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Chess Puzzles 1.03 APK
Chess is a recreational and competitive gameplayed between two players. Sometimes called Western chess orinternational chess to distinguish it from its predecessors andother chess variants, the current form of the game emerged inSouthern Europe during the second half of the 15th century afterevolving from similar, much older games of Indian and Persianorigin. Today, chess is one of the world's most popular games,played by millions of people worldwide in clubs, online, bycorrespondence, in tournaments and informally.1, support one player play game with pc2 , support two players play game3, 328 puzzles
中国象棋 1.0 APK
都市言情小說合集1 1.0 APK
精選2013年度最新都市言情小說,《極品家教》,《特級警察》,《同居萬歲》,《總裁女兒愛上我》,《等經典小說。。。百萬讀者稱讚!無限感概的愛情故事。Featured 2013 year newesturban romantic novels, "Need tutor", "super cop", "Long livecohabitation", "president daughter fell in love with me," "andother classic novels. . . Millions of readers praised! There is asense of infinite love story.
中国象棋残局 1.0 APK
象棋是中国的传统娱乐方式,自古有一句话棋盘如战场,指尖交织的策略互相碰撞,演绎一场场精彩的战斗,看您如何点兵沙场,剑指敌军。1,史上难度最高的象棋,可根据自己的水平进行选择2,精选残局,挑战你的智商!Chess is a traditionalChinese entertainment, since ancient times, there is a wordchessboard like a battlefield, fingers intertwined strategiescollide, wonderful interpretation of a battle field and see howyour soldiers on the battlefield, the enemy prove safety. 1, the most difficult in the history of chess, can beselected according to their level2, the selection of the mess, challenge your IQ!
都市小說精選合集 2.5 APK
最經典的都市小說,百萬讀者的推薦,生肖守護神,黃金瞳,大明星愛上我,超級教師等等數之不盡的都市小說,奇幻小說1,跳轉功能,隨時跳轉進度2,書籤功能,記錄您閱讀進度3,調節亮度,適應白天黑夜4,字體調節,讓您看書更愉快!The most classic urbannovels, recommended millions of readers, the patron saint of theLunar New Year, gold pupil, I fell in love with a big star, superteachers, and so countless number of urban novels, fantasynovelsA jump function, ready to jump progress2, bookmark function, record your reading progress3, adjust brightness, adapt or night4, adjust the font to make your reading more enjoyable!
現代都市小說精選 2.5 APK
精選2014年度最新都市言情小說,《如果巴黎不快樂》,《市長秘書》,《慾望中的城市》,《總裁的俏保鏢》,《邪氣凜然》等。。。百萬讀者稱讚!無限感概的愛情故事2014 featured the latestannual urban romantic novels, "If Paris is not happy," "Mayorsecretary", "Sex in the City", "Qiao president bodyguard", "evilawe-inspiring" and so on. . . Millions of readers praised! There isa sense of infinite love story
中國象棋(殘局1300關) 3.0.0 APK
中國象棋,超高難度AI,打敗全國大部份高手,大師,難度分為初級,中級,高級,大師級,難度越高電腦的思考時間也會增加,精選1300局超高難度殘局難度逐一提升,等待你的挑戰!ChineseChess, super tough AI, beat most of the national master, themaster, the difficulty is divided into beginner, intermediate,advanced, master, the higher the degree of difficulty will increasethe computer's thinking time, featuring super difficult endgame1300 Bureau of difficulty each upgrade , waiting for yourchallenge!
都市小說合集2 1.0 APK
精選2013年度最新都市言情小說,《極品小公子》,《天才傳說》,《限量版男人》,《邪魅工資》,等經典小說。。。百萬讀者稱讚!無限感概的愛情故事。Featured 2013 year newesturban romantic novels, "Need a small son," "genius legend,""limited edition men", "Xiemei wage" and other classic novels. . .Millions of readers praised! There is a sense of infinite lovestory.