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英文常用文法 1.7 APK
老子道德經 1.3 APK
佛說四十二章經 1.5 APK
根據歷史記載,《佛說四十二章經》是偉大的佛法,從印度傳到中國來的第一部重要經典。本經是一部既概括簡短,而又十分重要的經典。讀者試想:漢明帝自從永平三年某夜夢見「金人」以後,為什麼對此便念念不忘?後來經過大臣們四年多鄭重其事地歷史查考和研究分析以後,確認在西方印度有佛出世,並留有與中國儒、道之教有所不同的教理。因而明帝特地組織了一個具有十八人之多的探訪團,西去印度求法;結果在中印度的地方,遇到了二位神通廣大的高僧迦葉摩騰和竺法蘭。請問讀者:佛經種類數量浩大:真是汗牛充棟,為什麼這兩位神異高僧,會首先選擇這部《佛說四十二章經》把它傳到中國來呢?決非偶然!讀者諸君,請您帶著這個問題,來讀一下這部經典吧!等您讀完之後,您對這個問題,便可迎刃而解了。有些人說,這是一部講小乘佛法的經典。其實不然。這部經典,佛並不是在一個專門的法會上說的,而是在佛涅槃以後,由他的弟子們,把他一生所說的一些警句,擇要系統編集而成。也就是宣化上人所說的:這是一部「佛的語錄」。把佛所說的某一段話稱為一章,共選集了四十二段話,編集成了這部《佛說四十二章經》。因此,這部經典實在既不能說單只是小乘佛法,也不能說單只是大乘佛法;而是綜合佛一生所說的大小乘全部佛法。當今西方社會,雖然物質文化已達高度文明,但是一般群眾的道德墮落,物欲橫流,淫欲泛濫,以至社會紊亂,犯罪率高,精神失常者多,殺人放火,無奇不有,乃至怪病叢生,蔓延世界,單靠法治、醫治,不濟於事。在此時刻,宣化上人,隻身西來,把佛法帶來西方世界,弘揚不遺餘力,真可以說是適時之雨。[蔡寬淨,1994] The great Dharma According to historical records, "the Buddha四十二章经" spread from India to China to the first major classic. Theclassic by one both in general and brief, but very important.Readers imagine: the Han Dynasty since the the Yongping three yearsafter a night dream "Jin", why this will never forget? Later, aftermore than four years solemnly history of the ministers examine andresearch analysis confirmed that Buddha was born in Western India,left and Chinese Confucianism, Taoism teach different doctrines.Thus Emperor Ming specially organized a visiting group of as manyas 18 people, to go to India in the west Method; Resultsencountered places in India, the the two magical wand monks KasyapaMatanga and Zhu Falan. I ask the reader: the number of types ofBuddhist scriptures prevailed: I am really voluminous, why The twomiraculous monks, will first select this Buddha 四十二章经 "it spread toChina it? Is no accident! The reader, with this problem, read thisclassic! After you finish reading, you have this problem can besolved. Some people say that this is a classic Theravada Buddhismspeaking. Actually, this is not the case. This classic Buddha isnot said in a special law conference, but after the Buddha Nirvana,by his disciples, his life, said some of the aphorisms, theOptional want the system to compilation. Venerable Master said:This is a "Buddha Quotations". Buddha says a passage called aChapter Selection 40 Sec words, compiled integrated this Buddha四十二章经 ". Therefore, this classic is really neither said single-onlyTheravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism single just can not say; butrather said, multiply the amount of the Buddha's life all Dharma.Today's Western society, although the material culture has reacheda high degree of civilization, moral degeneration of the generalpopulation, materialistic, lust flooding, as well as socialdisorder, crime rate, insanity, murder and arson, full of wonders,and even abnormal clusters, spread the world rely solely on therule of law, and to heal, bad things. At this point in time, theVenerable Master and moved West to bring the Dharma in the Westernworld, spare no effort to carry forward, really can be said thatthe timely rain. [Cai wide net, 1994]
金剛心陀羅尼經 1.0 APK
阿含經選讀 1.1 APK
具有聞思修證之法次法向的阿含經,是原始佛典的重要經文,內容記載佛陀在世啟示多聞聖弟子修行的金玉良言。阿含經是一種言行錄的體裁書籍,記述佛陀及其弟子的修道和傳教活動言行,還涉及印度社會風俗等內容。述及佛教的基本教義如四諦、四念處、八正道、十二因緣、十二分教、無常、無我、五蘊、四禪、四證淨、輪迴、善惡報應等論點。近現代佛教史學者重新定位《阿含經》為佛教原始聖典,不再沿用小乘經典稱謂。現代研究者在四阿含經中特別推重其中「相應教」部分,即部派時期北方說一切有部所集成的《雜阿含經》和南方分別說部所集成的《相應部》,近現代學者認為作為二者來源的共同原始誦本在第一次集結時就已基本完成。由此經典之教誨,吾人猶如親炙佛陀當時之諄諄教導,原汁原味之佛法,重現四念處為唯一道路之道跡!Wen Si revised version of the law times normal Agama, the originalBuddhist scriptures, the contents of records the Buddha aliverevelation smell the noble words of the holy disciples practice.Agama is a hadith genre books, chronicles the words and deeds ofthe monastic and missionary activities of the Buddha and hisdisciples, but also social customs in India. Referred to the basicteachings of Buddhism, such as the Four Noble Truths, the fourfoundations of mindfulness, the Eightfold Path, Origination, morethan teach, impermanence, no, five aggregates, the FourthMeditation, net of four cards, reincarnation, poetic justiceargument. The modern history of Buddhism scholars reposition"Agama" the Buddhist original holy book, no longer follow theTheravada Classic title. Modern researchers in the four Agama inparticular thrust-to-weight "corresponding to teach" part of thatschool of the North said during the Miscellaneous Agama and Southare all integrated in the Ministry of the integration of thecorresponding Department of Modern scholars believe that as acommon source of both the original chant this in the first build-uphad been basically completed. This classic teachings, I like topersonally experience the Buddha then inculcate authentic Dharmareproduce the four foundations of mindfulness is the only road roadtrail!
Pet Camera 1.6 APK
You can automate the process of snapping your pet with PetCam. Justfire and forget after setting the seconds to snap and snaps tostop, Just enjoy the surprise the app can bring to you.
紫微論命 1.1 APK
Party Camera 1.0 APK
Add joy to your party! Every thirty seconds your smart phone willtake a snap at your party site. After that, you will get aninteresting album about your party, and sometimes that's beyondyour imagination out there, Just try and enjoy it!