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Pick your perfect numbers and put luck on yourside

- Pick your lucky numbers easily
- Full stats of the last 30 draws, and analysis including cold/hot,odd/even and high/low
- Fortune Pick lets you draw 6 lucky numbers with just a tap

- Check results quickly
- Real-time draw results
- Check on prizes instantly

Service is provided by SmarTone. We are always excited to hear yourcomment.
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App Information 六合彩 Mark Six

  • App Name
    六合彩 Mark Six
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    April 10, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    500,000 - 1,000,000
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Usage TipsUse “Add-on Numbers” to get a new numbers so as to use 2WhatsApp in 1 Phone1. Get a new mobile number directly throughAdd-on Numbers App or port-in your current mobile number viaSmarTone Store2. Create a new WhatsApp by using "Parallel Space"App3. Register the newly created WhatsApp with the number from"Add-on Numbers"To download “Parallel Space”, please visitgoo.gl/NLI1cn< Free Trial is available now! > Free Trial isapplicable to new customers only*. After the free trial, you cancontinue using this number by subscribing to the service. *Newcustomers defines as customers who have not registered for Add-onNumber or any kinds of free trial programme for Add-on Numberbefore.MULTIPLE NUMBERS ON DEMAND ON ONE PHONE For many reasons,you may need different phone numbers to keep your different livesseparate, be it long term or temporarily – even for as short as aday. For the long term, you may wish to have a separate mobilenumber for your family, another one for your work, and even one foracquaintances. On the other hand, there may be occasions where youneed to keep in touch with others temporarily but are hesitant togive out your main number, for example:• You are flat hunting ortrading your car but do not want to give your main number tosomeone you hardly know;• You do not want to give out your mainnumber at parties to someone you have just met etcWith Add-onNumbers, you can add up to 4 local mobile/fixed-line numbers on thesame phone. Simply choose new mobile numbers directly from the appto enjoy the service right away, or use your existingmobile/fixed-line numbers. Each add-on number comes with its own:•Phone dialer, Calling identity, Message folders, Phonebook,VoicemailThis service is available to users of Hong Kong mobileoperators. Downloading this app is free. Standard Plan: Each add-onnumber only costs $5 per day, capped at HK$35 per 30 days.MonthlyPlan Contract Offer: Each add-on number only costs $30 per month(12 months contract). It is only applicable to SmarTone’scustomers. # For the non-SmarTone customers, yearly plan isavailable. An advance payment of HK$368 is charged for each numberper year (HK$360 as service fee and HK$8 as MMS and SMS, advancepayment). Service website: smartone.com/AddonNumbers/enRemarks: •The charge of Standard Plan is on a recurring basis. A day isdefined as 00:00-23:59, Hong Kong time.For the details of MonthlyPlan Contract Offer and Yearly Plan, please refer to the Terms& Conditions for this service.• To use an existingmobile/fixed-line number as an add-on number, please come toSmarTone stores for registration.• For SmarTone customers: usage ofvoice, data, messaging, IDD and roaming will be deducted from themain number’s service plan and any additional usage incurred willbe charged to the monthly bill accordingly. Calls made by themobile numbers under this service will incur voice usage and becounted as voice minutes, while calls made by fixed-line numbersunder this service require data connection and usage will incurdata charges.• For non-SmarTone customers: a $48 advance payment isrequired from which service and additional fees will be deducted asapplicable. The use of IDD will require registration at SmarTonestores and will be charged accordingly. Voice calls (including thecalls made by mobile numbers and fixed-line numbers) and messagingwill be delivered by data and usage will incur data charges withthe customer’s network provider. • The fixed-line numbers underthis service do not support MMS.• Data connectivity is required forthe service. When using the service which requires data connection,service performance may be affected by the network performance ofthe customer's network provider.• This service is available forsmartphones running Android 4.4 or above. • Terms and conditionsapply.• For service details, please visitsmartone.com/AddonNumbers/en
六合彩 Mark Six 0.34 APK
