/ September 26, 2016
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* Touch Arcade“2015年 美國E3最期待手遊”
* Technology Tell“2015年 美國E3最佳手遊”
* 2015年度金翎獎“玩家最期待的移動網絡遊戲”
* 2015年度CGDA“最佳移動遊戲創新獎”優秀獎
* 2015年度CGDA“最佳移動遊戲關卡設計獎”優勝獎
* 2015中國遊戲風雲榜“十大最受歡迎手機遊戲獎”
* 2015年百度移動遊戲頒獎盛典年度黑馬網絡手遊獎
* Inside、Gamespark“2015年 美國E3最佳手遊”
* phonearena “2015年 全球最佳動作RPG手遊”
* 2015年星耀盛典“年度最具人氣移動遊戲獎”

* 畫風特色、打鬥連招、裝備系統以及武神培養上有著獨到之處的遊戲。遊戲可玩性頗高,強烈推薦體驗。——17173
* 和偽動作不同,真正帶妳脫坑,超強動作體驗絕對有看大片的感覺。——多玩
* 經典暗黑元素,硬派戰士、性感法師,多樣技能的展現帶來的是壹場極富沖擊和感染力的視覺盛宴。——騰訊遊戲頻道
* 適合追求手動操作、厭煩壹切自動的動作遊戲愛好者。——新浪遊戲頻道
* 可以稱得上是小白玩家第壹次上手ARPG遊戲最好的教科書。——18183
* 如果妳十分著迷於那些能帶給妳操作手感的動作手機遊戲,那麽《神魔契約》是壹個不錯的選擇。——任玩堂

「3D端遊引擎打造 視網膜級視覺盛宴」

「真人動作捕捉技術 超震撼打擊快感」

「契約戰寵人寵合壹 靈魂組合自由玩轉」

「多人組隊巔峰對決 實時競技團戰至上」

「超強解密類副本 智慧操作的完美並存」


Email:[email protected]

3D-ARPG phenomenal handtour masterpiece "Ghost contract" formally launched! Polished took2 years, the first battle system fit transfiguration, the pinnaclepet-paced evolution, innovation battle copies puzzle, let thewisdom and passion coexist! One Decade of grinding sword, detonateyour six senses, to fill the gap fighting to get your fingers toget the best experience, broken screen class action against allowfull evolution, dark essence a continuation of seconds allowing youto fall in love with the One fighting smooth cool feeling!

[] Received awards
* Touch Arcade "2015 US E3 most looking forward to hand tour"
* Technology Tell "2015 US E3 Best Hand Tour"
* 2015 annual Golden Plume Award "players the most anticipatedmobile network game"
* 2015 year CGDA "Best Mobile Game Innovation Award" ExcellenceAward
* 2015 year CGDA "Best Game Level Design Award" Winner
* 2015 China Game Billboard "Top Ten Most Popular Mobile GameAward"
* 2015 Baidu mobile games awards ceremony annual horse hand travelnetwork Prize
* Inside, Gamespark "2015 US E3 Best Hand Tour"
* Phonearena "2015 Global Best Action RPG hand tour"
* 2015 star Yao Festival "the year's most popular mobile gameaward"

[Media] Evaluation
* Style features, has a unique fighting game on even strokes,equipment systems and Valkyrie culture. Gameplay is quite high, itis strongly recommended experience. --17 173
* And pseudo different actions, really take you off the pit, superaction experience definitely see a large feeling. -Multi-Play
* Classic dark element, hardcore fighters, sexy Master, show bringsa variety of skills One field is highly impact and appeal of visualfeast. - Tencent Games Channel
* For the pursuit of manual operation, boredom One cut automaticaction game enthusiasts. - Sina game channel
* Can be regarded as the first white players started ARPG game Onesecond best textbook. --18 183
* If u very fascinated by those operating feel u can bring actionmobile game, then the "mythical contract" One is a good choice. -Play any Church

[Game Features]
"3D engine to create end tour retina level visual feast."
"Ghost contract" inherited the stone interactive games 3DMMORPGyears of research experience, an end run engine technology intogame development, to create beautiful images of retinal level, sothat the phone can play the PC that is the visual sense.

"Stunning live motion capture technology to combatpleasure"
"Ghost contract" millions of pixels using live-action capturetechnology, each time moves One role of a high degree ofverisimilitude are reproduced true to the essence of the actionmovie, simply adjust the skills of the release order could easilyfloat even strokes It allows you fell in love with One secondfight!

