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Last 10 years Jee Advance Solved Paper contains the followingpapers and their solutions:- 1. Jee Advance 2017 2. Jee Advance2017 3. Jee Advance 2016 4. Jee Advance 2015 5. Jee Advance 2014 6.Jee Advance 2013 7. Jee Advance 2012 8. Jee Advance 2011 9. JeeAdvance 2010 10. Jee Advance 2009 11. Jee Advance 2008 12. JeeAdvance 2007

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Ncert Books & Solutions 2.5 APK
Ncert Books & Solutions is a free app where you can downloadand read offline any Ncert Books and its solutions, Notes, previousyear papers with solutions & watch best youtube videotutorials. * RS Aggarwal , RD Sharma, HC Verma & ALL Exemplarsolutions. * Sample Papers & Previous Year Papers of CBSE Board10 & 12. * Ncert Notes of class 9,10,11 & 12. * Youtubevideo tutorials for class 1-12, Jee & Neet. * English, Hindiand Urdu Books , Solutions & Notes . * All English Novels WithNotes of classes 9 to12. * No login required . * Easy to use userinterface works smooth and Fast. List of All Ncert Books inEnglish, Hindi & Urdu in Ncert Books & Solutions App. Class1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Maths: Math Magic English: Marigold Hindi: RimjhimEVS: Looking Around , Aas pass , Aas pass urdu Urdu: ibtedai urduClass 6, 7, 8: Maths: Mathematics, Ganit , Hisab , Mathematicsexemplar Science: Science , Vigyan , Science Exemplar Hindi: VasantBhag , Durva Bhag, Bal Ram Katha , Bal Mahabharat Katha , Bharat KiKhoj English: Honeysuckle, A pact with the Sun, Honeycomb, An AlienHand, Honeydew, It So Happened Social Science: Our Pasts I, II, III(Part 1, 2), The Earth Our Habitat, Social and Political Life I,II, III, Our Environment , Resources and Development, Hamara Atit,Samajik Evem Rajnitik Jeevan, Prithavi Hamara Avas Sanskrit:Ruchira Class 9, 10: Maths: Mathematics Class, Ganit class, ReyaziUrdu class Science: Science, Vigyan , science exemplar, Science LabHindi: Kshitij , Kritika , Sparsh , Sanchayan Social Science:Democratic Politics , Samkalin Bharat , Arthashastra, LoktantrikRajniti , India and the Contemporary World Part , ContemporaryIndia , Economics , Bharat Aur Samkalin Vishwa , Arthik Vikas KiSamajh English: Beehive , Moments , First Flight , Footprints ,TheDiary of a Young Girl, The Story of My Life, Gulliver Travels,Three Men in a boat Sanskrit: Manika Class 11 English, Hindi &Urdu : English: Hornbill, Woven Words, Snapshots, The CantervilleGhost, Up from Slavery Economics: Indian Economic Development,Bhartiya Airthryavstha Ka Vikas Physics: Physics Part I & 2with Exemplar Chemistry: Chemistry Part I & 2 with ExemplarBiology: Biology NCERT with Exemplar Maths: Maths NCERT withExemplar Statistics: Statistics NCERT Accountancy: FinancialAccounting Part I and Part 2 Sociology: Introducing Sociology,Understanding Society Political Science: Political Theory, IndianConstitution at Work History: Themes in World History Sanskrit:Ritika Class 12 English, Hindi & Urdu : Maths: Maths part1& 2 NCERT Physics: Physics part 1 & 2 with ExemplarSanskrit: Bhaswati , Shaswati English: Vistas, Flamingo,KaleIdoscope, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Invisible ManBiology: Biology Exemplar Problems History:- Themes in WorldHistory Economics: Introductory Microeconomics, IntroductoryMacroeconomics Chemistry: Part 1 & 2 Accountancy: part 1 &2 Political: Contemporary World Politics
Guide COC With Th12 Update 1.8 APK
Welcome to the best COC guide where you get Strategy , Tactics,Hacks about clash of clans Troops, Buildings, Clan war , Combos ,Best Maps and Base Layouts of Townhall from TH1 to TH12 , Builderbase layout from BH1 to BH8,Latest Balancing update with Best cocvideos in every category. +ATTACK STRATEGY , DEFENSIVE STRATEGY ANDTRIVIA+🦁👑 Complete clash of clans strategy coc guide for attack,defence and trivia . + WIN EVERY CLAN WAR+🏆🏆🏆 Clash of Clans Tipsto win every clan war , defending troops , clan war matchmaking ,getting headstart +STATISTICS AND UPGRADE DIFFERENCE +📒📓 COC guideof all troop , spells and buildings +BEST COMBINATION+🎭 Explainsthe best combination of COC used for loot , clan war and trophy +HDIMAGE+🖼 Picture of all COC troops and building s +GEMS TIPS+💰💰💰Tactics to obtain gems fast and where to use gems. +BEST COCYOUTUBE VIDEOS +🎥🎦🎮 Get wiki of everything in Clash of clans in oneplace with added most viewed videos from youtube in every category.Watch and learn from professional players of youtube. 100% FREE COCGUIDE🆓🆓 All tactics, tips, strategy , gems tips without any cost !!Features:- #Works offline #Search clash of clans Wiki and Videos#Base Layouts #Balancing update December christmas #Events #WatchBest Attacks #Clan war #Troops #Spells #Defence Buildings &Traps #Army & Resource Buildings #Best Combinations #Tips &Tricks Enjoy this App and have fun.☺😂😄😊😸 This content is notaffiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved bySupercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For moreinformation see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy:www.supercell.com/fan-content-policy. The Content that was takenfrom clashofclans.wiki.com was under CC-BY-SA (Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike License) .So such use is allowed whereattribution is given and the same freedom to re-use andre-distribure applies to any derivative works of the contribution.
