/ March 31, 2018
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手機裡會有灰色管子裡面紙鈔,紙鈔會有8到9秒的等待時間,之後才開始移動,這時你的紙鈔順著螢幕紙鈔的的滑動順著把紙鈔拉出來,多練習就會熟練##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[把妹神器(魔術道具)紙鈔]-->[解除安裝]Phonebill will be gray tubes inside, there will be bills waitingtime of8-9 seconds, then began to move, then slide your bill downthescreen of the bill along the bill to pull out, to practice willbeskilled ## If you do not want to after you download this APPto[setting] -> [Storage] -> [app] -> [the sisterartifact(magic props) bill] -> [Uninstall]

App Information 把妹神器(魔術道具)紙鈔

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    March 31, 2018
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    chih chen yu
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社群網站大集合 1.0 APK
chih chen yu
將所有的社群網站和常用的google應用程式整合起來,日本的ameba,俄羅斯的bkohtakte,facebook,tumblr,G+,youtobe,linkedin,inseagram,twitter,tumblr,pinterest,reddit.....等##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[社群網站大集合]-->[解除安裝]Allthe social networking sites and popular google apps integrate Japanameba, Russia bkohtakte, facebook, tumblr, G +, youtobe, linkedin,inseagram, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, reddit ..... etc.## If youthen download the APP would not want to [Settings] -> [Storage]-> [Apps] -> [a large collection of social networking site]-> [Uninstall]
台灣旅遊景點 1.0 APK
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可以了解台灣的人文,風景,地形,地貌,一年四季可以選擇最佳旅遊景點要有wifi功能##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[台灣旅遊景點]-->[解除安裝]Youcan understand Taiwan's culture, landscape, topography, throughoutthe year you can choose the best tourist attractions have wififunction## If you then download the APP would not want to[Settings] -> [Storage] -> [Apps] -> [Taiwan Attractions]-> [Uninstall]
台灣安全的自行車道 1.0 APK
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是整理台灣各縣市的自行車專用道,不用和汽機車爭道,或是汽機車很少的產業道路##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[台灣安全的自行車道]-->[解除安裝]Isfinishing counties and cities in Taiwan bicycle lanes, and do notcompete road steam locomotive, steam locomotive or a few accessroads## If, after you download do not want this APP to [Settings]-> [Storage] -> [Apps] -> [Taiwan safe bike path] ->[Uninstall]
新聞大集合 1.1 APK
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包括端傳媒,nownews,鏡周刊,風傳媒,民報,上報,中央社,新頭殼,yahoo,經濟日報,蘋果日報,聯合報,中時電子報,自由時報##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[新聞大集合]-->[解除安裝]Includingend media, nownews, Mirror Weekly, wind the media, people'stribune, reporting, CNA, new head capsule, yahoo, Economic Daily,Apple Daily, United Daily News, the China Times, Liberty Times## Ifyou do not want this to APP on [set] after download -> [Storage]-> [app] -> [News large collection] -> [Uninstall]
台灣安全的自行車道2 1.0 APK
chih chen yu
這次比較多的是沿著溪所做的自行車道或是產業道路,都是汽機車較少的產業道路,有些路段要過馬路要小心左右來車##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[台灣安全的自行車道2]-->[解除安裝]Themore is done along the river bike path or road industries, are lesssteam locomotive industry road, some sections have to be carefulabout to cross the road to car## If, after you download do not wantthis APP to [Settings] -> [Storage] -> [Apps] -> [Taiwansafe bike lanes 2] -> [Uninstall]
臉譜拼圖 1.1 APK
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依照不同的組合,有不同的感受也有不同的想法,可以創造自己的創造力,拚成自己喜歡的臉譜##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[臉譜拼圖]-->[解除安裝]Inaccordance with the different combinations have different feelingsalso have different ideas, you can create your own creativity,makes up your favorite Facebook## If you then download the APPwould not want to [Settings] -> [Storage] -> [Apps] ->[Facebook Puzzle] -> [Uninstall]
台灣旅遊景點(生態篇) 1.1 APK
chih chen yu
大部分的生態都是季節限定,像屏東滿州賞鷹大約10月份左右,黑面琵鷺大約冬季限定.....等,才能觀賞得到##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[台灣旅遊景點(生態篇)]-->[解除安裝]Mostof the seasonal ecology are like stained glass Pingtung Buy Eagleabout 10 months, the black-faced spoonbill about winter limited..... and so on, in order to get to watch## If, after you downloaddo not want this APP to [Settings] -> [Storage] -> [Apps]-> [Taiwan tourist attractions (and Ecology)] -> [Uninstall]
童話故事之格林童話06 1.1 APK
chih chen yu
20個童話故事包括 山雀和熊 甜粥 聰明的老兄 蛤蟆的故事 窮磨房小工和貓 兩個旅行家 刺蝟漢斯 壽衣 叢林中的守財奴 技藝高超的獵人來自天堂的連枷 兩個國王的孩子 聰明的小裁縫 清白的太陽揭露了真相 藍燈 孩子 三個軍醫 七個斯瓦比亞人 三個小伙計魔鬼和他的祖母##如果下載之後不想要這個APP就到[設定]-->[儲存空間]-->[應用程式]-->[童話故事之格林童話06]-->[解除安裝]20fairy tales include tits and bears sweet porridge wise man frogstory of poor mill laborer and two cats traveler Hans-shroud junglemiser skilled hunter king flail two children from heaven cleverlittle Chinese Seamstress innocent sun revealed the truth bluelights medic seven Swabians three children three small boy deviland his grandmother## If you then download the APP would not wantto [Settings] -> [Storage] -> [Apps] -> [Grimm fairy taleof 06] -> [Uninstall]