3.0.46 / May 28, 2015
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Increase the levelto12
Some bug fixes

Each level is a diagram of each, the player needs
Content from the graph to guess a phrase can cross the border,thegame a bit more difficult to see how much you can live off, donotbe caught
Broken scalp.
Figure idiom guess this game ushered in a new revision,currentlydivided into 15 installments of 40 questions, a weeklyupdate.

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    May 28, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Doodle Studio
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    100,000 - 500,000
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    Publish Date: 2017 /12/7
    Requires Android: Android 2.2+ (Froyo, API: 8)
    File Size: 11.6 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean, API: 17)
    File Sha1: e3d6c9f768fe30ef1c4e171cf6d4c3df907c3476
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QuickTouch(ios iphone touch) 6.1.0 APK
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This is a make Android phones becomesmarter,operating with convenient application, with a shortcut onIphonemobile phone features and it does not have a function, how,lookforward to it?◈ Whether you suddenly have a shortcut IOS feel excited? Yes,youcan also change the icon for more of what you want here, ratherthanthe traditional IOS old icon.◈ A key lock screen, giving you the power key holiday.◈ Clean the cache, give your system a bath to wash, clean upsomeuseless daemons, make the phone more smoothly.◈ Add common application startup items, you can start simpleandquick application you want to open.◈ Quick switch to the main screen, so your Home buttontorest.◈ Add convenient air gesture (AirSig technology) calls andlaunchesapplications.◈ Plug-panel switch color theme, choose your favorite color.◈ Immediate feedback problems, customer service immediately foryouto answer.◈ Animation plugin settings, with dozens of plug-inanimationeffects available to you to choose.◈ More APP to bring you some of the author's original work, a lotofsupport, thank you
看图猜成语2 1.0.8 APK
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看图猜成语2是看图猜成语的升级版,该版本较之前版本的不同在于游戏时采用点取中文字来回答。游戏规则很简单,只要回答出图片所表达的成语,然后点取24个文字中的4个字组成成语即可过关。目前设置了15波题目,每波题目各有40关,共600关。看图猜成语,你能过几关?Figure 2is a plug-guess guess idioms idiom upgraded version, this versioncompared to the previous version of the difference is that the gameuses point to take the text to answer.Game rules are very simple, just answer the picture expressedidioms, then take 24 characters consisting of four words idiomsclearance.Topic is currently set to 15 waves, each wave off topic have 40 of600 Off.Figure guess idioms, you can a few off?
看图猜成语4 1.0.1 APK
Doodle Studio
看图猜成语4是我公司主打的益智休闲类游戏,在前面三个系列版本推出以后,非常受到广到用户群体的喜爱。本次玩法更为不同,带来全新的用户体验,目前有五大环节,在每个环节里面拥有20个小关卡,每个关卡里面有6副图片可以让你挑选和猜成语,每次猜中一个以后,底下的成语会移除四个字,直到底下成语全部消除成功,你就过关啦!      关注微信公众账号:qchdgame 根据提示回复关卡,就可以每日一次答案提示获取      加入QQ群:330463169 和更多的玩家一起讨论中国文化的博大精深吧!Figure 4is an idiom guess I hit puzzle casual games, in the first threeseries version has been published, is very popular with a wide usercommunity alike. The gameplay is more different, a completely newuser experience, there are five major aspects, has 20 smallcheckpoints at every aspect of it, each level there are sixpictures lets you choose and guess the idiom, every guess A later,idiom will be removed under the words, until the total eliminationof success under idiom, you pass it!Follow micro-channel public account: qchdgame prompt replyaccording to the level, you can get a daily prompt answersJoin the QQ group: 330 463 169 and more players to discuss theprofound Chinese culture it!
看图猜成语 3.0.46 APK
Doodle Studio
增加关卡到第12期修复部分bug每个关卡各是一副图,玩家需要从图中内容猜出一个成语即可过关,游戏有点难度,看看你能过多少关,可别抓破头皮。看图猜成语这款游戏里迎来了新的改版,目前分为15期,每期40题,每周更新一期。Increase the levelto12Some bug fixesEach level is a diagram of each, the player needsContent from the graph to guess a phrase can cross the border,thegame a bit more difficult to see how much you can live off, donotbe caughtBroken scalp.Figure idiom guess this game ushered in a new revision,currentlydivided into 15 installments of 40 questions, a weeklyupdate.
疯狂歇后语 3.0.2 APK
Doodle Studio
疯狂猜歇后语是中国人民在生活实践中创造的一种特殊语言形式,是一种短小、风趣、形象的语句。它由前后两部分组成:前一部分起“引子”作用,像谜语,后一部分起“后衬”的作用,像谜底,十分自然贴切。在一定的语言环境中,通常说出前半截,“歇”去后半截,就可以领会和猜想出它的本意,所以就称为歇后语。比如 八仙过海-各显神通 ,猫哭耗子-假慈悲 等等经典歇后语,我相信你应该听过,没错吧,那就一起来疯狂歇后语玩玩吧!游戏每个关卡都有一个题目,认真听取语音然后选取底部的文字回答正确即可过关Crazy guess twisterspractice the Chinese people in their lives to create a special formof language, is a short, funny, image statements. It consists oftwo parts: the first part from the "Introduction" effect, like ariddle, since the latter part of "post-lining" role, like theanswer, quite naturally apt. In a certain locale, usually beforehalf say, "break" to the latter half, we can understand and guessthat it's original intention, so I called twisters.For example Baxianguohai - recount, cat crying mouse - crocodiletears so classic twisters, I believe you should have heard, yes it,then play it together twisters crazy!Each level has a game title, seriously listen to the voice at thebottom of the text and then select the correct answer can cross theborder
Get Sum 1.0 APK
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This is a very addictive, let people try to stop but cannoteliminate the casual puzzle game number. In the street, in themetro, in the toilet, in the wind! Just stop! Don't! Under the! To!Come and try your level!Gameplay: you must be in block combination of digital 5x5. All youhave to do is tap with a number of units. If the value and theadjacent digital a number the same, this pair of numbers can becombined into larger numbers. If you choose to separate digital,its value will decrease. When the block filling and no space toaccommodate two new figures, the game will end. Objective: to makethe number of numerical reached the highest!Note: the game is simple, but it is easy to use, ecstasy after itis difficult to extricate themselves, can share invite friends toplay together.
