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ON SALE!! 50% OFF! This is the licensetounlock the 007 SMS & Call features.

App Information 007 SMS & Call License 50% OFF

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    007 SMS & Call License 50% OFF
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    March 21, 2013
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    50 - 100
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    Email alejandrodesangeles@gmail.com
    c/o Alessandro Piana Largo E. Bortolotti 15 00146 Roma italia
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Auto Conference Call™ 3.9 APK
**** new with PRO version: start a call aschairperson! ******Are there in your calendar conference call requests with anumber ID to be entered?Have you ever tried to participate in a conference call when youare driving your car?NOW you can use this simple yet powerful app to join in aconference call with very big graphics and voice speech !!Download and start this app, you will be able to modify thebridge number to join the conference.This application starts your conference showing a notificationfor each call in your calendar trying to find a PIN number insidethe title, the description or in the location fields.It will show up a panel from which you will able to select theright PIN number from the ones found, and then to start the calland all with one hand!It will assume that your bridge uses a phone number followed by123456789# PIN format.Please continue to read if you need to modify thisbehaviour.You can see all the imported entries (up to two days) and youcan start them (it shows also the passed conferences to join later).Usage :☆ - start the app☆ - you will see all the imported entries☆ - you can select and start the callor☆ - optionally you can tap on Settings☆ - choose the refresh interval or update your bridge number ifneeded☆ - Tap on Confirm to save and close the app.A notification will advice you 5 minutes before anyconference.- Tap on the notification and use the search to select the rightPIN.- Tap on the phone button to start the call.How to use different vendorsHow and why modify the format?If the recognized format is different you can modify it.Going to the Settings pane the format field shows a string wherethe comma is a pause and PIN is the ID of the call found during thesearch.As default you get ,,,PIN# : it waits a little after startingthe call and then it sends the ID followed by the #.The new chair function allow to start the call as the callleader.
Secure Wallet 1.0 APK
This is a basic application to view and editasimple text file to store your private information about° Bank Account° Credit Card Numbers and PINs° PasswordsAnd many others!In order to use thi app you need to have a DropBoxaccountbecause NEVER EVER this app will store your information onthedevice!All the data will be encrypted and stored on DropBox!How to use: installa and start the app, you will need to recordasign that will used to open and decrypt the data: no pin orotherpassword will be asked after! The recorded sign will be usedas"key" to encrypt the data!You can install it on all your devices and you will get thesamestored data if you will draw the correct sign.This is free!More Plug Ins in the future will be developed.
Genius Mobile Speed Booster! 1.5 APK
Ever experienced slow performance on yourphone?Ever tried to overckock it without invalidating yourwarranty?Ever tried apps that state to defragment memory?This app will not cheat you on these points.Overclocking is simply not possible without unlocking yourphone.Defragmentation on RAM is simply without usefulness because thisprocess is only good when you are using a disk to save your data,and that's not the case.So, how this app works?Well, it understand which processes are running on your phone,which programs remains in the memory like message ones, FB and soon.We are not talking about holding the home button: the programsyou see there are just the apps used recently and that will bemanaged internally by your phone.This app try to reorganize the processes in the memoryrestarting them in a sequence which is based on the their usage.Higher usage means that they are moved up on the list trying toassing a higher priority on a low segment of memoryPR=USAGETIME*USEDRESOURCES/TOTALTIMEIf for your phone works just "tumb up" because it's free, if itdoesn't work for you feel free to comment We will try to improveit. Please comment stating your model and the apps you haveinstalled that's will help us a lot!
In Case Of Emergency - NFC 911 1.2 APK
This is the first application that use NFCwristband tags (at least 512k) to write your medical information.You can buy your wristband from internet and personalize it withsome text like"Emergency - NFC Android" or some sort of logo likethe one shown: the tag will be used in any emergency situation fromthe 911 team using a NFC android phone.If this app isn't already installed, android will let you todownload it just reading the tag!Open the app and fill the form with your health information,then write it on the tag by choosing the "write tag" menu.If this app is installed it will read automatically the datafrom the tag e will display them immediately.This version is free to use as beta.
SecretBox for WhatsApp 50% OFF 1.2 APK
Welcome to Whats Secret Box.This app will let you share your secrets with your friendsthrough WhatsApp (tm). or email.This is the FIRST app that is totally automatic: never you willdo a cut and past to decrypt or encrypt your messages!This is the FIRST app that uses RSA 2048 bits keys so TOTALLYsecure as your bank account!Follow the internal tutorial to discover all the features !After the installation the app will ask you to register yourname : It will be used to send your public key to your friendstherefore try to be unique (not Alex or Dory) .Remember the PIN code you have registered because it will beasked every 10 minutes.Remember that both you and your friend need to install this Appto share secret messages through WhatsApp.
007 SMS & Call License 50% OFF 1.0 APK
ON SALE!! 50% OFF! This is the licensetounlock the 007 SMS & Call features.Thanks!
Battery Saver 2016 3.4 APK
Enjoy this simple and powerful app.It will increase your battery life up to 30%!The pro version (you can buy it inside the app) will savemore(up to 40%) energy!You can try it to understand if it works as we stated.No settings, no configuration needed.Just tap On or Off inside the app!It will take care automatically of everything.If you plan to download something just disable Fuel Saver oruseWiFi.
007 SMS & Call Block Free 1.7 APK
UnderTech IT is proud to present: 007 SMS&CallCall 1234 to open the APP!Privacy is something we cannot live without and this appgivesyou a lot of features.☆ Hidden App- just dial 1234 to open- after 1 min it close itself☆ Private phonebook- add people or just import from system phonebook- call them or send an sms from inside☆ Encrypted sms- use the public & private key protocol as the banks do!☆ Hide sms and calls just when you need it!- if you have your friend just inside this app any sms willbehidden automatically (not calls)- if his number is in the system phonebook too you need toenablethe filtering by clicking on the app icon ; any sms and callswillbe stored inside this app.☆ Better inteface- now you can swipe from contats to messages with your finger- black background☆ ..On the options page you can define a text to be sent whenacall has been rejected!☆ ..Never ever tought if you forget your mobile somewhere?welljust sending a SMS with "KEY-OFF" text and the filter willbeactived !When you get back your device click on the app icon and you willseethe notification icon where you can disable the filter.☆ ..a lot more...just have a look at the tutorial insideThis is the free version, the professional one givesyouunlimited contacts.