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App Information 極上豪華麻將-台灣16張

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    May 18, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Auer Media & Entertainment
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    100,000 - 500,000
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Dawn Break -Origin- 1.2.0 APK
Fight against your destiny. When the Day of Eclipses arrived, adark shadow appeared, and from the sky, a mysterious ladydescended. Extracted from the main storyline, the beginning of theepic fight, all story arose from here… Features -Offline solo ARPG-Smooth action and battle -Phenomenal Story -Rare Equipments &Spirits to master ◎Extraordinary Action RPG, do you have enoughcontrol technique for playing hero? Never a dull moment whenplaying this action-RPG. In order to conquer the Boss, all you cando is to challenge and practice continuously! ◎An epic adventurejourney with large numbers of campaigns. There’re over hundreds oflevels, including “Normal” and ”Elite” mode waiting for you toplay. ◎Completed the level? There’re still more contents waitingfor you. Let’s party up with all kinds of heroes!! There’replentiful stories, different characters, and recruiting system justin mobile game “Dawn Break-The flaming Emperor”. Google PlayURL:http://smarturl.it/xwuif0 ※Friend Reminders※ ●Because of thesize of the game, DawnBreak requests your permissions forPhoto/Media/ Files to access external storage ●DawnBreak is ratedPG12 ●Please play responsibly ●All characters and plots you see inthe game are purely fictional
Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor 1.0.64362 APK
DAWN BREAK As the light dims, darkness arises. Raise your sword andreveal the truth behind ancient history. Fight against yourdestiny. When the Day of Eclipses arrived, a dark shadow appeared,and from the sky, a mysterious lady descended. Join Haley, Anis andLuke in an epic journey and unravel their destiny! Over 20 playablecharacters and more to come. An epic campaign with over 150,000words- don’t miss it! Introduced by the famous website MMOHuts,reviewed by lots of players and youtubers. Lots of fun and I havepersonally played all of the rpgs this will be a huge hit! - udyGarcia Very good. Nice gameplay and graphics. - Martin SalinasAmazing , love the game , the mechanics. - Ryu Vega====FEATURES==== - Release your full potential with a well-timed“Ultimate” to turn the tide of combat and ANNIHILATE EVEYTHING INYOUR WAY! - Gather your friends to conquer legendary monsters in aREAL-TIME CO-OP gameplay. - Prove your strength in a 4-PLAYERBATTLE ARENA, where you will have the chance to play as EPIC BOSSESto destroy other players! - Meet a lovely cast of fairy companionswho fight and scavenge items for you! - Explore the world ofDawnBreak with familiar voices from Rie Tanaka, Ryohei Kimura,Hikaru Midorikawa, and other fan favorite voice actors andactresses!
Hortensia Saga 蒼之騎士團 3.6.1 APK