Class 10 CBSE Board Solved Papers & Sample Papers 1.5 APK
For the best preparation of 2019 Board It Contains Class 10 CBSEBoard Previous Year Question Papers of 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 (AllIndia , Delhi and Foreign) with detailed explained solution of eachand every question.You can also download and read offline allpapers . This App also contains :- * Solved Sample Papers of year2018, 2017 and 2016. * Old Papers of years 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011,2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007 . * Toppers Solved Papers of 2017, 2016and 2015 . * Vocational Solved Papers of 2017 and 2016 . *Compartment Solved papers of 2017 . * Class 10th Solved PracticeSets * CBSE 10th Important Questions * Latest CBSE Syllabus of2018-19 . App contains following subjects with solved papers:-1.Mathematics 2.English Communicative and English Language andLiterature 3.Hindi-A and Hindi-B 4.Social Studies 5.Science6.Sanskrit 7.Foundation of Information Technology Solve thesepapers and you will surely score best in exam. Best of luck forexams.)
RS Aggarwal Solutions Maths 6 to 10 1.1 APK
This App Contains RS Aggarwal Solutions of Class 6th , 7th , 8th ,9th and 10th . It provides Offline mode in which No Internet isRequired once the pdf has been downloaded. Enjoy the Reading withInbuilt Fast Pdf Reader in this App, No other Pdf Reader Required.RS Agggarwal class 10 Maths Chapter Solutions:- Real NumbersPolynomials Linear equations in two variables TrianglesTrigonometric Ratios T- Ratios of Some Particular AnglesTrigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles TrigonometricIdentities Mean, Mode and Median Quadratic Equation ArithmeticProgression Circles Constructions Height and Distance CoordinateGeometry Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures RS Agggarwal class 9Maths Chapter Solutions:- Real Numbers Polynomials Introduction toEuclid’s Geometry Lines and Triangles Congruence of Triangles andInequalities in a Triangle Coordinate Geometry Areas LinearEquations in Two Variables Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms AreaCircle Geometrical Constructions Volume and Surface Area StatisticsProbability RS Agggarwal class 8 Maths Chapter Solutions:- RationalNumbers Exponents Squares and Square Roots Cubes and Cube RootsPlaying with Numbers Operations on Algebraic ExpressionsFactorisation Linear Equations Percentage Profit and Loss CompoundInterest Direct and Inverse Proportions Time and Work PolygonsQuadrilaterals Parallelograms Construction of Quadrilaterals Areaof a Trapezium and a Polygon Three-Dimensional Figures Volume andSurface Area of Solids Data Handling Constructing and InterpretingBar Graphs Pie Charts Probability Graphs RS Agggarwal class 7 MathsChapter Solutions:- Integers Fractions Decimals Rational NumbersExponents Algebraic Expressions Linear Equations in One VariableRatio and Proportion Unitary Method Percentage Profit and LossSimple Interest Lines and Angles Properties of Parallel LinesProperties of Triangles Congruence Constructions Reflection andRotational Symmetry Three-Dimensional Shapes Mensuration Collectionand Organisation of Data (Mean, Median and Mode) Bar Graph RSAgggarwal class 6 Maths Chapters Solutions:- Number System Factorsand Multiples Whole Numbers Integers Fractions SimplificationDecimals Algebraic Expressions Linear Equations in One VariableRatio, Proportion and Unitary Method Line Segment, Ray and LineParallel Lines Angles and Their Measurement Constructions PolygonsTriangles Quadrilaterals Circles Three-Dimensional ShapesTwo-Dimensional Reflection Symmetry Concept of Perimeter and AreaData Handling Pictograph Bar Graph The solutions in this app are bevery helpful in preparing of school exams , All board exams andcompetition exams . Best of luck.
