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超級實用,隨時都能找到「那句英文」超級實用句型,中文與英文對照翻譯無論是生活、工作、旅遊,每當要開口說英文時,往往就是「那句英文」說不出口。反覆的聽、勤勞的練習說、有空就看,超級實用的那句話幫您隨時想到那句說不出口的英文app特色 1.8大主題 2.中英對照3.可以設定發音速度,慢-中-快 Super practical, you can alwaysfind "thatsentence in English" Super practical sentence pattern,Chinese andEnglish translation Whether it is life, work or tourism,wheneveryou want to speak English, it is often said that "theEnglishsentence" cannot be said. Repeated listening, hardworkingpractice,seeing when you have time, the super practical sentencehelps youalways think of the English that can't be said. Appfeatures 1.8major theme 2. Sino-British comparison 3. Can set thepronunciationspeed, slow-medium-fast

App Information 超級實用的那句話 英文<>中文

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    超級實用的那句話 英文<>中文
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    December 26, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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速食優惠券:麥當勞、MOS、KFC、SUBWAY、Starbucks披薩(pizza)優惠:PizzaHut、PizzaExpress、Pizza-Box其他優惠:譚仔三哥米線、許留山、薄餅博士、美心MX、牛角、潮福蒸氣石鍋、海皇粥店、意樂餐廳、太平洋咖啡、大家樂、味千拉麵、吉野家、南記粉麵、元気寿司、一粥麵、Vanguard、MouˍMouˍClub、Café100%此APP僅為網路資訊彙整提供,圖片來源以及版權著作權為原網站所有。優惠時效、詳情或變更以各店家公告為準。 Fast foodcoupons: McDonald's, MOS, KFC, SUBWAY,Starbucks Pizza offers:PizzaHut, PizzaExpress, Pizza-Box Otheroffers: Tanzi Sange RiceNoodles, Xu Liushan, Pancake Doctor, MaximMX, Niujiao, ChaofuSteam Stone Pot, Haihuang Congee Shop, YileRestaurant, PacificCoffee, Everyone, Ajisen Ramen, Yoshinoya, NanjiNoodles, YuanxiaoSushi, One Congee, Vanguard, MouˍMouˍClub, Café100% This app isonly provided for network information collection.The image sourceand copyright copyright are owned by the originalwebsite. Thestatute of limitations, details or changes are subjectto theannouncement of each store.
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只想看綜藝 生活已經夠多繁雜的事了,看看綜藝節目笑一笑解解悶只想看綜藝app簡單操作,好找好看綜藝節目的大集合,收集了有線電視的綜藝節目,讓您在休息時、上下班通勤時、煮飯時、吃飯時想解悶就趕快打開只想看綜藝 看看綜藝笑一笑!