"Contract combat pet human pet free combination together OneSoul Fun"
"Ghost contract" game need to find their own contracts, will allowplayers to gain combat pet summon the only One Way. Can find theirown contract is the player in the game One species of specialpursuit, but pets can fit transfiguration players in the battle tobecome a more powerful One incarnations form, fit transfigurationpets and different professions evolved various forms and specialabilities, ever-changing, unchanged for the win!

"Competitive multiplayer team match-ups in real time teambattles first '
"Ghost contract" with a real-time athletic battle mode, trulyreal-time interaction between human players, breaking away from theman-machine war no brain operation mode. Team sports, multiplayerteam play a copy of the depth of interaction, the professionalcomplement each other, God pet help, smooth operation throughout,so that the fighting fun, team battles never stop!

"Perfect super class copy wisdom decryption operationscoexist."
"Ghost contract" was first introduced to decrypt a copy of theclass play, make a copy of the fighting is no longer just a simpleanti-strange killing, but more full of fun games are played, forexample: a copy of the players need to block monster designaccording to the terrain, blocking the monster or strategic supplylines to reduce the difficulty to kill. Different copies of copieshave different strategies, players enter the copy is no longersimply to upgrade to the only One purpose, but can experience thefun of puzzle.

"The powerful trade union freedom Yuezhan abandon the shacklesof rigid rules."
"Ghost contract" union duel between the rigid rules of the gameabandoned the shackles, please tell me the time, place, people,refused to accept to fight!

If you experience any problems with the game, and welcome tocontact us!
Follow our Facebook fan page and micro-channel package will alsoreceive:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eyousmqy
Micro letter (WeChat): eyougamesmqy
Email: [email protected]

