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少儿科普课堂,多元阅读引导,互动学习,搭建智力开发新平台。我们利用浅显的、易于理解、接受和参与的方式向少年儿童讲述众多新奇有趣的自然科学和社会科学知识。爸爸妈妈带着孩子一起寻找我们身边的“奥妙”世界吧!陪着孩子们带着问题去阅读,陪着孩子们听完故事去思考,培养孩子们科学阅读法和发散思维力,让孩子们动动小手,玩科学,手脑互动看世界,养成爱探索的好习惯!Children's scienceclassroom, multi-read guide, interactivelearning, intellectualdevelopment to build a new platform. We useplain, easy tounderstand, accept and participate in the many newand interestingway about natural science and social scienceknowledge to thechildren. Mom and Dad with kids looking around us"secret" world!Accompany children to read with a problem, Afterhearing the storyaccompany children to think, To develop children'sreadingscientific method and the divergent thinking ability, letthechildren touch of hands, playing with science, hands andbraininteract to see the world, to develop good habits love toexplore!

App Information 少儿科学科普知识大全 - 十万个为什么儿童百科悟空问答

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    少儿科学科普知识大全 - 十万个为什么儿童百科悟空问答
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    June 19, 2018
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一句话心情签名 - 早安晚安心语、经典语录、唯美图片和治愈话日记 2.0 APK
Ariel Wong
短小精悍,妙语不断,让你拿得起,放不下。原汁原味,好看好玩;包罗万象,最有趣的文化生活,最经典的语录汇集,给生活一丝感动,给人生一点感悟。在精彩的经典语录中,感受文字的风暴。Short and pithy, wittyconstantly, so you get affordable, does not fit.Original, prettyfun; all-inclusive, the most interesting cultural life, the mostclassic collection of quotations, to live a trace of moving, givelife a little sentiment.In the wonderful classical quotations, feelthe text of the storm.
猴哥西游历险记 - 悟空传奇,大圣归来 1.0 APK
Ariel Wong
• 大圣归来,帮助我们的猴哥打败敌人,玩转时空,新奇刺激,在悟空酷跑的路上,我们一直相伴!• 【特点】•-快节奏的摇摆冒险•-拇指点击和滑动控制• -直观和响应控制为最好的游戏体验• -惊人的野生环境,以避免致命的障碍•-面对未知的危险和恐惧•来吧,开启猴哥西游冒险之旅,就此展开 … …• Return of the King, helping ourHougedefeat the enemy, Fun World, an exciting, on the road Wukongcoolrunning, we have been accompanied by!• [Features]• - afast-pacedadventure swing• - Click the thumb and slide control• -intuitiveand response control for the best gaming experience• -amazing wildenvironment, in order to avoid deadly obstacles• - theface ofunknown dangers and fear• Come on, open Houge Westadventure,embarked on ... ...
中医宝典本草纲目全本 - 明朝医圣李时珍中草药药方大全 1.0.3 APK
Ariel Wong
《本草纲目》,药学著作,五十二卷,明·李时珍撰,刊于1590年。全书共190多万字,载有药物1892种,收集医方11096个,绘制精美插图1160幅,分为16部、60类。李时珍在继承和总结以前本草学成就的基础上,结合长期学习、采访所积累的大量药学知识,经过实践和钻研,历时数十年而编成的一部巨著。《本草纲目》中不仅考正了过去本草学中的若干错误,综合了大量科学资料,提出了较科学的药物分类方法,溶入先进的生物进化思想,并反映了丰富的临床实践。《本草纲目》不仅仅是我国明代的一部杰出的药物学著作,也是一部集16世纪以前中国本草学之大成的药典,对我国近代药物学的发展有着不可估量的推动作用,在世界范围内也有着极佳的声誉,被誉为“东方药物巨典”。"Compendiumof Materia Medica", pharmacy works fifty two volumes, Ming LiShizhen essays, published in 1590.The book has more than 190million words, containing 1892 kinds of drugs, collect medical side11096, beautifully drawn illustrations 1160, it is divided into 16,60 class.Li Shizhen basis of inheritance and summarize theachievements of the previous herbal medicine, combined withlong-term learning, a large number of interviews withpharmacological knowledge accumulated through practice and study,which lasted for decades and compiled a masterpiece."Compendium ofMateria Medica" not only test positive in a number of herbalmedicine in the mistakes of the past, a combination of a lot ofscientific information, proposes a more scientific method of drugclassification, advanced into the idea of ​​biological evolution,and reflects the rich clinical practice."Compendium of MateriaMedica" is not just a country of the Ming Dynasty outstanding booksabout drugs, but also a set of Chinese herbal medicine before theculmination of the 16th century pharmacopoeia, the development ofmodern pharmacology has immeasurable boost in the world also it hasan excellent reputation as the "Oriental giant Drug Code."
