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286 years ago), the name of weeks, birth and death loss test, about the same time and Mencius. <span class="paragraph-end"></span> <a class="card-click-target" href="/store/apps/details?id=com.aoandroid.jiuboo.a93db85ed909c13838ff95ccfa94cebd9" aria-hidden="true" tabindex="-1"></a> </div> </div> <div class="reason-set"> <span class="stars-container"> <a href="/store/apps/details?id=com.aoandroid.jiuboo.a93db85ed909c13838ff95ccfa94cebd9"> <div class="reason-set-star-rating"> <div class="tiny-star star-rating-non-editable-container" aria-label=" Rated 4.4/5) (1)


The Zhuangzi is China'sQin Dynasty great thinker, philosopher, and writer. SONG Guo Meng,the Warring States period (now Anhui Mengcheng County), the founderof Taoism. To called "Laozhuang with Taoist ancestor I, theirsystem of philosophy, ideology academia revered as the Taoistphilosophy. Represented as fable "Zhuangzi" Tang emperor dubbed"South by", he himself has been called the South China real person,and is respected by the interpretation of a variety of versions,Famous "Carefree", "Equality of Things", Zhuangzi advocates of"Heaven" and "quietism".
         Zhuangzi(about 369 BC - 286 years) ago, Chuang's name weeks, word son Hugh(a sub-Mu), Chu Guogong family, the descendants of King Zhuang ofChu's. Henan Shangqiu civil rights. In view of the importantcontribution of Zhuangzi in China's literary history and thehistory of ideas, feudal emperors and attached great importanceZhuangzi was Chao Tang Kaiyuan twenty-five years for the SouthChina real descendants that called the South China real "," ZhuangZi " The book is also known as the South China Scriptures. WarringStates period Song Mongolia (now Anhui Bozhou the Mengcheng peoplealso said Shangqiu City, Henan Province, Northeast Citizens County)who had done paint extraordinaire. Poverty of his life, but disdainfor wealth, power and fame., Trying to remain independent in atroubled personality, the pursuit of the spirit of the FreedomWithout free. A famous thinker, philosopher and writer, is therepresentative of the Taoist school of philosophy I inherited anddevelopment, pre-Qin Zhuang Zi, founder of the school. His doctrinecovers all aspects of social life at that time, but the fundamentalspirit or refuge in the philosophy of Lao Tzu. Posterity and calledhim and I "Laozhuang their philosophy of Taoist philosophy.

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古文觀止 2.0 APK
《古文觀止》是清代康熙年間吳楚材、吳調侯叔侄二人選編的一部古代散文集。吳楚材名乘權,吳調侯名大職,二人是浙江山陰(今紹興)人,都是鄉間塾師,以課徒為生。吳楚材學識淵博,除此書外還編有《綱鑒易知錄》。《古文觀止》編定於康熙三十三年(1694),共十二卷,以年代為經,作家為緯,按照從吉到今的順序排列,選錄自春秋戰國至明末三千多年間的名作222篇,基本上反映了中國古代散文發展的脈絡與特點,體現了中國古代散文所取得的最高成就。《古文觀止》自問世以來,三百多年間以其選文名篇薈萃,篇幅適中,雅俗共賞,一直盛行不衰,是古文啓蒙的必備書,也深受古文愛好者的推崇。The classical view only"Wu Chu material in the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the QingDynasty, Wu tune Hou nephew duo Selected an ancient collection ofessays. Wu Chu materials multiply-rights, Wu the tune Hou name bigpost, two of Zhejiang Sanin (now Shaoxing) people are CountryShuShi, a living lesson Acts. Wu Chu materials knowledgeable,compilation of the "Gang Kam Yi Zhi Lu" In addition to this book."Classical view only scheduled to Kangxi 30 years (1694), atotal of twelve volumes, as in years by the writer weft, inaccordance with the guitar to this order, excerpted from theWarring States to the late three thousand years 222 masterpieces,basically reflect the context and the characteristics of thedevelopment of ancient Chinese prose embodies the highestachievements of ancient Chinese prose.Classical view only since the advent of the 300 years of itsselected articles Famous meta-space moderate, tastes, and has beenas powerful as ever, is the essential book of literaryenlightenment, also deeply respected literary enthusiasts.
