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此遊戲執行平台為android裝置,只要戰機被隕石撞到,此遊戲就GAMEOVER利用手機角度改變飛機左右看你可以得到幾分創造屬於自己的高分榜素材來源:愛給網此APP為教學用This gameexecution platform for android device,As long as the aircraft washit by a meteorite,This game GAME OVERUsing a mobile phone tochange the angle of the aircraft aroundYou can get to see abitCreate their own leaderboardsSource material: Love tonetworkThis APP is teaching

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    June 23, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Chi Hung Chuang
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BoxGame 1.0 APK
遊戲主畫面有遊戲介紹進入遊戲後只要把方塊移動到指定地方方塊旁邊如果有相同數字就會移除同時增加分數遊戲中上方有投降跟主選單按鈕每次按下投降就會顯示出最高分數,快來跟朋友們一起挑戰最佳紀錄吧!Themain game screen has a game descriptionAfter entering the game aslong as the box is moved to the designated placeIf you have the boxnext to the same number will be removed at the same time increasethe scoreThe game has surrendered with the main menu buttonaboveEach time you press surrender will show the highest score,come together with friends to challenge the best record of it!
皮卡丘打排球3D 1.0 APK
1. 當選擇完難度(入門級、業餘級、職業級)時,會進入到遊戲場地。2. 一開始是由玩家先發球,球會在玩家頭頂上方。3.發球之後遊戲正式開始,玩家可透過左下角搖桿移動接球。4. 直到有一方漏接球,就計算分數。5. 之後得分方獲得發球權,遊戲重新開始。
擅長星爆的朋友 1.1 APK
城堡危機 1.3 APK
此遊戲執行平台為Android裝置,玩法為點擊畫面左右兩側以左右移動角色,隨時間越久樓梯會向上加速越快,當生命值歸零,或是人物踩空掉落地下,本局遊戲則結束。遊戲主畫面有遊戲介紹,畫面左上方為玩家血條,最大值為五點,遊戲中的樓梯、補品、陷阱與道具會隨機生成,碰到最上方的鐮刀會扣血量一點,火焰樓梯及落下的火球會扣除血量一點,角色踩在冰凍樓梯上會被緩速,白色魔法陣為傳送門,可以互相傳輸到彼此相對應的位置,麵包為隨機位置生成,碰到可以增加血量一點。遊戲中右上方也有顯示當前地底層數,快來跟朋友們一起挑戰最佳紀錄吧!特別感謝魔王魂、ぴぽや、王?興亡記等提供免費素材。Thisgame execution platform for Android devices, play both sides of theleft and right click on the screen to move the character left andright, the longer the stairs up over time will accelerate faster tozero when the value of life, or the characters Caikong fallingunderground, the Council game then ended.The main game screen has agame description,The top left of the blood of the players, amaximum of five points,Game stairs, tonic, traps and props will berandomly generated,Sickle encounter will be deducted from the topof a little blood,Stairs and falling fireball flame will deduct alittle blood,Step on a frozen stairs will be retarded,As whitemagic portal may transmit to each other to a position correspondingto each other,Bread for generating random locations, can increaseblood volume hit a little.There are also games in the top rightdisplays the current number to the bottom, come together withfriends to challenge the best record of it!Special thanks to thesoul of the devil, ぴ ぽ ya, Wang? Rise and fall of mind to providefree materials.
Galaxy Express 1.0 APK
遊戲簡介:《GalaxyExpress》是一個3D射擊遊戲,透過按下螢幕左下角的四個"方向鍵"來控制飛機的上、下、左、右之外,還有一個"射擊按鈕"在螢幕的右下角可以讓宇宙飛船發射子彈,而子彈的發射方式是從飛船的左右兩側機翼上射出,且是不同時間點發射的。難度介紹:《GalaxyExpress》的難度有共三個,分別是Easy、Normal、Hard。遊戲勝敗:在螢幕的左上角有飛船的血量,而在飛船的右上角有時間在倒數;如果在時間結束前血量沒有歸零就算勝利,而被隕石打到愛心歸零就是失敗。時間與血量:每個難度都有各自的時間跟血量,Easy、Normal、Hard的時間分別是:30秒、45秒和60秒;血量分別是:20顆愛心、15顆愛心、10顆愛心。由上述各難度的條件來看,會發現難度低的條件比較寬裕,相反的,難度高的條件就不會這麼輕鬆了。在此聲明:本遊戲只用於作業用途,如有冒犯之處還請見諒。備註:本遊戲因用做作業用途,因此娛樂性質不高還請各位玩家多多包涵,感謝~GameDescription: "Galaxy Express" is a 3D shooting game, four byclicking on "Direction keys" on the lower left corner of the screento control the aircraft, down, left, and right outside, there is a"fire button" on the screen lower right corner allows spacecraftfired bullets, bullet emitted embodiment is emitted from the rightand left side wing spacecraft, and are transmitted at differenttime points.Difficulty description: "Galaxy Express" has a total ofthree difficulty, namely Easy, Normal, Hard.Game victory or defeat:there is blood in the upper left corner of the screen spacecraft,and in the upper right corner of the spacecraft in the penultimatetime; if there is no blood at time zero before the end even if thevictory, while the meteorite hit zero love is a failure.Time andblood: each respective time has difficulty with blood, Easy,Normal, Hard times are: 30, 45 and 60 seconds; blood were: 20 love,love 15, 10 stars love.By the condition of the difficulty of eachpoint of view, you will find a low degree of difficulty conditionsare relatively well-off, on the contrary, highly difficultconditions would not be so easy.In this statement: This game isonly for work purposes, if offended please forgive me.Note: Thisgame uses because with homework, and therefore are not highrecreational players please bear with me also, thanks ~
貓閃狗 1.2 APK
讓貓咪上下隨手機重力移動,避開一直衝過來的惡犬,一旦碰觸到惡犬則遊戲結束,點擊返回可移動至標題畫面。遊戲素材的貓和狗取自楓之谷。Letthe cat down with gravity mobile phones, have been rushing to avoidthe vicious dog, vicious dog to touch once the game is over, clickto return to the title screen can be moved.Cats and dogs game clipsfrom Maple Valley.
Catapult 1.0 APK
Fighter 1.0 APK
遊戲平台為Android裝置玩法為左右擺動手機移動戰機攻擊向前方來襲的黑人當生命值歸零遊戲結束餮別感謝 TheGloryUnity遊戲開發團隊網站的指導教學Platform game for Android devicesMobile phonegames are played about swing planesAttack forward incomingblackWhen the end of life value to zero gameDo not thank gluttonousguide teaching TheGlory Unity game development team website