人体穴位图解按摩大全 - 家庭自我保健中医经络养生与健康专家 2.0 APK
Ariel Wong
学习博大精深的针灸术! 内容包括: (1)图解经脉走向 (2)详列经络图穴位定位 (3)针灸法主治案例 (4)常用的针灸方法 ...... 方便学习针灸人士可随时随地学习经脉与穴位的相关资料, 并简单学习针灸的基本知识, 令学习针灸人士对针灸学有基本概念,更有效地学习博大精深的针灸术。 Learning the profound acupuncture! content include:(1) to illustrate meridians (2) detailed in FIG meridian pointspositioned (3) acupuncture attending Case (4) a method commonlyused acupuncture ... ... Convenience person can learn to studyacupuncture meridians and acupoints relevant information anytime,anywhere, and simply learn the basics of acupuncture, acupuncturewho make learning basic concepts of acupuncture, more effectivelearning the profound acupuncture.
上海旅游景点全攻略 - 上海外滩迪士尼国际旅游度假区自由行公交地铁自助玩乐指南 1.0 APK
Ariel Wong
上海是一座极具现代化而又不失中国传统特色的都市。外滩老式的西洋建筑与浦东现代的摩天大厦交相辉映;徐家汇大教堂圣诗声声,玉佛寺香烟袅袅;过街楼下的麻将老人,弄堂里的足球少年;群众小剧场的沪剧、滑稽戏,大剧院的交响乐、芭蕾舞;老饭店的本帮佳肴,杏花楼的广式粤茶,红房子的法国大菜;上海老街的茶馆,衡山路的酒吧......中西合璧,各有各精彩。我们分享详尽地道的上海旅行指南,囊括热门景点、交通、美食、上海旅游百问百答全搜罗,告诉你全面实用的上海游玩信息!掌上珍藏,上海吃喝玩乐全囊括!Shanghaiis a very modern city but without losing the traditionalChinese.Bund old Western-style buildings and modern skyscrapers inPudong each other;Xu Jiahui Cathedral hymn sound, Jade BuddhaTemple cigarette curl;Guojie Lou at the mahjong elderly, alleys ofsoccer players;Masses of small theater Shanghai opera, burlesque,theater symphony, ballet;Old hotel helped cuisine, Xing Hua Louexpression Guangdong tea, red house of French dishes;ShanghaiStreet teahouse, Hengshan Road bar... ...Chinese and Western, eachhave their own wonderful.We share detailed authentic Shanghaitravel guide, include popular attractions, transportation, food,tourism Shanghai A Hundred Questions one hundred full-collecting,tell your comprehensive and practical information to visitShanghai!Pocket treasure, eat, drink the whole Shanghai include!
每日一句英语名句阅读 - 英文名著名言/英语双语阅读 1.0.3 APK
Ariel Wong
读智慧名言,学地道英文,品百态人生。英文名言凝炼了精华、简练、具有代表性的英文语句,开心时给你祝福,骄傲时给你提醒,失落时给你温暖,孤独时给你陪伴。英汉对照、重点单词,让您在领会人生智慧的同时,学地道的英文。Wisdomquotesread, learn authentic English, attitudes productlife.Englishcondensed essence saying, concise, representative ofEnglishsentences, and bless you when happy, to remind you whenpride, tokeep you warm when lost, to accompany youduringlonely.English-Chinese, focusing on the word, at the sametimeallowing you to understand the wisdom of life, to learnauthenticEnglish.
上海本帮菜家常做法 - 人气美食,舌尖上的上海美食攻略 1.0 APK
Ariel Wong
本帮菜是上海菜的别称,所谓本帮即本地。以浓油赤酱、咸淡适中、保持原味、醇厚鲜美为其特色。本帮菜烹调方法上善于用糟,别具江南风味。常用的烹调方法以红烧、煨、糖为主。讲究浓油赤酱,也有清淡酒糟。经典上海菜有清蒸狮子球、糜饭饼、腌笃鲜、毛蟹炒年糕、葱烤鲫鱼、酱鸭、小笼包、清蒸大闸蟹等。这里你都可以一一找到他们的做法,在家里的厨房就可以轻松炮制一顿有滋有味的上海菜!Localcuisine Shanghai cuisine is another name for the so-called helpthat is present locally. With thick red oil sauce, salty moderate,keeping the original flavor, mellow for its deliciousspecialties.Good with the bad local cuisine cooking methods, uniquesouthern flavor. Conventional cooking methods based braised, baked,sugar. Pay attention to the thick red oil sauce, there was lightlees.Classic Shanghai dishes are steamed lion ball, MI rice cake,pickled Benedict fresh, fried crab cakes, grilled onions carp,duck, dumplings, steamed crabs and so on.Here you can all findtheir approach, you can easily cooked meal gusto Shanghai dishes athome kitchen!
Mr. Potato Jumps games - Insanely addictive 1.0 APK
Ariel Wong
Meet a happy Mr. Potato who dreams of soaring through the skies.Heneeds your help. Led him through the forest, desert, snow-cappedmountains back to precious stones, dream of flying the sky. Justneed to control Mr. Potato forward jump, attack monsters, do notforget to upgrade props Oh, can greatly help you beat the monster,get victory. Monsters come and go, every step must be careful Oh.Just stick to the end, you can help Mr. Potato realize the dream.Are you ready to go?