史記 2.0 APK
《史記》是我國西漢著名史學家司馬遷撰寫的一部紀傳體史書,是中國歷史上第一部紀傳體通史,被列為二十四史之首。原名《太史公記》。該書是中國古代最著名的古典典籍之一,記載了上自上古傳說中的黃帝時代,下至漢武帝元狩元年間共3000多年的歷史。與後來的《漢書》、《後漢書》、《三國志》合稱“前四史”。本版本是精選了《史記》中的最為精彩的章節,並加上詳細的註解或注釋供您閱讀。Records offamous Western Han historian Sima Qian wrote the a biographicalhistory books of Chinese history, a biographical History, is listedas the Twenty-Four Histories first. Formerly known as "Tai Shi Gongin mind." The book is one of the most famous ancient Chineseclassical books, records on since the ancient legend of the era ofthe Yellow Emperor Han Wudi Yuanshou first year a total of 3,000years of history down to. Later Han Han, "The Three Kingdoms"collectively, "before Ye Xia.This version is a selection of the most exciting chapters in the"Historical Records", plus detailed annotations or notes for you toread.
道教典籍 2.0 APK
本應用包含:《老子》《莊子》和《黃帝內經》。《老子》又稱《道德真經》《道德經》《五千言》《老子五千文》,是中國古代先秦諸子分家前的一部著作,為其時諸子所共仰,傳說是春秋時期的老子李耳(似是作者、注釋者、傳抄者的集合體)所撰寫,是道家哲學思想的重要來源。道德經分上下兩篇,原文上篇《德經》、下篇《道經》,不分章,後改為《道經》在前,《德經》在後,並分為81章。是中國歷史上首部完整的哲學著作。《莊子》莊子是我國先秦時期偉大的思想家、哲學家、和文學家。戰國時期宋國蒙(今安徽蒙城縣)人,是道家學說的主要創始人。與道家始祖老子並稱為“老莊”,他們的哲學思想體系,被思想學術界尊為“老莊哲學”。代表作為寓言《莊子》,被唐明皇封為《南華經》,他本人也被封為南華真人,並被尊崇者演繹出多種版本,名篇有《逍遙游》、《齊物論》等,莊子主張“天人合一”和“清靜無為”。《黃帝內經》是中國古人關於天地和生命規律認識的大百科全書,以闡述生命規律和醫療理法為中心,全面系統地概述了關於天體運行的陰陽規律(宇宙學說),關於地上萬物生成的五行規律(生物演化說),將陰陽五行規律應用到人體上,認識到人體結構和機能、病理和病因的各種現象和規律,提出了系統的養生、治病的理論和方法,是中醫學的元始經典。《黃帝內經》法人於自然,以自然之法治人,自外而知內,從顯而知微。包含了同類相似、整體與局部相似、宏觀與微觀相似、人和宇宙相似的廣義相似律。道教 道家 老子 庄子 黄帝内经 道德真经 道德经 五千言 德经 道经 老庄 南华经 南华真人 逍遥游 齐物论 莊子 黃帝內經道德真經 道德經 德經 道經 老莊 南華經 南華真人 逍遙游 齊物論This applicationcontains: "I" Zhuangzi "and" Yellow Emperor "."I" also known as "moral Scriptures" Tao Te Ching "five thousandwords," "Laozi text" is a book before the separation of the pre-Qinphilosophers in ancient China, its philosophers of the total Yang,legend of the Spring and Autumn period I Lier (seems author,comments, private copies of those aggregates) written an importantsource of Taoist philosophy. Te Ching points up and down twoarticles in the original "De Jing", the next "Road Sutra, dividedinto chapters, later renamed the" Road through "front," De Jing "inthe post, and is divided into 81 chapters. The history of China'sfirst full philosophical works. Zhuangzi Zhuangzi is the Qin Dynasty in China a greatthinker, philosopher, and writer. SONG Guo Meng, the Warring Statesperiod (now Anhui Mengcheng County), the founder of Taoism. Tocalled "Laozhuang with Taoist ancestor I, their system ofphilosophy, ideology academia revered as the Taoist philosophy.Represented as fable "Zhuangzi" Tang emperor dubbed "South by", hehimself has been called the South China real person, and isrespected by the interpretation of a variety of versions, Famous"Carefree", "Equality of Things", Zhuangzi advocates of "Heaven"and "quietism"."Yellow Emperor" is the ancient Chinese encyclopedia awarenessabout the laws of heaven and earth and life, to elaborate life lawand medical hair cut for the center, a comprehensive and systematicoverview of the yin and yang of the law on the movement ofcelestial bodies (cosmic doctrine), on the ground of all thingsgenerated the five elements regularity (biological evolution), theapplication of the law of the yin and yang in the human body, theunderstanding