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App Information 輔英科技大學行動選課系統

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    September 27, 2012
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    Great Mobile
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大誠保險經紀人陳天一 1.0 APK
Great Mobile
大誠保險經紀人陳天一1.打造專屬個人的APP,包含上架APP、專屬底圖、配色。2.提供完整功能模板,開發期程短,能快速上線。3.強大的後台管理功能,透過一般行政人員從系統進行資料輸入即完成App資料更新,有效減低維護成本。4.可自訂APP基本六大功能名稱 及 彈性自訂類別。5.APP內容支援7大類顯示格式(PDF、圖檔、網頁連結、HTML格式、 純文字、自訂格式、表格格式) 。6.70%以上功能支援離線操作。7.結合Google(GCM)推播機制,可即時發佈公開性訊息或私人訊息。8.提供推播Web服務,可結合內部系統進行即時訊息發佈。Tianyi Chen DachengInsurance Brokers1 to create exclusive individual APP, contains shelves APP,exclusive basemap, color.2 provides the full functionality of a template, Development periodis short, fast on-line.3. Strong background in management, through the normaladministrative staff from the system data entry is complete Appupdate, effectively reducing maintenance costs.4 Customizable APP six basic functions and flexibility of a customclass names.5.APP content display format supports seven categories (PDF,graphic, web links, HTML, plain text, custom formatting, tableformat).More than 6.70% functional support offline operation.7 combines Google (GCM) push mechanism, instant messages or privatemessages published openness.8. Provide push Web services can be combined with internal instantmessaging system release.
輔英科技大學行動選課系統 1.0 APK
Great Mobile
行動盈家POS@BOSS 2.1 APK
Great Mobile
1. 雲端報表 即時掌握 :手機在任何可上傳的地點,隨時檢視各式營運報表,讓您輕輕鬆鬆掌握店內銷售狀況。2. 專業報表 多元管理 :多元化的營運分析報表,包含銷售業績、商品排行及用餐人數等量化資訊,協助您在決策時,提供重要的數據分析。3. 提供完整銷售報表分析,隨時掌握營運績效,以適時調整策略。4. 查看報表需要權限,營運資訊安全又保密。5. 所有報表可匯成 csv格式,方便主管歸檔統計。6. 雲端同步系統,有網路之處,即可取得營運狀況。1. Cloud statementsimmediately grasp:    Phone at any location can be uploaded atany time to view a variety of operational reporting, allowing youto easily grasp the store sales.2. Professional diverse management reports:    Diversified operational analysis reports,including sales, product ranking and quantify the number of mealsand other information to assist you in    When making decisions, providing importantdata analysis.3. To provide a complete analysis of sales reports, to keepoperating performance, to adjust the strategy timely.4. need permission to view the report, trading information safe andconfidential.5. All reports can be merged into a csv format for easy archivingstatistics director.6. cloud synchronization system, there is at the network, theoperating conditions can be achieved.
mAgent行動華佗(Wifi版) 1.1 APK
Great Mobile
無撥號功能(3G)搜不到 的特別版此應用程式安裝開啟後可直接下載安裝 mAgent行動華陀mAgent主要功能說明mAgent是一款提供給壽險專業顧問的軟體,將客戶資料透過行動平台帶著走,一手掌握自己的行程,隨時了解客戶狀態,不論何時何地,精準回答客戶問題,創造業績的高峰。行程管理_時間管理的秘訣來自mAgent利用mAgent有效率地查詢客戶訪談安排,讓您輕鬆管理行程。可利用「生日」、「繳費」以及「訪談」模式,快速抓出需要安排行程的客戶。客戶管理_mAgent讓您客戶帶著走支援強大客戶管理系統,讓您幾乎忘記是在手機操作,不但輕易抓住您的客戶,還幫您找到淺在的客群。可針對客戶個人資料、公司資料、家屬資料及訪談紀錄幫您做管理,您同時可透過資料下載功能,下載保單資料及基金資料讓您瀏覽,輕鬆幫您管理客戶資料。資料下載_帶著mAgent翱翔天際吧mAgent同時支援多家保險公司保戶資料下載及轉入mAgent行動華佗,讓您省略重新輸入資料的寶貴時間!透過網路,您的保戶資料隨時跟著您。目前支援:南山人壽三商美邦安聯PDA幸福人壽遠雄人壽超級華佗(SIC)壽險華佗(PCS)