20 years Neet / Aipmt Solved Papers Offline 1.4 APK
Last 20 Years Neet / Aipmt Solved Papers contains the followingpapers and their Solutions:- 1. NEET 2018 2. NEET 2017 3. NEET 2016PHASE 1 4. NEET 2016 PHASE 2 5. AIPMT 2015 6. AIPMT 2015 RETEST 7.AIPMT 2014 8. AIPMT 2013 9. AIPMT PRE 2012 10. AIPMT MAIN 2012 11.AIPMT PRE 2011 12. AIPMT MAIN 2011 13. AIPMT PRE 2010 14. AIPMTMAIN 2010 15. AIPMT PRE 2009 16. AIPMT MAIN 2009 17. AIPMT 2008 18.AIPMT PRE 2007 19. AIPMT MAIN 2007 20. AIPMT 2006 21. AIPMT 200522. AIPMT 2004 23. AIPMT 2003 24. AIPMT 2002 25. AIPMT 2001 26.AIPMT 2000 27. AIPMT 1999 28. AIPMT 1998 Enjoy the reading withInbuilt Pdf Reader in this App, No other downloading or Pdf ReaderRequire.
Class 12 CBSE Board Solved Papers & Sample Papers 1.5 APK
For the best preparation of 2019 Board this App Contains Class 12CBSE Board Previous Year Question Papers of 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015(All India , Delhi and Foreign) and with detailed explainedsolution with Marking Scheme.You can also download and read offlineall papers . This App also provide old papers of years 2014, 2013,2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 & 2007 of all subjects of Class 12. This App contains previous year papers and sample papers withsolutions of following subjects :- 1.Accountancy 2.Biology3.Business Studies 4.Chemistry 5.Computer Science 6.Economics7.English Core and English Elective 8.Geography 9.Hindi Core andHindi Elective 10.History 11.Mathematics 12.Physics 13.Politicalscience This App also contains Solved Sample Papers and guesspapers of session 2019-18 , 2017-18, 2016-2017 and 2016-15 whichare made by the experts keeping in mind of syllabus of CBSE . Solvethese Sample papers and you will surely score best in exam.
All Ncert Solutions 1.2 APK
Get Best Ncert Solutions of Ncert books , Ncert Exemplar Solutions,RD Sharma , RS Aggarwal , S chand , HC Verma , DK Goel Accountancy, TS Grewal Accountancy , TR Jain Economics . * All NCERT Solutionsfrom Class 3 to 12 & Reference Books Solutions covered. * SuperOffline Mode : Once Downloaded No Internet Connection Required. *No Need to Sign in to Download any Solutions. * In Built fast pdfReader for smooth reading. * Very Easy to use Interface and withcategory wise solutions. * Help your friends by sharing screenshotdirectly. Subjects covered in Ncert Solutions are - Mathematics ,Physics , Accountancy , English , Biology , Psychology , Chemistry, Economics , Business Studies , Hindi , Political Science ,Statistics , Social Studies , Science & Environmental. RSAggarwal Solutions from Class 6 , 7, 8, 9 & 10. RD SharmaSolutions from Class 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12. S Chand Class 9(Chemistry and Physics) and S Chand Class 10 (Chemistry , Biologyand Physics). HC Verma Part 1 and Part 2 Solutions which is helpfulto both Class 11 and Class 12 . DK Goel Class 11 Solutions. TSGrewal Class 11 and Class 12 Solutions. TR Jain Class 11 Solutions.The Solutions in this app are very helpful in for preparation ofexams like: - School Exams and Tests - CBSE Board & All StateBoard Exam - IIT JEE & NEET and Various Competitive Exam
HC Verma Solutions Offline with Objective 1.2 APK
This App contains minimised offline explained solutions of bothpart 1 and part 2 of famous physics book of Hc Verma Concepts ofPhysics . It is very helpful to the students of 11th and 12th andthose who are preparing for iit-jee mains or advance . This appcontains following chapters:- Part 1:- 1. Introduction to Physics2. Physics and Mathematics 3. Rest and Motion Kinematics 4. TheForces 5. Newton's Laws of Motion 6. Friction 7. Circular Motion 8.Work and Energy 9. Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision 10.Rotational Mechanics 11. Gravitation 12. Simple Harmonics Motion13. Fluid Mechanics 14. Some Mechanical Properties of Matter 15.Wave Motion and Waves on a String 16. Sound Waves 17. Light Waves18. Geometrical Optics 19. Optical Instruments 20. Dispersion andSpectra 21. Speed of Light 22. Photometry Part 2:- 23. Heat andTemperature 24. Kinetic Theory of Gases 25. Calorimetry 26. Laws ofThermodynamics 27. Specific Heat Capacities of Gases 28. HeatTransfer 29. Electric Field and Potential 30. Gauss's Law 31.Capacitors 32. Electric Current in Conductors 33. Thermal andChemical Effects of Current 34. Magnetic Field 35. Magnetic Fielddue to a Current 36. Permanent Magnets 37. Magnetic Properties ofMatter 38. Electromagnetic Induction 39. Alternating Current 40.Electromagnetic Waves 41. Electric Current through Gases 42.Photoelectric Effect and Wave-Particle Duality 43. Bohr's Model andPhysics of Atom 44. X-rays 45. Semiconductors and SemiconductorDevice 46. The Nucleus 47. The Special Theory of Relativity