of the structure and function of the human body,pathology and etiology of various phenomena and laws, proposed thehealth of the system, the theories and methods of treatment inmedicine The Yuanshi Classic. "Yellow Emperor" legal in nature, thenature of the rule of law, since the outer conceivable fromsignificant conceivable micro. Contains a similar similar overallsimilar to local macro and micro similar, and the universe similargeneralized similar law.Taoism Taoist I Zhuangzi the Yellow Emperor moral Scripturesmorality through the five thousand words Tak Road by the old ZhuangNanhua Nanhua reality Getaway Equality of Things Zhuangzi YellowEmperor Moral Scriptures ethical real warp Germany by the Taoistscriptures the old Zhuang Nanhua by the South China Happy TourEquality of Things
鬼谷子本經陰符七術 1.0 APK
鬼谷子,姓王名詡,春秋時人。常入云夢山采藥修道。因隱居清溪之鬼谷,故自稱鬼谷先生。鬼谷子為縱橫家之鼻祖,蘇秦與張儀為其最杰出的兩個弟子〔見《戰國策》〕。另有孫臏與龐涓亦為其弟子之說〔見《孫龐演義》〕。鬼谷子的主要著作有《鬼谷子》及《本經陰符七術》。《鬼谷子》側重于權謀策略及言談辯論技巧,而《本經陰符七術》則集中于養神蓄銳之道。《本經陰符七術》之前三篇說明如何充實意志,涵養精神。后四篇討論如何將內在的精神運用于外,如何以內在的心神去處理外在的事物。《東周列國志》中有段關于《陰符》的精彩描寫。當年蘇秦辭鬼谷子下山,盡破家財得黃金百鎰,黑貂裘衣一件,治車馬仆從,遨游列國,訪求山川地形,人民風土,得天下利害之詳。然而如此數年,未有所遇。其時錢財以盡,只得回家。回家后,一家老小盡責其之。妻不以其為夫,嫂不以其為叔,母不以其為子。絕望之余,想起鬼谷子之臨別贈言:「若游說失意,只須熟玩《陰符》一書,自有進益。」于是蘇秦乃閉門探討,務窮其趣,晝夜不息。夜倦欲睡,則引錐刺股,血流滿足。如此一年,于陰符有悟,乃將列國形勢,細細揣摩,天下之勢,盡在掌中。后又出游列國,成功于燕、趙。隨之又將六國合縱,共同抗秦,建立不朽功績。Guiguzi, Wang name brag,Spring and Autumn Period of people. Often into Yunmengshan herbsmonasticism. Stream due to the seclusion Gui, so claiming Mr. Gui.        StrategistsGuiguzi as the originator, Su Qin and Zhang Yi of its mostdistinguished two disciples [see "Warring States"]. Another Sun Binand Pang Juan also its disciple, says [see "Sun PangKingdoms"].        Guiguzi's majorworks include "Guiguzi" and "The Yin Fu seven after surgery.""Guiguzi" Machiavellian strategy and conversation focused ondebating skills, and "by Yin Fu seven technique" is focused on thesharp repose build the road.        "This by Yin Fuseven surgery" before three explains how substantial will, thespirit of conservation. After four discuss how inner spirit used,but less than in the mind how to deal with external things.        "Zhou Zhi" inthe section on "Yin Fu" wonderful description. Su then resignedGuiguzi down, although broken family wealth was gold one hundredYi, a black Diaoqiu clothing, governance traveling servants, travelnations, and find a mountain terrain, the people's customs, get theworld interested in the details. So a few years, however, has notencountered. Its time to make money, only to go home. Afterreturning home, the whole family of its due diligence. Not forwhose husband wife, daughter-not for whose uncle, not their motherfor the child. Despair, remember Guiguzi's parting words: "Iflobbying frustrated, just cooked play" Yin Fu, "a book of its ownCheyne." So Su was discussed behind closed doors, service poorcreature, day and night. Tired sleepy night, then cited cone Cigu,blood flow to meet. This year, the female characters areenlightened, is calculated by dividing the nations situation,carefully try to figure out the world trend, in his hand. Thentravel nations, successfully Yan, Zhao. Followed in turn sixcountries combined vertical and common Kangqin establish immortalmerit.