Queen 精品咖啡 3.0 APK
Great Mobile
專門為對咖啡興趣的人設計的交流APP內容有QRS介紹 介紹Queen烘焙研究系統 發展現況業界活動 推廣系統活動的說明及活動花絮烘焙園地 機友們的分享園地精品咖啡 有關咖啡的知識,店家專欄QRS據點 Queen烘焙研究系統 的銷售服務據點展覽教學 使用Queen烘焙研究系統的店家或玩家提供使用教學環境名錄FaceBook Queen烘焙研究系統 FB官方網站 及其他合作店家FB網站推播好康 及時推播訊息提醒有新的消息發布烘豆是不可逆的過程,.....烘焙中『關鍵時刻』得靠烘焙師個人經驗, 憑嗅覺和聽覺下判斷,烘焙過程中曲折的瞬間,常常是稍縱即逝,令人扼腕 。烘焙師努力追求『完美的烘焙曲線』, 期待能透過自己的烘焙技藝喚醒每一只咖啡獨有的產區風味靈魂。Q.R.S. (Queen Roaster System) Queen烘焙研究系統 時代來臨....烘焙如時光一般不可逆,卻可藉由烘焙曲線(履歷)去追朔烘焙過程中的每個環節,我們導入P.D.C.A(計畫/執行/檢核/改善)的品管改善流程加以循環優化。Q.R.S.烘焙研究系統 能看見烘焙當中即時的溫、濕度與烘焙參數變化,系統對舊曲線(計畫)與新狀態(執行)進行即時運算,提供預警,導航,相似度比對…等烘焙輔助功能,對烘焙結果進行檢核與改善流程。以研發跟生產品管而言,能穩定的再現相似度,便可大量降低烘焙的風險與成本Specifically designed foranyone interested in the coffee exchange APP        Contents QRS who introduced Queen Baking research systems developmentstatusIndustry activities to promote system activity description &EventsCorner Bakery Corner machine friends to shareSpecialty coffee and coffee-related knowledge, stores columnSales Branches QRS stronghold Queen baking systematic studyResearch shows teaching system using Queen baking stores or playersusing the teaching environment directoryFaceBook Queen Baking Research Systems FB official website andother partner stores FB websitePush Push goodies timely reminder message new news releaseBaked beans is irreversible process, .....Baking in the "critical moment" bakers rely on personal experience,with the sense of smell and hearing judge under baking processtortuous moments, often fleeting, distraught.Bakers strive for "the perfect baking curve," expect to wake upeach producing a unique flavor of coffee only soul through his ownbaking skills.QRS (Queen Roaster System) Queen Baking Research Systems era....Baking time is generally irreversible, such as, but it can be bakedcurve (CV) to be traced in every aspect of the baking process, weimport the PDCA (plan / execute / vetting / improvement) processesto improve quality control loop optimization.QRS baking research systems able to see them instant bakingtemperature, humidity and baking parameters, the system on the oldcurve (plan) and the new state (execution) for immediate operation,provide early warning, navigation, similarity than ... other bakedAccessibility of baking results vetting and improvingprocesses.R & D is concerned with the production and quality control,stable reproduction of similarity, can significantly reduce therisk and cost of baking
理財計算機 1.0 APK
Great Mobile
理財計算機 是一款免費的輔助型軟體,且將會陸續開放其它強大的功能目前剛開放的功能:- 理財計算機可以作房貸、定存、基金、標會等試算功能
行動知識雲 1.4 APK
Great Mobile
