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App Information 恐竜ハンター!赤ちゃん泣き止む!幼児から遊べる無料ゲーム

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    August 19, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Baby Village
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Fireworks!infants,children for 5 APK
Baby Village
0 years old - is a game app of baby and infants and children for upto about 6 years old.■ Contents ■To the eye, to the touch by hand,to hear in the ear, you can play with crazy.■ How to Play ■ ★ Ihave a very simple.When you touch by hand, you can playfireworks.You sound is produced in conjunction with it, but you canenjoy out sound that turned into rare.Number of fireworks I have tobe displayed on the screen.Baby to move the crazy hand, it willeven forget cry.By touching with children, look, enjoy to hear.
Boo-touch and Learning - free 2 APK
Baby Village
Baby until about 0 years old to 6 years old, it isinfant-children's game app.■ content ■Look at the eyes, touched byhand, listening ear, you play with crazy.■ How to play ■ ★ has beenvery simple.Since coming to the "no no", please touch.When touchedby the "Boo", it will be sound in conjunction with it.Baby movesthe crazy a hand, I will also forget to cry.
ぬりえ、写真のお絵かきアプリ!幼児~大人まで無料で遊べる 4.0 APK
Baby Village
■内容■好きな絵や写真にお絵かきできるアプリです。子供には、好きなキャラクターの絵をダウンロードして選べば、ぬり絵ができます。大人も、写真にお絵かきができるので、役に立ちますよ!■content ■It is an application that can be painting to favoritepictures and photos.The children, if you choose to download afavorite character of the picture, you can picture to fill.Andadults, since it is painting in the photo, and help you!
App to calculate the money 1.00 APK
Baby Village
It is the educational application of practiceof counting the money of infants and children for up to about 2years old to 6 years old.■ Contents ■To the eye and to the touch by hand, while listening ear, youremember the money happily.I can play to remember the child money to app without getting tiredbecause the chat.It is for the purpose of that get grabbed the form of readingand sense of play money, and at the same time training for thefuture.■ How to play ■ ★ I have been very simple.Wonder "how much? And you'll touch the "card of the screen will beswitched.When you press the "answer together", you speak the correctanswer.● my child because it is four years old, I've created toremember what's called money.We thought that because I remember while playing for the feelingthat you or traced with a finger, you are painting, and pretty good(^ ^;Of course it is provided free of charge!
動物図鑑~写真~赤ちゃん泣き止む教育アプリ 5.00 APK
Baby Village
0才~6才くらいまでの幼児・子供向けの動物を覚える知育アプリです。リアルな写真を用いてます。赤ちゃんも泣き止むと思いますよ■内容■目で見て、手で触って、耳で聞きながら、楽しく動物を覚えられます。アプリがおしゃべりするのでお子様も飽きずに動物を覚えて遊べます。動物と触れ合いながら、遊べるので赤ちゃんが泣き止むのにも使えますよ!■遊び方■★非常にシンプルにしています。『なんの動物かな?』を触れていただくと、画面が入れ替わります。『こたえあわせ』を押すと、正解をしゃべります。●私の子供用に、動物を覚えるのに作成いたしました。指でなぞったり、お絵描きしてる感じで遊びながら覚えてくれるので、なかなか良いと思っております(^ ^;もちろん、無料で提供です!
Children can read the clock!! 1 APK
Baby Village
Simple, the capacity of the app is an application of "1.3MB". It isthe educational application that targets the 5 years of age - theclock is not read yet. Because I read the time coming out when youtap the dial, you remember the time to enjoy without getting tiredeven a child. In this application, in order to get to become likeread the first time, there is no minute hand. [How to play] ★ It isvery simple1. When you press "change the Under Secretary" button,wonder "What time is it? I will be prompted to ". 2. When a childis the answer time, please try to tap the clock. 3. Clock, makesthe answer time.
Japanese gacha game ~ free ~ 2 APK
Baby Village
Baby until about 0 years old to 6 years old, it isinfant-children's game app.■ content ■Look at the eyes, touched byhand, listening ear, you play with crazy.■ How to play ■ ★ has beenvery simple.Please touch since the capsule comes out.Out medium tothe touch, you get the sound together.Baby moves the crazy a hand,I will also forget to cry.
Katakana practice of Japanese! 3 APK
Baby Village
0 years old - it is the educationalapplication of katakana practice of Japanese babies and infants,children up to about 6 years old.It is free of charge.■ content ■To the eye, to the touch by hand, while listening with their ears,you remember the fun and katakana.Since the app to chat you can play without getting tired child.Sense of play asked grabbed the reading and shape of hiragana,we have intended to carry out the future of the literacy trainingat the same time.■ How to Play ■ ★ it is very simple.And you'll touch the card, the app will read the character.When you press the "changing the character" button, it will replacethe screen of the card.voice, by the character, three types exist to read aloud.※ "wo", so confusing to a child, we have omitted.● because my child is 4 years old, we've created to remember thekatakana.You can traced with a finger, and so you remember while playingwith the feeling that you are painting, we thought it a pretty good(^ ^;Of course, it is provided free of charge!