◆◇SEGA所呈獻 戰紀RPG大作◇◆ 「Hortensia Saga 蒼之騎士團」 在命運的大漩渦之中,將故事託付給你壯闊的劇情。每個人不同的故事所編織而成的歷史。 充滿臨場感的陣型戰鬥 ◆◇遊戲特色◇◆ ■ 從不同的角度描繪的故事劇情・本傳…敘說年紀輕輕成為領主的「你」的主線故事 ・騎士列傳…於旅途中相遇的夥伴們每個人不同的故事劇情・外傳…以與「你」不同的立場和不同的時間軸陳述的故事 ■「3×3格」的陣型戰鬥 ・剣士與弓兵…等不同的屬性擁有不同的攻擊範圍 以不同角色們組合出豐富的陣型來作戰 ・利用與夥伴們的連擊接段擊敗強敵 ■騎士團間的戰鬥 ・以前所未有的規模展開的騎士團戰・即時變化的戰局,與好友們一同邁向勝利 ■與角色們的相遇與成長 ・超過100人以上的角色登場 ・300種以上強力的技能・透過戰鬥,角色們將成長、覺醒變得更強大 ◆◇故事簡介◇◆ ・在奧爾坦西亞王國境內強大的藩領科美利亞公國興起叛亂的同時,許多的災厄降臨到了王國之中… ・年紀輕輕就成為奧爾坦西亞王國境內的藩領歐貝魯的領主的主角與他的僕從馬利歐斯,為了守護王國,投身加入了對抗各地湧現的魔物與叛亂的公國的戰鬥之中… ◆◇豪華的聲優陣容!◇◆  前野智昭、下田麻美、細谷佳正、江口拓也、 渕上舞、原由実、山下大輝、柿原徹也、 子安武人、堀江由衣、梅原裕一郎、加隈亜衣、内田彩、藤井ゆきよ、津田健次郎、小林ゆう、 上田麗奈、堀江一眞、乃村健次、深町寿成、 関根明良、長崎瞳、森綾香、矢野正明、本多真梨子、瀬戸麻沙美以及其他…等 官方網站>> http://www.horsaga.com.tw/ 官方粉絲團>>https://www.facebook.com/hortensia.tw/ 巴哈姆特遊戲討論區>>http://forum.gamer.com.tw/A.php?bsn=27132 騎士新手入門>>http://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=27132&snA=2448&tnum=8◆◇SEGA presents the battlefield RPG masterpiece◇◆ "Hortensia SagaKnights of the Cang" In the whirlpool of fate, entrust the story toyou A magnificent plot. The history of each person's differentstories. a battlefield full of presence ◆◇ Game Features◇◆ ■ Storyplots drawn from different angles ・本传...The story of the main storyof "you" who has become the lord at a young age ・Knightsbiography...The stories that meet each other on the road, eachstory is different ・Outreach...a story stated in a differentposition from "you" and different timelines ■ "3 × 3 grid"formation battle ・Gentlemen and bowmen... different attributes havedifferent attack ranges Fight with a variety of differentcharacters to fight ・Using a combo with your partner to defeat astrong enemy ■The battle between the Knights ・The Knights’ battleof an unprecedented scale ・The situation of immediate change, andthe victory with friends ■ Meet and grow with the characters ・Thecharacter of more than 100 people debuts ・More than 300 powerfulskills ・ Through the battle, the characters will grow and wake upmore powerfully. ◆◇Story Introduction◇◆ ・A lot of disastersoccurred while the rebellion of the powerful country of the countryof the Republic of Oltáncia was launched. Coming to the kingdom...・In the young age, he became the protagonist of the lord of O'Brienin the territory of the Kingdom of Oltansia. His servant Marios, inorder to protect the kingdom, joined in the battle against theimperial powers of the various places and the rebelliousPrincipality... ◆ ◇ Luxury seiyuu lineup! ◇◆ Former Akira, ShimodaMami, Hosoya Kasei, Eguchi Takuya, 渕上舞, 原原実, Yamashita Daisei,Kakihara Tomo, Zi Anwu, Yujiang Yuyi, Meiyuan Yuichiro, Jia Yuyi,Uchida, Fujii, Tsudajiro, Kobayashi, Ueda Reina, Ogawa Ichinomiya,Nakamura Kenji, Shogo Shogo, Kanmon Akira, Nagasaki Aya, Mori Yuka,Yano Masaaki, Bento true pear, ramie sand beauty and others...etc.Official website >> http://www.horsaga.com.tw/ Official fangroup >> https://www.facebook.com/hortensia.tw/ Bahamut GameDiscussion Zone >> http://forum.gamer.com.tw/A.php?bsn=27132Getting started with the Cavaliers >>http://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?bsn=27132&snA=2448&tnum=8
DawnBreak:曙光 1.0.33385 APK
=== 建議配備===最低建議配備Android 4.1.0版本以上., 1.5GB RAM, CPU 1.5 GHz.,本遊戲可與GalaxyNote2或任何較高處理器的裝置相容。本遊戲需要網路連線。由於遊戲需較大的儲存空間,建議1GB的儲存空間進行遊戲遊玩。台灣自製家機級動作手遊震撼登場!運用風騷的神走位,搭配流暢AB鍵施展華麗技能,無損擊倒強大BOSS!著名動畫聲優陣容,打造引人入勝的史詩劇情,跟著主角們尋找世界的曙光!===遊戲簡介====日蝕來臨的那一天,天空中劃過一道巨大的漆黑之影,隨後從空中掉落大量流星以及一名少女……改變了安尼斯和路克的命運,是上天刻意的安排嗎?三人與命運對抗的傳奇詩篇,將由你來補完尚未完成的篇章。===遊戲特色====◎全劇情語音:史詩級劇情+Live2D+聲優,看故事有如觀看動畫一般生動,回歸RPG的王道本質。◎類手把操作:使用AB、AAB、AAAB、AAAAB等按鍵操作,施展出各種炫麗無雙的操作快感!◎多人協力戰:號召4名好友一起組隊,挑戰超強魔物賺取豐厚獎勵,享受連線共鬥的狩獵樂趣!◎最強霸王戰:首創霸王戰系統,即時5人PK大亂鬥,變身成遊戲中的Boss虐殺所有對手!◎超可愛妖精:妖精寵物可以跟隨主人一起戰鬥,還能設定在主頁,與主人進行親密互動!!