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100 Top Nursery Rhymes & 100 Top Children Stories – TOTAL TWOHUNDRED! Yes! 100 Most Popular Nursery Rhymes & 100 MostPopular Children Stories in this app. Just hit play on any rhymeand children can enjoy them instantly. Also you can share it onvarious social media networks.Love it? Please take a minute out towrite us a good review or if you are unhappy with anything, pleaseleave feedback for us. We cannot have you unhappy. Can we? PrivacyPolicy - http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html

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    100 Kids Nursery Rhymes & 100 Children Stories
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    May 10, 2018
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    C 1/1, A Road, NICE AREA, MIDC SATPUR, Nasik - 422007
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100 Top Nursery Rhymes & Videos APK
Your favorite 50 Top Nursery Rhymes Audio App has now gone a stepfurther. It now Includes 50 good habits Section where your kids canread good habits, 100 Nursery Audio, 60+ Nursery Videos, 50 Goodhabits and 100 Kids Audio Stories. We believe that rhymes are achild’s best friend. So we have introduced another good friend inthe form of famous stories. As your little one grows, he choosesbetween beautiful rhymes and lovely stories. Your app now has: 100Nursery Rhymes Audio 50 Good Habits 100 Children Audio Stories 60+Nursery Rhymes Videos. No Streaming at all. No further datacharges. 100% Free Content Rhymes can be used offline. Just hitplay. Just download each story once and then no need to stream.Simple interface for your child to operate. Swipe left or right tochange rhymes/stories. Lyrics for rhymes and the scripts forstories on each page. Choose between Rhymes list or Stories listwith a simple, clear click that your child can operate. Yourfavorite app is also Chrome Cast enabled. So you can beam all thegreat content right onto your TV set now. Love the app? Please takea minute out to write us a good review or if you are unhappy withanything, please leave feedback for us. We cannot have you unhappy.Can we? Privacy Policy - http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
100 Famous English Stories APK
100 Classic English stories that are most popular and famous now inone great app. This Wowkidz app now has been upgraded with videoand audio sections! All the audio is pre-loaded into the app andyou just need to hit play to enjoy these fantastic children’sstories.Video are presented as animations in an interactive way. Sokids can either watch the whole story or go through each story insmall parts, making it easier for them to understand and grasp andlearn.This app gives the feel of classic stories in with itsexcellent narration! Children will enjoy listening to story! 1. Allaudio and video content is Free2. International artist’s voice3.All audio embedded in the app. No data/internet charges for you4.All videos available for download. Once downloaded, nodata/internet charges5. Cute, simple animations, easier tounderstand and enjoy6. The video stories are interactive, great toway to keep your child occupied7. Not just boring Popular NurseryRhymes, stories that are classics and a great source of knowledgeand wisdom8. The audio sections have the story scripts for each,making it interactive and easy for kids to read, learn & listenPlease download the app now and let your children enjoy! If youhave any feedback, please write to us at kidszone@winjit.inShow ussome love by taking out 2 mins of your precious time and rating uson the Play Store pleasePrivacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
30 Top Nursery Rhymes Videos APK