楚辭 2.0 APK
楚辭又稱“楚詞”,是戰國時代的偉大詩人屈原創造的一種詩體。作品運用楚地(今兩湖一帶)的文學樣式、方言聲韻,敘寫楚地的山川人物、歷史風情,具有濃厚的地方特色。漢代時,劉向把屈原的作品及宋玉等人“承襲屈賦”的作品編輯成集,名為《楚辭》。並成為繼《詩經》以後,對我國文學具有深遠影響的一部詩歌總集。並且是我國第一部浪漫主義詩歌總集。Songs of the South, alsoknown as "Chu Ci" is to create a poetry of the great poet Qu Yuanof the Warring States Period. The work uses Chu (now the literarystyle of the two lakes area), speech and rhyming, narrates Chumountains characters, historical setting, with strong localcharacteristics. Han Dynasty, Liu Xiang, the works of Qu Yuan andSong Yu et al inherited Qu Yuan's works compiled into a set called"Songs of the South". And after following the "Book of Songs", afar-reaching of literature poetry collection. And is China's firstRomantic poetry collection.
汽車百科™ 5.0 APK
汽車百科™為廣大汽車消費者和發燒友提供了較全面的汽車資訊平台,其內容包括對汽車品牌的介紹和展示,汽車品牌歷史,品牌文化,創始人,車型,行情,價格等。汽車百科™為廣大車迷和消費者提供最新的汽車行業資訊,最優質的汽車介紹,最有文化的汽車盛宴。汽車百科™自動支持繁體中文和簡體中文,當您的手機設置為中國大陸以外的國家或地區時,自動顯示為繁體中文,包括界面和圖書內容。(關鍵字:car SUV 汽車 車 跑車 超跑 超級跑車 賓利 阿斯頓馬丁 布加迪 法拉利 蘭博基尼 瑪莎拉蒂 邁巴赫帕加尼勞斯萊斯 世爵 保時捷 奔馳 寶馬 捷豹 路虎 大眾 克萊斯靳 雷克薩斯 英菲尼迪 同類產品有:汽車之家 GO汽車汽車報價太平洋汽車網 汽車通 汽車標誌 網易汽車 汽車小常識 愛汽車 汽車圖片 汽車新聞 汽車中國 二手車 汽車速查熱門車推薦)-----------------------------------------------------------汽車百科™為廣大汽車消費者和發燒友提供了較全面的汽車資訊平台,其內容包括對汽車品牌的介紹和展示,汽車品牌歷史,品牌文化,創始人,車型,行情,價格等。汽車百科™為廣大車迷和消費者提供最新的汽車行業資訊,最優質的汽車介紹,最有文化的汽車盛宴。汽車百科™自動支持繁體中文和簡體中文,當您的手機設置為中國大陸以外的國家或地區時,自動顯示為繁體中文,包括界面和圖書內容。(關鍵字:car SUV 汽車 車 跑車 超跑 超級跑車 賓利 阿斯頓馬丁 布加迪 法拉利 蘭博基尼 瑪莎拉蒂 邁巴赫帕加尼勞斯萊斯 世爵 保時捷 奔馳 寶馬 捷豹 路虎 大眾 克萊斯靳 雷克薩斯 英菲尼迪 同類產品有:汽車之家 GO汽車汽車報價太平洋汽車網 汽車通 汽車標誌 網易汽車 汽車小常識 愛汽車 汽車圖片 汽車新聞 汽車中國 二手車 汽車速查熱門車推薦)Thecarencyclopedia ™ for the majority of car consumers and enthusiaststoprovide a more comprehensive automotive information platform,andits contents, including presentation and display car brand,carbrand history, brand culture, founder, models, prices, andprice.The Automotive Encyclopedia ™ for the majority of fansandconsumers to provide the latest automotive industryinformation,best car, the most literate automotive feast.The Automotive Encyclopedia ™ automatically supportTraditionalChinese and Simplified Chinese, automatically displayedwhen yourphone is set to the countries or regions outside theChinesemainland, Traditional Chinese, including the interface andthebook's content.(Keywords: car SUV car car sports car super-race supercarBentleyAston Ma Dingbu Gaddy Ferrari Lamborghini 玛莎拉蒂迈 巴赫帕加尼Rolls-RoyceWorld Jue Porsche Benz BMW Jaguar Land Rover,Volkswagen Kress JinInfiniti, Lexus, similar products: car home GOcar car quotesPacific Auto car through car signs Netease car cartips used carauto automobile automotive images Automotive NewsAutomotive QuickTop car recommended.)-------------------------------------------------- ---------The car encyclopedia ™ for the majority of car consumersandenthusiasts to provide a more comprehensive automotiveinformationplatform, and its contents, including presentation anddisplay carbrand, car brand history, brand culture, founder,models, prices,and price.The Automotive Encyclopedia ™ for the majority of fansandconsumers to provide the latest automotive industryinformation,best car, the most literate automotive feast.The Automotive Encyclopedia ™ automatically supportTraditionalChinese and Simplified Chinese, automatically displayedwhen yourphone is set to the countries or regions outside theChinesemainland, Traditional Chinese, including the interface andthebook's content.(Keywords: car SUV car car sports car super-race supercarBentleyAston Ma Dingbu Gaddy Ferrari Lamborghini 玛莎拉蒂迈 巴赫帕加尼Rolls-RoyceWorld Jue Porsche Benz BMW Jaguar Land Rover,Volkswagen Kress JinInfiniti, Lexus, similar products: car home GOcar car quotesPacific Auto car through car signs Netease car cartips used carauto automobile automotive images Automotive NewsAutomotive QuickTop car recommended.)
