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帮你写诗的编诗姬 Help you write poetry Verses Kyi

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毛泽东选集(1-7卷) 4.0 APK
Song Huang
毛选是毛泽东军事政治哲学思想的高度统一归纳,是世界观,是方法论。阐述了主席是如何认识世界、改造世界的。该APP汇集了《毛泽东选集》一至七卷。第一卷:18篇第二卷:40篇第三卷:33篇第四卷:70篇第五卷:70篇第六卷:75篇第七卷:83篇可选择不同字体阅读,支持繁简体,可以通过语音播放的方式来听书。MaoXuan is a highly unified induction of Mao Zedong's militarypolitical philosophy, a world view and a methodology. Explain howthe chairman knows the world and transforms the world.The appbrings together the first to seventh volumes of the Selected Worksof Mao Zedong.Volume I: 18Volume II: 40Volume III: 33Volume IV:70Volume 5: 70Volume VI: 75Volume 7: 83You can choose to read indifferent fonts, support traditional and simplified, and listen tothe book by means of voice playback.
Chat in Chinese 1.0 APK
Song Huang
It is a Chinese chat robot.
毛泽东选集(1-5卷) 2.0.2 APK
Song Huang
毛泽东选集(1-5卷)毛选,讲的是如何发动群众,如何反抗压迫,如何进行斗争,实实在在就是一部屠龙术,在古代,这些都是世家所传,不传之秘。而主席却大无畏的将自已的经验传授给所有的群众,意思很明确,如果有一天,党变质了,不再为老百姓说话了,这样的党,不要也罢,那人民群众就要站起来,不平则鸣!Selected Works (Volumes1-5)Mao, talking about how to mobilize the masses, how to resistoppression, how to fight, is a real Dragon surgery, in ancienttimes, these are the family of the pass, not pass the secret. Thechairman was fearless will own experience to all the people, themeaning is clear, if one day, the party gone bad, no longer speakfor the people, and such a party, not worth mentioning, that thepeople will stand up, uneven the Ming!
com.books.song.poemofmao 2.0.0 APK
Song Huang
目前最全:毛主席诗词131 首,全部诗词以写作时间排序。毛泽东晚年是十分紧张的,他天天放在心头念念不忘的,就是红色江山是否变色的问题。可以从他的诗作中窥见一斑:毛一直是天生浪漫的革命乐观主义情怀,反围剿,十倍于己的敌人,他说“横扫千军如卷席。有人泣,为营步步嗟何及”;长征多苦,他说“更喜岷山千里雪,三军过后尽开颜”;建国初,整个诗的风格就更加轻快了“一唱雄鸡天下白,万方乐奏有于阗”“最喜诗人高唱至,正和前线捷音联”“萧瑟秋风今又是,换了人间”“不管风吹浪打,胜似闲庭信步”;等到了六十年代,风格就陡然严峻了起来,“今日欢呼孙大圣,只缘妖雾又重来”——这“妖雾”指的是什么,“梅花欢喜漫天雪,冻死苍蝇未足奇”“要扫除一切害人虫,全无敌”——苍蝇、害人虫又是谁?At present, the most complete: 131 Chairman Mao's poems, all poemsare sorted by writing time. Mao Zedong was very nervous in hislater years. Every day he was obsessed with his heart, it was thequestion of whether the red Jiangshan was discolored. It can beseen from his poems: Mao has always been a romantic and optimisticfeeling of innate romance, anti-encirclement, and ten times his ownenemy. He said, "Sweeping thousands of troops is like a roll. Somepeople are crying, why are they doing step by step? "The Long Marchis more bitter. He said, "I like the mountains and the snow, andthe three armies will open their eyes afterwards." At the beginningof the founding of the People's Republic of China, the style of thewhole poem was even more brisk. "One song sings the world, theWanfang music is played in the 阗" The most poet sings to thesinger, and is connected with the front line Jieyin. "The sorrowfulautumn wind is now, changed the world" "No matter whether the windblows, it is better than sitting in the air"; until the 1960s, thestyle is suddenly severe, " Today, cheering Sun Dasheng, only thedemon fog is coming back again--this "demon fog" refers to what,"the plum blossoms are full of snow, the frozen flies are notenough" "to sweep away all pests, all invincible" - Who is the flyand the pest?
雄辩之术 2.0 APK
Song Huang
话术, 说话辩论技巧Then surgery, speaking debating skills
毛主席语录(中英对照) 2.0.0 APK
Song Huang
这个世界上替强者效劳的思想理论不计其数,教诲弱者屈从强者的说教浩如烟海,唯独毛主席思想专门替受强者欺凌的无辜弱者说话,专门教导弱者如何由弱变强...《毛主席语录》是毛泽东著作中一些語句的选编本 该语录搜集了中英版,添加了繁体简体支持 There are countlessideological and theoretical theories for the strong in the world.The teachings of the weak and the succumb to the strong are as vastas the sea. Only Chairman Mao’s thought speaks specifically for theinnocent people who are bullied by the strong, and teaches the weakhow to weaken from the weak... "Quotations from Chairman Mao" is anedited version of some of the statements in Mao Zedong's works Thequotation has been collected in Chinese and English, withtraditional Chinese support added.
Asian sexy Beauty 1.0.3 APK
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