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Are you able to displace planets and galaxies on the rocketRising?🔥 🏅 Challenge your friends for the highest score! Help therocketto reach space launch. “Rocket launcher: rise up” is atotally freeand fun game for you to play any time, anywhere. 🛰️Your mission isto launch your rocket as high Fly high so that itdoes not hit theobstacle,And you're trying to keep planets,galaxies, and rocks outof space. Truly the wonderful game therocket rise up is trying torise up and you are changing a greateffort to keep it in goodcondition without being exposed to it 🌎 ❤️Features: ❤️ ✓ Easy tocontrol. ✓ Wallpapers are as fantastic asreal. ✓ Customizetraining to play well. ✓ Planets and real galaxiesspace rocket. ✓The stages are endless. ✓ Detailed technology. ✓Surround sound..FEEDBACK : 👐 If you have a problem using the Game,please give ussome comments that we will check and update as soonas possible. IsGame free And fun Congratulations ©️ 💯

App Information 🚀 Rocket Launcher: Rise Up

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    🚀 Rocket Launcher: Rise Up
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    April 28, 2018
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    Android 3.0 and up
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Eye color changer Makeup !Eye Color Changer Makeup lets you changethe color of your eyes! Using a unique mixing technique creates aneffect that looks very natural on the eyes. It works for both darkand light eyes.Eye Color Changer Makeup is filled withphoto-realistic effects such as standard color contacts, exoticcontacts, scary eye effects, animal eyes and more.Its very simplesimulation application to change the color of the eyes of yourchoice. you can choose your favorite color or lens from a verylarge list of eye lenses.It works on everyone - babies, childrenand adults as one. Enjoy hours of entertainment by testing the appon your friends, family, and favorite celebrities!Functionality: -Select your photo in Camera Gallery.• More over 400 (simple,marble, electric, specifications, exotic, animal, foreign, and more!!) exotic eyes and more in future.• Many realistic and natural eyecolor lenses to choose from.• Change the size of your eyes to makethem bigger and more beautiful.• Mode to place different lenses onthe left and right eyes.• Try new colored eye contacts and coloredeye lenses.• eyes flag• multiple colors• Create your own eye colorfrom the photo gallery• Adjust the opacity of the eyes to mergewith the photo Makeup• Share this photo with your friends on thesocial network.• Collection of animal eyes (cat, snake, fox...).•Save photos to gallery. Real Color Changer Eye is a beautifulapplication for you to try hundreds of colors and lenses for yourown photo.Its very simple simulation application to change thecolor of the eyes of your choice. You can choose your favoritecolor or the lens of the very large list of eye lenses.
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Double Tap Screen On and Off Pro: Double Tap Off / ON is anapplication that helps you protect the power button. Double Tap OFFalso allows you to turn off the screen quickly by touching the Homescreen twice. Just a touch to lock and turn off the screen.Sometimes difficult to press the power button, or you want topreserve the physical power button. The Smart Screen On Off app andthe feed head float can help minimize the use of the power buttonanytime and anywhere. ★ Different types of buttons: - Show on thehome screen - Show in the notification - Float on other apps! ★CHARACTERISTICS: - Double-tap the home screen to turn off thescreen. - Cover the proximity sensor to turn on the screen (if itis not, press Always visible). - Double-tap the Always On powericon to activate the screen. - Provide a lock screen shortcut onthe home screen. ★ UNINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS DOUBLE TAP APPLICATION: -Open the Double Tap Off application. - Select the Uninstall buttonto uninstall the application. Note: This application uses DeviceAdministrator authorization. It is needed and used only to lock thedevice when using the application. You must enable theadministration before you can use it. In addition, you must disableadministration before you can uninstall. FEEDBACK: If you encountera problem while using the application, please give us some commentsthat we will check and update as soon as possible.