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    Android 3.0 and up
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    50,000 - 100,000
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    05-06, Paya Lebar Square, 60 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409051
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    Publish Date: 2016 /3/26
    Requires Android: Android 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API: 11)
    File Size: 36.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Sha1: aacf4f24f83edd613de4f6478897a61888c438c3
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醉仙侠-新职业“剑士”正式上线 13.7 APK
既然你诚心的点了进来,为了维护地球的和平,为了防止世界被破坏,坚持爱和真实的罪恶,2015巨资奢华打造作品《醉仙侠》,跨越银河来到了这里,PK嫌手抖,挂机嫌无脑?别闹了...你想要的,我们都已经为你准备好了。◆◆◆简介◆◆◆《醉仙侠》,仙侠题材即时动作类手游,零门槛上手,抛弃站桩假动作战斗模式,创新全方位超自由战斗,360°无锁定攻击,流畅的组合连招操控,体验游戏版速度与激情。◆◆◆顶级画质◆◆◆清新细腻的纯手绘画风,融合“序列帧”+“粒子特效”技术。太专业看不懂?没关系,进去瞧瞧就知道!◆◆◆零门槛上手◆◆◆想PK嫌手抖,想挂机嫌无聊?别闹了...我们帮你锁定目标,从此再也不用担心手残!在这里,不管你是高端玩家还是小白玩家,手动操作和自动操作的结合总有一样适合你。◆◆◆独特玩法◆◆◆野外大型组团PVP,野战的刺激可不是瞎掰掰,喊打喊杀喊救命的,记得要小声点哦。。◆◆◆游戏玩法◆◆◆通天塔,多人副本,道具副本,帮派战,绝境之路,剑灵助阵、1V1排位赛、野外团战、域外天魔...数数有多少个了呢,注意还有个省略号哦~◆◆◆即时交互◆◆◆在刀光剑影中被别人杀了1W次需要休息休息的时候,和妹子来个即时语音想必也是个不错的选择,然后再送个花,求个婚耍个流氓,美好的生活又开始了。我们非常乐意为您解决游戏中遇到的任何问题,欢迎联系我们!关注我们的Facebook粉丝页和微信即可领取礼包:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/eyouzxx微信(WeChat): eyougamezxxEmail:[email protected] you sincerely point came in, in order tomaintain peace in the earth, in order to prevent destruction of theworld, insist on love and real sins 2015 works heavily to buildluxury "Drunken Master Man" across the Milky Way came here, PK tootremor, Goodbye too no brain? Stop it ... you want, we are readyfor you.About ◆◆◆ ◆◆◆"Drunken Master Man," Xian Xia theme immediateaction class mobile games, zero threshold to use, discard ZhanZhuang fake battle mode, innovation-round battle over freedom, 360° no lock attack, smooth combination even strokes manipulation, toexperience the game version fast and Furious.◆◆◆ ◆◆◆ topqualityFresh and delicate hand-painted style pure fusion "sequenceof frames" + "particle effects" technology. Too professional cannot read? It does not matter, go look to know!◆◆◆ ◆◆◆ zerothreshold to get startedPK tremor want too, I would like to hangtoo boring? Stop it ... We help you lock the target, you never everhave to worry about the residual hand! Here, whether you are ahigh-end players or a combination of white players, manual andautomatic operation there is something for you.◆◆◆ ◆◆◆ uniquegameplayLarge groups field PVP, not blind Baibai field stimulation,shouting Hansha cries for help, remember to keep it down, oh. .◆◆◆◆◆◆ gameplayBabel, more than a copy, a copy of props, gang warfare,desperate road, sword of the Spirit to help out, 1V1 qualifying,the field team battles, extra-territorial demons ... and count howmany of it, there is an ellipsis attention Oh ~◆◆◆ ◆◆◆ immediateinteractionWas killed in battle 1W times the rest of the timerequired, and sister to a real-time voice presumably also a goodchoice, and then sending a flower, seeking a marriage playing arogue, the good life has begun.We are very happy to help you solveany problems encountered in the game, welcome to contact us!Followus Facebook Fan Page and micro-channel can receive gifts:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/eyouzxxMicro-letter (WeChat):eyougamezxxEmail: [email protected]
