1.0.3 / June 16, 2014
(3.5/5) (39)


超加速UFOで太陽系を突破せよ!誰でも遊べるシンプルお手軽タップゲーム。すぐ遊べて暇つぶしにも最適!〜簡単操作〜タイミングよく画面をタップでゲージを止めよう。中心に近いほどUFOが超加速!進んだ距離を競おう。■ハイスコアを目指して、金トロフィーを獲得しよう!■友達ランキングでTwitterのフォロワーと競えるぞ!TheBreak Through the solar system with ultra-acceleration UFO!Easysimple tap game that anyone can play.It is most suitable to killtime on the play immediately!- Easy operation -Let's stop the gaugetap the screen in a timely manner.UFO super accelerated closer tothe center!Let the distance to compete to be advanced.■ Aiming fora high score, you try to win the gold trophy!■ and able to competewith Twitter followers friends rankings!

App Information 超速!UFOマイフレンド

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    June 16, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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★iPhoneでランキング1位獲得した「俺の校長」がAndroidでついに登場!AndroidGooglePlayランキング★ゲームカジュアル1位獲得!★ゲーム総合5位獲得!★アプリ総合6位「一限目、涙目」前代未聞!校長先生の長話しがゲームになりました![無料]アクションは最初にタイトルを入力するだけの簡単操作。アナタだけの話題を探し、生徒達の人気者になろう!ツイートネタにも最適です。入力した話のタイトルでスコアが変動します。ランキング対応なので、ハイスコアを競いましょう。アナタの校長は、今日はどんな長〜い話を聞かせてくれるのでしょうか?------------■テレビ東京「オードリーの神アプリ@新世紀」(毎週火曜26時10分好評放送中!)にてiOS版がTV紹介されました!------------★話の数はアナタの思いつくまま無限!良い話題はネットや友達と情報交換して、更なる高得点を狙いましょう!ボーナスワードもあり!★Twitter機能でスコアをツイートできます。------ヒント:話題の探し方------話題が思いつかない時は、シリーズで考えると思いつきやすいかも。「身のまわりの物シリーズ」「漫画シリーズ」などなど。-----[重要]お知らせ------★最近目に致します「攻略・まとめ」などの他アプリは、弊社とは一切関係ありませんので、ご利用は自己責任にてお願い致します!------ゲーム説明------アナタは校長先生。今日の全校集会の話題を考えます。話が長〜いほど高得点!ただし、生徒達が退屈な話題だと貧血で倒れてしまいます。話題の数は無限大!1文字違うだけで結果は全て変わります。意外な話題が高得点かも!?長く、たくさんの生徒に聞いてもらえるアナタだけの話題を探ろう!トップ画面からお好みで制服を学ラン・ブレザー・水泳着から選択可能。(得点には影響しません)過去の記録ベスト3の合計で、ランキング上位の人気者校長を目指そう!★"my principal" which won first place ranking on the iPhone isfinally in Android!Android GooglePlay rankings★ 1 place acquisitioncasual game! ★ 5 place acquisition game overall! ★ 6 in overallapplication"Limit one eye, watery eyes"Unprecedented! Story lengthof the principal is now in the game! [Free]Action Easy operationyou only want to enter a title for the first time.Locate the topiconly for you, so you become a favorite of students!It is also idealfor Tsuitoneta.Score will change the title of the story that youentered.Because it is compatible rankings, let's compete for highscores.Your principal, or would let me hear the story not long ...what today?------------■ iOS version has been introduced TV "Godapp @ new century of Audrey" TV Tokyo at (10 min popular during thebroadcast! 26 times every Tuesday)!------------★ The number ofinfinite story remains to come up with you!You can exchangeinformation with friends and net, good topic'll aim a high scorefurther! There is also bonus word!★ I can tweet the score onTwitter function.------ Tip: How to find topic ------It may be easyto think with when the topic I can not think of, to think in theseries."Series of things around us," and so "cartoon series".-----[Important] Note ------★ The other app I do to recent eye such as"capture-together", that it is not affiliated with our company, ourthank you at your own risk!------ Description ------ gameYou usedyour principal.I think the topic of all-school assembly today.Talkabout high score length hoo!However, students will cause the fallenanemia to be a boring topic.Number of topics is infinite!Theresults will change all differ only in one character.Surprisingtopic be high score! ?Long, explores the topic only for you to havesomeone's ear to a lot of students!Can be selected from the schooluniform, blazer swimming uniform in your favorite from the topscreen.(It does not affect the score)The sum of the best record inthe past three, so you aim at popular person principal of ranking!
Oh! My Kart 1.3.1 APK
