app, compatiblemodels and feature or any trouble about this app, please visit thefollowing support page.http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/audio/app/max_juke/android/index.htmlPlease understand that we will not be able to contact you directlyeven if you use the “Email Developer” link.
Panasonic Music Streaming 3.6.2 APK
Bluetooth/DLNA/Qualcomm AllPlay are all supported by this oneapplication. Music stored on the DLNA server that supports eitherBluetooth or DLNA can be wirelessly transmitted to your Audioproduct that also supports either of the 3 streaming technologies*1 You can use this feature soon by installing to your Androiddevice. Moreover NFC is supported by Panasonic Music Streaming App.You can connect to the Panasonic NFC compatible product byBluetooth with one touch by installing to your Android device. *2Supported devices are as follows. [Supported devices] Bluetoothsupported audio device DLNA supported audio device Qualcomm AllPlaysupported audio device (Attention) *1 In order to select Bluetooth,the devices first need to paired. *2 NFC is available only with NFCcompatible Android device. For information on using this app,compatible models and feature or any trouble about this app, pleasevisit the following support page.http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/audio/app/music_streaming/android/index.htmlPlease understand that we will not be able to contact you directlyeven if you use the “Email Developer” link.
Panasonic Media Access 6.0.4 APK
Panasonic Media Access enhances your TV lifestyle one more stepahead through Panasonic TV or Panasonic Blu-ray Recorders to enjoyyour favorite TV programs outside home with your Android smartphoneor tablet (Android 4.0.3 or later is necessary), anytime, anywhere.Connect your TV or Blu-ray Recorders or Portable TV to internetwith broadband router, then you can enjoy live broadcast orrecorded programs anywhere, so you do not miss watching yourfavorite TV programs anymore. Additionally, this applicationprovides ranking of popular programs or recommended programs tofind newly interested broadcasts for you. Following features areavailable at home or on the go: - Receive streaming of livebroadcast reception from compatible TV and recorders. - Timeshiftplayback of recorded programs. - Show recommended programs to you.- Show EPG and set recording reservation. - Connect to the TV withSwipe & Share (compatible model launched in 2015 year.) -Playlist for watching later - Transport recorded TV programCompatible TV and recorders (sold separately) - Panasonic TVlaunched in year 2014 or later. - Panasonic Blu-ray Recorderslaunched from autumn year 2013 to spring year 2017. - PanasonicPortable TV launched in year 2015 * Some products are notsupported. For information on using this app, compatible models andfeature or any trouble about this app, please visit the followingsupport page. http://panasonic.jp/support/av/m_access/ Pleaseunderstand that we will not be able to contact you directly even ifyou use the “Email Developer” link.
Panasonic Media Center 3.3.0 APK
Panasonic Media Center brings you more viewing fun to yourlifestyle. Through Panasonic TV / Blu-ray Recorders and thisapplication you can enjoy your favourite TV programs on yourAndroid smartphone or tablet (Android 4.0.3 or later is necessary),anytime, anywhere. We call this function "TV Anywhere/ TV Anytime".If you connect your TV / Blu-ray Recorder to the intenet, you canset the timer recordings and enjoy live broadcast or recordedprograms anywhere, so you won't miss any of your favourite TVprograms any more.Following features are available at home or onthe go:- Receive streaming of live broadcast reception fromcompatible TV / recorders- Playback of recorded programs- Set timerrecordings- Connect to TV with Swipe & Share (compatible modellaunched in 2015 year or later.)- Playlist for watchinglaterCompatible models (sold separately) - Panasonic Blu-rayRecorders launched in 2014 year's autumn or later. - Panasonic TVlaunched in 2015 year or later. To find out detail information,please refer to support page of Panasonic Media Centerapplication.For information on using this app, compatible modelsand feature or any trouble about this app, please visit thefollowing supportpage.http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/av/mediacenter/Pleaseunderstand that we will not be able to contact you directly even ifyou use the “Email Developer” link.
EMS for Phone 3.31.0100 APK
EMS for Phone is an application that can view the images fromPanasonic E-Series Network Camera, Network Disk Recorder (K-NL304K,K-NL308K, K-NL316K). By connecting a terminal to a 3G/4G orwireless LAN (Wi-Fi), it is possible to view live images from thenetwork camera and recorded images stored on recorders.