猎影传说-跨服龙城 决战天下 1.6 APK
《猎影传说》是一款Q版MMORPG手机网游,兼具趣味性和可玩性,游戏画面明快清晰,技能绚丽流畅,多重互动玩法打造社交手游新标杆。为了维护国土和平,我们的英雄需要拿出勇气与智慧来对抗原罪之主,踏上一场新奇刺激的拯救世界之旅。【游戏特色】「社交手游新标杆」作为一款网络游戏,《猎影传说》在社交上做了充分而全面的设计,好友系统覆盖了亲密度、仇人、黑名单、陌生人等功能,更是衍生出了婚姻、师徒、组队、公会、阵营等社交圈,使玩家足不出户就可以与好友进行互动,自由程度如现实一般。游戏还设计了语音聊天功能,使手机游戏打字聊天困难的问题得以解决,玩家可通过聊天聆听好友语音,特殊场所也可转换成文字查看,简单而便捷!「热血PK王者之战」《猎影传说》游戏中的热斗切磋、王者之战、原罪战场、阵营战…全面而丰富的即时PK竞技玩法,让你的热血再次沸腾起来!「萌宠创新养成法」《猎影传说》中的宠物有十几种,有娇小可爱型、也有霸气炫酷型的,玩家可以无属性差自由转换变身出战。游戏中的宠物除了常见的成长升级养成之外,还可以通过兽魂养成和送礼互动养成来增强宠物,从而增强英雄本身。「新奇玩法趣味多」《猎影传说》在游戏趣味性上面可谓功力十足,现在流行的玩法大部分都收入麾下不说,更是推陈出新,创造了许多新奇玩法!「漫天红包欢乐领」《猎影传说》游戏中玩家充值任意金额都可获得一次向全服玩家发放红包的机会,发放红包不消耗玩家本身任何物品,全服玩家都有机会领取到红包内的游戏币。土豪,让红包飞起来吧!--------------------------------------------------------------------------游戏中如遇到的任何问题,欢迎联系我们!关注我们的Facebook粉丝页和微信还可领取礼包:Facebook:www.facebook.com/eyoulycs微信(WeChat):eyougamelycsEmail:[email protected]
王者之怒 1.19 APK
2015最受期待魔幻动作手游火热上线,打造视觉盛宴,点燃魔法梦想!自主引擎打造,细微粒子特效,华丽唯美画质,独具匠心剧情,缔造你自己的魔幻传奇!- 公会之战,全球共赏- 耀世争霸即将开启!- 不花钱就能成为高富帅- 你敢玩,我敢送!- 海量英雄自由选择- 你的战队,你做主!- 世界BOSS觉醒- 更有远古宝藏出世!- 鲜花互赠,盛大婚礼- 开启手游征婚时代!我们非常乐意为您解决游戏中遇到的任何问题,欢迎联系我们!关注我们的Facebook粉丝页和微信即可领取礼包:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyouwzzn微信(weChat): eyouwzznEmail: [email protected]'s most anticipatedaction fantasy fiery hand travel on the line, to create a visualfeast, lit magic dream!Independent engine build, fine particle effects, gorgeous aestheticquality, originality story, create your own magic legend! - Association of the war, global Dramas - Yao Shi hegemony is about to open! - No money can become rich handsome - Do you dare to play, I'm sent! - Massive hero freedom of choice - Your team, you call the shots! - World BOSS awakening - More ancient treasures out! - Give each other flowers, grand wedding - Open hand tour marriage age!We are very happy to help you solve any problems encountered inthe game, welcome to contact us!Follow us on Facebook fan pages and micro-channel can receivegifts:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eyouwzznMicro-channel (weChat): eyouwzznEmail: [email protected]
Immortal DreamX-ตำนานมาสเตอร์ 8.3 APK
แนะนำเกม《Immortal DreamX-ตำนานมาสเตอร์》เป็นเกมมือถือเนว ARPGโดยอิงเนื้อเรื่องมาจากนวนิยายผู้เล่นจะได้สัมผัสการต่อสู้แบบ360องศาและสามารถดีไซน์สกิล combอย่างดุเดือดส่วนตัว ภาพสวยเจ๋งที่คุณไม่เคยสัมผัสพร้อมประจักษ์แก่สายตานอกจากนี้ผผู้เล่นยังสามารถเข้าร่วมด่านทาวเวอร์สุ้ฟ้า ด่านทิมศึกกิลด์ และมีอสูรเทพ การแข่ง 1V1 ศึกชิงเจ้าทำให้ผู้เล่นได้สัมผัสการPKอย่างสนุกฝุดๆลักษณะเด่นของเกมระบบจะช่วยผู้เล่นอัตโนมัติล็อคศัตรูโดยไม่ต้องการเคลื่อนไหวนิ้วมือ!ไม่ว่าคุณจะเป็นมือใหม่หรือมืออาชีพจะต้องมีอย่างใดอย่างหนึ่งที่เหมาะกับคุณสไตล์ของเกมเราที่เป็นเอกลักษณ์ไม่มีใครเหมือน.กลุ่มPVP ความตื่นเต้นของสนามการต่อสู้ที่คุณไม่เคยลองมาก่อน"ข้าต้องการคู่ต่อสู้ที่แข่งแกร่งขึ้น!"