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    June 22, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong SAR, The People's Republic of China
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CUHK Mobile 1.3.44 APK
CUHK Mobile aims at helping students, staff, alumni and visitors ofThe Chinese University of Hong Kong to know more about ourUniversity and get the latest campus updates anywhere anytime. Byusing your Android devices, you can access the followinginformation easily: -Latest News and announcements -Campus Stories-Current and coming Events -Contact numbers of departments andunits -Campus Map showing your current location and facilitiesnearby -Campus photos in the Gallery -Videos about CUHK And muchmore… If you have any feedback or questions, please email us atCUHKMobile@cuhk.edu.hk The Chinese University of Hong Konghttp://www.cuhk.edu.hk/ CUHKMobile為學生、教職員、校友及訪客提供本校的資料及最新消息。透過行動裝置開啟CUHK Mobile,就能夠隨時隨地獲得以下資訊:-中大新聞及公告 -校園故事 -現正舉辦和即將舉辦的活動 -部門及單位之聯絡電話 -校園地圖、身處位置及鄰近設施 -展示校園環境的相片-介紹中大之錄像 及其他資訊。 如有查詢或意見,請傳送電郵至:CUHKMobile@cuhk.edu.hk。 香港中文大學http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/
強身健體穴位按摩法 1.0 APK
本程式由香港中文大學中醫學院製作, 介紹如何運用穴位按摩舒緩50種平日常見的如流鼻血,宿醉, 落枕等症狀。本程式內容包括:(1) 介紹50種平日常見的健康問題, 以及可以舒緩該症狀的相關穴位。(2) 附以圖片介紹穴位的位置, 其功效及按摩手法。(3) 圖片可以手指點擊放大, 縮小及移動。(4) 有繁體及簡體中文, 英文3個文字版本方便不同人士使用。(5) 經常更新中文大學中醫學院舉辦的活動。School of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kongdeveloped this acupressure app which aims to educate the communitythe knowledge of acupoints and its massage method for relieving thesympotms of mild health problems.The content of the app include:(1) Introduce 50 mild health problems and the related acupointsthat can relieve symptoms.(2) Pictures showing the location of acupoints, introduce itsindication and massage method.(3) Pictures can be enlarge and move by clicking.(4) With Traditional, Simplified Chinese and English version.(5) Update school activities of School of Chinese Medicine.
針灸學 – 經絡與穴位 1.0 APK
本程式由香港中文大學中醫學院製作,目的主要方便學習針灸人士可隨時隨地覆習經脈與穴位的相關資料, 並簡單介紹學習針灸的基本知識,令學習針灸人士對針灸學有基本概念, 可以在經驗豐富的註冊中醫師指導下更有效地學習博大精深的針灸術。本程式內容包括:(1) 十二經脈和奇經八脈的經脈走向, 並附以圖解。(2) 詳列397個穴位 (包括36個經外奇穴) 的定位、主治、解剖及針灸法等資料。(3) 各穴位附以經絡圖解釋穴位位置, 圖片可以手指點擊放大, 縮小及移動。(8) 用戶可按經脈, 穴位 及疾病三方面查詢相關資訊。(9) 簡單概述學習針灸的其他知識, 如練習方法, 預備工作, 進針方法及注意事項等。(10) 有繁體及簡體中文, 英文三個文字版本方便不同人士使用。(11) 經常更新中文大學中醫學院舉辦的活動。School of Chinese Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kongdeveloped this acupuncture app which aims to facilitate traditionalChinese Medicine students and other healthcare professionals tostudy acupuncture with the guidance of well experienced registeredChinese Medicine Practitioner effectively.The content of the app include:(1) The route of 12 meridians and 8 extraordinary merdians (withpictures).(2) The location, indication and needling method of 397 acupoints(including 36 extraordinary points)(3) Pictures for all meridians and acupoints can be enlarged andmoved.(4) Users can search the information according to the category ofmeridian, acupoints and diseases.(5) Information like practicing method, preparation work, needlingmethod and precaution are also listed.(6) With Traditional, Simplified Chinese and English version.(7) Update school activities of School of Chinese Medicine.
Hi-Med App 1.0.1 APK
Hi-Med App is an innovative mobile learning platform for studyingthe histology of bone. It offers you another channel inunderstanding the composition of bone, the basic unit of theskeletal system, integration of both microscopic and grossanatomical features of bone. More importantly, you can also acquireknowledge about bone growth, development of bone microstructures,fracture bone healing, and bone disorders associated with abnormalmatrix production in this App.
United College, founding College of The Chinese University of HongKong, introduces this mobile platform to facilitate the interactionbetween teachers and students in the General Education courses.Utilizing the flexibilities of wireless network and popularity ofmobile devices, the application aims at providing a useful tool toassist the teaching and learning activities in large classenvironment; where time and setting limit the interaction betweenteacher and students.Two key features are:1) raising questions andsharing ideas; and2) collecting instant feedback through voting.
香港嬰兒手語4 1.0 APK
Health Science App 1.0.0 APK
The Health Science App (HSapp) is an automarking application thatallows students to wirelessly work on topic-specific exercises thatare related to Health Sciences I which is one of the courses withinthe Faculty Package.
香港嬰兒手語1 1.0 APK