免費閱讀財經新聞、國際重要時事、重點經濟數據以及創意新知的終極應用程式「行動知識雲」是一款全新型態的知識型資訊閱讀應用程式,它能讓您在一天24小時當中,隨時隨地免費閱讀對於您個人增廣見聞、面對客戶、處理公司內部組織等有用的資訊,不僅可以協助個人掌握新知,也可在客戶與主管面前更具各項議題的發語能力【行動知識雲的主要特點】(1)世界財經周報:每周更新世界重要財經要聞。現今各項媒體資訊發達,資訊數量爆炸,藏在資訊豐富性優點的背後對於資訊閱讀者而言已成為壓力。行動知識雲中的世界財經周報,為您擷取每周20~30則的重點財經要聞,運用友善閱讀的排版方式,協助您快速掌握財經時事(2)重點經濟數據:經濟數據變動對於專業的您而言有許多具有價值的用處,如進行理財規劃分析、面對客戶論述您資產配置的策略等。行動知識雲為您整理國內外重點經濟數據,以便於閱讀的趨勢圖形方式呈現,協助您快速掌握經濟趨勢脈動(3)古文詩詞:中華文化淵遠流長,不僅文字精美,其中更隱含無窮盡知哲理。行動知識雲為您蒐集並簡要整理中華古文詩詞、出處、意涵,讓您可沉浸於偉大中華文化的世界。(4)創意新知:21世紀是所有人發揮創意的時代,一個能被消費者接受的創意往往可以帶來超乎您想像的利潤。然而創意的來源可能隨時出現在您身邊,只因稍不留意機會就隨風而逝。行動知識雲提供當今全球各項有趣的創意新知,讓您在最輕鬆的情況下閱讀,配合上您與生俱來的專長,希望可以讓您的人生充滿無限想像空間Free to read financialnews, major international events, key economic data as well as theultimate creative application of new knowledge"Action knowledge cloud" is a new, knowledge-based informationreading patterns application, which allows you to them 24 hours aday, go for free to read your personal broaden their horizons, tocustomers, deal with internal organizations useful The informationcan not only help individuals master new knowledge, but also moreof the issues in front of customers and competent hairProficiencyThe main features of action knowledge cloud] (1) World financial weekly: Weekly update the world's majorfinancial news. Today the media information developed, the numberof information explosion, hiding behind a wealth of information forthe benefits of information has become a pressure reading areconcerned. Action knowledge in the cloud world financial weekly foryou to capture 20 to 30 per week in Key Financial Highlights, use afriendly typography reading, to help you quickly master FINANCENewsletter (2) Key economic data: economic change data for professionalpurposes that you have many valuable uses, such as financialplanning analysis, customer-facing discuss your asset allocationstrategy and so on. Action cloud knowledge for you to order keyeconomic data at home and abroad, in order to read graphicalrepresentation of trends to help you quickly grasp the pulse ofeconomic trends (3) Classical Chinese Poetry: Yuan Yuan of Chinese culture long,not just fine words, which also implies endless philosophical know.Action cloud knowledge you gather and organize brief classicalChinese poetry, provenance, meaning, so you can immerse yourself inthe great Chinese culture in the world. (4) Creative Awakening: The 21st century is the era of creativityfor all, a creative consumer acceptance can often bring profitsbeyond your imagination. However, innovative sources may at anytime on your side, because the viewer is not watching theopportunity to wind. Action cloud providers today's globalknowledge of the interesting ideas of new knowledge, allowing youto read the most relaxed situation, with your innate expertise,hope can make your life full of boundless imagination
FWinner基金贏家 1.5 APK
Great Mobile
【基金贏家軟體特色】「基金贏家」能讓基金投資人快速瀏覽基金即時資訊,並提供良好的投資組合選擇。獨家的「基金手續費」功能,提供基金投資人針對「單檔基金」,以網路下單 或臨櫃等方式,在不同的機構之手續費用進行查詢比較,有效降低投資費用。另外,「基金龍虎榜」功能,則針對國內/海外基金的短、中、長期績效排名,提供基金投資人參考查詢。當然,「基金贏家」也彙整國內/海外基金最新淨值、走勢圖及投資績效等資訊,並搭配「我的最愛」功能,方便基金投資人進行群組式管理,快速做出自己的投資組合。【基金贏家功能介紹】✔全部/國內/海外基金:提供基金最新淨值、走勢圖及投資績效等資訊。✔基金手續費:提供各機構銷售基金之手續費用(如:管理費、保管費、申購費、贖回費、轉換費 等),依不同購買方式(網路下單 或 臨櫃...)進行查詢。✔基金龍虎榜:針對國內/海外基金的短、中、長期績效排名,提供基金投資人參考查詢。✔我的最愛:自選基金追蹤,並整合「基金龍虎榜」及「全部/國內/海外基金」功能,方便不同角度分析時機,隨時追蹤投資組合狀態。✔基金新聞:整合數項國內知名基金資訊新聞平台,方便基金投資人即時掌握最新投資動態。