Pick your perfect numbers and put luck on yourside- Pick your lucky numbers easily- Full stats of the last 30 draws, and analysis including cold/hot,odd/even and high/low- Fortune Pick lets you draw 6 lucky numbers with just a tap- Check results quickly- Real-time draw results- Check on prizes instantly---------------------------------------------------------Service is provided by SmarTone. We are always excited to hear yourcomment.Email: [email protected]--------------
SmarTone CARE 2.7.0 APK
SmarTone CARE allows you to manage your account and enjoy exclusiveprivileges with just one tap. It is the must-have app for allSmarTone customers to stay tuned for updates of our new services,hot offers and promotions. Customers can also check their usage andbills, subscribe to a variety of services, access to our caringservices, enjoy exclusive privileges and get 24x7 support. Touch IDand Face ID Login - Sign in with Touch ID or Face ID, secure andconvenient Manage Account - Check usage, pay bill, top up data andeven upgrade your plan anytime, anywhere   Data Allocation(For Family Plan Customers) - View usage of each individual - Setmonthly data usage limit for each SIM card flexibly ServiceSubscription - Subscribe to our extensive value-added services suchas roaming data day plans, Call Guard, ST Protect, music,entertainment and more Caring Services - Remote Queuing: Get yourticket and start queuing in advance - Powerbank Rental: Reserve andborrow a powerbank from us for free - Smart Workshop: Sign up toour wide-ranging workshops for yourself and even for your family -Content Transfer: Book a session to transfer your content to yournew phone Exclusive Offers - Exclusively for SmarTone customers,updated weekly - Our wide range of benefits include dining,shopping, leisure and lifestyle SmarTone Plus  - Discoverunparalleled privileges exclusively for members - Check yourmembership status  - Celebrate your birthday with ourthoughtfully selected gifts - Enjoy year-round membership offersLive Chat - Our 24x7 online support is always ready to serve yourneeds
足球機 Soccer Infocast 5.125 APK
**緊貼重要賽事,掌握形勢,隨時加碼或對沖**「足球機」主要功能如下:‧提供馬會受注賽事嘅參考賠率、球賽資料及數據,助你作出精明投注‧設入球同黃紅牌響機提示*,緊貼自己心水球賽及調整即時策略‧獨家送上英超及歐洲重要之賽事推介和精彩片段‧仲有最新球圈猛及賽事精華‧透過智能手機及平板電腦嘅任何網絡都用到*提示信息均由第三方內容供應商提供 ,每場之提示項目或有不同**登記方法**1. 下載「足球機」後,按「示範」就能親身體驗「足球機」嘅強勁功能2. 按「註冊」註冊你的電郵及資料,並選擇服務計劃**收費詳情**7日: HK$1530日: HK$381年: HK$378- 此應用程式只適合18歲或以上人士使用- 此程式會使用大量數據,建議配合Wi-Fi或無限數據計劃使用(請聯絡你的網絡供應商)- 本程式數據用量參考: 每日約0.8MB---------------------------------------------------------服務由SmarTone提供。 歡迎查詢及提供對本服務之意見。電郵: [email protected]查詢: (852) 28802688----------------------------------------------------------** Close to the importantevents, to grasp the situation, at any time or overweight hedge **"Soccer" main functions are as follows:‧ provided by the injection of race horses will refer generousodds, game information and data to help you make smart bets‧ set goals yellow with red tips * beeping, close to the heart oftheir own water and adjust real-time strategy game‧ exclusive Premier League and Europe brought important andhighlights of events Recommend‧ ball laps Zhongyou latest fierce and Highlights‧ through smart phones and tablet PCs are used in any networkgenerous* Prompt information by third-party content providers, making eachof the different items or tips** ** Registration method1. Download the "soccer", press "demonstration" will be able toexperience the "soccer" generous powerful features2. Press the "Register" to register your e-mail and data, andselect Service Plan** ** Charge details7: HK $ 15On the 30th: HK $ 381 year: HK $ 378- This app is only suitable for people aged 18 or above touse- This program uses a lot of data, we recommend with Wi-Fi orunlimited data plan to use (please contact your networkprovider)- This app data usage reference: about 0.8MB per day-------------------------------------------------- -------Service is provided by SmarTone. Welcome inquiries and provideadvice to the Service.Email: [email protected]: (852) 28802688-------------------------------------------------- --------
Spend it 1.0.4 APK
Enjoy an extensive range of exclusiveoffers• Offer categories range from dining, shopping, lifestyle and more,all exclusively available to SmarTone customersEasy to download on your mobile and enjoy offers instantly1. Browse and choose an offer2. Download the coupon for $10 and get $12* back when you use thecouponNever forget any downloaded coupons• An SMS reminder will be sent to you 5 days before any couponexpires*The $12 will be credited to the customer in the next phone billwhen the coupon is used.------------------------------Service is provided by SmarTone. We are always excited to hear fromyou.Email: [email protected]: (852) 2880 2688------------------------------