2.1.102-107 / September 3, 2018
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科技校院四年制與專科學校二年制統一入學測驗 商業與管理群,外語群英語類、外語群日語類 專業科目(一):第一部份商業概論102-107(2018)年最新歷屆試題隨身電子書 安裝後可離線使用,支援手機及平板 資料來源:財團法人技專校院入學測驗中心-歷年試題試題及答案均僅適用於考試當年度 內容僅供參考如有問題請依財團法人技專校院入學測驗中心資料為準

App Information 四技二專統測-商業概論歷屆試題

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    September 3, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Long Tsai
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Sevens(Laying Out Seven) APK
Long Tsai
1. Everyone has 13 poker cards. The spades 7 first out. After that,it can be any of the remaining '7'. When '7' appear then '6' or '8'can be play out, and so on. 2. The aim is all the cards play out.When it's your turn and you without a card to play out then cover acard, the fewer cover points is the better. Poker card 'A' is onepoint, and '2' is 2 points, etc. So such as 'K' is 13 points. 3.Play the game till all the cards play out or cover finished.Cover-card for the negative points, and all done player get thepoints of the other player's cover-card. If all the poker cards areplay out, everyone get +364 points. If no one finished, the playerwith the least points of cover-card doesn't get penalty points. 4.When player has up to +1000 points or more, the game ends and theplayer wins; less than -1000 lose the game, the game is overre-start again. The 3 androids are covered less than -1000 pointsthen player wins; if 3 androids are more than + 1000 points, theplayer lose the game!
Surveying APK
Long Tsai
Surveying - Forward Intersection Method, Resection Method andIntersection by Distances
Chinese Chess(2 Players) 0.9.2 APK
Long Tsai
Currently only support two people play(Chinese chess board). Alsosupports both 7 "and 10-inch tablet. Two people together chessanywhere under it! [Online game is not enabled] * Coming soon:Battle online, support Google+ using Google Play Game Service!
四技二專統測-商業概論歷屆試題 2.1.102-107 APK
Long Tsai
科技校院四年制與專科學校二年制統一入學測驗 商業與管理群,外語群英語類、外語群日語類 專業科目(一):第一部份商業概論102-107(2018)年最新歷屆試題隨身電子書 安裝後可離線使用,支援手機及平板 資料來源:財團法人技專校院入學測驗中心-歷年試題試題及答案均僅適用於考試當年度 內容僅供參考如有問題請依財團法人技專校院入學測驗中心資料為準
Bingo 1-25 1.3 APK
Long Tsai
In the 5-by-5 ​​grid, with numbers 1-25 in any order, players taketurns select any number. In horizontal, vertical or diagonal toselect five digits can be connected into a line, the first to reachfive connections to win; if completed simultaneously connect morewins.
Pick the Red APK
Long Tsai
Taiwan traditional and classical game. Only Red Card (Diamonds andHearts) and Spades Ace has score. Ace means 1, so it should pairwith 9, 2 pairs with 8,and so on. The J,Q,K pair itself and theyare 10-point score. Red Ace is 20-point score, Spades Ace is30-point, and 9 is 10-point score.
Soil Specific Gravity 1.0 APK
Long Tsai
Soil Specific GravityGs=[Ws/(Ws+W2-W1)]×GwWs = weight of dry soilW1= pycnometer + dry soil + water weightW2 = pycnometer + waterweightGw = T°C water specific weight
四技二專統測-會計學歷屆試題 2.1.102-107 APK
Long Tsai
科技校院四年制與專科學校二年制統一入學測驗 商業與管理群 專業科目(二):第一部份:會計學102-107(2018)年最新歷屆試題隨身電子書 安裝後可離線使用,支援手機及平板, 適合平板,支援畫面縮放另有四技二專統測-經濟學歷屆試題APP 資料來源:財團法人技專校院入學測驗中心-歷年試題 試題及答案均僅適用於考試當年度內容如有問題請依財團法人技專校院入學測驗中心資料為準