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三字经(全文) 1.2 APK
《三字经》与《百家姓》、《千字文》并列为三大国学启蒙书,是中华文化瑰宝之一,是小朋友入门国学的最佳读物。★真人诵读★全文朗诵★逐句朗诵★逐条解析关键字:小朋友 小孩 幼儿 学前教育 益智 教育 国学启蒙 儿童读物 益智游戏 幼儿教育 智力开发 学习图卡"Three Character Classic"and "Family Names", "Thousand Character Classic" enlightenmentbooks tied for the three Chinese culture, is one of the treasuresof Chinese culture, children's books is the best entry-Learning.★ live reading★ full text reading★ sentence reading★ resolved one by oneKeywords:Children kids preschool education preschool educational children'sbooks Sinology enlightenment intellectual development of EarlyChildhood Learning Puzzle Game cards
道德经(字帖) 1.0 APK
楷书四大家之一赵孟頫所书《道德经》《道德经》,又称《道德真经》、《老子》、《五千言》、《老子五千文》,是中国古代先秦诸子分家前的一部著作,是道家哲学思想的重要来源。赵孟頫(1254—1322),字子昂,号松雪,松雪道人,又号水精宫道人、鸥波,中年曾作孟俯,汉族,吴兴(今浙江湖州)人。元代著名画家,楷书四大家(欧阳询、颜真卿、柳公权、赵孟頫)之一。赵孟頫博学多才,能诗善文,懂经济,工书法,精绘艺,擅金石,通律吕,解鉴赏。特别是书法和绘画成就最高,开创元代新画风,被称为“元人冠冕”。他也善篆、隶、真、行、草书,尤以楷、行书著称于世。★双指放大缩小★★无广告★请查看https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hych.mobile.mip.daodejing.noadThe regular script one ofthe four Zhao Meng book "Tao Te Ching""Tao Te Ching", also known as "Moral Scriptures", "I", "fivethousand words", "Laozi text" is a book, before the separation ofthe pre-Qin philosophers of ancient Chinese Taoist philosophyimportant sources.Zhao Meng (1254-1322), the word Ziang, loose snow, loose snowTaoist, No. Undine Palace Taoist Gull wave, middle-aged has beenthe subject Meng overlooking the Han, Wu Xing (Zhejiang Huzhou).Four famous Yuan Dynasty painter, regular script (Ouyang Xun, YenChen-ching, Liu public rights of Yuan) one. Zhao Meng learned,poetry Shanwen understand the economy, work calligraphy, paintingof art, good stone, through LvLv solution appreciation. Calligraphyand painting, the highest achievement, and create a new style ofthe Yuan Dynasty, known as the "crown of Yuan. He is also goodseal, scribe, truth, line, cursive, especially Kai, running scriptknown to the world.★ two-finger zoom ★★ No ads ★Checkhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hych.mobile.mip.daodejing.noad
Children Learn Animals-Cartoon 3.1 APK
Designed according to education expertsrecommend. Help children to understand a variety of small animals.Suitable for children just learning to speak.Children can learn the names of the following animals: bees,ladybugs, dragonflies, praying mantis, grasshoppers, ants,butterflies, moths, mosquitoes, flies, birds, Pieris, crickets,frogs, turtles, spiders, earthworms, silkworms and centipedes ,scorpions, snails, squirrels.
Pinyin study 2.2.0 APK
This App is a phonetic alphabet, with vividphotographs and letters, pictures, convenient for beginners friendsand children to learn pinyin, easy memorization, convenient access,parents help children to learn pinyin letters and counselinglearning a good helper.! Human pronunciation, most effective tool for learningpinyin.
