/ November 22, 2014
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一只可爱的跳舞小公鸡, 伴随跳一遍,心情好一天 等次他次~跟着节奏,一起来吧~~
A cute little roosterdance, accompanied by jumping again, in a good mood one day andother times he once to follow the rhythm, come together ~~

App Information 跳舞的小公鸡

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    November 22, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    100 - 500
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下班打麻将 1.0 APK
麻将,经典的休闲娱乐活动,本游戏使用高级系统AI,并且美女坐陪,打起来爽不可耐!并且本游戏特增托管功能,不动手,也能赢!休闲娱乐,打发时间,非此莫属!Mahjong, classicrecreational activities, this game uses advanced systems AI, andbeauty accompany sit, cool fight unbearable!And by hosting special feature of this game, do not get involved,but also to win!Entertainment, to pass the time, it is nothing!
卡哇伊女孩换装 1.1 APK
"好可爱的女孩哦! 你能帮她装扮一下吗?玩家需要先收集硬币,那么他们可以去商店买自己喜欢的衣服和其他配饰。之后,他们可以打扮她!记住,你只是需要时间来获得更多的金币!这是一个完全免费的女孩打扮的游戏!产品特点:打扮美丽的女孩;上千种衣服和配饰的组合;点击每一项衣服和饰品,你可能会发现有趣的话语;""Oh, what a cute girl!Can you help her dress up about it?Players need to collect coins, then they can go to the store tobuy their own clothes and other accessories. After that, they candress her up! Remember, you just need time to get more coins! Thisis a completely free girl dress up game!Features:Beautiful girl dressed;Thousands of combinations of clothes and accessories;Click on each of the clothes and accessories that you might findinteresting discourse; "
三国名将斗地主 1.0 APK
斗地主是一款全国各地流行的扑克游戏,由三人玩一副牌,地主为一方,其余两家为另一方,双方对战,先出完手中牌的一方胜,规则简单明了,极富娱乐性和与对抗性。本游戏是最纯正经典玩法的单机斗地主,纯绿色单机,无需联网,无任何收费,让你随时随地畅快爽不停!1.本游戏画面不是最好的,音效不是最好的,但AI绝对是最好的.2.本游戏还大胆增加回放功能,AI好不好,看看回放就知道!3.本游戏采用过关玩法, 三国人物守关, 看你的技术如何?
国标单机麻将 1.0 APK
最好玩的单机麻将,采用国标麻将规则,游戏操作简单清晰,玩家可以轻松的进行休闲娱乐,体验国粹的博大精深。超强人工智能,高超出牌技巧,无解锁、无道具,无收费,无登录,无注册,节奏紧凑、刺激好玩,强烈推荐!The most fun singlemahjong, using the national standard Mahjong rules simple and cleargameplay, players can easily be entertainment, experience thequintessence of profound.Superior intelligence, high skill beyond licensing, no unlock,no props, no fee and no login, no registration, fast paced,exciting and strongly recommended!
美女换装 1.0 APK
每个女孩心中都渴望自己是一个大美女,然而只要认真打扮,就可以变得很漂亮。这里是练习服装搭配与搭配技巧的舞台,无数种衣物,上百种小饰品,为你准备!你准备好了吗?不同的想法呈现出的效果不一样,给人不同的视觉效果,也有不一样的享受!Each girl hearts areeager to be a great beauty, but as long as carefully dressed, canbecome very beautiful. Here is the exercise outfit and with theskills of the stage, a myriad of clothing, hundreds of trinkets,for you! are you ready? Different ideas showing the effect is notthe same, gives a different visual effect, there are not the sameenjoyment!
可爱小公主 1.0 APK
"公主时尚衣橱里有很多精致且优雅大气的单品,长礼服,短礼服,婚纱,波西米亚长裙,鱼尾裙,高端饰品,高跟鞋,应有尽有!赶快来帮她装扮一下吧!游戏中,玩家需要先点击领取礼包获得金币,随着时间的推移,玩家能够不断的领取金币。当然也可以先用已有的金币去购买衣服饰品填满衣柜,然后就可以随心所欲的换装啦!换装过程中,如果衣服饰品不够可以继续去商店选购。加油吧,我的小伙伴们,看谁能装扮的最好!游戏完全免费,没有内购,只需要不断领取免费金币哦!""Princessfashionwardrobe, there are many sophisticated and elegantatmosphere of asingle product, long dresses, short dresses, weddingdresses,bohemian dress, fishtail skirt, high-end jewelry, highheels,everything! Come and help her dress on!Game, players need to click to get to receive gifts of gold,overtime, players can continue to collect gold coins. Of course,you canstart with an existing gold jewelry to buy clothes fill thecloset,then it can be arbitrary facelift it! Dress process, if notenoughclothes accessories can continue to go to the store to buy.Come on,my little friends, to see who the best dress!Game completely free, without insourcing, just need tokeepreceiving free gold Oh! "
时尚公主换装 1.0 APK
"公主是以为追求潮流时尚的女性,她专门准备一间大的屋子乘放自己的衣物。公主要去参加晚宴,你来为公主挑选礼服,给公主打扮吧!为你提供无限免费的金币,各种礼服、首饰,任意你挑选,不同的搭配,给人不同的视觉效果与享受,也给人带来更多的惊喜。""The princess is thatthepursuit of fashionable women, she specially prepared a largeroommultiplied put their clothing. Princess to go to dinner, youcometo choose the dress for the princess to princess dress up now!To provide you with unlimited free gold, variousdresses,jewelry, any you choose, a different mix, gives a differentvisualeffects and enjoy, but also bring more surprises. "
小公主换装 1.1 APK
公主经常出席各种宴会,经常为穿什么礼服烦恼,你来给公主挑选参加宴会时所穿的礼服吧!试试你的眼光,是否能塑造出一位让人惊艳的公主?为你提供无限免费的金币,各种礼服、首饰,任意你挑选,不同的搭配,给人不同的视觉效果与享受,也给人带来更多的惊喜。Princess oftenattendvarious parties, often worry what to wear the dress, when youcometo choose the party princess dress worn it! Try yourvision,whether or not able to create an amazing princess?To provide you with unlimited free gold, various dresses,jewelry,any you choose, a different mix, gives a different visualeffectsand enjoy, but also bring more surprises.