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App Information 海外影视(NEW)

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    April 14, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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海外影视(NEW) 1.0 APK
海外影视 (Beta) 1.0.1 APK
请到http://tv.manong.ca 观看。资源更多,速度更快。1. 添加了电视机顶盒(例如海美迪Q5),包括大屏专用界面和遥控器的支持。2. 添加界面设置选择功能,方便用户根据自己的设备进行界面选择。注意:由于一些国产机顶盒的兼容问题,如果您使用的是电视机顶盒类产品请确保您设备的(系统设置->显示设置->分辨率)和界面选择页面检测到的分辨率一致以确保视频的正常播放。海外影视是一款专门为海外华人打造的免费网络视频软件,海外视频搜集了上千部热门电视剧、综艺、动漫、电影。随时不断更新。软件界面非常简单实用包括传统搜索,最新推荐和播放历史等功能。每部电视剧,电影都会自动从上次结束的集数和时间自动开始继续播放。由于海外影视的资源都来自Youtube所以能够保证绝对快速缓冲和流畅的播放,更不必担忧其他视频软件最新电视剧只限中国大陆播放的问题。本软件的网页版在tv.manong.ca注意:1. 由于资源全部来自Youtube所以海外视频只限中国大陆以外地区使用。2. 本软件需要系统已安装最新Youtube来支持播放。如有问题请联系开发者,我们会以最快的速度为您解决。Please watch http://tv.manong.ca. More resources and faster.1. Add a TV set-top boxes (such as Hoi Mei Di Q5),includinglarge screen for interface and remote controlsupport.2. Add the interface settings selection function,user-friendlyinterface, according to their own devices.Note: Due to some domestic STB compatibility issues, if youareusing a TV set-top box products, please make sure that yourdevice(System Settings -> Display Settings ->Resolution)consistent and interface options page detectedresolution to ensurevideo normal playback.Foreign Cinema is a specifically for overseas Chinese to createafree online video software, video collected thousands ofoverseasDepartment of popular drama, variety, animation, movies.Updated atany time. The software interface is very simple andpractical,including traditional search, the latest recommended andplaybackhistory and other functions. Each TV shows, movieswillautomatically continue to play from automatic number and thetimeof the last set ended. Since resources are from overseasYoutubevideo it is possible to guarantee fast buffering andsmoothplayback, but do not worry about other video software onlythelatest drama in mainland China playback problems.Web version of the software in tv.manong.caNote:1. Since all the resources from overseas so Youtube video onlyareaoutside mainland China use.2. The software requires the system has been installed tosupportthe latest Youtube playback.For questions, please contact the developers, we will bethefastest speed for you to solve.
Vbuzzer web call 1.0 APK
Vbuzzer web call allows to using one of the best VOIP providerVbuzzer's web call service easily on your mobile phone. With thisapp you only have to use very little of your monthly data plantraffic to make a call. And no matter how long you call yourtraffic usage will always remain the same since your voice will NOTbe transmitted through your phone's internet which mean the callingquantity will not rely on your phone's internet connection speedand the voice will be crystal clear. Another benefit would be sinceboth you and the party you calling are receiving incoming callwhich mean if you have unlimited incoming calls you will not becharged by your phone carrier.Feature highlights:- Setup once and dial phone calls just like you normally do.- Each call will only use same tiny amount mobile data no matterhow long you call.- No matter how slow you data connection is you will still able tomake crystal clear calls.- The actual call will be incoming calls for both parties, so ifyou have unlimited incoming calls you will save too.- Connect two phones other than your android phone, the call backnumber can always be changed.Two step easy setup:1. You will be asked to enter your Vbuzzer username andpassword2. Then you will be asked to enter a default call backnumber.3. You are good to go.How it works:The easiest way to find how it works is try to use, it's free sowhy not? Here is ow it works. Each time when you make a phone callthe "Call from" and "Call to" numbers are sent to Vbuzzer server,at this point internet connection is no longer needed for thiscall. Then the "From phone" will start to ring first. As soon asthe "From phone" is picked up the "To phone" will start ringing.Meanwhile the you will hear ring tone from the "From phone". Oncethe "To phone" is picked up the call will get connected and bothparty can start talking normally.*Vbuzzer web call requires a Vbuzzer account with monthlysubscription or pay as you go credit in your Vbuzzer account. Ifyou don't have Vbuzzer account you can register one atwww.vbuzzer.com now!If you have any problem using it free free to contact withemail. If you like it let me know.Disclaimer: Vbuzzer, associated trademarks, logos and the “V”symbol are trademarks of Softroute Corporation.
YRT real-time 1.0 APK
Important Notice!: As each time YRT updateit'sdata the trip ID got replaced with new one with each updatesoaccessing your bookmark will cause the app to crash. Pleaseclearcache or re-install the app solve the problem for now. Apermanentfix is on the way.Real-time YRT (York Region Transit) bus information!YRT real-time serves real-time transit information forYorkRegion Transit:* View YRT stops on map.* View Real-time departures for stops* View Real-time bus locations.How to use:A tutorial will show up when you run the app for thefirsttime.1. Open the map and press hold on the map to search for nearbystops.2. View stop name by click on stop icon.3. View incoming bus trips by click on the stop name.4. Click on each trip to see the real-time current buslocation.You can also:1. View incoming buses near you.2. Bookmark bus trips for certain stop.*Please try not to leave bad ratings or negative commentsifsomething isn't working. Email me at [email protected] insteadandI will fix it ASAP.