High speed kart racing!(free)Coins Get!Get!Get!!Are you really akart!?Stick person Simple action.----------●Heat up! TimeAttackMode!●Elect the kart at Favorite types!----------●Game Center●Socre Twitter
メテヲの魔法使い 〜魔法勇者の物語・放置ゲームアプリ〜 1.2.2 APK
「幸せの魔法は、ありますか?」渾身の本格ファンタジーストーリー!魔法使いとなり、魔法を覚えながら全ての物語を解き明かせ!無料で最後まで遊べる!物語が進む大人気のお手軽放置ゲームシリーズ最新作。〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜遥か昔、まだ魔法の力が世の中に普及し、魔法の不思議な力で人々は生活していた。そんなとある王国のはずれで、ひっそりと魔法の研究をする少年がいた。少年が生み出したのは"魔法の素(モト)"。少年はそれに"マホッチ"と名付け、そこから友情と愛の物語が始まる…。〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜■魔法ファンタジーの世界&本格ストーリー!魔法を集めながら、物語を進めて楽しむ放置タイプのゲームです。いくつもの物語と謎が絡み合う、超本格ストーリー!シリアスな設定ながら、笑える小ネタも満載!そして、感動のエンディング!そして、かわいい魔法キャラクターもいっぱい!新しい機能「クエスト」や他にも新しい遊び要素も満載だぞ!■簡単操作で個性いっぱいの魔法を覚えていこう!操作はスワイプするだけの簡単操作。色んな魔法が登場するぞ!中には超レアな魔法も…?魔法は図鑑に登録!全コンプを目指そう!途中で出現する簡単なクエスト攻略で、さらに図鑑が増える!?暇な時や退屈しのぎ、歩きながらでもできる遊びやすさ重視の、誰でも遊べる簡単な放置ゲームシリーズ。そして、今回も一味違う!片手間プレイで物語を進めよう!毎日必ずもらえるポイントボーナスもあるぞ。Full-scalefantasy story "The magic of happiness? Are there any" of the wholebody!It becomes witch, and Tokiakase the story all the whileremember the magic!I can play to the end for free! Easy game leftThe latest series of the popular story proceeds.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~Once upon a time, the power of magic has spread in theworld still, people were living in the mysterious power of magicfar.At the edge of such a certain kingdom, there was a boy to thestudy of magic quietly.Boy's produced a "source of magic(original)".Boy named "Mahotchi" in it, a story of friendship andlove begins from there ....~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~■ world andauthentic story of magic fantasy!It is a game of left type whilecollecting magic, and enjoy to advance the story.Intertwined anumber of mystery story, ultra-real story!While setting serious,small story hilarious, too! And, ending the excitement!And, prettymagic character also full!New play elements also other "Quest" isalso a new feature packed!■ Let's remember the magic of personalityfull of easy operation!All you have to do need to do is simplyswipe.Various magic appeared! Even magic super rare among them...?Magic is registered with the picture book! Aim the wholecomp!With a simple quest cheats to appear during, picture bookfurther increases! ?The importance of ease of play can be boredomand spare time, even while walking, a simple game series leftanyone play.And I a little bit different this time! Let Susumeyothe story in spare time play!There is also a bonus point to getface-to-face every day.
Combo Fat Cat -猫翻訳でジャンプ! 1.0.2 APK
This is a story that a new type of cat named "Combo Fat Cat",suddenly appeared from somewhere, go for adventure to get NEKO-CANwhich is special canned cat food.Just push the button to jump andmove a cat!Make them go forward as far as possible in a timelimit!Don't drop him out!!The time will be recovered by collectingsome coins.You can gain coin bonus with making combos ofNEKO-CAN.There might be unknown cats? In trash cans??Jump intotrash cans to discover the other species of cats and complete thecat collection list of all the types of them!Get some supportingitems by exchanging points which you can get by every single play.
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Simple tap action!(free)Escape from Alien!
The Depraved Life 1.0.1 APK
Stick person action!(free)Walking action game!●Game Center ●SocreTwitter
The Sushi Jump - くら田スシロー君の寿司物語 1.1.4 APK
Japanese food "Sushi".Sushi bar action game!!----------Push "jump"buttonEat up all the sushi!!What you ate is is going to be yourscore.Complete the all kind of Sushi!!ORE ball gives you thespecial power!!----------●World Ranking ●Score Twitter