30 Top Nursery Rhymes Videos by WowKidz is a fabulous collection ofpopular classics, designed especially for toddlers, preschoolersand kids of all ages First 5 Rhymes are FREE, Just Hit and Playinstantly!! About app? ❂30 popular classic Rhymes. ❂Fantastic Musicand Sound ❂Easy and Smooth Navigation ❂Beautifully animated andvideos on Single tap ❂Rhymes created by International Musician❂Sung by Choir Kids Why will toddlers/kids and parents love thisapp? ❇Loads of surprises with very good animations, sounds andinteractions. Kids will laugh and smile at these. ❇Simple and yourtoddler can use it with ease. ❇Kids will learn nursery rhymeseasily. ❇The videos are of high quality and clear which is keypoint of this app. ❇Easy to Understand because of sweet and clearvoice. ❇Lyrics are displayed on screen for each rhymes so that achild can try reading and learn faster. Name of some popular rhymes❋Humpty Dumpty ❋London Bridge ❋Baba Black Sheep ❋Old King Cole ❋OldMc-donald Love it? Please take a minute out to write us a goodreview or if you are unhappy with anything, please leave feedbackfor us. We cannot have you unhappy. Can we? Privacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
50 Top Hindi Nursery Rhymes APK
Your favourite Hindi Nursery Rhymes just got a boost with Videos.Now enjoy audio and video rhymes as you like. The app remains 100%Free. Just download the video once and enjoy it free without usingany internet. Hindi Rhymes in the app are: 1. Aao Bhai Aao 2. AajMangalwar Hai 3. Lal Tamatar 4. Akkad Bakkad 5. Badal Raja 6.Bandar Mama And many more hindi rhymes.... Your favourite app nowalso has 50 Nursery Rhymes Audio in English 1. 1 2 3 4 5 Once ICaught a Fish Alive 2. 5 Little Ducks 3. A B C D 4. Are YouSleeping 5. Baa Baa Blacksheep 6. Bits of Paper 7. Clap Your Hands8. Cobbler Cobbler 9. Cock A Doodle Doo 10. Ding Dong Bell 11.Engine Number 9 12. Finger Family 13. Goosey Goosey Gander 14.Gorgie Porgie 15. Hey Diddle Hey Diddle 16. Hickory Dickory Dock17. Horsey Horsey 18. Hot Cross Buns 19. Humpty Dumpty 20. I Am ALittle Teapot 21. If You are Happy And You Know It 22. I HearThunder 23. Jack And Jill 24. Jingle Bell 25. Johny Johny 26.Little Bo Peep 27. Little Jack Horner 28. Little Miss Muffet 29.Itsy Bitsy Spider 30. Mary Had A Little Lamb 31. Old Mac Donald HadA Farm 32. One Two Buckle My Shoe 33. Peas Porridge Hot 34. PeterPeter Pumkin 35. Piggy On The Railway 36. Pop Goes The Weasel 37.Pussy Cat 38. Rain Rain Go Away 39. Ringa Ringa 40. Rock A Bye Baby41. Row Row Row Your Boat 42. Skidamarink 43. Teddy Bear 44. TheAnts Go Marching One By One 45. The Farmer In The Dell 46. ThreeBlind Mice 47. Twinkle Twinkle 48. The Wheels On The Bus 49. WiseOld Owl 50. Yankee Doodle Special Features: - An exquisitecollection of classic 50 Hindi Rhymes. - All classic rhymes - Superattractive thumbnails for children to select from. - 100% FreeContent. - Just download once and hit play! - No streaming at all.No further data charges. Please give us a good rating on the Playstore. If you have unhappy about something, please write to us atkidszone@winjit.in Privacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
50 Good Habits for Kids APK
50 Good Habits comes to vibrant interactive life right on yourAndroid! Teach your child everyday good habits through thisvibrantly engaging digital storybook with the help of professionalillustration, and audio narration today!50 Good Habits:✺Brush yourteeth Twice a day.✺Take bath everyday.✺Wear clean cloth.✺Cover yournose and mouth while you sneeze✺Cut your nails regularly.✺Exerciseoutside in fresh air.✺Wash your hands.✺Eat healthy food✺Plant treesfor fresh air.✺Get plenty of sleep. We would love for you to rateus positively on the App store please. It won't even take 30seconds & will go a long way in helping us build better appsfor you.Criticism??? Please write to us on apps@winjit.com & wewill write back to you. We can't have you unhappy, canwe?Thanks,Team Winjit Privacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
com.timesmusic.christmasrhymes APK
Christmas, the time for celebration and joy, of gifts and love, ofSanta Claus and the reindeer. So how do you make sure that yourlittle ones understand the true spirit of Christmas? Ofcoursethrough some good old favorite Christmas rhymes that set the moodfor the holidays. Cutely done, these rhymes are set against niceanimations that the kids will simply love. So go ahead, get thiscool app for that perfect Christmas, brought to you by WinjitTechnologies. ✺ French • Joyeux Noël • Czech • Veselé Vánoce ✺Finnish • Hyvää Joulua ✺ German • Frohe Weihnachten ✺ Hungarian •Boldog Karácsonyt ✺ Italian • Buon Natale ✺ Polish • Wesołych Świąt✺ Portuguese • Feliz Natal ✺ Romanian • Crăciun fericit ✺ Russian •С Рождеством ✺ Spanish • ¡Feliz Navidad ✺ Swedish • God Jul Wewould love for you to rate us positively on the App store please.It won't even take 30 seconds & will go a long way in helpingus build better apps for you. Criticism??? Please write to us onapps@winjit.com & we will write back to you. We can't have youunhappy, can we? Thanks, Team Winjit