《DawnBreak:曙光》FB粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/AuerDawnBreak/=== === RecommendationswithMinimum Recommended with Android 4.1.0 or later., 1.5GB RAM, CPU1.5 GHz., This game is compatible with Galaxy Note2 or any higherprocessor means. This game requires an Internet connection. Becausethe game needs more storage space, we recommend 1GB of storagespace for the game play.Taiwan-made machine-level operation of hand home tour shockingdebut!God use coquettish take place, with a gorgeous display smooth ABkey skills, nondestructive down powerful BOSS!Famous animation seiyuu lineup, creating fascinating epic story,followed by the dawn of the protagonists to find the world!Game Description === ====That day, the sky eclipse coming across a huge dark shadow, then alarge number of meteors fall from the sky and a girl ......Anis and changed the fate of Luke, is God deliberately arrangedit?Fate against three legendary poems, you will be finished upunfinished chapter.=== ==== Game Features◎ Voice Full story: Epic Drama + Live2D + voice actors, with astory like watching vivid animation in general, return to thebenevolent nature of the RPG.◎ class handle: Use AB, AAB, AAAB, AAAAB and other key operations,trying out various operations dazzling unparalleled pleasure!◎ multiplayer battle Cooperation: call four friends to team up andchallenge powerful Monster earn huge rewards, enjoy connectionswere fighting hunting fun!◎ strongest Overlord war: the first Overlord warfare systems,real-5 PK Fuzion, turned into a game Boss killing allopponents!◎ super cute fairy: fairy pet owner can follow along with thefighting, but also set the home page, the host of intimateinteraction! !"DawnBreak: Dawn" FB Fans: https://www.facebook.com/AuerDawnBreak/
Empire of Angels:Lunar Phantom 1.6.4 APK
[MEET THE ANGELS]- Unique characters to be collected, each with her own charm andquests- Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Asgard[CREATE YOUR OWN SQUAD]- Pick and create the perfect combination best suited for yourneeds- Manage Character Bonds, Elements, Classes and Spirit Attacks tostrategize for the upcoming battles[IMPROVE YOUR MEMBERS]- Develop squad members by leveling up, ranking up, and activatingtalent grids- Gear up with set equipment, gems, character shards and othercollectibles[UNLEASH THE SPIRIT]- Turn the tide of battle with a well-placed Spirit Attack- Choose from a wide variety of Spirit Attacks based on Class,Weapon, and Class[STORY DRIVEN QUESTS]- Embark on a journey to Asgard and unveil its mysteries- Learn more about your squad members as you unlock their personalquests[DYNAMIC GAME MODES]- PvP Arena: Fight your way to the top and claim greatrewards- Tower of Trials: Challenge your limit and climb to the top- Endless Battle: Survive endless waves of enemies and be the lastsquad standing- Cleaning Eye: Send your squad member to purify the tainted landsfor a chance to win rare loots
極上豪華麻將-台灣16張 2.0.2 APK
正統台灣十六張麻將!讓您體驗流暢的遊戲節奏,搭上真人語音提示以及擬真音效,再加上華麗震撼的胡牌特效,給您最極致真實的麻將牌局,絕對是您隨身練牌技的最佳選擇!OrthodoxTaiwan sixteen Mahjong!The game allows you to experience smooth rhythm, catch the livevoice prompts and realistic sound effects, plus the first playergorgeous stunning special effects,Give you the ultimate real mahjong hand, is definitely your bestplayers practicing licensing technology choice!