สังคมในเกมหลังจากฆ่ามอนสเตอร์เป็นพันเป็นล้านก็ได้รับการปฏิสัมพันธ์กับเพื่อนของคุณบางอย่างในเกมของคุณ!ข้อความเสียงกับสาวสวยจะเป็นการส่งเสริมที่ดีที่สุดของคุณ!ลงส่งดอกไม้ให้สาวสวยสซินะ!ติดต่อเรากลุ่มแฟนคลับ:www.facebook.com/eyouidxthเว็บไซต์:idxth.eyougame.comFeaturedgames"Immortal DreamX- legendary Master" is the name of ARPG mobilegame based on the story of the novel. Players will experience a360-degree combat and skill to design comb fiercely private. Prettycool that you never feel ready. Witnessed In addition, players canalso participate via smile sky blue tower defense veterans Timguild gods and monsters battle 1V1 race will allow players toexperience the fun of PK dust off it.Game FeaturesThe system allowsplayers to automatically lock the enemy without moving a finger!Whether you are a beginner or a professional has to be one thatsuits you.The unique style of our game like no other.The excitementof the field PVP battle you've never tried before. "I want to racestronger opponent."Social GamesAfter killing the monster is athousand million. Was some interaction with your friends on yourgame! Voicemail with beautiful girls will be promoting the best ofyou! To send flowers to my beautiful city!Contact UsFans:www.facebook.com/eyouidxthWebsite: idxth.eyougame.com
战侠 1.15.140422 APK
《战侠》结合策略养成和角色扮演,可以发展建设、攻城略地也可与他人一起在神话的世界裡冒险和成长。《战侠》已在各大应用市场上架,颇受好评,拥有众多铁杆粉丝。与同类型手游相比,《战侠》在游戏画面上,更加写实唯美,光影绚丽;在游戏剧情上,增加了神话世界的冒险剧情和众多关卡;在游戏操作上,版本运行流畅,能够让玩家随时随地体验到游戏快感!在传统RPG玩法上面加入了更多的创新玩法。你能通过对阵型的排列、对装备的组合,武将的搭配,运用熟练的技巧达到惟我独仙的境界。多种模式任你挑战,继承角色扮演一贯的超强带入感,让你完全进行修仙的奇幻世界。简单的主线任务、需要技巧的英雄副本,无尽的任务、无尽的挑战赋予您无尽的乐趣!把握整个战场,写出一幕只属于你的战斗剧本,让这场战斗成为你剧本的完美演绎!《战侠》专为Android设计的操作界面在安卓百万用户的体验和建议之后,我们不断修改,除了无可挑剔的游戏画面、我们更做出最符合RPG玩家操作习惯的界面,让玩家用最简单的步骤完成最複杂的操作。《战侠》作为一款RPG网游。无论是场景,角色还是技能都是力求精益求精,让玩家在视觉上获得非一般的享受!无尽的任务,无尽的挑战赋予您无尽的乐趣,把握每个战场,写出一幕只属于你的战斗剧本,让这场战斗成为你剧本的完美演绎。--斩妖除魔,风伯雨师来助阵!--强力橙色武将风伯雨师来到酒馆,快去招募他们吧!高闪避全体免伤的风伯,让你在闯关PK时立于不败之地;国色天香的雨师,利用她的美色,魅惑敌方高攻单体,逆转战局!--武将星宿,能力属性再提升!--62级开启星宿功能,让红色与进阶后的橙色武将的技能和属性再一次得到升华,通过不断的激活星宿图案,将会获得不同的技能和属性能力的提升,技能的不同搭配,让你在战斗中游刃有余!--萌宠消除,武侠神作也卖萌!--点,点,点!消,消,消!萌宠消除,其乐无穷!当您的等级达到62级,可以开启此款小游戏,游戏中中会刷出多种炸弹,可立即消除所在行、列、十字的所有的萌宠;刷出时间沙漏,点击后可以增加10秒游戏时间。游戏可以获得大量武灵,用于开启星宿图案。--仙人指路,屌丝一秒变神仙--在您进入游戏后,不知道做什么时,“仙人指路”带您熟悉游戏,指导您修炼变强,为您量身选择不同玩法,畅享游戏乐趣,是您玩游戏的百科全书。《战侠》特色功能语音聊天系统:你还在为游戏聊天麻烦而烦恼吗?战侠为广大玩家提供了语音聊天系统,不但聊天方便,还能炫出你动人的声线哦!比武招亲:抢钱、抢粮、抢女人。只要你实力够强就能在游戏内争夺到自己心仪的女神哦上古神兽:上古神兽每日来袭,如果您却步将被神兽吞噬,何不和兄弟们一起拿起手中的神兵一起击退神兽呢!五重豪礼来玩即送一、创建角色,即送元宝凡是进入游戏创建角色后,玩家即可获得200元宝和50000铜币的奖励,免费获得驰骋战侠的第一笔粮饷!二、天天签到,好礼不断每日签到,就可获得为您量身准备的各种礼物和元宝!签到1天:100000铜钱、200武魂、200声望签到2天:150000铜钱、350武魂、350声望、1级宝石袋x1签到3天:200000铜钱、500武魂、500声望、蓝色洗练石x10签到4天:250000铜钱、50武魂、650声望、低级强化石x10、紫色将魂x50签到5天:300000铜钱、800武魂、800声望、2级宝石袋x1、橙色将魂x50【领取方式】:通过主界面“礼包”图标领取。三、在线礼包,拿到手软每天累计在线时长达到5、10、15、20、30、60分钟即可获得奖励。四、等级豪礼,伴您成长为了奖励玩家对我们游戏支持与厚爱,《战侠》项目组在玩家每升10级便送出1个升级大礼包,保送您​​到40级!五、豪华礼包放送关注我们的Facebook专页并点赞即可领取高级礼包:低级强化石x30、中级强化石x20、紫色洗炼石x30、500000铜钱!关注我们的微信(weChat)即可领取大礼包:50个元宝、500000铜钱!微信(weChat):eyou_zhanxia客服邮箱:[email protected]官方网站:http://zhanxia.eyougame.comFacebook专页:www.facebook.com/zhanxia