古本竹書紀年輯證 1.0 APK
《竹書紀年》是戰國時期(公元前475年~公元前221年)魏國的史書,此書原來沒有書名,后來人們從它編年體的體例來命名為《紀年》,原書本是竹簡,所以稱為《竹書》,一般的都稱為《竹書紀年》。《竹書紀年》共十三篇,敘述夏、商、西周和春秋、戰國的歷史,按年編定次序。有不少地方與傳統記載不同,比較接近史實真相,此外,有的還與甲骨文、金文的記載吻合。《史記》記載的戰國年代常常有矛盾,《紀年》可以做有益的補充印證。所以,《紀年》對于現在研究先秦史有極高的史料價值。清朝以后,研究《竹書紀年》的人很多。著名學者王國維曾編輯成《古本竹書紀年輯校》一書,很有參考價值。"Bamboo Annals" istheWarring States Period (475 BC - 221 BC) Wei history books, thebookhad no title, then people from its chronological named afterthestyle of the "Annals", the original book is bamboo, socalled"Bamboo" are generally referred to as "Bamboo Annals."        "BambooAnnals"of thirteen, describes Xia, Shang and Western Zhou DynastyandSpring and Autumn and Warring history, the annual scheduledorder.There are many different local and traditional records,relativelyclose to historical truth, in addition, some also withOracle, Jinrecords match.        "Historical"recordsof the Warring States era of often contradictory, "Annals"can douseful supplement confirmed. Therefore, the "Annals" For nowthehistory of Qin has high historical value.        After theQingDynasty, research "Bamboo Annals" a lot of people. FamousscholarWang Guowei was edited into the "ancient school of theBambooAnnals series," a book of great reference value.
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《心經》可以指摩訶般若波羅蜜多心經,是佛經中字數最少的一部經典著作,因其字數最少、含義最深、傳奇最多、影響最大,所以古往今來無數藝術家都傾注極大精力和虔誠之心,把《心經》創作成為異彩紛呈的藝術品。中醫中有同名經脈,即手少陰心經。全稱摩訶般若波羅蜜多心經。略稱般若心經、心經。玄奘譯。收於大正藏第八冊。心(梵hrdaya),指心臟,含有精要、心髓等意。本經系將內容龐大之般若經濃縮,成為表現‘般若皆空’精神之簡潔經典。全經舉出五藴、三科、十二因緣、四諦等法以總述諸法皆空之理。‘色即是空,空即是色’一語,即是出自本經。"Heart Sutra" Maha PrajnaParamita Heart Sutra, a classic work of Buddhist scriptures in theleast number of words, because of its least number of words, themeaning of the deepest, the most legendary, the greatest impactthrough the ages countless artists have devoted great energy andpious heart , the creation of the "Heart Sutra" into a colorfulwork of art. Chinese medicine meridians of the same name, Hand ShaoYin Heart Sutra.Full name of the Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra. Abbreviationof the Heart Sutra, the Heart Sutra. The Xuanzang translation.Close at Thirteen Volume VIII. Heart (Vatican hrdaya) of the heart,containing the Essentials, Xinsui intended. By the Department ofhuge sutra concentrated performance 'Wisdom into a void' spirit ofsimple and classic. All been cited five aggregates, three subjects,Origination, the Four Noble Truths Overview dharmas empty pockets.'Is emptiness Kongjishise' phrase, that is, by the by.