美味家常菜做法 1.0 APK
本App列举了17款美味的家常菜做法,是我们为您精挑细选出来的最受欢迎的家常菜。只需要日常的材料,简单易做,美味可口,是家庭主妇的必备菜谱,是你的烹饪好帮手,让你轻松制作每天的菜式。本App以简单的文字,清晰的图片,带着您一步步学做好吃的家常菜。就算您是一个完全没有烹饪经验的人,看图做饭,也能一学就会,保证100%成功哦!本软件离线可以查看!The App lists a range of17 delicious cooking practices, our carefully chosen for you themost popular dishes. Only need day-to-day material, simple and easyto do, delicious, housewives essential recipes, is cooking goodhelper, let you easily create dishes every day. App simple text,clear pictures, take you step by step to learn good eating homecooking. Even if you are a person with no cooking experience,pictures cooking, a school will be guaranteed to be 100% successfulOh! The software offline can view the
幼儿学画画 1.0 APK
是否有妈咪还在头痛如何教家里的宝宝画画呢,即使不会画画的妈妈也不怕哦,只要跟着我们来,简笔画尽在笔下,妈妈还可以边画边读每张图每个步骤朗朗上口的小字诀,享受与宝宝一同作画的同时,还可锻炼幼儿的眼耳手,开发儿童的智力,发展孩子的精细动作,培养孩子的注意力,是非常有效的亲子活动。本App为一系列的简笔画教程,赶紧下载吧,教幼儿学画画。本App为一系列的简笔画教程,每张图每个步骤还配备朗朗上口的小字诀,可锻炼幼儿的眼耳手,开发儿童的智力,发展孩子的精细动作,培养孩子的注意力,绝对适合您教宝宝学画画。Mommy still headache howto teach the baby at home painting, even if the mother did not knowhow to draw is also not afraid Oh, just to follow us, stick figure,all in pen, read a mother can also edge painting each figure eachsmall print tactics steps catchy, enjoy painting together at thesame time with the baby, can exercise children's eyes, ears, hands,the development of children's intelligence, the development of thechild's fine motor, fostering children's attention, very effectivefamily activities. The App for a series of stick figure tutorial,and quickly download it to teach young children learning todraw.The the App series of stick figure tutorial, each step of eachfigure is also equipped with the small print tactics catchyexercise children's eyes, ears, hands, and the development ofchildren's mental development of the child's fine motor, and tofoster the children's attention, absolutely right for you to teachyour baby to learn to draw.
炒股秘籍macd(案例不断更新) 1.3 APK
炒股指标中,macd属最经典且长久不衰的技术指标,无论是大智慧、同花顺、自选股、益盟操盘手、通达信等免费炒股软件、收费炒股软件都将MACD列入默认经典技术指标。如何利用好该技术指标,该app通过图文形式,化繁为简,轻松掌握macd。该app中的案例不断更新。大智慧 同花顺 自选股 通达信 炒股软件 股票 macdThe stock indicators macdcase most classic and long-lasting of the technical indicators,whether it is big wisdom same flush, Zishuagu beneficial allianceTrader hand Tongda letter free stock trading software, fee stocktrading software are the MACD included in the default classictechnical indicators.How to make good use of the technical indicators, the app throughthe graphic form of complexity to simple, easy to master themacd.Case the app is constantly updated.The great wisdom flush cis Zishuagu Letter Mastery stocksoftware stock macd
清朝历代皇帝 1.3 APK
清朝是中国历史上最后一个封建王朝,也是中国历史上第二个由少数民族(满族)建立并统治中国全境的封建王朝。自入关以来,清朝共历十帝,享国祚268年。每代皇帝是什么年号,于何年登基,在位时间多长,哪些皇帝英年早逝,哪些健康长寿,慈禧太后如何实现“垂帘听政”,本app简单明了、图文结合,有助于大家了解和熟记。The Qing Dynasty, thelastfeudal dynasty in Chinese history, Chinese history toestablish andrule the whole territory of China's feudal dynasty byminorities(Manchu). Since entering the Qing Dynasty, a total often calendarEmperor, enjoy jo 268 years. Emperor reign, what yearwas theaccession to the throne, the reign of the length of timewhich theemperor died young, and what a long and healthy life, theEmpressDowager Cixi how to achieve the "invisible hand" of the appissimple, graphic combination will help for everyone to understandandmemorize.