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Whistle Find Phone Finder Hd :If you want to change to Whistle orClap and you've already turned on the detection on, make sure toturn it off and RESTART the app, then turn it back on again.Or,simply select Whistle or Clap before switching to ON.Forget thelong searches and unsuccessful calls to your muted smartphone tofind your phone. With this application, it will be easy to locateor detect where your phone is!Just choose your desired soundfile,your desired volume and then start the whistle detection.Simplychoose the desired sound file, the desired volume and start whistledetection.How:1. Start the app.2. Choose a soundfile, set desiredvolume and if soundfile should be repeated. (Ringtones will alwaysbe repeated)3. Turn whistle detection on.4. Let it run! Just leavethe app and find your phone by whistling!5. To turn it off, justturn whistle detection off and leave the app!Autorisationsnécessaires:* android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO:- Nécessaire pourenregistrer le sifflet.* android.permission.INTERNET undandroid.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE- Requis pour les annoncesdans l'application. (Pas d'annonces push!)*android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:- Cette autorisation estrequise sur les appareils Android 4.1. Si "Protéger carte SD" estactivé, cette autorisation est nécessaire pour choisir un fichierson.Des questions ou des suggestions? Il suffit de me contacter àl'adresse e-mail ci-dessous !eatures:- Easy-to-use.- Impressive andfun.- Selectable audio file.- Whistling or clapping mode.- Displayin the notification bar.- Sensitivity options (Low, Middle, High).-Audio preview.- Change volume.- Notification when detected.-andmore...Have you lost your phone? Whistle and find your phone. Orclap find phoneDo you want to make a joke ? Give your phone to yourfriend. Play whistle Interesting and unusual .
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Best free flashlight samsung s9 is the brightest LED torch flashlight! It's the most featured rich light and only flashlight youwill ever need. Get the brightest, fastest, and most feature richfront light with video camera zoom for phones & tablets. Theapp uses the front camera light on the device as a camera light andthen allows you to zoom in! Plus you can setup a timer so that thelight turns off after a few minutes as well. You can also use yourcamera zoom flash light when the area is dim. There are many waysyou can use the torch flash light samsung ! ★★★★★Features ofFlashlight app★★★★★- Adjustable dimmer for screen light brightness-Battery level info- Takes little space in phone memory- Vibroconfirmation of mode switch- Strobe light with several frequencymodes- Low battery consumption - the app is optimized to use thebattery wisely- Uses phone camera flash light and screen light-Convenient super bright torch front and back- Better than a freegame!- Very bright and powerful flash light -During a power outage-Vibration gives a real tactical flashlight feeling.- Find Your Keysin the Dark - Useful screen flashlight for Samsung tablet withoutled flash.- The light illuminates when you click an icon on homescreen and works like widget.- Read in dark- Totally free app :)
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Did you lose your phone? Whistle and find your phone easy.Thisappwill allow you to find your phone by a simple whistle if itoftenhappens to you to lose your phone in the office.If you haveeverlost a phones in your room, bag, desk or car and you couldn'tfindit; this program is just for you.Forget questions like wheretofind my android, where my gadgets, how to track gadgets locationsoonSick and tired of locating your precious devices? They'realwayslost and you can't spend time searching your gadgets anymore?Don'tbe afraid of losing your device anymore in case ofurgentneed.cause gadget finder will make a loud sound for a phonesfastersearch.To solve problem and locate your devices you only havetowhistle! Really quickly find it by whistling.And Simply choosethedesired sound file, the desired volume and startwhistledetection.Features: - lost gadgets phone find fast easy withasimple whistling sound.- Easy-to-use.- Impressive and fun.-funnysound.- Selectable audio file.- Whistling mode.- Display inthenotification bar.- Sensitivity options (Low, Middle, High).-Audiopreview.- Turn on the detection of whistle.- Repeat voice.-Changesound.- find your phone by a simple whistle- Give your friendyourphone. Play whistle - Customize your tone from media play listHowmany of us forget our phones on silent mode and leave the phonesinthe most unusual places. Later, we get frustrated over notbeingable to find our phones. Here comes the solution to theseproblems.This Whistle app will help you to find your phone veryeasily andquickly in a fun way.Congratulations this app is free!
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Text Repeater application provides the best functionalityforrepeating text according to your requirements. Text repeaterproalso supports repeating emoticons. Repeat the same text asmanytimes as you want! This application is a combo pack forallreplication applications with a low volume of APK which is onetypeof message repeating the message frequently, and also you cansetyour recurrence limit with new text repeat. Using thisapplicationyou can also make repeated characters using alphabeticcharactersand emoji. Also, provide random emoticons. Save time towriteduplicate text using the Text Repeater application.Advantages: -Write a message once and repeat it as many times asyou want. -Make your text repeater into uppercase letters,lowercase letterswith a single click. - Make your text on lowercaseletters with asingle click. - Send unwanted messages to yourfriends on anysocial networking app. - Participate directly on orcopy all majorsocial platforms. - The application does not have anybackgroundservices to save the battery. - Simple and efficientuserinterface. - Send empty messages. - Share your social TextRepeateron social media. Careers: - You can repeat the message witheachnew line. - You can repeat the message with the index number. -Youcan adjust your recurrence limit. - Full repetitive message youcancopy and paste. - One click to reset all. reactions: If you haveaproblem using the app, please provide us with some comments thatwewill investigate and update as soon as possible. Text Repeater isafree application!