50 Top Kannada Rhymes APK
Kannada has an unbroken literary history of over a thousand years.And in its spate of evolution, many a great books, poetry andmanuscripts have seen the transcendence of literature come aliveand inspired many a writers and thinkers alike. But perhaps thefirst seeds of inspiration were planted in these great minds, whileas children; they listened to the gentle soulful rhymes theirmothers hummed gently into their ears. We bring to you a classiccollection of 50 soulful Kannada rhymes for children, which youhave undoubtedly grown up to yourself! Recreate the magic, weave insome history and welcome your child to the world of music with hisfirst baby steps in the kingdom of rhymes. Not only will these helphim root into his culture better, but also develop essential skillssuch as memorizing, listening, phonetics and rhyming a whole lotbetter. Kannada Rhymes, all set for you to introduce your baby tothe heritage of your culture in the most colourful and entertainingway there was! Your baby is ready. Are you? App Features- ✥Nodownloads further, No streaming.✥Hit any rhyme thumbnail and itplays instantly.Learn, Enjoy & Sing along the most popular 50Kannada Nursery RhymeThanks,Team Winjit Privacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
com.winjit.tamilnurseryrhymes APK
The more we wrap the rhapsody and beauty of the history of Tamilliterature, the less it will be. One of the longest survivingclassical languages in the world, Tamil language has found itsroots in the earliest epigraphic records found on rock edicts andhero stones dating back as far the 3rd Century! For a language thisrich and stewed in history, it leaves no room for doubt of howexpansive and varied its offerings in literature are. We bring toyou, 50 nuggets of gorgeous Tamil rhymes for children, which havebeen passed on from generation to generation and have put many ayoung cherubs to sleep to the rhythm of their mothers gentlepatting. Share a piece of literature as you share a good night’ssleep with your child when you listen to them at their bed time, orthen simply bring a blissful awareness to a whole new generation asyou raise them to witness the classic age old Tamil soulexpressions for children come alive. App Features ♥ 50 More EnglishRhymes Audio. ♥ No downloads further, No streaming. ♥ Hit on anyrhyme thumbnail and it plays instantly. ♥ The playlist includesclassic rhymes such as: →Ado paaru →Anile anile →Dosai amma →Kaka→Kola kolaya →Mazhaye mazhaye →Nai kutti →Pachi kili →SundaligalEnglish Rhymes - Your favourite app now also has 50 Nursery RhymesAudio in english 1. 1 2 3 4 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive 2. 5Little Ducks 3. A B C D 4. Are You Sleeping 5. Baa Baa Blacksheep6. Bits of Paper 7. Clap Your Hands 8. Cobbler Cobbler 9. Cock ADoodle Doo 10. Ding Dong Bell 11. Engine Number 9 12. Finger Family13. Goosey Goosey Gander 14. Gorgie Porgie 15. Hey Diddle HeyDiddle 16. Hickory Dickory Dock 17. Horsey Horsey 18. Hot CrossBuns 19. Humpty Dumpty 20. I Am A Little Teapot 21. If You areHappy And You Know It 22. I Hear Thunder 23. Jack And Jill 24.Jingle Bell 25. Johny Johny 26. Little Bo Peep 27. Little JackHorner 28. Little Miss Muffet 29. Itsy Bitsy Spider 30. Mary Had ALittle Lamb 31. Old Mac Donald Had A Farm 32. One Two Buckle MyShoe 33. Peas Porridge Hot 34. Peter Peter Pumkin 35. Piggy On TheRailway 36. Pop Goes The Weasel 37. Pussy Cat 38. Rain Rain Go Away39. Ringa Ringa 40. Rock A Bye Baby 41. Row Row Row Your Boat 42.Skidamarink 43. Teddy Bear 44. The Ants Go Marching One By One 45.The Farmer In The Dell 46. Three Blind Mice 47. Twinkle Twinkle 48.The Wheels On The Bus 49. Wise Old Owl 50. Yankee Doodle PrivacyPolicy - http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html