1.00 / June 14, 2017
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このゲームの特徴は2つです。・パネルをスライドさせてペアにする・ペアにしたパネルをスライドさせて脱出させるこの新しい脱出パズルゲームで脳トレはいかがでしょうか。Thefeatureof this game is two.Panel Slide the to to pair• The panelwas topair and slide to escapeWhy not brain training in this newescapepuzzle game.

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    June 14, 2017
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Number Place Color 7 1.5 APK
Basic rulesRule1: NumbersPlace the numbers 1 to 7 in each row andcolumn. Numbers should not repeat in the same row and column.Rule2:ColorsPlace five colors (Orange, blue, green, red, violet, gray andpink) in each row and column. Colors should not repeat in the samerow and column.Rule3:CombinationsColor and number combinationsshould not be repeated.For example, if you already have a Red 1 youcan not place another Red 1 anywhere else.
ナイト ペグ ソリティア 1.00 APK
古典パズルのナイトの周遊を現代に蘇らせました。ナイトの動きで駒同士がが飛びあって駒を消していくパズルゲームです。駒に色がついていて同じ色の駒の上には飛べません。色と駒の関係をよく考えながら解いていきます。この新しいパズルゲームで脳トレはいかがでしょうか。Iwas revived in modern a tour of the night of the classicpuzzle.This is a puzzle game that night of coma with each other inthe movement go off the jump and A~tsu coma.It does not fly on topof the same color of the frame is equipped with color to frame.Wewill solve it while thinking well the relationship of color andcoma.Brain Training How will be in this new puzzle game.
Wスライド16パズル 1.11 APK
2枚のパネルを同時にスライドするNEW 16 パズル!!16パズルが新しくなって登場しました。この16パズルは2枚のパネルを同時にスライドさせます。今までの16パズルとは違った楽しさがあります。Atthe same time to slide the two panels NEW 16 puzzle !!16 puzzle Ihave appeared is new.This 16-puzzle is at the same time slide thetwo panels.There are 16 puzzles and fun that was different fromuntil now.
究極の逆スライドパズル 1.00 APK
超難解スライドパズルが登場。2枚重ねのパネルが逆方向に動くスライドパズルゲーム。16パズルにも似たゲームですが、16パズルとは比べ物にならないくらい難しいです。パズルの達人の挑戦を待ってます。Super-esotericslide puzzle appeared.Slide puzzle game in which a panel of two-plymoves in the opposite direction.Also there is a game that issimilar to the 16 puzzle,The 16 puzzle is a difficult enough not becompared.I am waiting for the challenge of the puzzle master.
Color Peg Solitaire 1.08 APK
Solving these puzzles is a thrill.Jump over pieces to clear them inthis puzzle.Basic Rules1.Move the pieces to jump over otherpieces.The numbers on jumped-over pieces go down.When they reach 0,the piece disappears.2.You win when there is just a single "1"piece remaining.Try to leave the pieces with yellownumbers.3.Pieces can be moved vertically, horizontally, anddiagonally.4.Black pieces cannot be moved.Pieces of the same colorcannot jump over each other.
Coin Solitaire 1.00 APK
Coins are acquired by moving the pieces.Whether you are able tosecure coins depends on how you move the pieces.Changing yourapproach can lead to the correct answer.Have fun with this newpuzzle game.RuleBy moving an animal piece to a box where there is acoin, the coin can be collected.When all coins are collected, thegame is cleared!Animal pieces and pieces with numbers written onthem can be moved vertically, horizontally, and diagonally so as tojump over other pieces. When a numbered piece is moved, the numberdecreases.When it reaches 0, the number disappears and the piececan no longer be moved.It is not possible to jump over pieces ofthe same color.Numbered pieces cannot go where there are coins.
Basic rules1.Move the pieces to jumpover other pieces.Pieces can be moved vertically,horizontally, and diagonally.2.It’s complete when all of theframe colors and piece colorsare the same.3.In “Hard” mode, Pieces of thesame color cannot jump overeach other.
ループール C4 ブロックパズル 1.1 APK
このゲームはブロックの色を揃えるパズルゲームです。ブロックは斜めにのみ移動でき、ブロックを移動させると移動したブロックと交差するブロックも同時に入れ替わります。Thisgame is a puzzle game to align the color of the block.Blocks canmove only diagonally,Block that intersects with the block that hasmoved and move the block also replaced at the same time.