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Ultimate fight rats

App Information 終極打地鼠

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    October 7, 2013
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    Andres Wen-Yuan Liao
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    500 - 1,000
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終極打地鼠 1.0 APK
終極打地鼠Ultimate fight rats
廚房打蟑螂 1.0 APK
按下開始鍵後,遊戲就開始進行,當滑鼠(手指)碰觸到蟑螂時,蟑螂就會死亡並得到分數,隨後其餘的蟑螂位置會做更換,時間內看能得到多少分數。After pressing thestartbutton, the game begins when the mouse (finger) touchthecockroach, the cockroach will die and get points, followed bytherest of the cockroach position replacement will do, how muchtimeto see if I can get scores.
打磚方塊 1.0 APK
再一定的範圍控制擋板 把上方方塊消除Then a certainrangecontrol baffle to eliminate the box above
打雪怪 1.0 APK
一開始有star鈕、Stop鈕、Reset鈕、繼續鈕,當點選star鈕時,會有背景音樂響起,中間會有時間倒扣,star也會消失,等到時間倒數到0秒時,才會再次出現,在點選star鈕後,可在中圖案Stop鈕即可暫停遊戲,此時就算怎麼點畫面中的壞雪怪或者好雪怪都不會增加分數,時間也會暫停,音樂也停止,當按繼續鈕時,則會繼續播放,音樂也會繼續播放,按Reset鈕時,分數、時間,會重新計算,途中會有9個空洞,一次會出來一個圖案,會有好雪怪和壞雪怪,當打到好雪怪會扣5分也會出現哭的表情,扣到0為止,打到壞雪怪則會+10分也會出現生氣的表情。At first there werestarbutton, Stop button, Reset button, the Continue button, clickthestar button is pressed when there will be background musicsounded,the middle will have time to buckle down, star willdisappear,until the time when the countdown reaches 0 seconds, willagain,you tap star button, the pattern in the Stop button to pausethegame, then point the screen even how bad or good WendigoWendigowill not increase the score, time will be suspended, themusicstopped when you press the Continue button when it resumesplay,the music will continue to play, press the Reset button, thescore,the time will be recalculated on the way there will be nineholes,one will come out a pattern, there will be a good Wendigo andbadWendigo, Wendigo when hit a good 5 points will be deducted fromtheexpression also appears to cry, buckle to 0 so far, it will hitthebad Wendigo +10 points also appear angry expression.
瘋狂猜數字 1.0 APK
輸入4個數字,查看幾A幾B,直到輸入正確數字就過關Enter the four digits,seea few A few B, until you enter the correct number onclearance
磚塊水果大進擊 1.0 APK
這個遊戲中有十七個黑色磚塊,其中有六個磚塊代表著六種水果。上方還有六個空格和八個按鈕,分別是顯示按鈕、暫停按鈕、開始按鈕、遊戲說明、遊戲作者和調整球速的三個按鈕。顯示按鈕是在玩家結束遊戲時按下去的,暗下去之後就會顯示出宣告玩家已經過關的訊息。而暫停按鈕按下去以後就會讓球暫停,開始按鈕則是讓球動起來。遊戲說明是會出現視窗文字來告訴玩家遊戲的運作,遊戲作者則是讓玩家認識創作這個遊戲的作者,也就是我。調整球速有三個等級,第一個是慢速、第二個是普通、第三個是快速。看完家喜歡設定成哪種速度都可以。玩家必須要讓球打這代表水果的六個磚塊。當六個磚塊中的其中一個方塊被打到以後會在上方六個空格的其中一個空格中顯示出一種水果。當上方的六個空格都顯示出水果的圖案後就按下空格下方的顯示按鈕,球就會靜止不動。接著畫面就會顯示出一段文字,告訴玩家說過關了。如果是打中其它黑色磚塊的話就不會顯示出任何的水果圖案。若是玩家不小心讓球掉到下方的黑洞裡面,那就是要重新玩一次,而且連之前吃到的水果記錄也會消失,玩家如果不想要一直重來的話就要好好玩。This game hasseventeenblack bricks, which has six bricks representing six kindsof fruit.Top there six spaces and eight buttons, which are displaybutton,pause button, start button, game instructions, andadjustment ofthe ball game three buttons.Display button in the player at the end of the game to go on,godark and then will display a message declaring the playerhadpassed. The pause button is pressed after the pause will allowtheball to start button is to get the ball moving.Game description text window will appear to tell the players ofthegame operation, the game is to let players know of creation ofthisgame, that is me.Adjust ball has three levels, the first one is slow, the secondiscommon, and the third is the fast. Which family likes readingspeedcan be set.Players must let the ball which represents the fruit sixbricks.When the six bricks in one of the box after being hit in thetop ofthe six spaces in one box shows a fruit. When the top of thesixspaces have shown a pattern of fruit after pressing the spacebelowthe display button, the ball will be stationary. Then thescreenwill show a text, telling players that cross the border. Ifit is,then hit another black bricks will not show any fruitpattern. Ifthe players do not accidentally let the ball fall intothe blackhole inside the bottom, that is to play once again, andeven eatfruit before the record will disappear, the player if youdo notwant to, then we should have been re good fun.
記憶力考驗之配對遊戲 1.0 APK
在螢幕上顯示12張牌,玩家可以任意點選其中一張牌後,會顯示該張牌的正面,玩家再繼續選第二張牌,如果這兩張配成功則會加分,配對失敗則將這兩張牌翻回背面,直到12張牌都配對成功遊戲就結束。Displayed on the screen12cards, players can click on any of them a card, it will displaythecards in front of the players and then continue the secondelectioncards, if this success will be equipped with two extrapoints, thepairing fails these two cards turned back to back untilthe 12 cardsare successfully paired the game is over.