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中華福利大聯盟China Welfare Alliance

App Information 中華福利大聯盟

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善慧行生物科技 1.1.2 APK
善慧行生物科技中文版APPShan Hui OKBiotechChinese version of the APP
富誼康生技股份有限公司 1.2.2 APK
  富誼康生醫科技股份有限公司擁有優良傳統與經營專業的公司,致力於『組織經營型態整合式平台』新通路系統建置,鑑於國璽幹細胞應用技術股份有限公司的專利、研發、GTP實驗室的品牌價值,做為專業代理行銷通路的多層次傳銷公司,我們具有前瞻思維與Know-How,有著無可限量的市場先機。    公司以『以人為本、善的循環』做為核心價值,行銷的最高指導便是對顧客『利益』與『服務』的提供,我們以幹細胞定位自己,要無所不能來滿足經銷商與客戶的需求,並創造『善』的循環,從產品品質到行銷流程,都能符合良善的初衷以開創龐大的人際組織通路。  在『公平、正義、人性、倫理』的制度規劃面,也展現我們的經營理念『創新、成就、分享、回饋』,打造優質團隊來深耕文化,提供顧客不可缺少的健康顧問,並且達成短、中、長期的收入目標。人才是公司最重要的資產,文化是長期基業的根本,在董事長和總經理的努力與承擔下,我們已擁有令人為傲的發展方向,務必讓參與富誼康的會員及經銷商大步邁開,挺起胸膛,享受幸福、富裕、健康的人生,並且將幹細胞的產業,推動到全亞洲、全世界成為首屈一指的組織通路公司。(富誼康|富誼康生醫|富誼康生醫科技|富誼康生醫科技股份有限公司)FuYi Kang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. has a fine tradition ofprofessional and management company, dedicated to "theorganizational and operational patterns integrated platform" builda new access system, in view of the Great Seal Stem CellTechnologies, Inc. patent applications, research and development,GTP experiment brand value chambers, as a professional agentmarketing channels of multi-level marketing company, we have aforward-thinking and Know-How, there is no limit to the marketopportunities.Company to "people-oriented, good cycle 'as a corevalue is to provide the highest guiding marketing" interest "and"service "to customers, we stem cell positioning themselves to doanything to satisfy the needs of dealers and customers and create"good" cycle, from product quality to the marketing process, canmeet the goodness of mind in order to create a large organizationinterpersonal pathway.In the face of institutional planning"fairness, justice, humanity, ethics", but also to show ourbusiness philosophy, "innovation, achievement, sharing, feedback",create high-quality team of deep culture, to provide customers withessential health consultant, and reached a short, medium and longterm revenue goals. Talent is the company's most importantasset, cultural heritage is a fundamental long-term, the chairmanand general manager of effort and commitment, we already have veryproud of the direction of development, be sure to allow members toparticipate in the rich Yi Kang and distributors stride stride,stand tall, enjoy a happy, prosperous and healthy life, and thestem cell industry, to promote the whole of Asia, the world'sleading organizations to become pathways companies.(Fu Yi Kang | FuYi Kang Biomedical | Fu Yi Kang Biomedical Technology | Fu Yi KangBiomedical Technology Co., Ltd.)
奇異恩典貴金屬 1.0.3 APK
奇異恩典貴金屬APPAmazing Grace precious metals APP
群麗漢方生技有限公司 1.1.2 APK
群麗漢方生技有限公司Qunli Han Fang ShengTechnology Co., Ltd.
中華福利大聯盟 1.2.1 APK
中華福利大聯盟China Welfare Alliance
一丈紅名酒 1.3.0 APK
一丈紅名酒Ridge red wines
東森天美仕 1.6.5 APK
東森天美仕 Dongsen Tianmei Shi
家樂易國際 6.2.8 APK
家樂易國際 Knorr Yi International