Let's Do-ga for Drive P@ss 1.0.10 APK
■商品説明 ~人気の動画やお気に入りの動画もカーナビで~人気の動画共有サービス「YouTube」の動画を、カーナビでも楽しめるようになりました。YouTubeの動画で、ドライブ先の新しい魅力を見つけられれば、楽しいドライブがよりいっそう、楽しくなります。いつもYouTubeで観ているお気に入りの動画が観たくなった時も、「Let's Do-ga for Drive P@ss」を使ってお手持ちのアカウントでYouTubeにログインすれば大丈夫。いつもの動画が簡単に楽しめます。 さらに「Let's Do-ga forDrive P@ss」をインストールしたAndroidスマートフォンと「Drive P@ss」対応のカーナビを接続することで、車のスピーカとカーナビの大画面といった迫力のある環境で、お気に入りの動画をお楽しみになれます。カーナビと接続しているので、動画の選択などもカーナビの大きなタッチパネルにより、快適に操作できます。対応のカーナビをお持ちでない場合でも、スマートフォン単体で使うYouTube動画再生アプリとしてお楽しみいただけます。 ■注意事項カーナビとAndroidスマートフォンの接続を行うには、 ・対応するカーナビ・上記のカーナビに対応するUSB接続ケーブルおよびHDMI接続ケーブル ・お使いのスマートフォンに対応するMHLアダプター(MHL出力対応スマートフォン端末の場合。MHLからHDMIへの変換アダプタ)  または、お使いのスマートフォンに対応するmicroHDMI⇔HDMI変換ケーブル (micro HDMI出力対応スマートフォン端末の場合) を別途ご購入いただく必要があります。また、Bluetoothの接続設定を行う必要があります。接続方法の詳細は、対応するカーナビの取扱説明書および接続ガイドをご確認ください。 <接続ガイド(スマートフォン用サイト)>https://panasonic.jp/car/spn/drivepass/manual/android/index.html■対応車載機情報、対応スマートフォン情報、Drive P@ssの機能紹介https://panasonic.jp/car/navi/drivepass/index.html ■主な機能・YouTubeに投稿されている動画データを再生できます。・YouTube動画は「人気の動画」「エンターテイメント」などのジャンルや、フリーワードで検索できます。・お手持ちのYouTubeアカウントでログインすれば、ご自分のお気に入り動画や再生リストから、観たい動画を選択できます。・カーナビと連携して、カーナビのタッチパネルから、スマートフォンそのままの操作感でアプリを操作することができます。・カーナビと連携時、カーナビのトラックアップ/ダウンボタンや、音量アップ/ダウンボタンを使って再生動画や音量が変えられます。 カーオーディオやカーナビのオーディオ機能と同じ感覚で、快適にスマートフォンの動画を楽しむことが出来ます。 ・GooglePlayから最新の「Drive P@ss」をインストールすることで、Drive P@ssのアプリ一覧画面からのLet'sDo-gaアプリの呼び出し、  Let's Do-gaからDriveP@ssのアプリ一覧画面に戻ってのアプリ切換などができるようになります。  「Drive P@ss」のインストールはこちら■必ずお読みください ・カーナビと接続するには、「Drive P@ss通信サービス」アプリをインストールする必要があります。 「Drive P@ss通信サービス」は、Google Playより無料でダウンロードできます。 ■更新履歴 ▼バージョン1.0.10(2018年10月26日リリース) ・ナビと接続するためのヘルプ画面を改善しました。 ▼バージョン1.0.9(2017年6月30日リリース) ・軽微な不具合に対応しました。 ▼バージョン 1.0.8(2017年3月30日リリース)・軽微な不具合に対応しました。 ▼バージョン 1.0.6(2016年10月5日リリース)・ナビと接続するためのヘルプ画面を改善しました。 ▼バージョン 1.0.5(2016年5月25日リリース)・軽微な不具合に対応しました。 ▼バージョン 1.0.4(2015年11月10日リリース)・動画の連続再生ができない時がある不具合を修正しました。 ▼バージョン 1.0.3(2015年9月30日リリース)・ナビと接続するためのヘルプ画面を改善しました。 ▼バージョン 1.0.2(2015年7月15日リリース)・Android5.0への対応を行いました。 ▼バージョン 1.0.1(2014年12月8日リリース) ・DriveP@ssとの連携機能の改善を行いました。 ▼バージョン1.0.0(2013年9月17日リリース) ・「Let's Do-ga forDrive P@ss」初回リリース ■お問い合わせ 本アプリに関する使い方やトラブルについては、以下のサポートページをご確認ください。https://car.jpn.faq.panasonic.com/category/show/403上記にて解決しない場合は、以下のお問い合わせフォームにてお問い合わせください。 〔お問い合わせフォームはこちら〕https://car.jpn.faq.panasonic.com/helpdesk?bsid_ais-car=86b3ed023e1ef55ce342fb2782dbae44&category_id=407「デベロッパーにメールを送信」をご利用になっても、直接のお返事は致しかねます。予めご了承ください。アプリに関するお問い合わせ等は、上記のお問い合わせフォームをご利用ください。