Mr.Radio 1.2 APK
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A simple and crude moblie game, who with insensitive hands wouldchallenge it .With the good style and special effects you will enjoy the thrillof through the game. It's too low for you to give up playing.There are many surprises waitting for you in the next level if youinsist on.Come on more and more diffcults are waiting for you!
手残屌炸天 1.0.1 APK
Doodle Studio
最好玩游戏集合《手残屌炸天》终于上线啦!拥有14种(4+7+3)精心设计的游戏模式,这是一款极其简约和极其耐玩的小游戏,部分并集成啦踩怪物功能,每一种玩法都新鲜有创意,让你百玩不腻,可以满足你一整天的游戏需求【游戏模式】-【补砖块】:一款简单的方块消除游戏。发送方块填补到行的空块处,消除行。速度会越来越快,越来越难。好玩,刺激,过瘾。一款很好的需要减压,休闲时玩的小游戏。-【棉花糖】:一款好玩的挑战类游戏。在游戏中会快速出现很多彩色的小方块,你要做的就是在它们任意一列接触到底线的时候消除它们。-【神棍喵喵】:一款简洁的游戏。神一样的喵喵,神一样的棍子,喵喵使用它的神棍来过五关斩六将。你可以点击屏幕伸长棍子来通关,需要控制时间来把握棍子的长短,不然就会掉下去哦。-【极速下坠】:一款非常有挑战性的敏捷休闲游戏。游戏中,玩家要同时控制两个下坠的人,并且还得躲避重重障碍,尽可能的跑得更远,不能死掉任何一个人,想要挑战极限的你可以试看看。-【街机模式-踩怪物】:没有任何限制,看你能拿多少分,注意,速度会越来越快。-【闪电模式-踩怪物】:闪电风暴接近中,夜幕降临,一切只能靠你的直觉。-【抓小鸡模式-踩怪物】:部分格子当你要踩的时候会移动,一切看你的反应。-【冰封模式-踩怪物】:需要先将黑块上的冰封层消除,才能继续前进。-【极速模式-踩怪物】:街机速度加强版,没有任何限制,看你能拿多少分。-【过山车模式-踩怪物】:块儿速度如过山车般快慢交替着。-【螃蟹模式-踩怪物】:像螃蟹一样侧入,街机模式的升级版。-【经典模式-踩怪物】:用最快的速度完成50块儿。-【禅模式-踩怪物】:限时30秒,看你能踩多少格子。-【禅模式-踩怪物】:限时10秒踩规定格子,进行无限循环,看你最后能踩多少格子。快来挑战手残屌炸天吧。The most fun gamecollection "hand bomb residue Cock Heaven" finally on the line it!With 14 species (4 + 7 + 3) well-designed game mode, which is avery simple and extremely playable game, part monster and integrateit step function, each of which are fresh and creative play, letyou one hundred play without getting tired, a day to meet yourgaming needs[Game Mode]- Make bricks []: a simple box elimination game. Send squares tofill empty block at the line, eliminating the line. Faster andfaster, harder and harder. Fun, exciting and enjoyable. A greatneed for decompression, leisure time playing games.- [Marshmallow]: a fun challenge game. In the game will be a lotof fast small colored squares and you have to do is contact them inthe end a line any time to eliminate them.- [God] stick meow: a simple game. Like God's meow, god stick,meow God stick to using it over five hurdles. You can tap thescreen to stretch the stick clearance, the need to control thelength of time to grasp the stick, otherwise it will fall tooh.- [Speed] fall: a very challenging agility casual games. Game,the player must control two people fall, and had to dodgeobstacles, run farther as far as possible, any one person can notdie, you want to challenge the limits, you can try and see.- [Arcade Mode - step monster]: There is no limit to see howmany points you could get, note that the speed will be faster.- [Lightning Mode - stepped Monster]: Lightning stormapproaching, the night, everything can only rely on yourintuition.- [The chicken mode - step monster]: When you step on the partof the grid when moved everything to see your reaction.- [Frozen Mode - step monster]: need to first layer of black iceon the block to eliminate in order to continue to move forward.- [Speed ​​Mode - Monster] step: an enhanced version of thearcade speed, without any restrictions, see how many points youcould get.- [Roller coaster pattern - step monster]: Speed ​​pieces like aroller coaster speed alternately.- [Crab mode - step monster]: the side like a crab, an upgradedversion of the arcade mode.- [Classic mode - step monster]: the fastest to complete 50pieces.- [Zen Mode - stepped Monster]: limit 30 seconds, to see howmuch you can step on the grid.- [Zen Mode - stepped Monster]: 10 seconds limit specified gridstep, an infinite loop, see if you can step on the final number ofsquares. Come challenge right hand residues Cock fried day.