Diosa Force II Elemental Order 6.9.5 APK
Is human’s “emotion” given by god the cure or poison? There’re fourelements-Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire in the world. One day, theweird things are happening in all element continents, including“Sky Island”, “Endless Abyss”, “Aqua World”, and “Land of Vulcan”.All the Elements are tainted by Darkness, and evils fluster toinvade the Realms. Three young adventurers from Alta Milan areteleported to Sky Island, house to the Elves and Dragon Rider. Jointhem in a wild adventure to meet new heroes, and to save the Realmsfrom destruction! ▣▣▣▣▣ Immersive Experience ▣▣▣▣▣ Over 100original heroes voiced by famous japans voice actors such as KanaHanazawa, Ryota Osaka, and Akihisa Wakayama! ▣▣▣▣▣ Dynamic Combo▣▣▣▣▣ Combine a variety of hero abilities to interrupt casting andto deal extreme damage! ▣▣▣▣▣ Demon boss ▣▣▣▣▣ Gather your heroesto challenge the most savage boss! Beat the boss with all playersfrom cross server and get rewards! ▣▣▣▣▣ Build Your Own Team ▣▣▣▣▣Pick from elf, dwarf, mermaid, hellhound, robot, and other uniqueheroes to create your dream team! All heroes can be fully upgraded,and each has his/ her/ its own ultimate ability that will turn thetide of combat! 《DiosaForce -Salvation-》Official fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/DiosaForceSalvation/
LINE 仙書紀 1.1.5 APK
首款國產與LINEGAME跨界合作!小說等級原創劇情,穿梭朝代征戰四方!奇幻傳說由你開創!原創故事穿梭中國歷史、神話,由封神到秦朝、三國到西遊記,隨著白翌與他的夥伴們,穿梭時空經歷多重滋味的書中世界。●時空萌將,穿梭朝代征戰四方小說等級原創劇情,主角隨著伏令使給予的任務穿梭在各個朝代中,隨著劇情逐漸加入夥伴至團隊中,夥伴各自精采故事,與主線劇情環環相扣,隨著章節的推展將會慢慢揭開巨大的陰謀!●陣法通神!四方聖獸終極殺陣強大的陣法提高戰鬥效率,透過研發出更強大的新法陣讓上場的夥伴的戰力提升,並且更加具有戰略性與變化性!還有可能透過密研閣發現傳說中的絕世法陣,獲得更強大的特殊效果大幅提高戰鬥勝利的機率!●裝備鑄造!火神祝融神造神兵利器裝備強化至頂級後,可以透過火神祝融的協助,神造武器獲得更強力的屬性,隨著神造階段的提升,將產生不同的視覺效果,充分感受角色的成長變化。●浩劫再啟,異界元魔毀滅降臨隱藏在時空縫隙中的元魔,隨時會出現在眾伏們的面前,進行天命關卡時會不定時遇到元魔來襲,而每次擊倒之後,下一次元魔將會提昇強度。玩家可以選擇獨挑大樑,或是與朋友合力誅滅,甚至召援全伺服玩家一起挑戰。●史詩鉅作,著名人物齊聚登場不再只是三國,不再只是西遊,還有更多知名歷史人物角色。喚出這些古魂們封印成魂卡,並組合各魂卡之間的連攜招式,與夥伴一同戰鬥!還能透過鬥魂將這些魂卡的能力提昇,甚至覺醒成終極最強狀態,華麗登場!●武英群雄,直衝九霄凌雲之巔想挑戰其他玩家的強度,武英殿是大展身手的對決場!裝上你最強大的武器防具,組合你最有利的魂卡連攜,擊敗眾多玩家,衝破九霄,榮登無極寶座!加入官方粉絲團隨時關注最新訊息!《LINE仙書紀》粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/LegendofkeeperFirst domestic andcross-border cooperation LINE GAME! Fiction grade original story,four expeditions shuttle dynasty! Fantasy Legend to you to create!Shuttle original story of Chinese history, mythology, the Gods tothe Qin Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms to the West, with the white Yiand his partners, through multiple space shuttle taste book world.● temporal Meng will shuttle dynasty campaign QuartetFiction grade original story, the protagonist with the underlyingorder to make the task of giving the shuttle in various dynasties,as the story gradually added partner to the team, their partnerswonderful story, with the main plot chain, will take forward withchapters slowly uncover a huge conspiracy!● matrix method speaks! Quartet sacred TaxiPowerful matrix method to improve combat efficiency, throughresearch and development a more powerful fighting force of the newlaw allows the array of partners to enhance play and more strategicand variability! There might find the legendary masterpiece circlethrough dense research tower, get more powerful special effectsgreatly increase the chances of victory in battle!● equipment casting! Vulcan Vulcan God made magic weaponEquipment to strengthen to the top, you can help by Vulcan Vulcan,God made a more powerful weapon property, with the upgrading of Godmade stage, will produce different visual effects, to fullyexperience the growing role of change.● catastrophe again Kai, Yuan magic outsider comingdestructionWill meet from time to time in the time and space to hide cracks inthe element of magic, at any time in front of the congregationvolts who performed magic destiny checkpoint Won struck, and aftereach knockdown, the next element of magic will enhance thestrength. Players can choose to play the leading role, togetherZhumie or with friends, and even summon assistance servo players tochallenge together.● epic, famous people gathered on stageNo longer just the three countries, not just West, there are morewell-known historical characters. They evoke the soul of theseancient seal into the soul card, and a combination with portablemoves, soul and partners in fighting between the cards together!But also by the fighting spirit will enhance these capabilitiessoul cards, even the strongest state into the ultimate awakening,gorgeous debut!● Wuying pack, straight Jiuxiao Lingyun summitWant to challenge other players strength, Wu Ying is to show itsmettle duel field! Loaded on your most powerful weapons and armor,your most favorable combination of soul cards even carry, beat manyplayers, breaking the Miracle, topped the throne Promise!Join the official fan group concerned about the latestinformation at any time!"LINE cents Shoki" Fans: https://www.facebook.com/Legendofkeeper